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What can I do to act on climate change? First job is knowledge

Welcome to year three, where I am compiling climate crisis information, which covers global warming, the waste crisis, biodiversity loss, the 6th mass extinction, greenwashing, green hushing, social issues, and so much more. This is the knowledge we need to be paying attention to as our world lurches towards 1.5C global warming, the impact of which will see progressively more extreme events. There is no question that our climate is becoming more unstable, which isn’t good for anyone anywhere.

When it comes to our planet, we have a simple choice. We decide to transform to ensure it doesn’t keep getting worse, OR nature decides for us. Either way, a “decision” will be made.

The great news is, in 2022, more people seem to have woken up to the urgency we are facing, and there is more talk, more solutions, more determination than ever before, and we cannot rest. We have to see dramatic change taking place right now – a complete transformation of how we live, work and bank. It also must happen this decade, or the future for our children will be unbearable.

The challenge is, with so many waking up to the crisis we face, eco-anxiety and despair is on the rise too. I published this blog to help with that – Multiple resources for eco-anxiety from institutions to books to videos. Please pass this on to anyone you know who is suffering.

This blog is updated every week with the information I am reading, watching and sharing. I’ll also be adding social issues content this year. It’s a critical part of what we need to fix, as we transform into a new world.

If you need a place for reference material, check back regularly. If you need information to fight arguments, check back regularly. I don’t read or watch everything being released, but this is what I do ingest and it’s pretty comprehensive.

If you’re interested, here is the full year for 2020 and the full year for 2021. And this is the collection for 2022. If you want to keep up to date, you can check my weekend reads, which I publish every Saturday, or favorite this blog and come back often, so you can stay up to date on the major news about our global environment. 

I know many people are not ready to face the crisis, and of course, we still have so many denying there’s an issue at all. I understand why this is happening, because the institutions that matter – government, business and media – are great at keeping us confused. However, this is not something we can continue to ignore. Look around. The world is changing rapidly, and not in a good way. We need to act now.

Please, take some time every week to read something on the issue, and never rely on one source for information. You can remain loyal to your existing media source, but we all need to stretch outside to get other views. Wouldn’t we prefer the truth?

I recommend reading through some or all, or just scan the headlines – it tells a story in itself. Also please share any information or research you find compelling with me. Happy to be tagged in important information and I’m always happy to pass the message on.

The content is in date order or when I read it order, rather than packaging it up into sections. I figure the latest is important, and for those who want to drill down further, you can. When it comes to the climate, recent information is super important, as things are changing fast now, as is the ability of the scientists to track it.

There is no question the time for change – and revolution – is now. Join me. Let’s do it for our kids. They deserve it. With love xxxx

Environmental review of 2022: another mile on the ‘highway to climate hell’

Amid the climate crisis, Covid and crumbling democracies, I find hope in people who show the best of humanity

Australian team sets off on Antarctica mission to drill for ‘oldest ice core ever obtained’

Eight Important Moments in Responsible Fashion This Year

Renewable Energy Isn’t Replacing Fossil Fuel Energy

Andrew Tate arrested after ranting against Greta Thunberg, pizza boxes in video likely gave away location

Alaska’s Arctic waterways are turning orange, threatening drinking water

Nature needs $384 billion annually by 2025, U.N. says

China Starts Work on $11 Billion Desert Renewables Project in Inner Mongolia

Here’s What a Climate Action Should Look Like

2022 will be warmest year on record in UK, says Met Office

Who’s ready to fight plastic pollution?

In Buffalo, Finger-Pointing and Growing Complaints Over Storm Response

The Philippines’ food worries amid Ukraine war and typhoons

Plastic never dies: the museum of vintage waste – in pictures

Unraveling Climate Change’s Link to Extreme Winter Storms

Opinion | Extreme Cold Is Caused by Global Warming

Global warming overshoots increase risks of climate tipping cascades in a network model

Activist Vanessa Nakate: On the Front Lines of the Climate Crisis

The climate solution adding millions of tons of CO2 into the atmosphere

More Than 30 Dead from Winter Storm in Western New York

A futurist sets the stage for the next 1,000 years

Animals Are Running Out of Places to Live

Liebreich: The Unbearable Lightness of Hydrogen

Semafor hired a climate writer. Then Chevron ran ads on his stories.

Blackrock’s Larry Fink Forced to Run a Sustainability Gauntlet

Gas lobby | Scientific journal launches investigation into suspect study recommending hydrogen for heating

Are Humans Sentient Beings? – George Tsakraklides

A startup says it’s begun releasing particles in the atmosphere, in an effort to tweak the climate

Buffalo blizzard: Storm turns city into ‘war zone’

Is the Developed World Really Developed? | by Martin Tye

US storm: Dozens dead as big freeze grips North America

As Karachi sinks, residents fight for fair climate solutions

14 of the most striking images of 2022

Weather whiplash: US west set to cook as east coast braces for bomb cyclone

Preparing for the Final Collapse of the Soviet Union

‘Gaslighting’ Europe on fossil fuels – Faye Holder

New EU plastic waste ban could mark the end of miniature hotel toiletries

Sea Level Rise and Coastal Flooding Impacts (

Veteran News Anchor Jim Gardner Makes His Goodbye Count By Telling Truth About The Press

The Unhappiness Machine – George Tsakraklides

Moderna, Zoom and ’Covid Billionaires’ Net Worth Crumbles

‘It was a set-up, we were fooled’: the coal mine that ate an Indian village

What Shein’s popularity says about us, according to experts

Mick Lynch DESTROYS Piers Morgan

The Coming Megaquake in New Zealand

Deadly winter storm knocks out power for 1.5m in US and Canada

Greenland’s glaciers are melting 100 times faster than estimated

Flash floods ravage southern provinces

What’s this unfamiliar feeling I have after the Cop15 meeting? It might just be hope

How to stay safe in a winter storm

Deadly California earthquake leaves thousands without power

Beyond information: A statement on the evolution of

Workers in Thailand who made F&F jeans for Tesco ‘trapped in effective forced labour’

Met Office forecasts 2023 will be hotter than 2022

Methane Cloud Over Australia Coincided With Pipeline Gas Release

Model shows extinction cascades caused by land use and climate change will wipe out more than 25% of world biodiversity

Cop15: historic deal struck to halt biodiversity loss by 2030

‘A huge worry’: Christmas beetle decline spurs calls for citizen sightings

Doing “Degrowth” – Part 1. “To see the world through the degrowth… | by Martin Tye

Timeless Teachings with Yana Fry: WHY THE MOST BELOVED ONES COMMIT SUICIDE – In Loving Memory of Sir tWitch Boss

This dire winter feels like wartime. But hope lies with communities helping themselves

Billionaires emit a million times more greenhouse gases than the average person

Carbon Billionaires: The investment emissions of the world’s richest people

Opinion | Iran Uses Rape to Enforce Women’s Modesty

Arctic Blast To Put Texas Power Grid To The Test

Why is 1.5°C of warming our climate target?

‘Life is ebbing away’: Egyptians face peril at sea in dangerous new exodus to Europe

Best Performing Stock 2022 Is Indonesian Miner With 1,600% Gain (IDX:ADMR)

‘Face it head on’: Connecticut makes climate change studies compulsory

‘How are we going to live?’ Families dispossessed of their land to make way for Total’s Congo offsetting project

Climate Change is Driving Millions to the Precipice of a ‘Raging Food Catastrophe’

As Qatar’s World Cup ends it is time for truth: Fifa chose death and suffering

Harvesting peat moss contributes to climate change, scientist says

Sportswashing or what? tks Praveen Gupta

Hurricane Ian left bees starving in Florida. Here’s why they need us tks Vicky Coburn

Global Warming in the Pipeline

Billions projected to suffer nearly unlivable heat in 2070

Climate Change Could Force 1.2 Billion to Move by 2050. Is the World Even Remotely Ready?

Nation’s largest water supplier declares drought emergency

Cop15 half-time report: China prompts fears of new ‘Copenhagen moment’

Interactive: Who wants what at the COP15 biodiversity summit

Canada signs onto global forest restoration challenge at COP15

‘This case has made legal history’: young Australians just won a human rights case against an enormous coal mine

COP15’s message to the world: Invest $250 billion in nature or risk the consequences

Study explains surprise surge in methane during pandemic lockdown

Bogong’s back: La Niña rains help moth numbers recover from near extinction

Bangladeshi climate expert Prof Saleemul Huq listed among Nature’s 10 scientists

Dismantling Sellafield: the epic task of shutting down a nuclear site

Why scientists are worried about falling numbers of insects being splattered on car number plates

‘Firmageddon’: Researchers find 1.1 million acres of dead trees in Oregon

HSBC announces it will no longer finance new oil and gas fields

Weather tracker: Heatwave sweeps South America as Argentina hits 43C

First sea turtle nest found on Phuket beach

UK weather: Flights delayed and cancelled due to cold snap

Scientists Achieve Nuclear Fusion Energy Breakthrough in the US

Degrowth can work — here’s how science can help

New discoveries in Antarctica shed light on climate change’s impact

Revealed: Brazil goldminers carve illegal ‘Road to Chaos’ out of Amazon reserve

MONBIOSIS with George Monbiot: Ep13 – Don’t Look Up!

What causes mass extinctions? – Understanding Evolution

(PDF) Glyphosate: Destructor of Human Health and Global Biodiversity

Aviation may account for 20% of global emissions by 2050 without action

“Burning fossil fuels is causing irreversible harm“ Peter Kalmus #ClimateCrisis demand #ClimateAction #SDG13 #TellTheTruth #BeingtheChange #auspol

John Kerry says green energy transition isn’t happening fast enough: ‘Everything has to accelerate’

Climate Scientist Answers Earth Questions From Twitter

Semafor hired a climate writer. Then Chevron ran ads on his stories.

Single-use plastic items to be banned in England

They Fought the Lawn. And the Lawn’s Done

Museletter #356: The Final Doubling – Richard Heinberg

Watered down: why negotiators at Cop15 are barely mentioning the ocean

Today’s Contemplation: Collapse Cometh LXXXIV

Abrupt global ocean circulation collapse. Time to start prepping?

What a stupid year tks Phillipa Edwards

A Royal Commission into Scott Morrison? He sold off the farm, in secret

Attacks on Pacific north-west power stations raise fears for US electric grid

The rise and fall of peer review – by Adam Mastroianni

How Stanford Profits Off Addiction

The Nobel Peace Prize 2022

The Gray Area with Sean Illing: Men and boys are struggling. Should we care? on Apple Podcasts

Number of journalists killed in 2022 jumps by 45% to 119, says press group

Rising number of journalists killed, detained in 2022

Longtermism: The Future Is Vast—What Does This Mean for Our Own Life?

A widening gender rage gap? No wonder: women have a lot to feel angry about

Billionaire Charlie Munger: World is ‘driven by envy,’ not ‘greed’

The final Climate Courage of the year and the topic was step up, speak up, show up. Huge appreciation to three superstars, Anjali Sharma, Julian Mather, and Joanne Flinn for joining me. If you haven’t had a chance to listen, please do. This is all about arming you with the confidence to step into your voice! And we need all the good people in the world speaking up to get the balance of the global narrative back where it needs to be.

George Monboit in De Balie – Extinction Rebellion Nederland

Heatwaves in India could soon break human survivability limit, says World Bank analysis

Oil companies ‘could doom global efforts’ around climate change, House committee finds

Big Oil Betting Billions on Fossil Fuel in Event of Global ‘Climate Catastrophe’

COP15 target to reverse biodiversity loss by 2030 is ‘unrealistic’

Nature Benchmark Measuring the world’s most influential companies on their efforts to protect our environment and its biodiversity

Global study weighs up environmental risks and economic benefits of major transport projects

For biodiversity to thrive, conservation efforts must be ‘Nature and People Positive’, expert study finds

Businesses want COP15 nature summit to deliver clarity

COP15: Why does the UN biodiversity conference matter?

‘Without nature, we have nothing’: UN chief sounds alarm at key UN biodiversity event

U.N.: 5 billion people will face water insecurity by 2050 tks Susanna Hasenoehrl

Lionel Messi slammed after his private jet made 52 trips in three months, releasing 150 years’ worth of CO2

Today’s Contemplation: Collapse Cometh LXXXIII

We are in a devastating waste crisis; don’t we all think it’s time to act? We must get a handle on this. It is getting worse and worse and worse!!

‘This case has made legal history’: young Australians just won a human rights case against an enormous coal mine

December serves up baked Alaska and warming most of Arctic

The Age of Intersecting Crises?

Fires to Floods: ‘Weather Whiplash’ Defined my 2022, and Maybe Your 2023

Oil and gas firms planning ‘frightening’ fossil fuels growth, report finds

IOC delays decision on 2030 Winter Games host, citing climate concerns tks Denise Chai

Addressing Climate Change Will Not “Save the Planet”

A city in nature — or a city without nature? The uncertain fate of Singapore’s last forests

The Amazon will reach tipping point if current trend of deforestation continues

It’s official: France bans short haul domestic flights in favour of train travel

The polar dinosaurs revealing ancient secrets

Climate activist who blocked traffic on Sydney Harbour Bridge jailed for at least eight months

South African worshippers swept away in Jukskei river flash flood

November 29, 2022 Black Friday’s ‘Enormous Environmental Impact’ Sparks a Green Backlash

EU must act over distortions from US climate plan – von der Leyen

Satellites detect no real climate benefit from 10 years of forest carbon offsets in California

Stop Buying So Many New Clothes Or Face a Climate Disaster, Report Finds

How the Moon Devastated a Mangrove Forest

‘A soul wound’: a First Nation built its culture around salmon. Now they have to fly it in frozen tks Kevin Cottam

Biodiversity crisis

Plastic “Tox” Episode 7: A Poison Like No Other: Microplastics Q&A with Matt Simon

Lula wants new Brazil police unit to tackle environmental crimes

EU deforestation law a new ‘gold standard’ for forest protection

Alliance of World Scientists

Saudi Arabia Unveils Plan for the World’s Largest Airport

12 tips to transform your life in alignment with nature. We can do it

Tesco’s new surplus marketplace – affectionately known as ‘Tesco Tinder’ – will help suppliers cut production costs and reduce waste.

How Greenland’s ice streams could have major impact on sea level rise

10 startling images of nature in crisis — and the struggle to save it

Should we outlaw SUVs?

Climate Disruption Caused by a Decline in Marine Biodiversity and Pollution

The 72 Lessons Climate Change & Eco-Anxiety Have Taught Me About Life

First UK coal mine in decades approved despite climate concerns

DNA from 2m years ago reveals lost Arctic world

Weather tracker: high pressure drags cold Arctic air towards UK

How a dangerous stew of air pollution is choking the United States

The govt has no ‘bloody idea what they’re doing’ with clean energy: Hanson tks Bruce Cook

Can Tripping Save the Planet?

Violet Coco: Climate activist’s jailing ignites row in Australia

Will the geologists of the future see that something dramatic happened on Earth starting in 1950?

Mazda completes 1,000-mile drive across UK using fossil-free fuels

New food technologies could release 80% of the world’s farmland back to nature

We are not out of the woods yet: putting nature at the center of climate action and beyond

Don’t throw out plastic bottle caps

Haiti: Inside the capital city taken hostage by brutal gangs

Hate Speech’s Rise on Twitter Is Unprecedented, Researchers Find


Climate Courage: why raising human consciousness is critical – a wonderful, heartfelt, and deep conversation on why we must raise human consciousness if we want to tackle the climate challenges we face. Please have a listen to the wisdom from Yana Fry, Sandeep Nath and my co-host Samantha Gayfer. Grateful to have such a powerful conversation.


How Consumerism Destroys Our minds – Happy Black Friday!

Saudi Arabia has a new green agenda. Cutting oil production isn’t part of it.

Climate change is accelerating because of rich consumers’ energy use. Here are some solutions.

How a ‘Carbon Cage’ Blocks Climate Mitigation

‘Second spring’ as UK experiences record above-average temperatures

Degrowth is not austerity – it is actually just the opposite

Beyond Meat Is Struggling, and the Plant-Based Meat Industry Worries

Larry Elliot’s Version of Degrowth Is Something Else

In a First, Rich Countries Agree to Pay for Climate Damages in Poor Nations

Opinion | This Is the Reality of America’s Fast-Fashion Addiction

Women lead climate talks’ toughest topic: reparations

The Mangrove Breakthrough: a call to action for a critical ecosystem

Goodbye AC: This new roofing material keeps houses cool

A new way to recycle plastic

Inside a $3 million doomsday condo that can sustain 75 people for 5 years

Massive craters formed by methane blow-outs from the Arctic sea floor

Provisional State of the Global Climate in 2022 report

Indonesia’s food security plan will escalate climate and biodiversity crises: Activists

Business giants call on corporates to halve value chain emissions by 2030

Inside the Boohoo warehouse where workers call themselves slaves

Ignore the climate doomsters: we should celebrate our 8 billion population

The UK towns and cities that could be swallowed by the sea this century

Climate Disruption Caused by a Decline in Marine Biodiversity and Pollution

How disposable tech is feeding an e-waste crisis

World still ‘on brink of climate catastrophe’ after Cop27 deal

New investigation alleges deforestation and greenwashing linked to Michelin.

I sold 50million scooters and changed the way people travel in town – now I’m doing the same with a car

We are still not taking climate change seriously

New Morgan Stanley Strategy Aims to Reduce One Gigaton in CO2 Emissions

The urgency of urban flooding: What Bengaluru floods 2022 taught us

Carbon Billionaires: The investment emissions of the world’s richest people

Your Favourite Beverages Don’t Do Much Environmentally

Hothouse Earth #ClimateHell #COP27 #EcologicalCrisis #ClimateCrisis #EconomicCrisis #TellTheTruth #auspol

#SayNoToFastFashion: Starting this Black Friday, we are banning fast fashion brands

Patong’s flood-causing drains get national attention

EU proposal the game-changer at COP27

Swimming In Superbugs: MRSA and E COLI Found In British Rivers

Catalonia limits water use as Spain prays for rain after hot dry summer

If today’s ‘effective’​ marketing doesn’t give a stuff about sustainability then the last thing it should be called is, ‘good’​

A Million Migrating Birds Expecting Kansas Wetlands Will Find Dust

How tide has turned on UK tidal stream energy as costs ebb and reliability flows

Flooding is inconvenient – now imagine if it happened all the time in S’pore

The upcoming El Nino and further events and developments

If It Can’t Be Reduced

Over 20,000 died in western Europe’s summer heatwaves, figures show

Travel emissions drop aided lockdown methane surge

Biden Administration Quietly Approves Huge Oil Export Project Despite Climate Rhetoric

The little-known nut that may save at-risk rainforests

10 Things You Can Do To Help Save Our Planet

US declares lab-grown meat safe to eat in ‘groundbreaking’ move

Embrace what may be the most important green technology ever. It could save us all

What the world needs now

Journey To The Doomsday Glacier

Water companies call for a ban on wet wipes

Sustainability in hospitality is good business

Swedish activists, including Greta Thunberg, sue state alleging climate policies violate human rights

Saudi Arabia: Rainstorms and floods hit Jeddah, November 24, 2022 

Millions of lives under threat in Ukraine this winter – WHO

Attacks put Ukraine energy system on brink of collapse

Zaporizhzhia shelling: Explosions at occupied nuclear site in Ukraine

Ukraine’s power grid destroyed on a ‘colossal’ scale after Russian strikes, says energy chief – as it happened

‘The world should be worried’: Saudi Aramco — the world’s largest oil producer — has issued a dire warning over ‘extremely low’ capacity. Here are 3 stocks for protection

Are you preparing for the 2023 global recession?

Indonesia earthquake: Search for survivors as death toll soars

Kimberley’s El Questro split into tourism and nature reserve under new Indigenous land use deal tks Kaz Stahl

‘Bloody Aboriginal’: Liberal candidate rails against Indigenous people, abortion and climate change

Inside Qatar’s ‘other’ fan zone: a night watching football with Qatar’s migrant workers

‘Our dreams never came true.’ These men helped build Qatar’s World Cup, now they are struggling to survive

Al Gore at the Opening of the #COP27 World Leaders Summit 

Scientists Are Uncovering Ominous Waters Under Antarctic Ice

Climate change will clearly disrupt El Niño and La Niña this decade, 40 years earlier than we thought

Subarctic boreal forest, vital for the planet, is at risk

What Is the True Cost of Climate Change? 

Frustration Simmers Around the Edges of COP27, and May Boil Over Far From the Summit

Arctic permafrost is thawing rapidly. It affects us all

How to move a country: Fiji’s radical plan to escape rising sea levels

The world has reached 8 billion people — but soon we’ll hit a decline we’ll never reverse

Climate change: Dimming Earth, mustard shortages and other odd side-effects

World making little progress on food waste, a big climate problem

William Bill McDonough: The man who redefined sustainability

Fossil fuel producers flex their muscle at UN climate summit

Potentially historic snowstorm hits western New York state

What if East Coast Park and other coastal areas in Singapore go under water?

The Gray Area with Sean Illing: Why are billionaires prepping for the apocalypse? Podcast

Climate Activists, Including Scientists, Are Arrested in Protests at Private Airports

Tree-planting search engine will now show you whether businesses are the real deal or greenwashers

The meat industry is borrowing tactics from Big Oil to obfuscate the truth about climate change

Used clothing tracked via geolocation tags

‘Stupid’ to equate climate concerns with being woke, says Zac Goldsmith

Mushroom leather used in Hermes bags earns startup $187M in funding

What Is Contrition Without Reparation? – The Atlantic

As Climate Warms, a China Planner Advocates ‘Sponge Cities’ (

‘Inland tsunami’ as dam spills in NSW floods disaster 

Albury flooding ‘worst in nearly 50 years’ keeps emergency services busy

Degrowth: A dangerous idea or the answer to the world’s biggest problems?

How corporations are distracting from the real goal of COP27

I was a lead author on the climate report that won Al Gore the Nobel Prize. Here’s what we know now that we didn’t know then  tks Samantha Gayfer

Al Gore’s Electric Bills Get Criticism Ahead of ‘An Inconvenient Sequel’  tks Avi Liran

Eastern Pacific Ocean is cooling NOT warming! Are the climate models wrong??

Today’s Contemplation: Collapse Cometh LXXVII | by Steve Bull

Aldi shopper told she can’t buy food – then watches as it is thrown in the bin

NASA Study: Rising Sea Level Could Exceed Estimates for U.S. Coasts | NASA

Half of replanted tropical trees don’t survive, new study finds

Ghost farms: the mink sheds abandoned to the pandemic

COP27: Joe Biden issues climate rallying cry to world leaders

Meet the ‘Closer’ Who Finds the Right Words When Climate Talks Hit a Wall

First draft of Cop27 text: what it says and what it means

Draft Cop27 agreement fails to call for ‘phase-down’ of all fossil fuels

Just Stop Oil have just landed a major victory

COP-27 draft climate deal sticks to 1.5C

‘Devastating consequences’ as new Swedish government scraps environment ministry

The Economist Podcasts: The Economist Asks: Will the clean-energy transition be fast enough? Podcast

COP27: Lack of women at negotiations raises concern

Kicking our growth addiction is the way out of the climate crisis. This is how to do it

Greenwashing Governments and Oil Companies Turned COP27 Into a Climate Disaster

Don’t throw out your plastic bottle caps, donate to Precious Plastic

Discounts yay, annual sales yay, shop, consume… the disconnect is jarring 

Ancient Apocalypse 

Researchers say 2022 election had second highest young voter turnout in last 30 years

Democrats hail young voters, Gen Z as US midterm results roll in

Exit polls show shifts among 2022 midterm voters compared with 2018  

How We Voted in the 2022 Midterm Elections

Young voters hailed as key to Democratic successes in midterms

US midterm elections 2022: Demographics, politics changing gradually

How young voters became the wall for the ‘red wave’ : NPR

If the next election is the UK’s ‘millennial moment’, Labour will reap the rewards

Women in the Workplace 2022: The State of Women in Corporate America

The Political Scene | The New Yorker: The Theologian Russell Moore on Christian Nationalism on Apple Podcasts

How Meth Worsened the Fentanyl Crisis. ‘We Are in a Different World.’  

BBC Radio 5 Live – The Martin Lewis Podcast – Martin Lewis: Go cold turkey on Christmas presents

The Age of Social Media Is Ending tks Damian Corbet

How long COVID ruined my life (and why it won’t go away)

Paris Olympic and Paralympic Games mascots likened to ‘clitoris in trainers’

Daytona Beach Shores mayor discusses Hurricane Nicole – only a category one…

Climate Scientists Blind to ‘Existential Threat’ to Humanity, New Research Warns

Climate activists arrested after blocking private jets in Amsterdam airport

Report shows growing number of Australians believe climate change effects already being felt tks Susannah Hasenoehrl

Exxon-funded think tank calls for authoritarian crackdown on students, vicars and grandmothers – Just Stop Oil

Climate Catastrophe? Don’t Worry, Some Experts Are Saying: It Won’t Be That Bad

Is the IMF fit for purpose?

Brazil, Indonesia and DRC in talks to form ‘Opec of rainforests’

Climate crisis: past eight years were the eight hottest ever, says UN

Big agriculture warns farming must change or risk ‘destroying the planet’

Half world’s fossil fuel assets could become worthless by 2036 in net zero transition tks Vernon Turner

Climate Honesty – are we ‘beyond catastrophe’? – Professor Jem Bendell

The doom of climate change

Beyond Grief: There’s a Sadness Deep Inside of Me – Watching the World Go Bye

Mia Mottley: The Caribbean queen of COP 27

Rising Caribbean Sea Pushes Indigenous Group Off Island

World Economic Forum: COP27: what to expect from the climate summit

Don’t get fooled: Electric vehicles really are better for the climate

Cop27: Humanity on ‘highway to climate hell with foot on accelerator’, warns UN chief

Last Eight Years Were the Warmest in Modern Times, U.N. Body Says

Climate Risk Is a Concern for Nearly Two-Thirds of U.S. Home Buyers

Study finds billionaires emit a million times more greenhouse gases than average

More than 50 corporate giants sign landmark new climate lobbying agreement

Soaring methane emissions raise stakes for Asia at COP27

A New U.N. Report at COP27 Takes Aim at ‘Greenwashing’

Coles, Woolworths plastic recycling REDcycle scheme collapses after secret stockpiles revealed

What Bicycle Touring Can Teach Us About Climate Change

World faces ‘terminal’ loss of Arctic sea ice during summers, report warns

Barbados PM launches blistering attack on rich nations at Cop27 climate talks

NSW floods: three towns cut off by water relying on airdrops for food and medical supplies  

Beyond the Forecast – El Niño and La Niña cycles

What’s in the forecast for the Texas winter of 2022?

Who’s Driving Climate Change? New Data Catalogs 72,000 Polluters and Counting

What is El Niño and what might it mean for Australia?

Tropical Depression Nicole Maps Tracker: Spaghetti Models, Forecast Path, Wind Speeds And More

Oil and gas greenhouse emissions ‘three times higher’ than producers claim

Voices: Just Stop Oil and striking nurses are making one terrible mistake

UN experts demand crackdown on greenwashing of net zero pledges

Creativity isn’t carbon neutral: How complicit are agencies in the climate crisis?

Mangrove forest loss is slowing toward a halt, new report shows tks Susannah Hasenoehrl

There’s one big subject our leaders at Cop27 won’t touch: livestock farming

Chinese Fast Fashion Retailer Shein Is Valued at an Eye-Popping $100 Billion—But It’s Really Worth Much Less

COP27: Sharp rise in fossil fuel industry delegates at climate summit

Reordering the concept of well-being with Epicurus and the hierarchy of desires

Hurricane Nicole: Florida braces for unusual November storm

A Core Question at COP27: Who Will Pay for Climate Change?

Credibility Questions Dog World Bank President at Climate Summit

Labor Unions Join Civic, Advocacy, and Environmental Groups To Support the Environmental Bond Act Ahead of General Election

The world is on track for these 3 dangerous climate tipping points : NPR

Why reducing methane is better than CO2 to fight against climate change

COP27: Key climate goal of 1.5C rise faces new challenge

Hurricane Nicole Causes Four Deaths, Forces Evacuation of Unsteady Buildings

Taskforce on Nature related Financial Disclosures

Soaring food prices could have major impact on Canadians’ health

Climate Courage: how do we prepare financially?

Question Time Julia Hartley Brewer on climate change and protest

Is the IMF fit for purpose? | International Monetary Fund (IMF)

Effects | Facts – Climate Change: Vital Signs of the Planet

Injustice is everywhere, so what are our moral duties?

Iconic glaciers of Kilimanjaro, Yellowstone to disappear by 2050 due to global warming: UN tks Kevin Cottam

Almost Half of Earth’s Vital Signs Are Now ‘Code Red’, Scientists Warn : ScienceAlert

Permafrost collapse is accelerating carbon release

Climate negotiations: 30 years of melting hope and US power

Climate change: Zombie fires and soaring temperatures: What happens when it gets to 100ºF in Siberia

Wednesday briefing: The public order bill that will make dissent a lot more difficult  tks Rebecca Kynaston

Feds to consider sending less Colorado River water to Arizona, California and Nevada

A List Of 33 Things We Know About The Coming Food Shortages

Opinion | Climate Change Is Real. Markets, Not Governments, Offer the Cure.

Can Marketing Save the Planet?: No Awards on a Dead Planet – Marketing Activism – Gustav Martner, Head of Creative, Greenpeace Nordics

Study confirms ecosystems more sensitive to nitrogen pollution than previously assumed

Rishi Sunak accepted cash from fossil fuel investors in campaign to become PM 

Switching to renewable energy could save trillions – study   tks Susannah Hasenoehrl

The World Is Awful. The World Is Much Better. The World Can Be Much Better.

Business schools must start producing activists and stop enabling the prevailing elite

Coca-Cola increased plastic use ahead of COP27 summit it is sponsoring

What collapse?. I’ve been contemplating a lot recently…

Suella Braverman hits out at ‘selfish’ climate activists as she presses on with new anti-protest laws  tks Rebecca Kynaston

The five stages of collapse

In-depth: Russia’s war means fossil fuels will peak within five years, IEA says

The Case for Degrowth

Spanish minister urges Sunak to commit to climate crisis fight

Revealed: How the livestock industry funds the ‘greenhouse gas guru’

Cop27 climate summit: window for avoiding catastrophe is closing fast

Can Marketing Save the Planet?: Episode 44: How Marketers Can Tell a True Story about Climate Change with Seth Godin

Economic lifeline or climate peril? East African pipeline is a new flashpoint

Opinion | Climate Change Is Real. Markets, Not Governments, Offer the Cure

Appalachian “Apple Hunter” Finds and Rescues 1200 Lost Varieties

‘Worst Possible News’: Scientists Urge Immediate Action as Greenhouse Gas Levels Hit All-Time High

In numbers: The state of the climate ahead of Cop27

New Greenpeace Report: Plastic Recycling Is A Dead-End Street—Year After Year, Plastic Recycling Declines Even as Plastic Waste Increases 

Record-breaking heatwave will be an average summer by 2035, latest Met Office Hadley Centre data shows

Understanding Forests’ Full Climate Benefits

What if East Coast Park and other coastal areas in Singapore go under water?

Enormous emissions gap between top 1% and poorest, study highlights tks Kevin Cottam

In-depth: Russia’s war means fossil fuels will peak within five years, IEA says

Communicating the scientific consensus on climate change: Diverse audiences and effects over time

Where does global warming go during La Niña? | NOAA

Extinctions – Our World in Data

‘Green hush’: Are fears of getting called out for greenwashing hurting firms’ climate ambitions?  

Nations are placing an unrealistic demand on land to fulfil climate pledges, which could severely hamper food production

Mines, pipelines and oil rigs: what HSBC’s ‘sustainable finance’ really pays for  

Determining ecological thresholds for dairy farming

Europe’s climate warming at twice rate of global average, says report

Fossil fuel burning once caused a mass extinction – now we’re risking another

Adaptation Gap Report 2022 | UNEP – UN Environment Programme

Delhi’s air branded ‘hazardous’, spurs calls to close schools

Climate gets personal – activists protest at Chubb CEO’s home

‘Will no longer be considered’ | Hydrogen trains up to 80% more expensive than electric options, German state finds tks Peter Kerr

“All those complicit in Neom’s construction are already destroyers of worlds”

Weather warning issued for Phuket

Nothing will change on climate until death toll rises in west, says Gabonese minister

Phuket Opinion: The road ahead

Today’s Contemplation: Collapse Cometh LXXIII

Permacrisis declared Collins Dictionary word of the year

Dead whale recovered from Racha

Should politicians, en masse, do ‘shrooms?

Lula stages astonishing comeback to beat far-right Bolsonaro in Brazil election

Opinion | Why Bolsonaro’s stunning loss should give humans a glimmer of hope

What Happens if the GOP Wins the Midterms? Take a Look at Collapsing Britain

A Closing Argument for Democracy

Women in the Workplace 2022: Key Findings & Takeaways

The philosophical necessity of long-term thinking

New Surveys Show Burnout Is An International Crisis tks Pattie Grimm

The floods in Cherngtalay, Phuket, 19th October 2022

Welcome to Climate Courage – the actions we can all take, an introduction – I edited the script of the original Climate Courage launch for those who prefer to read.

We must address excessive fashion consumption – please watch and support these amazing people

Australia floods: thousands ordered to evacuate as floods hit Victoria and Tasmania

New study reveals ‘staggering’ scale of lost fishing gear drifting in Earth’s oceans

World Economic Forum: Gaia Vince: Nomad Century: How to Survive the Climate Upheaval on Apple Podcasts

Overconsumption, not overpopulation, is driving the climate crisis

Shein: Fast-fashion workers paid 3p per garment for 18-hour days, undercover filming in China reveals

Untold: Inside the Shein Machine review – the brand that knows what you’re going to buy before you do

Shein: Supply chain workers paid as little as 3p to work 18-hour shifts

What the Coperni spray-on dress says about sustainability in fashion

Report Shows Google, Other Ad Networks Fund and Profit From Climate Disinformation Sites

New Jersey latest state to sue oil companies over climate misinformation

Climate change made global summer droughts 20 times more likely

Supercells could bring intense storms to Queensland, NSW this week

David Suzuki goes on profanity-laden rant at federal government news conference

HSBC ‘sustainability’ adverts banned for missing detail on fossil fuel financing

Phuket Town braces for floods as Bang Yai nears overflow

Mopping up continues around Phuket

Phuket hit by widespread flooding, landslips

Flooding, mudslides, blackouts in Phuket tks Edgar Toral

Singapore, Australia sign Green Economy Agreement with 17 initial projects

The EU is about to ban all the best TVs you can buy

Gaia Vince: Nomad Century: How to Survive the Climate Upheaval World Economic Forum – Podcast

As Brazil starts repaving an Amazon highway, land grabbers get to work

How many grifters does it take to sell a hydrogen boiler?

Is Saving a Life Enough to Save the Ocean? | Peter Hammarstedt – tks Tabatha Tee

EXCLUSIVE | Shell has quietly closed down all its hydrogen filling stations in the UK

Power elite waiting for millions to die before acting on climate change: Amitav Ghosh tks Praveen Gupta

The Supreme Court’s Environmental Report Card: Which Justices are Failing?

1 billion crabs go missing, causing cancellation of Alaskan snow crab season

Canada is ‘weaving’ Indigenous science into environmental policy-making  Tks Kevin Cottam

An MIT PhD has an explosive hydrogen lesson for Andrew Forrest

The Hidden Cost of Plant-Based Meat

From climate change denial to delayism: Oil firms send academics into the fray

Qatar says it’s World Cup will be carbon neutral. Experts have it a ‘greenwashing award’ instead

Jet fuel from nothing more than water, carbon dioxide and sunlight

C40 Cities – A global network of mayors taking urgent climate action

How to get Asia to net zero

Telegraph admits: Project Fear was ‘right all along’ tks Benjamin Jenkins

Hu Jintao: ex-president escorted out of China party congress

Exclusive: Toxic culture has plunged the Bureau of Meteorology into chaos  tks Phillipa Edwards

Fuel protests gripping more than 90 countries

America’s Latino Future Is Here

Venezuela crisis: 7.1m leave country since 2015

What Will Happen to America if Trump Wins Again? Experts Helped Us Game It Out.

UN urges investigation after 92 naked migrants ‘sent’ from Turkey into Greece

The 7 Stages of Climate Awareness | Frankly #10

Preparing Phuket for climate change – a great article by Palmer Owyoung. A lot of these lessons apply globally, particularly in Island paradises.

Tens of thousands of salmon found dead after Canada drought

COP27: Activists ‘baffled’ that Coca-Cola will be sponsor

Could This Breakthrough Make Plastic Production Truly Circular?

Eliminating waste is a climate solution

The beauty industry is a climate disaster – by Emily Atkin

Biodiversity Of Cultural Knowledge For Food System Change Is Promoted At Slow Food Conference

A Gore-Kerry Political Climate Hit

Northern Australian beaches inundated by thousands of tonnes of plastic waste from Asia

‘It shouldn’t fall on us all the time’: Nestlé CEO pushes back on corporate responsibility for plastic pollution

UN Human Rights Committee finds Australia violated Torres Strait Islanders’ rights by failing to protect them from climate change

World Bank ‘has given nearly $15bn to fossil fuel projects since Paris deal’

Methane “belching” lakes discovered in Alaska as permafrost thaws

HOPE? How To Grieve The Planet

Accelerating the transition to net-zero travel

Is it safe to burn hydrogen in the home? Let’s look at the evidence

How community-led renewables could help solve the energy crisis

Pakistan floods: ‘It’s like fighting a war with no end’

Why you should rethink your next fashion purchase

Study suggests La Niña winters could keep on coming

15ft Storm Surge Washes Away Homes in Ft. Myers Beach – Hurricane Ian

Somalia drought: The fight for survival as famine looms

The Amazon will reach tipping point if current trend of deforestation continues

How much carbon was in the atmosphere when you were born?

Financial Times joins Business Declares climate coalition

Tesco Pledges To Halve Food Waste By 2025

AT Harvard, researchers work to Hold BIG OIL accountable for misinformation

Three Ways to Build Back Smarter After Hurricane Ian

Canola field selfies: Australian farmers warn tourists against ‘dangerous’ social media trend tks Kerrie Phipps

Quality Street axes plastic wrappers for recyclable paper

We may be doomed to respond too slowly to climate change

Australia’s great energy transition reaches a ‘tipping point’ as clock winds forward for coal tks Susanna Hasenoehrl

UK power station owner cuts down primary forests in Canada

Cold Season to arrive in late October tks Edgar Toral

Decade of defiance

Hurricane Ian: One for the history books

Methane gas: What’s the big deal?

More Americans are moving into hurricane zones even as climate risks mount

Adverts with unregulated climate claims are barrier to real emission cuts

An observation-constrained assessment of the climate sensitivity and future trajectories of wetland methane emissions

Bill Gates Speaks on Global Food Security Crisis; Radhika Batra EXCLUSIVE | Global Dialogues

Trump, Putin, and the Assault of Anarchy

Rightwing thinktanks run this government. But first, they had to capture the BBC

Five reasons why China’s economy is in trouble

Britain Is Committing Economic Suicide

Egypt is stifling climate activism ahead of Cop27, human rights group reports

Bolsonaro Might Be Beaten, and It Feels Too Good to Be True

Brazil’s Lula and Bolsonaro face run-off after surprisingly tight result

Begin with Trust

5 signs the world is headed for a recession

Degrowth: The Case for Constraining Consumption By Philip Kotler

This Professor Teaches a Class on ‘Doing Nothing.’ It’s the Most Popular One on Campus

Climate Change Solutions with Neil deGrasse Tyson & Katharine Hayhoe

Ending the onslaught on the Amazon

The Oil Peak Is Here as Steep Rate Hikes Curb Consumption

‘History is Calling’ via The Monkeys, part of Accenture Song tks Kerrie Phipps

European leaders blame sabotage as gas pours into Baltic from Nord Stream pipelines

Analysis: Nord Stream gas leaks raise climate fears, but impact hard to quantify

Emails exposing dubious net-zero claims show Big Oil ‘does not deserve’ PR counsel: campaigner

Arctic Ocean acidifying up to four times as fast as other oceans, study finds  tks Kevin Cottam

China’s Fishing Operations Raise Alarms Worldwide

Half of world’s bird species in decline as destruction of avian life intensifies

Carbon-resource circulation through recycling of plastics

Orion Magazine – Speaking of Nature

Fortescue’s (ASX: FMG) $9b spend to end fossil fuel use by 2030 revealed

Climate Week NYC Was a Greenwashing Bonanza

Comprehensive Evidence Implies a Higher Social Cost of CO2  tks Mark Mulkerin

New Plan Suggests Re-Freezing Earth’s Poles by Spraying Chemicals With Huge Military Jets

Finally we have a Global Registry of Fossil Fuels – Carbon Tracker Initiative

Most governments miss UN deadline to improve climate plans

Hydrogen is unsuitable for home heating, review concludes

Old volcanoes, big energy tks Kevin Cottam

Will Capitalism Ever Support a Truly Green Leader?

Buzz stops: bus shelter roofs turned into gardens for bees and butterflies  tks Kerrie Phipps

Influence of climate change seen in features of Hurricane Ian

Ian: DeSantis seeks help from Biden, no more ‘Don’t Tread on Florida’

Can animals feel hurricanes? Sharks are one example

Facing a Dire Storm Forecast in Florida, Officials Delayed Evacuation

Cyclone Ian batters South Carolina in second US landfall

In Florida’s Fort Myers Area, Scenes of Paradise May Be Lost for Good

Flooding and Power Outages Grow as Ian Moves Inland

In pictures: Floridians take in Hurricane Ian’s impact

What Makes Ian Different From Other Hurricanes – The Atlantic

Hurricane Ian makes landfall with catastrophic wind and rain

Hurricane Ian: Cuba begins restoring power after storm

Hurricane Ian now heading toward Florida where officials urge evacuations

Hurricane Ian is going to flood out Florida — and this is a constant climate change problem

Typhoon Karding: Philippines on red alert as Noru roars in

Super Typhoon Noru slams into the Philippines

Typhoon Noru: Five rescuers dead as typhoon hits Philippines

Super Typhoon Noru hits the Philippines forcing thousands to flee

Weather warning for Andaman coast

Storm Fiona hammers Canada’s east coast; thousands without power

Hurricane Fiona: Canada hit by ‘historic, extreme event’

Storm Fiona: Houses washed into sea as storm batters Canada

Typhoon Noru: Five dead in Philippines – BBC News

Biggest Plastic Polluter named Sponsor for COP27 – Greenpeace Reaction

Environmental destruction is part of Liz Truss’s plan

The alternative to growth that could save the planet

Lights out, heaters off: Europeans prepare for winter energy crisis after Russia turns off gas tks Samantha Gayfer

A climate love story

Over 1,700 environment activists killed in decade – report

Abu Dhabi researchers discover alarming changes in Arabian Gulf waters tks Rohit Bassi

BP in oil field where ‘cancer is rife’

Revealed: 5,000 empty ‘ghost flights’ in UK since 2019, data shows tks Kevin Cottam

What Will Earth Look Like When These 6 Tipping Points Hit?

Italy’s plan to save Venice from sinking

‘I’d rather eat an actual burger’: why plant-based meat’s sizzle fizzled in the US

As Carbon Dioxide Grows More Abundant, Trees Are Growing Bigger, Study Finds

Truths We Can’t Bear Alone: Facing an ‘Inconvenient Apocalypse’

Calculating Your Vacation’s Carbon Footprint, One Travel Mode at a Time

Adapting to climate change faster will save Canada billions, new analysis shows  tks Kevin Cottam

Why the horrific heatwave in China matters to you

The Battle For the Soul of the West | by umair haque

Fascism Is Spreading — And It’s a Sign of Civilizational Collapse | by umair haque

Opinion | Forget ‘polarization.’ The problem is right-wing extremism

EU vows to protect energy network after ‘sabotage’ of Russian gas pipeline

The sceptics within

Brazil election: ‘We’ll vote for Bolsonaro because he is God’

IMF openly criticises UK government tax plans

Bank of England intervenes to stabilize U.K. economy as pound crashes

Bank of England launches £65bn move to calm markets

Women’s resistance in Iran, and why it matters for women’s rights everywhere

‘I Think the Women Are Winning’: Roya Hakakian on Iran – The Atlantic

Claims That Capitalism Is Eradicating Global Poverty Are Wildly Misleading

Global Economy Headed Into Recession

How enlightenment permanently alters your brain

The new gender gap — it’s not what you think

Seven more tips we can all embrace!

The scariest climate science paper I’ve ever read?

The controversy & complexity of celebrity-driven conscious collections – Susanna Jaffer is doing amazing work in the sustainable fashion space. Have a read and make sure you follow her. There’s another video featuring Susanna below.

And weekend family time, our 2nd attempt to remove the “Rope Monster.” We will succeed.

Powerful typhoon hits on Japan’s Kyushu island

The blow-by-blow of what to expect from Hurricane Fiona

Asia’s biggest firms are not joining the dots between biodiversity loss and business survival: study

Termites love global warming – the pace of their wood munching gets significantly faster in hotter weather (

World Bank Leader, Accused of Climate Denial, Offers a New Response

Nearly half of Britain’s biodiversity has gone since industrial revolution

This jet fuel was made by sucking carbon out of the air. It could power your flights by 2024

Nine climate tipping points now ‘active,’ warn scientists

Sea level Rise and Coastal Flooding Impacts

What will actually happen when the so-called ‘Doomsday Glacier’ disintegrates?

Vanuatu the first country calling for treaty to restrict fossil fuels at UN assembly

Hurricane Fiona will be “a storm for the ages” 

Climate change risk to coastal castles – English Heritage

Activists take over billboards to call out impact of flying on global carbon emissions

We Can’t Have a Stable Climate If We Keep Destroying Nature

Fracking ban lifted, government announces

Unpriced climate risk threatens to wipe billions off food and agriculture businesses

GSK Unveils Sustainability Requirements for Suppliers

Climate Courage: is where I’m living safe? One of the biggest issues on most minds today is, regardless of where we live in the world, will we be safe to stay where we are and if so, for how long?

Deliver ‘robust’ net-zero plans in response to rising costs, Liz Truss urged by more than 100 businesses

Best Places to Live to Avoid Climate Change in 2022

School uniforms in N America linked to PFAS “forever chemicals”

‘This is what a river should look like’: Dutch rewilding project turns back the clock 500 years

UN secretary-general António Guterres called out the PR industry for its willingness to “shield the fossil-fuel industry from scrutiny” in a speech yesterday.

Gore Says Climate Crisis Is Like ‘Hike Through Book of Revelation’

Photos: Iraq’s mighty Tigris river is drying up

Stronger & Wetter: Michael Mann on How Climate Change Makes Storms Worse & Why We Must Cut Emissions

NGO vows restorative action after report blamed plastic pollution on poor countries

From soft fabrics to solid walls: FabBRICK reinvents construction materials with recycled textile waste

South-east Asian coastal cities sinking fastest, could worsen impacts of sea level rise: Study

UN chief: ‘Tax fossil fuel profits for climate damage’

Three massive storms slam U.S. and Japan, each with climate change ties

Pakistan Flooding Shows ‘Adapting’ to Climate Change Can Be a Dangerous Illusion

Australia’s most Important climate policy

New Zealand raises alert level on giant Taupo volcano

Hurricane Fiona: Dominican Republic hit as storm strengthens

239 agencies listed as ‘polluted’ in Australia

One Year of Global Waste Visualized tks Denise Chai

Anomalous collapses of Nares Strait ice arches leads to enhanced export of Arctic sea ice

Climate change threatens health and survival of urban trees

Nine million people told to evacuate as super typhoon Nanmadol hits

Hurricane Fiona slams Puerto Rico

Amazon rainforest ‘will collapse if Bolsonaro remains president’ This article is more than 1 years old

People don’t really talk about climate change. Here’s how to start.

What the complex math of fire modelling tells us about the future of California’s forests

Post-Tropical Cyclone Fiona Aims for Canada After Lashing Bermuda

Where Thick Ice Sheets in Antarctica Meet the Ground, Small Changes Could Have Big Consequences

Storm Surge in Alaska Pulls Homes From Their Foundations

Deep Sea Mining About to Start in Pacific Not ‘Sustainable at Any Level’

Nature is telling us it’s time to act on climate

Arctic System Collapse? Devastating new research – Susanna Hasenoehrl

Scientists want to spray sulphur dioxide into the atmosphere to refreeze the poles

Japan storm: Millions told to evacuate as Typhoon Nanmadol makes landfall

The World Has a $1 Trillion La Nina Problem

From coffee to codfish: The foods that will get more expensive with climate change

Rare ‘special warning’ issued as violent typhoon makes landfall in Japan

Now is the time for climate action

EU green finance advisers walk out in protest

Ever heard of ocean forests? They’re larger than the Amazon and more productive than we thought


Use COP27 to phase-out fossil fuels, $39trn investor coalition and hundreds of health groups urge

Ask the Experts: A Guide to Conscious Consumption – Susanna Jaffer

Britain’s breaking point

Sri Lanka: Inflation rate jumps to 70.2% in August

Brazil election: Why it matters so much to the US

Italy elections: Far-right party sacks candidate for Hitler praise

Anutin slams call to re-list cannabis as narcotic plant

Bill Gates: ‘We’re in a Worse Place Than I Expected’

Could this be a glimpse into life in the 2030s?

Unboxing, bad baby and evil Santa: how YouTube got swamped with creepy content for kids

How society sexualizes us Vox Conversations Podcast

We couldn’t have built a less fair school system if we tried tks Phillipa Edwards

Climate Courage – Actions we can all take

This week I launched my new fortnightly livestream, Climate Courage. Here is the first one, explaining the goal and purpose of this content.

What Does Earth Really Need From Patagonia?

51 Just Stop Oil supporters jailed after mass civil resistance in court

One in four people don’t want to have children as climate anxiety reaches record levels

Climate Change Is the Express Train to Hell — And We’re On It

NGO retracts ‘waste colonialism’ report blaming Asian countries for plastic pollution

Billionaire No More: Patagonia Founder Gives Away the Company tks Samantha Gayfer

EU expects to raise €140bn from windfall tax on energy firms

A NASA scientist designed a platform to track the carbon in every tree on the planet

EU aims to lessen dependency on China with Raw Materials Act

Pakistan is owed reparations, not aid, by U.S. and China

Climate change & doomsday: Irreversible tipping points may mean end of human civilization

First attempt to remove the “Rope Monster.” 

The Elusive Future of San Francisco’s Fog

Why you need a ‘wellbeing wardrobe’

Oil Executives Privately Contradicted Public Statements on Climate, Files Show

Swiss mountain pass ice to melt completely within weeks

Africa losing up to 15% of GDP growth to climate change, African Development Bank says

California becomes first US state to begin ranking extreme heat wave events

MIT Prediction of Civilization Collapse Appears to be On Track

That ‘Obama Scientist’ Climate Skeptic You’ve Been Hearing About

H&M to Remove Sustainability Labels from Products Following Investigation by Regulator

First climate lawsuit against Russian government launched over emissions

Fast-warming, ailing Med Sea may be a sign of things to come

‘Mind-blowing’ marine heat waves put Mediterranean ecosystems at grave risk

France bracing for ‘catastrophic’ food shortages following drought, farmers and unions warn

Switching to renewable energy could save trillions – study tks Damian Corbet

World heading into ‘uncharted territory of destruction’, says climate report

Megadrought in the American south-west: a climate disaster unseen in 1,200 years

What’s the real price tag of renewable energy for the planet?

Richard Powers: “Climate change is a psychological problem”

Charles will not cool on climate action, say friends

How do we clean up the Klongs (canals) in Phuket? Chantal Fernandes, Joshua O’Neill and CK Weeks joined me in Phuket Town to look at the waste challenge and we’re asking for help to solve it! Do you have ideas?

Environmentalists, NSW Forestry Corporation at loggerheads over native timber harvesting in key koala habitat

‘Climate neutral’ products are counterproductive greenwashing bluff – NGO

Watching the world burn

More people now work in clean energy than in fossil fuels

Where Will Mainstream Climate Propaganda Take Us? – Podcast

Six tipping points ‘likely’ to be crossed

Cancer rules rewritten by air-pollution discovery

We’re moving into a more optimistic era for climate action

The Entire Food Chain has Started collapsing, Scientists Warn

Collapse of terrestrial mammal food webs since the Late Pleistocene

Russian Lawmakers Call for Putin to Be Removed From Power Over Ukraine

Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping: An increasingly unequal relationship

Putin Has a New Opposition—and It’s Furious at Defeat in Ukraine

Putin acknowledges China may have ‘questions and concerns’ about the war.

Russian Army Collapses—and Revolution—Near-Certain as Russia Loses War: When/Where Harder to Predict

It’s Time to Prepare for a Ukrainian Victory

Ukraine Routs Russian Forces in Northeast, Forcing a Retreat

The Economist Asks: Could Vladimir Putin lose the war in Ukraine? The Economist Podcasts

Babble hypothesis shows key factor to becoming a leader

DeSantis sent 50 migrants to Martha’s Vineyard by plane as an anti-liberal stunt. The locals pulled together to help them.

Mass firing at UAE newspaper raises censorship concerns

In Wall Street’s Worst Day Since June 2020, Dow Falls 1,250

Morning Bid: Unstoppable dollar

Shell picks gas veteran Sawan as CEO to lead transition

The stock market is plunging and could fall a lot further with the U.S. at the center of a huge global bubble, says chief investment officer of world’s largest hedge fund

Inflation driving increased demand for catastrophe reinsurance in run-up to 1.1

Modern slavery shoots up by 10 million in five years

Fascism Is Spreading — And It’s a Sign of Civilizational Collapse

My father’s family kept slaves – and he defended it. Acknowledging it matters

What is a CARBON FOOTPRINT? How to calculate and reduce it?

World on brink of five ‘disastrous’ climate tipping points, study finds

What Antarctica’s Disintegration Asks of Us

Climate Change Could Worsen Supply Chain Turmoil

Exceeding 1.5°C global warming could trigger multiple climate tipping points

Pollution and climate change upsurge the risk of ‘climate penalty’ Europe’s Energy Crisis Will Be Short-Lived & Reap Benefits

The west is ignoring Pakistan’s super-floods. Heed this warning: tomorrow it will be you

Extreme weather drives European wildfire carbon emissions to record levels

We’re On the Brink of Worldwide Starvation, but Don’t Panic Just Yet

Sea Level Rise Map and Coastal Flood Tool- US and Global

Don’t blame the drought for drying out Doñana

The Degrowth Opportunity

Spain’s Doñana National Park dries up completely

GDP is (almost) everything, and that’s the problem

‘A new way of life’: the Marxist, post-capitalist, green manifesto captivating Japan

Record Rain overwhelmed city

The Supply Chain to Beat Climate Change Is Already Being Built

New Documentary Urges Sustainable Fashion Movement Not To Leave Animals Out Of The Picture

Late Season Melting in Greenland

Pace of Climate Change Sends Economist Back to Drawing Board

California Leaders Credit Cellphone Alert for Sudden Conservation

Extensive Methane Venting to the Atmosphere from Sediments of the East Siberian Arctic Shelf

It Wasn’t Just Oil Companies Spreading Climate Denial

Traditional owners prepare for court challenge to NT’s largest water licence on Singleton Station

On Climate Change, Republicans Need a Crash Course in Capitalism

Jacob Rees-Mogg, who decried ‘climate alarmism’, to take on UK energy brief

California Endures Worst Days Of Severe, Relentless Heat Wave

‘Doomsday glacier,’ which could raise sea level by several feet, is holding on ‘by its fingernails,’ scientists say

Pakistan’s deadly floods have created a massive 100km-wide inland lake, satellite images show

How to Talk to Conservatives About Climate Change

Surface air temperature for August 2022

Jordan Peterson, the Climate Crisis Deniers’ New Mouthpiece

Every 27.5 million years, the Earth’s heart beats catastrophically

Pakistan tries to avert lake overflow amid floods; UN warns of more misery

Greenland’s Melting Glaciers Spew a Complicated Treasure: Sand

Global fossil fuel subsidies rocket to almost $US700 billion in 2021

The Biotic Pump: How Forests Create Rain

Switzerland’s Glaciers Are Becoming a Front-Row Seat to Climate Destruction

‘Woefully inadequate’ adaptation finance seen stifling developing Asia’s climate response

Three myths about the global energy crisis

EU races to shield industry as Russia gas stoppage shakes markets

Why You Should Be Worried About This Glacier

On the Gulf Coast, a Quiet Hurricane Season (So Far!) Brings Little Relief

The super-rich ‘preppers’ planning to save themselves from the apocalypse

China quake: Deadly tremor rocks Sichuan city in lockdown

France is giving €4,000 to people who trade in their car for an e-bike

Water Crisis in Jackson Is ‘Unacceptable,’ Residents Say

Chinese motorcyclists join Chongqing wildfire battle

The food crisis is about affordability, not availability, says United Nations

UN rapporteur on climate arrives in Bangladesh on first-ever official visit

Zombie ice from Greenland will raise sea level 10 inches tks Samantha Gayfer

The biggest myths about electric vehicles

Capitalism is killing the planet – it’s time to stop buying into our own destruction

‘Greenwashing’: Tree-Planting Schemes Are Just Creating Tree Cemeteries

Odisha launches Rs 763.5 crore cyclone resilient saline embankment project

Disaster officials on flood standby

‘We just want the truth’: British coastal towns fight for answers over mystery sealife deaths

Disease warning as Pakistan flood death toll rises

How to reduce your carbon footprint by 80% | Matthew Tolley | TEDxTelford

Death Valley sets record for hottest Sept. day — and California’s heat wave isn’t over

Prevent tree extinctions or face global ecological catastrophe, scientists warn

‘All I can think about is the sun’: How workers are coping with California’s heat wave

The dominant economic model is destabilising societies. And the planet.  It is time for change.

Beyond doom and gloom: talking climate change with skeptics

Yuval Noah Harari: The Actual Cost of Preventing Climate Breakdown | TED

Opinion: Thai reserves are quickly depleting

Shock Waves Hit the Global Economy, Posing Grave Risk to Europe

Women Are So Fired Up to Vote, I’ve Never Seen Anything Like It

The Verdict Is in for El Salvador’s Bitcoin Experiment: It Failed

Michael Burry and Jeremy Grantham have warned an epic stock market crash is underway. Here’s what 5 doomsayers expect to happen next.

Jonathan Pie: Welcome to Britain. Everything is Terrible. | NYT Opinion tks Phillipa Edwards

The Art of Putting Your Talent in the Service of the World: The Russian Prince Turned Anarchist and Pioneering Scientist Peter Kropotkin’s Advice to the Young

A Ring of Empty Pedestals Marks the Lack of Women in Copenhagen’s Public Art

Chow Yun Fat, Who Has a Net Worth of About SGD$1 Billion, Reportedly Spends Only $4.50 Daily tks David Lim

Almost 1,000 killed as flooding devastates Pakistan

ArcGIS Web Application – map of Pakistan and where it’s impacted

Historic Pakistan floods leave thousands homeless and almost €100 billion of damage

How melting glaciers fueled Pakistan’s fatal floods

Pakistan floods could cost 45% of cotton crop

Pakistan floods are ‘a monsoon on steroids’, warns UN chief

Pakistan floods: Helicopter lifts stranded boy

Pakistan Flood Death Toll Passes 1,000 in ‘Climate Catastrophe’

Pakistan floods: Appeals for aid as 119 more die in a day

Pakistan floods death toll passes 1,000, say officials

Pakistan floods: Desperation and displacement in Sindh province

Pakistan declares floods a ‘climate catastrophe’ as death toll tops 1,000

Capitalism Is Destroying Us – The New Climate Report

Deeply Dark Times Ahead – be positive

The End of the Age of Abundance (and the Beginning of the Age of Scarcity)

Where We’ll End Up Living as the Planet Burns

Death toll from floods in Afghanistan rises above 180 – Taliban

Extreme China heatwave could lead to global chaos and food shortages

South African court bans offshore oil and gas exploration by Shell

Bike protest takes over German motorway

‘We’re going to pay in a big way’: a shocking new book on the climate crisis | Books | The Guardian

‘Powder kegs waiting for a spark’: rising costs threaten global unrest, say risk analysts

China’s supply chain is melting in extreme heat. Whose will be next?

Antarctica’s “Doomsday” Glacier: Its Collapse Could Trigger Global Floods and Swallow Islands

At last, the Tories prove that Brexit has polluted the UK

Scientists’ warning to humanity on tree extinctions

Emily Townsend and Alex Hillman publicly quit their jobs for climate change. Here’s what happened next

Inequality can double the energy required to secure universal decent living

Much of The Great Pacific Garbage Patch’s Plastic Comes From These 5 Countries tks Josh O’Neill


Oil industry condemns first US fee on greenhouse gases

Energy war as West caps Russian oil price, Moscow keeps gas pipe shut

Backyard ‘frog hotels’ hoped to help species recover from East Gippsland bushfires

Climate change is biggest threat to earth, international poll finds

The role of marine biodiversity in the regulation of our climate – A discussion Document

Switzerland’s vanishing glaciers threaten Europe’s water supply

A prolonged and record heat wave builds over the West this week

Analysis: BlackRock too green for Texas; rest of Wall Street okay – for now

Antarctica’s melting ice spells trouble on sea rise

Antarctic Glaciers Are Melting Away at the Fastest Rate in 5,500 Years

US fossil fuel firm sues insurer for refusing to cover climate lawsuit

Americans experience a false social reality by underestimating popular climate policy support by nearly half

Zimov, S. A., Schuur, E. A. G. & Chapin, F. S. Permafrost and the global carbon budget. Science 312, 1612–1613 (2006).

Study finds climate change is waking bumblebees earlier from winter hibernation, putting the species at risk

Rewetting dried wetlands could stop 100 billion tons of CO2 emissions

Opinion: Climate transition must happen – it’s up to us whether by design or by disaster

Greenland ice sheet climate disequilibrium and committed sea-level rise

Drought and Worsening Fertilizer Crisis Risk More Food Inflation

I’m thrilled to announce why scientists should consider participating in civil disobedience to promote climate action.

The 10 Financial Actors Who Stand in the Way of Slowing Climate Change

Spain’s olive oil producers devastated by worst ever drought

The climate crisis is a hunger crisis

Australians warned the price of groceries is about to soar even more as farmers issue an urgent food supply warning – here’s how much your weekly shop will cost you

Australia’s east coast set for third straight La Niña season, experts predict

England’s housing strategy would blow entire carbon budget, says study

How Bill Gates-Backed Republic Services Turns Trash Into Big Cash

Warming Trends: Bill Nye’s New Focus on Climate Change, Bottled Water as a Social Lens and the Coming End of Blacktop

Let’s Stop Trying to Save Industrial Civilisation

Drought, pollution, floods: Avon in Devon tells story of UK rivers in distress

Friday essay: ‘I feel my heart breaking today’ – a climate scientist’s path through grief towards hope

UN: Record 345 million people ‘marching to the brink of starvation’

Climate change: Avocados and exotic plants grow in hot UK summer

Bill Nye Shares Thoughts On ‘Painfully’ Accurate ‘Don’t Look Up’

‘Time has run out’: UN fails to reach agreement to protect marine life

Revealed: the 20 firms behind a third of all carbon emissions

India’s dietary guidelines have a relatively lower carbon footprint: study

As France Swelters, Private Jets Come Under Attack


Physicists predict Earth will become a chaotic world, with dire consequences

Climate Thinkers: John Schellnhuber

The Speech No President Should Have to Give

Joe Biden says Trump ideology threatens US democracy

Witness to the Massacre in Mariupol

Mary Peltola: First Alaskan Native elected to Congress as Sarah Palin loses

A letter from a Russian friend

Fear of Fascism

How McKinsey Destroyed the Middle Class

World Bank warns of recession and stagflation

Markets and the Future of the Circular Economy

A quarter of retirees will die with their super wealth intact

The $100 Trillion Global Economy in One Chart

Analysis: Pain of breaking inflation will reverberate around the globe

The 2022 economy is like a 4-engine airplane with only one that works—and most experts want to turn it off, top economist says

Uyghurs: China may have committed crimes against humanity in Xinjiang – UN

One in five UK children do not own any books of their own

Where Our Strength Comes from and What It Means to Be Strong

India’s top court declares same-sex couples entitled to social benefits, deserve legal protections

“By taking on a greater role in climate leadership, women can create wins for many areas including climate action, gender equity, food security, poverty reduction” – Praveen Gupta is writing some great content, especially on women in leadership around the environment. Please do follow him.

A blog I published, after experiencing a breakthrough with my teenage boys on getting their agreement to reduce meat. Thought it worth sharing for others struggling here How to get your family committed to reducing meat consumption.

Climate Crisis

The Great Simplification – full movie

Frankly#6 The End of Abundance

We have to stop normalising the absurd – Prospect Magazine

‘Just the beginning’: dawn of greenwash era for journalism in Asia? | News | Eco-Business | Asia Pacific

The world stands on a nuclear precipice – we must avoid catastrophe | Jacinda Ardern | The Guardian

Horn of Africa ‘Cannot wait’: WFP scales up assistance as historic drought raises famine threat | World Food Programme

Scientists, First Nations in Dawson City dig deep into our future under climate change tks Laura Ashton

There is No Such Thing as Low Carbon Beef

Google ‘airbrushes’ out emissions from flying, BBC reveals – BBC News (

California to Ban the Sale of New Gasoline Cars

Creating Shared Value (

Americans Aren’t Scared of Anything, Except Having to Share. | by Jessica Wildfire

Is Advertising Causing Climate Change? Actually, It’s Worse Than That | The Drum

A near 100 per cent renewables grid is well within reach, and with little storage | RenewEconomy

Energy & Climate Intelligence Unit | IPCC Explainer: The Science of… (

‘It stinks’: Windermere plagued by blue-green algae as ‘toxic as cobra venom’ | Lake District | The Guardian

The ‘illusion of knowledge’ that makes people overconfident – BBC Worklife

Australasian Centre for Corporate Responsibility expands landmark Federal Court case against Santos – ACCR

The areas of Wales that would be under water and lost by 2050 based on current climate trends – Wales Online

‘Wrong side of history’ | Wake up to the hype around green hydrogen for heating | Recharge

Should Canada invest in hydrogen? Here are the pros and cons | Financial Post

Climate change forces indigenous islanders in Panama to relocate – BBC News

Do people really understand the fight we’re in? (

Salsa and spaghetti sauce are under threat as the worst drought in 1,200 years threatens California’s tomato crop | Fortune

Long overlooked, East Malaysia’s disappearing shorelines in spotlight as government tackles coastal erosion | News | Eco-Business | Asia Pacific

La Nina alert issued as meteorologists warn of ‘potent’ spring-summer weather for Australia | 7NEWS

What the rare ‘triple-dip’ La Niña could mean for winter (

Upon reflection, scientists evaluate Earth-cooling strategies | Cornell Chronicle

The world’s roads aren’t ready for climate change | The Independent

Solar briefly overtakes coal in Australia as number one source of power nationally – ABC News

El Niño Modoki can be mostly predicted more than 10 years ahead of time | Scientific Reports (

Dugong: Animal that inspired mermaid tales extinct in China – BBC News

Workers could be part-paid with fruit and veg as farmers seek to ‘streamline’ pay deals | Industrial relations | The Guardian

Perdaman fertiliser plant near ancient rock art gets nod from Plibersek, leaving some ‘devastated’ – ABC News

Americans experience a false social reality by underestimating popular climate policy support by nearly half | Nature Communications

Is France banning private jets? Everything we know from a week of green transport proposals | Euronews

Fast-warming, ailing Med Sea may be a sign of things to come (

China issues nationwide drought alert amid extreme heat (

NASA – Satellite Measurements Help Reveal Ozone Damage to Important Crops

Green farming: The shift in food and agriculture | Sustainability | McKinsey & Company

IFIC survey shows Gen Z interest in sustainability | Food Business News

John Oliver on corporate ‘net zero’ proposals: ‘We cannot offset our way out of climate change’ | John Oliver | The Guardian

No Breakthroughs in Nuclear: It’s Not Cheaper, Faster, or Safer | Nasdaq

Yangtze shrinks as China’s drought disrupts industry | AP News tks Susanna Hasenoehrl

Floods, landslides kill dozens as monsoon rains lash northern, eastern India | Reuters

Horn of Africa drought places 22 million people at risk of starvation, says UN | Africa | The Guardian

News Analysis: Aussie meteorological experts seek answers in a world of extremes-Xinhua

CBA mortgages worth $31b exposed to extreme weather event risks

Plant-based meat by far the best climate investment, report finds | Food | The Guardian

Europe’s farmers look to a future of long-term drought

Covid – not climate change – has nudged Australians towards greener lifestyles: study | News | Eco-Business | Asia Pacific

The Colorado River drought across Lake Mead and Lake Powell, as seen in NASA satellite images – Vox

Hidden Menace: Massive methane leaks speed up climate change | AP News

Go read this investigation into major methane leaks in Texas and New Mexico – The Verge

The New US Climate Law Will Reduce Carbon Emissions and Make Electricity Less Expensive, Economists Say – Inside Climate News

UK drought: Why do the trees think it’s autumn already? – BBC News

New study quantifies the carbon emissions of virtual conferences (

Net Zero is Seriously Worth It!

I really enjoyed doing this podcast with Samantha Gayfer – The path out of eco-anxiety is ACTION – tips when sitting in the grief. A big part of facing the climate crisis is going through eco-anxiety. Why would anyone want to do that? So, I thought it was really important to capture what it feels like, so hopefully, it will show us all we can face it and get on with the job that needs to be done.

Can Christian’s be Woke?

Emily Maitlis says ‘active Tory party agent’ shaping BBC news output | BBC | The Guardian (

Zaporizhzhia: World narrowly avoided radiation accident – Zelensky – BBC News

How to stay cool as competition heats up in ice cream and yogurt | McKinsey

Don’t Let Cynicism Undermine Your Workplace (

Richard Murphy on tax, accounting and political economy (

America’s 1% Has Taken $50 Trillion From the Bottom 90% | Time

Are EVs really better for the climate?

Will Capitalism Ever Support a Truly Green Leader?

The century of climate migration: why we need to plan for the great upheaval tks Kevin Cottam, great read

China Snipes at Biden’s Big Climate Win: ‘Can the US Deliver?’

American farmers are killing their own crops and selling cows because of extreme drought

1,200 Scientists and Professionals Declare: “There is No Climate Emergency” read this

Dave Vetter on Twitter and then dig into this thread

With his anti-ESG fund, Vivek Ramaswamy takes a page from the Infowars playbook

About 50kg of nickel goes into each Tesla battery but the world isn’t producing enough to keep up with demand

DR Congo opens oil and gas auction round to carbon credit and crypto groups

JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon: ‘Why can’t we get it through our thick skulls?’ America boosting oil and gas production is ‘not against’ climate change

A news site with ties to the fossil fuel industry claimed Scotland axed 14 million trees to make way for wind farms. Is that correct?

Every Dollar Spent on This Climate Technology Is a Waste

Cost crisis: Are businesses backtracking on sustainability, just as they need to step up?

China races to alleviate drought, power cuts amid record heatwave

Staggering’ rate of global tree losses from fires

Extreme heat is slamming the world’s three biggest economies all at once

Conceding to Manchin, U.S. climate bill exempts most oil industry from methane fees

Bill Gates is the biggest private owner of farmland in the United States. Why?

Scientists welcome ‘enormous’ US climate bill — but call for stronger action

The world’s biggest ice sheet is more vulnerable to global warming than scientists previously thought

Experts call for more public urgency on climate change

Bearing Witness to Climate Change in The Indian Himalaya: Kargil & the Suru River Valley

Irreversible water storage declines predicted in parts of Asia by 2060

Eco-anxiety: the psychological aftermath of the climate crisis Samantha Gayfer

Climate change will ‘irreversibly damage’ water supply for two billion people by 2060

Children Living Close to Fracking Sites Have Two to Three Times Higher Risk of Leukemia

Five countries, five meals – tackling the food inflation crisis

New England’s ‘Flash Drought’ Got Worse. Experts Worry It’s ‘Just the Beginning’

Why is climate ‘doomism’ going viral – and who’s fighting it?

How Earth’s Climate Changes Naturally (and Why Things Are Different Now)

Mapped: Europe’s Fossil Fuel-Backed Hydrogen Lobby

Influential oil company scenarios for combating climate change don’t actually meet the Paris Agreement goals, our new analysis shows

Mining mogul Andrew Forrest doubles down on green hydrogen

Irreversible declines in freshwater storage projected in parts of Asia by 2060 tks Susanna Hasenoehrl

Drought Devastates U.S. Cotton Harvest

How to discern between climate journalism and activism

Safe planetary boundary for pollutants, including plastics, exceeded, say researchers

Study suggests offshore oil and gas production in Gulf of Mexico has higher methane loss rates than typical onshore production

Drought, bushfires and beetles: The climate-related trifecta threatening Australia’s iconic snow gums tks Tabatha Tee

Shell’s CEO Wants You to Fix Climate Change

Extreme weather ravaging the UK challenges food industry

Climate Expert On Extreme Heat: ‘We’re Not Going To Be Able To Find Solutions’

The most damaging farm products? Organic, pasture-fed beef and lamb

What Comes After the Coming Climate Anarchy?

The challenge of global culture building: Rising to our Deweyan moment

The Role of International Organizations in Climate Governance tks Muriel

Is the Historic Climate Bill Enough to Save the Planet? Podcast

The Coming California Megastorm

Britain has been avoiding its biggest problems for decades. Now we’re paying the price

China’s Yangtze river shrinks as heatwave, drought threaten crops

For The First Time, Scientists Have Named a Heat Wave. Here’s Why It’s a Big Deal

‘What’s the alternative? To give up?’: Bella Lack, the new queen of green tks Kevin Cottam

Which diet will help save our planet: climatarian, flexitarian, vegetarian or vegan?

For 110 years, climate change has been in the news. Are we finally ready to listen?

Cambridge engineers invent world’s first zero emissions cement

Drought In Central Europe Reveals Cautionary ‘Hunger Stones’ In Czech River tks Benjamin Jenkins

No room for gloom? Journalists debate media obsession with ‘solution’ angle for climate reporting

The Emotional Toll of Climate Change on Science Professionals tks Samantha Gayfer

Yahoo News ‘Very scary’: European agriculture hit hard by climate change and drought

An injured tiny turtle defecated plastic for 6 days after being rescued by an Australian zoo: ‘They’re just consuming it as their first initial food’

Seagrass: UK’s biggest restoration project planned off Wales

One-third of the food we eat is at risk because the climate crisis is endangering butterflies and bees

How to Save the World | The Psychology of Environmental Action + Behavior Podcast

Climate activists fill golf holes with cement after water ban exemption

In pictures: Europe’s mighty rivers are drying up in the climate-driven drought

George Monbiot FULL INTERVIEW: the environment “MYTHS” threatening the world | The New Statesman

Seven tips we can all embrace

The drought across Europe is drying up rivers, killing fish and shriveling crops

Arctic warming 4 times faster than rest of planet: Climate study

How the rich wreck the climate (and how to stop them)

Las Vegas Strip floods again as wettest monsoon season in 10 years soaks region

Mass crop failures expected in England as farmers demand hosepipe bans

Mass fish die-off in German-Polish river blamed on unknown toxic substance

Drought declared across eight areas of England

EDF Nuclear Plants Get Waiver to Release Hot Water to Keep Them Running  

“When people notice what we have done”: government documents expose how developers killed the Design and Place SEPP

European firefighters rush to France’s aid

20 climate change documentaries you need to watch because this planet is NOT fine

How To Spot “Mainstream” Climate Propaganda

Gordon Brown says energy firms unable to offer lower bills should be temporarily re-nationalised

‘Slavery’ found at a Malaysian glove factory. Why didn’t the auditor see it?

Global heating has caused ‘shocking’ changes in forests across the Americas, studies find

Sufficient conditions for rapid range expansion of a boreal conifer

NASA Studies Find Previously Unknown Loss of Antarctic Ice | NASA

The End of Manual Transmission

Ryanair boss O’Leary says the era of €10 flights is over  truly the era of cheap flights needs to be over, but not for the reason of fuel costs!

We’re Not Going to Make it to 2050 tks Samantha Gayfer

Britain faces crisis upon crisis, and our leaders are absent. This is how a country falls apart

Taming The Greedocracy amazing read!

Elon Musk’s Flawed Vision and the Dangers of Trusting Billionaires

New Study Proves Climate Change Can Make Over 200 Human Diseases Worse

Communications in a climate crisis: why Asian PR firm Vero cut ties with fossil fuel firms

Rains in South Korea turn Seoul’s roads to rivers and leave 8 dead

Scientific Consensus | Facts – Climate Change: Vital Signs of the Planet

Climate deniers use past heat records to sow doubt online

The Climate Crisis is not the Crisis of the Future, It is the Crisis of the Present!

Food security and climate change: a critical warning for humanity – Thread synthesizing peer-reviewed research, current news, market intelligence analysis & more.

A closer examination of the fantastical numbers in Bjorn Lomborg’s new book

Rainwater everywhere on Earth unsafe to drink due to ‘forever chemicals’, study finds

Here are all the positive environmental stories from 2022 so far

I planted a giant sequoia tree and offset the carbon footprint of my entire life

What beaver dams can teach us about surviving a heat wave

Extinction Risk May Be Much Worse Than Current Estimates

Towards ‘just resilience’: leaving no one behind when adapting to climate change — European Environment Agency

One Life One Tree

Project Drawdown

Revealed: how climate breakdown is supercharging toll of extreme weather

Tanya Plibersek proposes blocking Clive Palmer’s Queensland coal mine on environmental grounds 

Bill Sutherland on Twitter: “We are collecting examples of Ghost Ecosystems, which we define as habitats that have disappeared and are no longer recognised but for which there is some ecological or historical evidence.” Twitter

Climate Crisis Chronicles, Vol 1: ‘How do you even begin to fight a fire that big?’

We Are Not Freaking Out Enough About Climate Change

Mapped: How climate change affects extreme weather around the world

If You’re Under 40 You’re Gonna See Some Horrible Stuff, Scientists Say

UK health agency issues new heat alert warning for England

More than 100 French towns without drinking water amid ‘historic drought’

Farmers call for Truss and Sunak to tackle ‘immoral’ water wastage

Understand Why People Reject Science to Boost Acceptance, Academics Urge

These are the UK supermarket items with the worst environmental impact

‘BMW since birth’: Chinese mother mocks ‘poor’ bike-riding teacher for making ‘study look useless’, demands he buy a car tks Eugene Seah

Why Invest More in Climate Change R&D?

Power grid shuts down as Iraq pushes 50C in crippling heatwave

European Green Capital

European Union proposes law to bring back nature

Rupert Murdoch’s Sky News Australia Is a Cesspit of Climate Misinformation, Study Finds

We Need to Stop Pretending we can Limit Global Warming to 1.5°C tks Damian Corbet

The Sanctuary Debate 2022 tks Praveen Gupta

Ten financial actors own half of the world’s oil, gas, coal emissions – study

The gadget saving trees by sucking ink off paper tks Vicky Coburn

ASOS, Boohoo and Asda investigated over fashion ‘green’ claims

No miracle tech needed: How to switch to renewables now and lower costs doing it

Thousands of heat-related deaths: Europe’s clarion call for climate action

Adrienne Buller interview: “Green capitalism is its own form of denial”

Heatwave convinces public more needs to be done to tackle climate crisis

Great Britain’s Hannah Mills: “It’s no longer acceptable to just be an athlete”

Celebrity private jets carbon emissions: These are the biggest offenders

Climate crisis: Scientists spot warning signs of Gulf Stream collapse

H&M is Being Sued Over “Misleading” Sustainability Marketing

‘Soon the world will be unrecognisable’: is it still possible to prevent total climate meltdown?

Sixty years of climate change warnings: the signs that were missed (and ignored)

Country Overshoot Days 2022 – Earth Overshoot Day

How circular materials can support the net-zero agenda

Jim Baird on Twitter: “Climate Change & Food- news roundup ➡️Every state in the U.S. had at least a small area considered to be in a drought this week ➡️800,000 ha of crops damaged by extreme rains in Maharastra India ➡️Farmers in drought-hit France warning that crop yields will fall by 50% #food 1/8” / Twitter

Carl Sagan testifying before Congress in 1985 on climate change

Climate change: How to talk to a denier

The audacious PR plot that seeded doubt about climate change

Crunching the numbers – by Henrik Nordborg

Extreme weather: What is it and how is it connected to climate change?

This heatwave has eviscerated the idea that small changes can tackle extreme weather

What Would It Look Like If We Treated Climate Change as an Actual Emergency?

Agenda: A pivotal time for our net zero future

Towards ‘just resilience’: leaving no one behind when adapting to climate change

Glaciers in Swiss Alps draped with blankets to protect them from heat

Global Gender Gap Report 2022 | World Economic Forum

By 2026, the Gates Foundation aims to spend $9 billion a year

Arguments from Global Warming Skeptics and what the science really says

This Tree-Shaped Wind Turbine Silently Generates Electricity – tks Muriel

The Queen Not Happy with William and Kate Over Helicopter Use

Foods Most Likely to Contain Glyphosate

How Heat Waves are Changing Tourism in Europe

U.S.-China diplomatic breakdown clouds outlook for global climate progress

Wildfires destroy almost all forest carbon offsets in 100-year reserve, study says

Greenwashing is driving our descent into climate catastrophe. But we can stop it

‘Incredibly promising’: the bubble barrier extracting plastic from a Dutch river

Low water levels mean Rhine is days from being shut for cargo

France’s troubled nuclear fleet a bigger problem for Europe than Russia gas

Feeling the heat: the cost of Italy’s worst drought in decades

Bicycle graveyards: why do so many bikes end up underwater?

Great Barrier Reef sees record coral cover, but it is highly vulnerable

Sea Level Rise From Melting Ice Sheets Could Soon Be Locked In

Heaven on earth: to stop climate change, revere nature

How the circular economy can help combat climate change

Visualizing the World’s Growing Middle Class (2020–2030)

Scientific evidence on the political impact of the Sustainable Development Goals

Vision of Humanity-2022-web.pdf

How does the Medieval Warm Period compare to current global temperatures?

Analysis: How well have climate models projected global warming?

Are Electric Vehicles Really Better for the Climate? Yes. Here’s Why – Union of Concerned Scientists

How Clean is Your Electric Vehicle? | Union of Concerned Scientists

Here’s what happens when you try to replicate climate contrarian papers   

Antarctica’s ‘Doomsday Glacier’ Melting at Fastest Rate in 5,500 Years

Who Benefits From The Fight Against ESG?

The Secret Diary of a ‘Sustainable Investor’ — Part 1 | by Tariq Fancy

The Rewiring America Handbook

Brazilian court world’s first to recognise Paris Agreement as human rights treaty

I led the US lawsuit against big tobacco for its harmful lies. Big oil is next

The Big Thaw: How Russia Could Dominate a Warming World

Unprecedented 32.5C in the Arctic Circle during month of smashed global temperature records

How greenwashing ads get you to think brands are greener than they are

When Extinction Rebellion met Big Oil

Science Update: IPCC’s Bleakest Warning Yet

Visa launching eco-friendly payment solutions in Asia Pacific

‘Carnage’ as millions of factory farm chickens die in sweltering sheds during record heatwave

‘Grotesque greed’: immoral fossil fuel profits must be taxed, says UN chief

Major Climate Report Describes a Strong Risk of Crisis as Early as 2040  from 2018

Slap yourself and pay attention: The Doomsday Glacier is a global risk

Collapse of Antarctica’s ‘Doomsday Glacier’ Could Trigger Deadly Tsunamis and Swallow Islands

This is all just a part of a natural cycle, right

Science and Philosophy of Sustainability (

Global tipping points: Climate change and the coronavirus – POLITICO

Tracking the ocean’s deepest diving animals into the twilight zone (

The Ukraine Crisis Shows How Fragile Our Food Systems Are

Rare birds’ arrival an ‘unmissable sign’ climate emergency has reached Britain | Birds | The Guardian

How Long It Takes 50 Common Items to Decompose | Stacker

Almost Half the World’s Rivers Poisoned With OTC, Prescription Drugs: Study (

column Hans Stegeman – Green growth is an illusion (

Five highly protected marine areas planned for English waters | Conservation | The Guardian (

The farmers restoring Hawaii’s ancient food forests that once fed an island | Hawaii | The Guardian

Villagers spot giant ‘mouth to hell’ in Siberia, scientists alarmed by its growth – World News (

“The idea of children in this country starving seems absurd” – Prospect Magazine

Welcome to a new age of food insecurity | Prospect Magazine

Burning planet: why are the world’s heatwaves getting more intense? | Extreme weather | The Guardian

Republican Drive to Tilt Courts Against Climate Action Reaches a Crucial Moment – The New York Times ( tks Denise Chai

Opinion | What’s Worse: Climate Denial or Climate Hypocrisy? – The New York Times (

Heat wave to send AccuWeather RealFeel Temps to 115 F | AccuWeather

Stage-storming Greenpeace Activist Banned From Cannes Lions Despite Climate Focus | The Drum

Hundreds of thousands evacuated in China after severe flooding | World News | Sky News

Europe and UK pour 17,000 tons of cooking oil into vehicles a day | Environment | The Guardian (

Scientific evidence on the political impact of the Sustainable Development Goals | Nature Sustainability

Secretary-General’s virtual remarks to Major Economies Forum on Energy and Climate | United Nations Secretary-General

What Is Net Zero? A Global Overview On Climate Change. (

Young people go to European court to stop treaty that aids fossil fuel investors | Climate crisis | The Guardian (

Heatwave: Americans face blistering temperatures – BBC News

Growing Indigenous Empowerment and Our Climate Future | by David Bengston | The Futurian | Medium

If we can’t save the Great Salt Lake, what chance do we have of saving the planet? (

Food crisis 2022: the many rethinks needed to feed the world | News | Eco-Business | Asia Pacific

Plastic Recycling Doesn’t Work and Will Never Work – The Atlantic

World’s protected natural areas too small and isolated to benefit wildlife – new study (

Sustainability and the new Approach to Business Travel – SAP Concur

Toxic dust warnings might be our future as the Great Salt Lake shrivels up | KUER

‘Take Responsibility For Your Clients’: UN Backs Crackdown On Adland’s Climate Impact | The Drum

India and Bangladesh floods displace millions and kill dozens – BBC News

The Secret Diary of a ‘Sustainable Investor’ — Part 4 (Epilogue) | by Tariq Fancy | Jun, 2022

New data reveals extraordinary global heating in the Arctic | Climate crisis | The Guardian (

‘We beg God for water’: Chilean lake turns to desert, sounding climate change alarm | Reuters

Create my Garden – Pollinator Pathmaker

China announces ban on industrial projects to combat climate change in key zones – JURIST – News

Photos, Maps: Extreme Heat Strikes 100 Million in US, Could Last Weeks (

Chinese tornado rips through buildings and power cables – BBC News

F1 driver says ‘what happens in Alberta is a crime,’ feels responsibility to speak about climate change (

Climate change: Bonn talks end in acrimony over compensation – BBC News

America Is Growing Apart, Possibly for Good

Energy Stocks Jump As Oil Surges Again—Prices Will Remain Elevated Through Summer (

If the Supreme Court Can Reverse Roe, It Can Reverse Anything


Devastating Afghanistan Earthquake Leaves More Than 1,000 Dead – The New York Times (

Afghan earthquake: At least 1,000 people killed and 1,500 injured – BBC News

REGENESIS: George Monbiot calls for the end of (almost all) animal farming

10 EASY ways to reduce our water consumption

Pollen and Heat: A Looming Challenge for Global Agriculture

Subverting Climate Science in the Classroom

Nepal to move Everest base camp from melting glacier

Climate change is coming for your ketchup

Could Google’s Carbon Emissions Have Effectively Doubled Overnight? tks Robert Kirubi

Climate change: Rising sea levels threaten 200,000 England properties

A Hotter, Poorer, and Less Free America

The Ukraine Crisis Shows How Fragile Our Food Systems Are

Fink Says BlackRock Doesn’t Want to Be ‘Environmental Police’

Eight million Australians urged to turn off lights

6 Big Findings from the IPCC 2022 Report on Climate Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability

The World Faces a Decade of Global Hunger that Could ‘Irreversibly Degrade Humanity’s Prospects’ tks Damian Corbet

Bolsonaro blamed as UN, activists denounce Amazon murders

Dom Phillips and Bruno Pereira: Suspect leads police to human remains

Rwanda asylum flight cancelled after legal action

Bolsonaro says ‘something wicked’ done to Dom Phillips and Bruno Pereira

No bodies found in hunt for British journalist, Brazil police say

How your spiking energy bills are making foreign investors rich

Energy executives at transition conference still lean on fossil fuels

Maasai leaders ​arrested in protests over​ ​Tanzanian game reserve


Going Under: 200,000 homes and businesses at risk of rising sea levels

Sustainable Investing App – Ethical Investing

IUU Fishing in the Indian Ocean: A Security Threat

The 1977 White House climate memo that should have changed the world

How The Gambia’s oyster farmers are being hit by climate change

Images of Change – Climate Change: Vital Signs of the Planet

Sea Level | Vital Signs – Climate Change: Vital Signs of the Planet

Rare Yellowstone closure from historic floods spells hardship for ‘gateway’ towns

Unprecedented flooding conditions force Yellowstone park to close all entrances and leave locals trapped

Food waste the key to McCain Foods getting off the grid in Victoria

Did You Know 50% of the Great Barrier Reef Is Dead?

Ukraine set to receive green hydrogen from Canada

Why ‘Super Worms’ Might Be The Answer To Our Plastic Waste  tks  Philip Merry

A powerful heatwave heads into western Europe this week, with low 40s forecast in France and close to +45 °C in Spain

Weather tracker: heatwaves could add to energy problems across Europe

Climate change: New fossil fuel funding is ‘delusional’ says UN chief

Most people don’t know which animals are going extinct: poll

How to turn your garden into a carbon sink  tks Avi Liran

Thirty years of climate summits: where have they got us?

Historical emissions caused the climate crisis. But it’s what we do today that will make or break it, study shows

Sustainably Yours: The Phuket Swapshop

Singapore to reduce reliance on hydrofluorocarbons under climate treaty

Nearly all of Portugal faces ‘severe drought’ after hottest May in 92 years

Ocean viruses: Huge survey finds thousands of previously undescribed microbes

Why bankers close their ears to the ‘climate nut jobs’ talking about the end of the world tks Susanna Hasenoehrl

A Global Food Crisis: Shortage Amidst Plenty)

Climate crisis is ‘battering our economy’ and driving inflation, new book says

Something starting to do the rounds on social media, is this Tweet. Yes, the scientists are telling us they were not expecting what is happening in the environment to happen until 2050. It’s happening now. No time to lose. Thanks for sharing Phillipa Edwards.

Climate crisis

Arron Banks loses libel action against reporter Carole Cadwalladr

Google Engineer On Leave After He Claims AI Program Has Gone Sentient

Tanzania: Thousands of Maasai flee into the bush after dozens shot and detained following evictions for trophy hunting and conservation

Fundraiser by Kevin Cottam : Medical Assistance to Ngorongoro Maasai, Tanzania

Rwanda asylum flight cancelled after legal action

A huge Atlantic ocean current is slowing down. If it collapses, La Niña could become the norm for Australia tks Claire Kielty

White House climate adviser says misinformation ‘absolutely’ a public health issue

The Impossibilities of the Circular Economy

The cheap, green, low-tech solution for the world’s megacities

Plastic-munching superworms offer hope for recycling

H&M & Lululemon back $250 million Fashion Climate Fund to decarbonize supply chain

President Biden Invokes Defense Production Act to Accelerate Domestic Manufacturing of Clean Energy

Our Planet Is Dying

The energy in nuclear waste could power the U.S. for 100 years, but the technology was never commercialized

3 alternative protein critiques, explained

‘Gold rush’ for gas production threatens to lock in global heating

Millions Across the Southwest Face Weekend Heat Alerts tks Damian Corbet

Inspiration Isn’t Enough To Turn The Corner On Climate Failure and Fantasies.

Microplastics found in fresh Antarctic snow

Energy crisis talks lead to deal to create Australia’s first clean power transition plan

Big Oil Is Suing Countries To Block Climate Action

Tesco plant-based food advert banned as misleading

The dead shellfish littering our beaches tell you a lot about safety and secrecy in Britain

Fast-fashion giant Shein pledges $15m for textile waste workers in Ghana

As the Great Salt Lake Dries Up, Utah Faces An ‘Environmental Nuclear Bomb’ tks Laura Ashton

Business Resilience to Degrowth

Climate change: 42% chance Earth is locked in to 1.5C warming even if all emissions stop today – study

Wind power meets and beats Denmark’s total electricity demand – two days in a row

Your Kids Are Not Doomed

An ‘emerging crisis’: The climate is changing too fast for plants and animals to adapt

The ranting critics of sustainability may have a point

Temasek launches GenZero, an investment platform company aimed at accelerating decarbonisation globally

Potentially Fatal Combinations of Humidity and Heat Are Emerging Across the Globe

Farm in NSW central west given new lease on life after 15,000 trees planted in shelterbelts

The regenerative farm working to improve soil without fertilisers

David Graeber: ‘To save the world, we’re going to have to stop working’

Brian Cox warns that ‘a law of nature’ could lead to human race wiping itself out

Environmentalists join forces to fight ‘carbon bomb’ fossil fuel projects

14 Hawai‘i Youth File New Climate Lawsuit Against State Transportation Department

Carbon offsets may ease your flight guilt, but they aren’t saving the planet

The Bar for Corporate Climate Leadership Has Risen

Cocktail of chemical pollutants linked to falling sperm quality in research

After winning the climate election, Labor must be the climate government the whole world needs tks Philip Merry

Climate emergency behind French Open protest

GRÖNT – The future of sustainable food and feed production

Climate-friendly diets can make a huge difference – even if you don’t go all-out vegan

Regenerative farming boosts soil health, yielding more nutritious crops

Activists fear a new threat to biodiversity—renewable energy

Dutch Gas Platform to Be Powered by German Offshore Wind Gets Go-Ahead

Is your money being used to fund climate chaos? tks Dion Jensen

Climate inaction could cost the world $178 trillion

Global heating is turning white Alps green, study finds

Child Entertained For 5 Minutes By Plastic Toy That Will Take 1,000 Years To Biodegrade

3 Oil Companies Pull Out of Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

Drought-stricken US warned of looming ‘dead pool’

China official says wheat crop may be ‘worst in history’

Johnson’s Culture War Against Judges Having a ‘Chilling Effect’ on Rule of Law tks Damian Corbet

What the Crisis in Sri Lanka Means for the World

What’s next for the global economy? Experts talk inflation, stagnation and (de-)globalisation at Davos 2022  – World Economic Forum Podcast

Male Executives Control 99 Times More S&P 500 Shares Than Women

How The Internet Became a Doom Loop        

Bill Gates And Melinda French Gates Both At Giving Pledge Gathering, But No Sign Of Warren Buffett Or MacKenzie Scott

Devastation of Australia’s climate change crisis captured on camera – tks Vicky Coburn

Improving sustainability in business: What can companies do? – congratulations to Susanna Hasenoehrl. She is doing a superb job as SAP’s  head of sustainability for Asia Pacific and Japan.

I also put together this article, Multiple resources for eco-anxiety from institutions to books to videos – and it is jam packed with links to resources, across a wide spectrum, for anyone who is struggling with eco-anxiety. There is also content for kids. Please pass this onto anyone you know who is struggling with eco-anxiety or eco-grief. So important people know there is help and wisdom at hand.

Atmospheric CO2 at Mauna Loa Observatory – keep an eye on this one!

I have been suffering the most serious bout of eco-anxiety I have ever faced since February this year. It’s been intense to say the least, and I wanted to share why, how I cope with it, as well as the return to hope. A ride on the eco-anxiety train and a return to hope.

Week 10 of climate action tips and knowledge #UncommonCourage

Scientists discover ‘biggest plant on Earth’ off Western Australian coast

In the race against time to cut emissions, companies’ supply chains are key

Global food crisis looms as fertilizer supplies dwindle      

Vice President Harris Announces Action Plan on Global Water Security and Highlights the Administration’s Work to Build Drought Resilience

‘We were all wrong’: how Germany got hooked on Russian energy

Israeli study: Climate change already causing storm levels only expected in 2080

Cost of living crisis: 1 in 4 people in the developed world are struggling, poll shows

The Six Great Transitions to Regenerate Nature, Society and the Economy

Mona Lisa: Man dressed as old woman throws cake at da Vinci painting

French President Emmanuel Macron and UN Secretary General’s Special Envoy for Climate Ambition and Solutions Michael R. Bloomberg Announce a Climate Data Steering Committee to Advise How to Capture and Create Open, Centralized Climate Data to Accelerate the Transition Towards a Resilient, Net Zero Global Economy

M’sia Airlines operating flight to S’pore using fuel made from renewable waste & cooking oil on June 5, 2022   

Life in a ‘degrowth’ economy, and why you might actually enjoy it

What HSBC’s Stuart Kirk got right

Murder, rape and abuse in Asia’s factories: the true price of fast fashion

Chicken rice: Why Singapore’s much-loved dish is under threat

Sharp cut in methane now could help avoid worst of climate crisis

Norwegian clothing firms told to share microplastic pollution impacts

Judge rules that bees, legally, can be fish

‘Consequences will be dire’: Chile’s water crisis is reaching breaking point

Current policies will bring ‘catastrophic’ climate breakdown, warn former UN leaders

Millions warned of power cuts this winter

Food Export Restrictions during the Ukraine-Russia crisis

BOM forecasts destructive winds, low-lying snow, rain and freezing temperatures as cold blast hits east coast

The net-zero challenge: Accelerating decarbonization worldwide

Giant Deep Ocean Turbine Trial Offers Hope of Endless Green Power

Rain storm claims 100 lives in north-east Brazil

The net-zero challenge: Accelerating decarbonization worldwide

How Diesel Giant Cummins Might Beat Tesla In The Green Engine Battle

Rapid loss of Arctic sea ice

Brexit means fall in crops and fewer British products in supermarkets, farmers tell MPs

Mounting Research Shows It’s Time to Stop Drilling

UN Warns of ‘Total Societal Collapse’ Due to Breaching of Planetary Boundaries

Sun-Starved Sweden Turns to Solar to Fill Power Void tks Avi Liran

Is the world’s oldest tree growing in a ravine in Chile?

The Observer view on the summits that forecast global environmental dangers

‘Don’t work for climate wreckers’ UN chief tells graduates, in push to a renewable energy future

Scientists can now grow wood in a lab without cutting a single tree

Regulators take aim at ESG ratings in fight against greenwashing

The Short List Of Climate Actions That Will Work

Short-term profits and long-term consequences — did Jack Welch break capitalism?

Is globalization dead? Author and columnist Thomas Friedman in conversation at Davos 2022 World Economic Forum Podcast

Davos 2022: What’s worrying Ray Dalio – and what gives him hope World Economic Forum Podcast

Spotlight on Davos: Harnessing the power of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Davos 2022 – YouTube’s Susan Wojcicki on misinformation, the creator economy and more – World Economic Forum Podcast

Has the ‘great resignation’ hit academia?

The world’s religions face a post-pandemic reckoning

234 – The Truth Wins – Tom Stafford You Are Not So Smart Podcast

A food insecurity expert predicts that there’s only 10 weeks of wheat supplies left in the world as Russian invasion disrupts production

1.5 degrees Paris climate target not ‘safe or appropriate’ given climate tipping point risks, ‘major rethink’ required: new report

They once worked for big oil’s enablers. Now they refuse to be complicit

People in US and UK face huge financial hit if fossil fuels lose value, study shows

Helping Countries Cope with Multiple Crises

Humans Are Doomed to Go Extinct

Exmoor: ‘Stunning’ bluebells hint at a wooded past

How an accidental discovery made this year could change the world tks Bruce Cook

2030 – What Does The Future Hold?

In-depth Q&A: How the EU plans to end its reliance on Russian fossil fuels

Sydney covered by a thick blanket of fog

NZ King Salmon to close farms due to rising sea temperatures tks Sussana Hasenoehrl

The single most important action cities can take

‘It looks beautiful’: UK gardeners on leaving lawns uncut for No Mow May

India Heat Wave Drives Temperature Gap Between Rich and Poor

Welcome to the mountain: it’s Day 1 at Davos 2022 World Economic Forum Podcast

Nearly Half of Educators Say Climate Change Is Affecting Their Schools—or Will Soon

Vanguard refuses to end new fossil fuel investments

Energy bills to be cut by hundreds as part of support package worth billions

Fierce heat wave in India and Pakistan 30 times more likely because of climate change

Exxon must face Massachusetts climate change lawsuit, court rules

Great Barrier Reef: 91% of reefs surveyed affected by coral bleaching over 2021/2022 summer

Explainer: APAC at 1.5°C of global warming

Scientists discover an ancient forest inside a giant sinkhole in China

Philosopher of the apocalypse

Those 3% of scientific papers that deny climate change? A review found them all flawed

Feeling Doomed? How to Tackle Climate Anxiety Podcast tks Kate Marsden

Shell forced to pause shareholder meeting as climate protesters chant ‘we will stop you’

Climate worries galvanize a new pro-nuclear movement in the U.S. tks Samantha Gayfer

Why is climate ‘doomism’ going viral – and who’s fighting it?

The Age of Extinction Is Here — Some of Us Just Don’t Know It Yet

Four million people hit by floods in Bangladesh: UN

Peter Kalmus: ‘As a species, we’re on autopilot, not making the right decisions’

Aviation’s climate ‘unicorns’ never show up, says charity calling for frequent flyer tax

Climate change means people are losing 44 hours of sleep per year

Australia’s ‘Climate Election’ Finally Arrived. Will It Be Enough?

Please please please listen to Dr David Ko and Richard Busellato – a snippet after appearing on The Know Show. They have an idea that must be heard. If you know someone to introduce them to, please do it!

Scientists Discover 90% Of Earth’s Atmosphere Made From Thoughts, Prayers

#MeToo is over if we don’t listen to ‘imperfect victims’ like Amber Heard

Former Fox correspondent says police will have to start monitoring Fox News to prevent Tucker Carlson from lying on air

Rick Scott says Republicans should ‘be clear’ about white supremacy: ‘It’s wrong’

Sri Lanka: Why is the country in an economic crisis?

Did Australia just make a move to the left?

The faces from China’s Uyghur detention camps

Hedges: No Way Out but War

Global Food Crisis: Turkey Reportedly Trying To Free Ukrainian Grain Exports

Scientists grow plants in lunar soil – and find bad news

Hundreds spot ‘spectacular’ fireball across England

New Hubble Space Telescope data suggests ‘something weird’ is going with our universe, Nasa says

Elephants in Mourning Spotted on YouTube by Scientists

How to spot if society is DOOMED: Researchers reveal the signs that show civilization is set to collapse

Explainer: What is monkeypox and where is it spreading?

A manifesto for human well-being

Taliban orders female Afghan TV presenters to cover faces on air

Tucker Carlson ‘Not Sure’ About Great Replacement Theory After Pushing It 400 Times

What’s going on with the global economy? A chief economist’s view World Economic Forum Podcast

Nafeez Ahmed reports on financial institutions preparing for social breakdown as a result of energy and food shocks

Poor Countries Face a Mounting Catastrophe Fueled by Inflation and Debt

With Gas Pumps All but Dry, Sri Lanka Faces Its ‘Most Difficult Time’

Germany beer bottle shortage: Industry warns of ‘tense’ situation

Why oligarchs choose London for their dirty money – Nicci McShane

The Lose-Lose Tech War

Inside Operation Lone Star – podcast

‘Who Cares If Miami Is 6 Meters Underwater In 100 Years?’: HSBC Executive’s Incendiary Climate Comments tks Sussana Hasenoehrl

HSBC pressured to sack banker who discredited climate crisis warnings  tks Sussana Hasenoehrl

Climate graphic of the week: Historic blaze in New Mexico as extreme global weather events rise

Drought in numbers

Goodbye greenwash! How the law is being used to force corporates to act on climate change

‘Apocalyptic’ food prices will be disastrous for world’s poor, says Bank governor

Climate-focused Dutch funds to take lead on Shell investor engagement

What If Banks Had to Disclose the Climate Impact of Their Investments?

What is the Biodiversity Crisis?

Canada Crop Land ‘Deteriorating’ as Heavy Rain Hinders Planting

Australian researchers show solar power can be generated at night

The Future of Plants tks Muriel Muriel

Resources minister decries ‘climate religion’ and vows Coalition push for more gas projects

The coming food catastrophe

The extraordinary heat wave in India and Pakistan, explained

Environmental toxins are worsening obesity pandemic, say scientists tks Dr Philip Merry

BlackRock, JPMorgan, others tell Texas they don’t boycott energy companies

The banks collapsed in 2008 – and our food system is about to do the same

The longest river in Italy is drying up. What does this mean for those who rely on it for food?

 Theatre of the absurd

Climate change sets a string of records, from atmosphere to the ocean

Australian doctors echo UN boss’s call for an urgent end to coal power tks Susanna Hasenoehrl

Arctic’s unknown viruses’ and nuclear waste

How to pick a great scientific collaborator

Shut down fossil fuel production sites early to avoid climate chaos, says study

Four key climate change indicators break records in 2021

Deep Sea Mining May Uplift Clean Energy—and Curse Our Oceans

Cruise Ship Water Pollution

More Than 75% of the World Could Face Drought by 2050, UN Report Warns

How 12 key industries can cut emissions in line with 1.5C

Climate change swells odds of record India, Pakistan heatwaves

Action on environment report card stalls as government slow to release

Climate geoengineering must be regulated, says former WTO head

Purpose and practice: how capital markets can create a sustainable future

Coca-Cola to add tethered lids to plastic bottles in bid to reduce litter

Climate graphic of the week: Record carbon dioxide levels alarm scientists

Climate change: EU emissions surpass pre-pandemic levels

New Research Shows Aerosol Emissions May Have Masked Global Warming’s Supercharging of Tropical Storms

‘On Easter Sunday I was alone in a cell’

Rice is Sacramento Valley’s gift to the world. Can it withstand California’s epic drought?

Deforestation and world population sustainability: a quantitative analysis

COP26 chief: Leaders must do more to honour climate promises

Here Are the Wildfire Risks to Homes Across the Lower 48 States

Cumbria coalmine redundant before it even opens, say campaigners

Climate-Change Summary- Nature Bats Last

The increasing frequency of fatal wet-bulb temperatures

‘This is about survival’: will Cop27 bring action on Glasgow climate pact?

Grave Early Warning Observational Signs for Pending Near-Term AMOC Ocean Circulation System Collapse

The U.S. pledged billions to fight climate change. Then came the Ukraine war

Physicists: 90% Chance of Human Society Collapsing Within Decades

Collapse is Coming. An Unsustainable Society Will Not Last.

A Messiah Won’t Save Us

Self-worth and women – the unique challenges we face and how to overcome (part 2) a privilege to co-host this podcast with my amazing friend Cathy Johnson, and we were both blown away by the vulnerable sharing of three truly remarkable women – Avni Martin, Yasmine Khater and Kat van Zutphen. Thank you ladies.


Andrea Edwards: Having the Courage to Trust your Intuition – I was thrilled to be invited onto Dean Newlund podcast, The Business of Intuition. We talked about intuition of course, but also courage, how we are marketed fear and the importance of accepting and celebrating intuitive intelligence in your organization, rather than only relying on data. Intuition is a form of data gathering after all. We talked about lots of other stuff too. If you have a chance to listen, let me know what you think?

US billionaires’ demand for ‘golden passport’ schemes that sell citizenships to ‘safe’ countries for up to $6.5m including New Zealand and Portugal rockets by 337% in three years as fears of civil unrest spike

Stephan Hawking’s Final Research Paper Predicted The End Of The Universe

Privileged people misjudge effects of pro-equality policies on them 

Our culture of screaming at each other is making us dumber, crueller and more depressed

Facebook Faces New Lawsuit Alleging Human Trafficking and Union-Busting in Kenya

The Devastating Economic Impacts Of An Abortion Ban

Gravity signals could detect earthquakes at the speed of light

Bill Gates Says He’s Quite Concerned About the Global Economy

Managers, What Are You Doing About Change Exhaustion?

This Chinese EV Sells At Just Over $5,000. So We Tried It

Journalist Ressa on Social Media’s Impact on Elections tks Miguel Bernas

Senate Democrats Warn of G.O.P. Effort to Restrict Abortion Nationwide

Brazil’s Lula launches presidential campaign

Taliban order all Afghan women to cover their faces in public

Credit Suisse joins growing list of banks shunning deep-sea mining

James Cromwell superglued his hand to a Starbucks counter to protest vegan milk charges tks Samantha Gayfer

Filipino inquiry finds big polluters ‘morally and legally liable’ for climate damage

Heat Pumps Are the Ultimate Climate Techno-Fix, But Not a Silver Bullet tks Avi Liran

New Mexico wildfire: Huge blaze could worsen this weekend

Two Huge Objects Inside The Earth Are Changing Shape, Scientist Say

The two largest reservoirs in California are already at ‘critically low levels’ and the dry season is just starting

Native species are in crisis, but you wouldn’t know it from the election campaign

Global Ocean Heat and Salt Content: Seasonal, Yearly, and Pentadal Fields

CO2 Pipelines Are Coming; a Pipeline Safety Expert Says We’re Not Ready

CO2 emissions just the ‘tip of the iceberg’ for the climate cost of air travel

The Official Underwear of the Entire Planet

India bans wheat exports as heat wave hurts crop, domestic prices soar

India heatwave: why the region should prepare for even more extreme heat in the near future

‘Like frogs in a slowly boiling pot’: How India’s heatwave is only set to get worse

Parts of Pakistan and north-west India to endure +50C temperatures

Why We Have To Give Up On Endless Economic Growth

‘Canaries in the coalmine’: loss of birds signals changing planet

George Monbiot: ‘On a vegan planet, Britain could feed 200 million people’

As flood battles continue in Western Canada, here’s a look at what’s happened so far

Queensland floods: Residents evacuate as Australia faces new emergency

Coalition climate target consistent with more than 3C global heating, research says

Yemen Is Sitting on a Time Bomb Bigger Than the Exxon Valdez

Truckloads of avocados left to rot after being dumped in far north Queensland

Net zero by 2050 is a fantasy, unless we get serious about degrowth

Coastal Fire destroys at least 20 homes in Orange County, California, as hundreds are evacuated

Greenwashing Alert: Firms Like BlackRock Are Not Our Allies tks Muriel Muriel

The Rate of Global Warming During Next 25 Years Could Be Double What it Was in the Previous 50, a Renowned Climate Scientist Warns

East Africa at serious risk of famine, UN warns

France: Fears for crop harvest as winter drought sees water restrictions

Farmers in the east of Germany are warning of widespread crop failures due to a lack of rainfall in the region.

Soaring fertilizer prices put global food security at risk

The Ukraine Food Price Crisis is Just a Preview of What Could Happen as Climate Change Worsens

Why our continued use of fossil fuels is creating a financial time bomb

Oil Giants Sell Dirty Wells to Buyers With Looser Climate Goals, Study Finds

Earth’s CO2 Hit Highest Recorded Level In Human History

Greens announce plan to have zero extinctions by 2030, as they outline $24 billion environmental policy

Readers reply: what is the single most effective thing I could do to reduce my carbon footprint?

Large declines in snowpack across the U.S. West

The Next Pandemic, Brought to You by Climate Change

Britain’s Got Talent 2022 Auditions You Have To WATCH! Comedians, Golden Buzzers, MagicIans & MORE tks Joe Augustin

The kids are not ok

Almost all of Great Barrier Reef coral in Australia is bleached

Revealed: the ‘carbon bombs’ set to trigger catastrophic climate breakdown

World on course to breach global 1.5C warming threshold within five years

Climate change: ‘Fifty-fifty chance’ of breaching 1.5C warming limit

Climate chaos certain if oil and gas mega-projects go ahead, warns IEA chief

Floods, fires, coral bleaching: Politicians leading the country to climate catastrophe

We need optimism – but Disneyfied climate predictions are just dangerous

From climate to plastics, Big Oil faces a reckoning

Climate Models tks Robert Kirubi

‘The Fuse Has Been Blown,’ and the Doomsday Glacier Is Coming for Us All

‘Apocalypse Papers’: Scientists Call for Paradigm Shift as Biodiversity Loss Worsens

Animal decline is hurting plants’ ability to adapt to climate change

Wartburg student receives grant for community shower project in Nepal – super proud of Soniya Sanam Tanang. We met when she was at UWCT and look at her go! So proud.

“In order to protect our planet, we will need to feel and recognize our connection with the natural world again.” One of my connections on LinkedIn, Praveen Gupta, is writing some great content. Please do follow him and check out his work.

Interview with Andrea Edwards OneSharpSword – Podcast – so happy to meet Wayne D Pernell, PhD and have a heart to heart for his One Sharp Sword podcast. We covered the beauty of humanity, Uncommon Courage the book, our divisions across the world, why unity is our only chance, the growth of doomers, politics and voting, getting ready and prepared for the future, and why leaders must use their voices on the issues they care most about to help the world move forward.

Interview with Andrea Edwards – it’s also on YouTube, but I did look like I had ants in my pants 😊

Companies can’t afford to underestimate the speed at which the world is changing tks Francine Varner

Dove’s Disturbing Deepfakes Expose Social Media’s Toxic Influence on Teen Girls

The Ukrainian refugee crisis

How Tucker Carlson Stoked White Fear to Conquer Cable

Why NOPEC, the U.S. bill to crush the OPEC cartel, matters

Turkey’s cost of living soars nearly 70%

‘Record after record’: Brazil’s Amazon deforestation hits April high, nearly double previous peak

Déjà vu on climate action

The secret world beneath our feet is mind-blowing – and the key to our planet’s future

India and Pakistan heatwave is ‘testing the limits of human survivability,’ expert says tks Susanna Hasenoehrl

A Concerning Change Is Happening to Earth’s Water Cycle, Satellite Data Reveal

Companies confront a new climate challenge: home offices

Earth Day 2022: few can correctly identify actions which are best at cutting carbon emissions

Climate sceptic thinktank received funding from fossil fuel interests


Exclusive: Influential UK net-zero sceptics funded by US oil ‘dark money’

Flying insect numbers have plunged by 60% since 2004, GB survey finds

‘A worldwide public health threat’: Rob Bilott on his 20-year fight against forever chemicals

10 ways you can help fight the climate crisis

Europe’s oil major discount grows ever more stark

Shell Reports Record $9 Billion Quarterly Profit As Oil And Gas Prices Surged

The Red Team Analysis Weekly – 28 April 2022

Use of ‘too hot’ climate models exaggerates impacts of global warming

Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability, university’s first new school in 70 years, will accelerate solutions to global climate crisis

India’s Heatwaves Are Testing the Limits of Human Survival

The climate apocalypse is coming. To prepare for it, we need to admit that we can’t prevent it.

15 Reasons Why Having Too Much Stuff Holds You Back in Life tks Muriel Muriel

‘We cannot afford greenwashing’: Guterres highlights key role of Net-Zero experts

RETHINKING DEMAND: Tackling Consumption Can Deliver 40-70% Cut in End Use Emissions

Climate Change Is on Track to Wipe Out Most Ocean Life

How vested interests rewrote the IPCC’s latest report

This Eminent Scientist Says Climate Activists Need To Get Real

National responsibility for ecological breakdown: a fair-shares assessment of resource use, 1970–2017

How to Be a Climate-Change Activist without Becoming an Alarmist

This AI-Designed Enzyme Can Devour Plastic Trash In Hours: Video tks Wendi Stewart

Apple Suppliers Move Toward Renewable Power to Fight Climate Change

Scientists just issued a chilling warning about climate change

10 Ways Your Business Can Reduce Its Carbon Footprint

Climate change: Don’t let doom win, project tells worriers

Texas stumbles in its effort to punish green financial firms

Australia can still become a world leader in climate action tks Damian Corbet

Few People Care Enough About the Climate Crisis to Make Serious Changes, Poll Shows

Recycling needed to meet Europe’s green metals needs-study

The west can cut its energy dependency on Russia and be greener

Early Season Heat Waves Strike India

Global nightmare: What happens if humanity doesn’t take real action against climate change

Mow problem: gardeners encouraged not to cut lawns in May

‘Looks like it’s going to get worse’: When Australia’s heavy rainfall is predicted to end

Fortescue says regenerative “Infinity Train” may be on tracks in two years tks Bruce Cook

Recycling in Phuket, Thailand, with Michelle Mouille – my friend Michelle Mouille is completely amazing. This video talks about how you can recycle in Phuket, but is relevant to Thailand. Wherever you live, take inspiration from this and find these solutions in your area. Let’s get the rubbish out of landfills and incinerators, and let’s stop it flowing into our rivers and oceans.

Believe in the Impossible it was awesome having Dr David Ko on The Know Show yesterday. Please read his article. It is time to believe in the impossible and help both Richard Busellato and David achieve this goal. It’s a real chance to overcome an enormous challenge.

How the hell do we get to equality, surely it’s time? – The amazing Dr Zsuzsanna Tungli, talking about what it’s really going to take to get to equality. Please please listen to this. We have much work to do.

Dr Zsuzsanna Tungli

Ukraine, inflation and pandemics: the big issues coming up at Davos, according to historian Adam Tooze World Economic Forum Podcast

Ukraine war to cause biggest price shock in 50 years – World Bank

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is fracturing the delicate peace in the Arctic

Move over Boomer: Millennials, Gen Z dominate in the territories, StatsCan says

Young people are switched on and politically engaged. But they’ve barely had a mention in the election campaign tks Willie Wahlin

Cost of living crisis: Changes to childcare and MOT rules considered to help budgets

PodcastThe Sunday Read: ‘How Many Billionaires Are There, Anyway?’

Author Talks: The great American demographic shift

Sharing a snippet of The Know Show, recorded on Earth Day. A deep and urgent conversation with Tim Wade and Joe Augustin. We must do all we can to turn this around. We are running out of time.

Southern Californians told to reduce outdoor watering in ‘unprecedented’ order amid historic drought

‘Cascade of emergencies’: 500 green groups demand end to fossil fuel-driven war and climate chaos

If Chevron, Exxon and Shell can’t get carbon capture right at Gorgon, who can?

Many Climate Models May Be Fundamentally Flawed

A Major Ocean Current Is at Its Weakest Point in 1,000 Years

Natural variability has dominated Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation since 1900

2021 tropical forest loss figures put zero-deforestation goal by 2030 out of reach

Why recycling ocean plastic into clothes is not a great idea.

Innocent calls on industry to join forces to avoid ‘greenwashing’.

Why renewable energy infrastructure needs to be built for a circular economy

Bank of America, Citigroup, and Wells Fargo Vote to Keep Financing Fossil Fuels

Clusters of Weather Extremes Will Increase Risks to Corn Crops, Society

Heat wave in India leaves millions struggling to cope

Poor Nations Face Four Times More Climate Change Risk, S&P Warns

Humanity on ‘spiral of self-destruction’ as disasters rise, UN warns

Rising authoritarianism and worsening climate change share a fossil-fuelled secret

UN says up to 40% of world’s land now degraded

Too many new coal-fired plants planned for 1.5C climate goal, report concludes

Freshwater boundary exceeds safe limits

Severe Indian heatwave will bake a billion people and damage crops  tks Damian Corbet

Google teams up with UN for verified climate information

How high-profile scientists felt tricked by group denying climate change

Planetary boundaries update: freshwater change exceeds safe limits

The story of climate change right now in 9 charts

Giant global asset managers have $82 billion in coal projects, $468 billion in oil and gas

Boulder climate activist dies after apparent act of protest outside U.S. Supreme Court on Earth Day

Planetary boundaries update: freshwater at stake

Cut meat consumption by 75 per cent globally to tackle climate change: study

The climate crisis turns up the heat on Malaysia’s food security

India’s heatwave compared to start of climate disaster novel

All My Environmental Heroes Are Black Women

After the relentless rain, South Africa sounds the alarm on the climate crisis

Now we know the flaws of carbon offsets, it’s time to get real about climate change

Scientist Says That Humans Are Almost Certainly Going Extinct

Rice and the Climate Crisis: Thai rice farmers struggle against climate-driven challenges

We can now tell how much CO2 in the air is due to fossil fuel burning

‘This act is not suicide’ | Man who died after setting himself on fire outside Supreme Court on Earth Day described as climate activist

Humanity: sailing into a stagnant ocean

Food waste is responsible for 6% of global greenhouse gas emissions tks Robert Kirubi

Climate change triggering global collapse in insect numbers: stressed farmland shows 63% decline – new research

Enough About Climate Change. Air Pollution Is Killing Us Now.

Climate: The time for incrementalism is over.


Where forests disappeared last year, in one chart

Interview: Ramez Naam, futurist, author, and investor tks Robert Kirubi

Sex for Water: What price are women and girls paying?

To stop plastic pollution, we must stop plastic production, scientists say

California is investigating Big Oil for allegedly misleading the public on recycling

Nature loss: Insatiable greed degrading land around the world – UN

Can I Recycle This? A Guide to Recycling Paper, Plastic and Everything in Between

Las Vegas turns on low-level Lake Mead pumps designed to avoid a ‘Day Zero’

Why everything will collapse

Tucker Carlson Exposes His Insecurities In ‘The End Of Men’ Trailer

The great American demographic shift

Obama calls for more regulatory oversight of social media giants.

Barack Obama said social media is ‘turbocharging some of humanity’s worst impulses’ and called for reform to Section 230

Mastercard Links Compensation for All Employees to ESG Goals tks Mike Barry

Why we fawn in the face of fear tks Phillipa Edwards

Fox News viewers changed their minds after getting paid to watch CNN for a month

Ukrainian workers flee ‘modern slavery’ conditions on UK farms

Canadians consider certain religions damaging to society: survey

Why American Teens Are So Sad

The Great Starvation is coming, and the world must prepare for it

Oil Trade Group Drafts Carbon-Tax Proposal That Could Raise Prices at the Pump

Navigating through muddied water or is it an oil spill?

Arctic Sea Ice Extent

Do we need to stop flying to save the planet? We ask an expert

PodcastESG – how can we measure how ‘good’ companies are?

Lesser known ozone layer’s outsized role in planet warming

Housing Crisis Propels High Death Toll in South Africa Floods

‘Impossible to work after 10 o’clock in the morning’: India swelters in hottest March in 122 years

How heatwave might thwart India’s dream to feed the world

‘Mountain of trash’: how Gibraltar was almost buried under post-Brexit rubbish pile

Flooding has killed hundreds in South Africa. What is behind the disaster?

Why is the number of heatwave days rising in India? Scientists blame climate change

‘Snow’ set to end UK heatwave as temperatures set to drop

Trivial Energy Return For $Billions Squandered on Unreliable Wind Power

Halliburton’s profit jumps, outlook improves as drilling activity increases tks Samantha Gayfer

Global banks form group to decarbonise aviation industry

The Fertilizer Shock Might Change Agriculture—for the Better

Across the Boreal Forest, Scientists Are Tracking Warming’s Toll

The Climate Expert Who Delivered News No One Wanted to Hear from 2009

No, Global Warming Will Not Be Overturned By A Paradigm Shift

Sustainability x Advertising: “Without the Work the Ad Industry is Doing on Behalf of Fossil Fuel Clients, It Is Much Harder for Putin to Carry Out This War” tks Alexis Eyre

How Working for Fossil Fuel Clients Blocks climate Change

What Is a Blue Ocean Event and How Will It Impact Global Climate?

Delhi to experience severe heatwave conditions on 17th – 18th April

Less Than Three Years Left For World To Avoid Climate Catastrophe – UN tks Susanna Hasenoehrl

Watch the ground-breaking NEW documentary about our net-zero carbon future

Research reveals how much fossil fuel industries get from government subsidies

Thawing permafrost is roiling the Arctic landscape, driven by a hidden world of changes beneath the surface as the climate warms

1.5 vs 2C: What difference can a lousy half a degree of global warming make? tks Susanna Hasenoehrl

These young climate activists are breaking through the language barrier around the world

Biofuels lobby ‘immoral’ over food crisis and Russian oil

An ocean of noise: how sonic pollution is hurting marine life

Global Warming Drove a Deadly Burst of Indian Ocean Tropical Storms

As Russia’s War In Ukraine Disrupts Food Production, Experts Question the Expanding Use of Cropland for Biofuels

Here’s the thing about that dire climate report: We have the tools we need to fix things

Russia’s war should accelerate the green transition

We “celebrated” Earth Day this year, which started in 1970, the year of my birth. Here’s a little video of one thing we’ve achieved in this time…

The social leadership manifesto, managing teens on social media, and so much more – thrilled to speak with Tara Moody on this podcast, where we discussed The Social Leadership Manifesto and so much more, she even started interviewing me 😊

A chapter from my book Uncommon Courage: an invitation, and a reminder to learn to Trust your own counsel – we ignore our wisdom within all the time. It always has the answer.

How I get it done: Stephanie Dickson, founder of Green Is The New Black – inspiring as always from Stephanie Dickson. Steph has achieved incredible results, but it’s not always an easy ride!

Nasa spots record breaking, huge comet headed towards Earth

Girls interrupted: Afghanistan The Economist Podcasts

‘A plot to destroy democracy’: civil rights group raises alarm at threats to US elections

Climate change: Key UN finding widely misinterpreted

Pinterest bans misinformation about climate change

Even the Cactus May Not Be Safe From Climate Change

The three Fs: why UK farmers fear the soaring cost of fertiliser, feed and fuel

68% of U.S. execs admit their companies are guilty of greenwashing

‘Historic’: global climate plans can now keep heating below 2C, study shows

‘Black carbon’ threat to Arctic as sea routes open up with global heating

Our food system isn’t ready for the climate crisis

KFC faces backlash over ‘misleading’ portrayal of UK chicken farming

I went on TV to explain Just Stop Oil – and it became a parody of Don’t Look Up

Empowered Chief Sustainability Officers

Farming for a Fairer Future tks Rohit Bassi

Vegan diets are healthier and safer for dogs, study suggests

Our civilizational predicament: Doubling economic activity and energy use while cutting emissions by half

Chile announces unprecedented plan to ration water as drought enters 13th year

Wind Turbine Blades Can’t Be Recycled, So They’re Piling Up in Landfills

Gen Z cares about sustainability more than anyone else – and is starting to make others feel the same tks Rohit Bassi

IPCC clarion call puts spotlight on fossil fuel industry’s hypocrisy

How UK newspapers changed their minds about climate change tks Susanna Hasenoehrl

If this is not a call for action, what is?

Shein: the unacceptable face of throwaway fast fashion

As a science journalist I’m reconsidering having kids. I’m not the only one

Hydrogen 11 times worse than CO2 for climate, says new report

Air pollution linked to higher risk of autoimmune diseases

We have the tools to slow warming

Climate graduates have become hot property in the jobs market

The world is ‘perilously close’ to irreversible climate change. 5 tipping points keep scientists up at night

Climate Change Is Making Afghanistan’s Hunger Crisis Worse

Wake up call for humanity: Q&A with climate expert on IPCC report

First come floods, then domestic violence. We need to prepare for the next inevitable crisis

“Getting integrated in daily life and society, while documenting the beauty as well as impact on this vulnerable arctic region, is an important, fulfilling, yet sometimes difficult task”.

In California, an army of genetically engineered mosquitoes awaits release. Will it backfire?

Rethinking Energy 2020-2030: 100% Solar, Wind, and Batteries is Just the Beginning – tks Robert Kirubi, this gives me a lot of hope!

Video message by UN Secretary General at the WGIII AR6 press conference 

IPCC Report – mitigation summary for policy makers

The end of the world is coming, even if you’ve heard it all before

Climate scientists are desperate: we’re crying, begging and getting arrested

‘It’s a media war’: the UK’s top anti-oil campaigner fights on aged 80

Five Key Takeaways From the Latest IPCC Report on Climate Change

Enormous storm could produce blizzard, widespread severe weather next week

Peter Mather appointed to BEIS board to support plans to bolster energy security tks Damian Corbet

Amazon lines up satellite launches to take on Musk’s Starlink

IPCC report urges climate action: ‘It’s now or never’

Global CH4 Monthly Means

Satellite pollution is threatening to alter our view of the night sky tks Samantha Gayfer

It’s over for fossil fuels: IPCC spells out what’s needed to avert climate disaster

The Razor’s Edge of A Warming World

IPCC scientists report five ways to save the planet

There’s good reason to worry about the health risks of plastics

The Latest IPCC Report: What is it and why does it matter?

Climate change: IPCC scientists say it’s ‘now or never’ to limit warming

Greta Thunberg to publish a ‘go-to source’ book on the climate crisis tks Damian Corbet

To prevent climate catastrophe, abandon the idea we can limit overheating to 1.5C

Extraordinary Antarctica heatwave, 70 degrees above normal, would likely set a world record

NASA Makes First-of-Its-Kind Detection of Reduced Human CO2 Emissions

A Plastic Bag’s 2,000-Mile Journey Shows the Messy Truth About Recycling

Business Italy Introduces New Legislation to Promote Organic Production

Dire warning on climate change ‘is being ignored’ amid war and economic turmoil

How to Defeat Putin and Save the Planet

Putin’s War Has Started a Global Food Crisis

Biden called Fox News ‘destructive’ and Murdoch ‘the world’s most dangerous man’, new book claims tks Ken Berg

Why we need to become more exploratory to get to NetZero – I was also thrilled to interview Grant ‘Axe’ Rawlinson to talk about how we all need to have an explorers mindset if we want to get to NetZero. The thinking that got us here won’t get us where we need to go. Take some inspiration from Grant.

Grant 'Axe' Rawlinson

Dystopia: This Horrible Time We Live In – tks Ferenc Nyiro, must watch

Climate change that happened gradually is accelerating suddenly

More than 500 academics call on universities to stop accepting research funding from fossil fuel industry

Business travel may never fully recover, as companies like McKinsey make permanent cuts to trips.

Palm oil company appoints orangutan to board of directors in diversity world first note article date 😊

Top 100 Female Leaders

2021 emissions surge leaves less than 10 years to avoid 1.5 degree warming: study

The US Is Finally Trying to Unlock the Power of Wave Energy

‘Meet us, don’t eat us’: Iceland turns from whale eaters to whale watchers

Fast fashion: European Union reveals fast fashion crackdown

The world’s forests do more than just store carbon, new research finds tks Rohit Bassi

EU wants to force fashion firms to make clothes more durable and recyclable

Climate Research Shouldn’t Be Funded by Fossil Fuel Companies

Misinformation is derailing renewable energy projects across the United States

Antarctic ice shelves are shattering. How fast will seas rise?

Azores earthquake: Locals flee after tremors make volcano eruption ‘real possibility’

Climate change: Heatwave temperature threshold raised in England by Met Office

Shifts in El Niño May Be Driving Climates Extremes in Both Hemispheres

Antarctic ice shelf nearly the size of Los Angeles collapsed as temperatures soared to 40 above normal

Believe it, you are living through an energy revolution

Past the warning stage on climate

What about the climate displaced? tks Susanna Hasenoehrl

Explainer: the many shades of hydrogen

DeepMind’s AI predicts almost exactly when and where it’s going to rain

Germany’s New Government Had Big Plans on Climate, Then Russia Invaded Ukraine. What Happens Now?

Locals Warn Biden’s EU Export Plan Would Make Gulf Coast ‘Sacrifice Zone’ for Fracked Gas tks Robert Kirubi

Top 40 Impacts of Climate Change

294 The Five Laws Of Stupidity tks Ferenc Nyiro (really interesting perspective)

I had a wonderful opportunity to be interviewed by Dr Sharon Spano, who hosts The Other Side of Potential podcast. We discussed social leadership, including how social media is democratizing information and can be used as a tool to heal society, how to take a stand on social media without suffering negative repercussions, the importance of using inclusive and unifying language on social media, the value of objectivity and not investing emotionally in information and how we all need to walk the world with gentler feet. Here’s the link to the podcast and on Apple.

War in Ukraine could plunge world into food shortages

How could the war in Ukraine impact global food supplies? tks Damian Corbet

Farmers on the Brink

Could The War In Ukraine Break The Global Food Supply Chain? tks Damian Corbet

EU will do ‘whatever it takes’ to rebuild solar energy manufacturing in Europe

In a First, an Ice Shelf Collapses in East Antarctica

Earth’s poles are experiencing what experts are calling unprecedented warming at the same time.

Hot poles: Antarctica, Arctic 40 and 30 degrees Celsius above normal

Antarctic temps 70 degrees hotter than normal; ‘This is a Pacific Northwest 2021 heat wave kind of event’

Antarctic temps 70 degrees hotter than normal; ‘This is a Pacific Northwest 2021 heat wave kind of event’ tks Susanna Hasenoehrl

Heatwaves at both of Earth’s poles alarm climate scientists tks Mike Barry

George Monbiot #UncommonCourage

Accelerating Melt Rate Makes Greenland Ice Sheet World’s Largest “Dam” – Generating Huge Amounts of Heat From Hydropower

Climate change: Wildfire smoke linked to Arctic melting

‘It’s not supposed to be white’: one of the Great Barrier Reef’s healthiest reefs succumbs to bleaching

No country met WHO air quality standards in 2021, survey shows tks Samantha Gayfer

Tiny particles of plastic have been detected in human blood for the very first time. They can’t be filtered out

As Climate Fears Mount, Some in U.S. Are Deciding to Relocate

Climate change: Extreme weather warning systems for all ‘in five years’

How the World’s Richest People Are Driving Global Warming tks Enda Eames

The world has less than 10 years to advert climate change catastrophe

Microplastics found in human blood for first time

Protecting rural Wales: The battle between saving agricultural land and tackling climate change

Does ‘climate anxiety’ belong in the DSM? tks Andrew Bryant

Astronomy’s contribution to climate change rivals the emissions from some countries

Australia’s carbon credit scheme ‘largely a sham’, says whistleblower who tried to rein it in

Why estimates of the ‘cost’ of climate action are overly pessimistic

NGOs sue Thailand government for failing to protect Thais from air pollution

Coalition expands recycling, carbon credit scheme by $60m amid claims of climate ‘fraud’ by thinktank

Royal Mint to turn electronic waste into gold

Texas is battling over 170 wildfires

As Lake Powell Hits Landmark Low, Arizona Looks to a $1 Billion Investment and Mexican Seawater to Slake its Thirst

Solar farm protest march led by MPs Matt Hancock and Lucy Frazer

The SEC Unveils Proposed Climate Disclosure Rules

Climate change: ‘Madness’ to turn to fossil fuels because of Ukraine war tks Damian Corbet

Which plant-based milk is better for the planet? This is what the science says

Carbon Farming: A Climate Solution Under Our Feet

Adam McKay’s ‘Don’t Look Up’ Inspires Climate Change Activists in France

Ohio’s fracking industry – boom as promised or something else?

Will’s Vegan Store

Week two of climate action tips #UncommonCourage, also updating at the blog What can I do to act on climate change? Actions we can all embrace

How do we land a message with someone not ready to hear it? 

Dr Frank Hagenow #UncommonCourage

When did we accept so much contempt in our societies? 

Nuclear Energy Group ‘Gravely’ Worried About Ukraine Plants, Repeats Offer To Help

Ai Weiwei on the new Silk Road: ‘This is China’s counterattack in a global game of chess’

The US dollar’s global standing as the top reserve currency has lost ground to China’s yuan and others, says IMF

Amid worsening humanitarian crisis, UNHCR chief urges sustained int’l support to Afghan people

Week 1 #UncommonCourage or the blog What can I do to act on climate change? Actions we can all embrace

A drowning world: Kenya’s quiet slide underwater

The Amazon is the Planet’s Counterweight to Global Warming, a Place of Stupefying Richness Under Relentless Assault

Thwaites Glacier: How Imminent Is The Threat?

Jane Fonda Establishes a Climate PAC

Super-rare Greenland shark that washed up on UK beach may be at least 100 years old

Defence personnel not allowed to speak about climate ‘unless they go through Peter Dutton’s office’

Texas and other states want to punish fossil fuel divestment

The Arctic Death Spiral

Climate Change Is Harming the Planet Faster Than We Can Adapt, U.N. Warns

Record ‘bomb cyclone’ bringing exceptional warmth to North Pole

NIKE, FENDI, PRADA, H&M and others – Your Favorite Fashion Brands Are Destroying  The Amazon Rainforest

Greenland’s ice is melting from the bottom up — and far faster than previously thought, study shows

Bees, trees and seas crises stem from unsustainable food production

China’s coal-powered economy drives global carbon dioxide emissions to historic high

Methane release from carbonate rock formations in the Siberian permafrost area during and after the 2020 heat wave

Six key lifestyle changes can help avert the climate crisis, study finds tks Sue Adams

Unesco to visit Great Barrier Reef as coral bleaching risk rises

Shell directors sued for ‘failing to prepare company for net zero’

Amazon rainforest reaching ‘tipping point’ faster than expected, research shows

Australian court overturns teenagers’ landmark climate ruling tks Samantha Gayfer

New sustainability body expects voluntary adoption of norms at first

This South Korean Bike Highway Has a 20 Mile Solar Roof tks Teressa Bayes

SEC to Propose Rules Concerning Mandatory Climate Change Disclosures on March 21 tks Susanna Hasenoehrl

A Guide to Global Internet Energy Usage

U.S. ethanol industry banks on carbon capture to solve emissions problem

“An atlas of human suffering”: IPCC climate change update

China causes new high in global energy emissions, despite record wind and solar additions tks Susanna Hasenoehrl

Five ways to build gender equality and sustainability

Russian Misinformation Is “A Military Assault” on the West 

The Social Leadership Manifesto, are you ready to take your place? 

Andrea T Edwards

IMF warns war may ‘fundamentally alter’ global economic, political order

The Western World Is in Denial tks Damian Corbet

The growing Fear Of A Wider War Between Russia And The West

Baffled pilots say their helicopters were ‘not wanted’ by government during flood crisis tks Phillipa Edwards

Pandemic pushes 4.7 million more Southeast Asians into extreme poverty

Residents evacuate after landslide in Sydney’s west destroys driveway | 9 News Australia

Climate crisis: Amazon rainforest tipping point is looming, data shows

UN ocean treaty is ‘once in a lifetime’ chance to protect the high seas

Microsoft’s Pursuit of Climate Goals Runs Into Headwinds tks Sussana Hasenoehrl

Sydney Harbour turns brown as authorities warn against swimming after floods

Sydney floods: No point tackling climate in Australia if emissions keep rising in developing world, PM says

Green credentials of world’s largest investor questioned over oil industry emails tks Robert Kirubi

Peter Dutton says Australians should look at ‘positives’ of flood response as Dominic Perrottet apologises

Manly Dam has spilled, putting thousands on flooding alert: Here’s what you need to know about Sydney’s dams

Sydney floods: two found dead, roads inundated, homes and suburbs across the city swamped

Colgate® Launches its Groundbreaking Recyclable Toothpaste Tube with “Recycle Me!” Packaging in the U.S. tks Ann-Katrin van Shie

Refillable groceries to be made available to every UK shopper

Historic day in the campaign to beat plastic pollution: Nations commit to develop a legally binding agreement

Q&A: Has the IPCC’s bleak warning of climate breakdown been heard?

‘Delay is Death,’ said UN Chief António Guterres of the New IPCC Report Showing Climate Impacts Are Outpacing Adaptation Efforts

UN climate report urges world to adapt now, or suffer later

“Studies evidence positive correlation between energy access and women’s economic empowerment… this is still not considered as one of the big levers for women’s economic empowerment”. tks Praveen Gupta

The Future Turns Dark for Russia’s Oil Industry

Ukraine war ‘catastrophic for global food’

Agricultural commodities prices will soar as trade is hit

Hundreds of bakeries shut in Sri Lanka after cooking gas runs out

The link between Putin and climate change

A shift to clean energy would halt Russia’s petro-thuggery and more tks Susanna Hasenoehrl

Activists Deplore the Human Toll and Environmental Devastation from Russia’s Unprovoked War of Aggression in Ukraine

Sex traffickers exploit Ukrainian refugees as dark side of exodus to Europe emerges

What can I do to act on the climate crisis?

Will you stop supporting live animal shows?

Vicki Kiely, animal activist #UncommonCourage

Life Reimagined: Mapping the motivations that matter for today’s consumers

IPCC Report

The IPCC’s sixth assessment on how climate change impacts the world

IPCC issues ‘bleakest warning yet’ on impacts of climate breakdown

Impact of climate crisis much worse than predicted, says Alok Sharma

Climate change: Five things we’ve learned from the IPCC report

IPCC Report Calls Out ‘Vested Interests’ Delaying Climate Action

Facebook causing ‘catastrophic damage’ to climate by failing to deal with misinformation, research finds

Business Schools Must Do More to Address the Climate Crisis

Why the conversation about climate change and migration needs to change

The geopolitics of climate and security in the Indo-Pacific

Animals on the brink: why extinctions matter

Halfords to start selling second-hand bikes

Rain Bomb’ Hits Northeastern Australia, Killing at Least 9

‘Rain bomb’ hits Australia’s northeast, killing seven in floods

Australia evacuates tens of thousands as heavy rains threaten Sydney

Cities submerged, at least 10 dead in Australian floods

Thousands evacuate worst Australian floods in decades

Wild weather warning tks Willie Wahlin

Innocent drinks ads banned over environmental claim

NSW flood: farmer watches as half of 300-cow herd swept away in eastern Australia floods – video

Countries agree ‘historic’ move to draw up legal treaty to end plastic pollution

What you need to know about the plastic pollution resolution

Flourishing plants show warming Antarctica undergoing ‘major change’

Loss of tree species has cumulative impact on biodiversity

The rightwing US supreme court has climate protection in its sights

Turn down heating by 1C to reduce need for Russian imports, Europeans told

A social leader is in tune with the world’s moments

Fossil Fuels’ Killer Application: War

Rockström on Climate Risk and Conflict at Munich Security Conference

US west ‘megadrought’ is worst in at least 1,200 years, new study says

75% of people want single-use plastics banned, global survey finds

‘Red alert’: Billions of UK pension money driving deforestation, says Richard Curtis

Oil majors ‘not walking the talk’ on climate action, study confirms

Sri Lankan communities count the cost of devastating chemicals and plastics spill

Here’s how to demolish the most common excuses for climate crisis apathy

New Federal Report Warns of Accelerating Impacts From Sea Level Rise

Could Greenlash derail the climate? tks Damian Corbet

Hong Kong grapples with growing mountains of quarantine hotel plastic waste

Mike Cannon-Brookes has invested a further $200 million into renewables, days after his bid to takeover energy giant AGL

Morrisons to ditch plastic bottles and sell milk in ‘carbon neutral’ packaging

Neom: What’s the green truth behind a planned eco-city in the Saudi desert?

Australia floods: Woman killed as flash floods hit east coast

Phuket named in weather warning for the South

Magpies face bleak future as heat rises with climate change tks Tabatha Tee

Europe weighs death and destruction from extreme weather

Storm Franklin threatens UK with more travel chaos and power cuts

The billionaire is bidding to close coal power in Australia tks Sussana Hasenoehrl

Ethiopia turns on the turbines at giant Nile hydropower plant

Nearly half of bald eagles tested across US show signs of chronic lead exposure tks Teressa Bayes

Patagonia doesn’t use the word ‘sustainable.’ Here’s why

The Split Between Levi’s and Brand Lead Jennifer Sey Is a Cautionary Tale for Marketers

Employees Are Sick of Being Asked to Make Moral Compromises

Commission sets out strategy to promote decent work worldwide and prepares instrument for ban on forced labour products

Belief in QAnon has strengthened in US since Trump was voted out, study finds

PR firms are facing a backlash for ‘greenwashing’ Big Oil — and the pressure on them is growing

Coca-Cola, criticized for plastic pollution, pledges 25% reusable packaging

One Ocean Summit: UNESCO calls on countries to include ocean education in school curricula by 2025 tks Francine Varner

Storm Eunice: Three people killed as strong winds sweep across UK

Storm Eunice: Big Jet TV shows planes struggling to land at Heathrow

World spends $1.8tn a year on subsidies that harm environment, study finds

How the solar duck curve gave Australia’s biggest coal generator an early retirement

Climate change-induced extreme winter drought devastates crops in Spain and Portugal tks Sussana Hasenoehrl

What is a Michelin Green Star and How Do You Earn One? Tks Alexis Eyre

Storm Eunice: Record wind gust amid disruption

Astrobiologists Suggest the Earth Itself May Be an Intelligent Entity

‘This could be a transformative moment’: Coca-Cola to increase use of reusable bottles

‘Thanks to everyone at Asda’: success for anti-poverty campaigner Jack Monroe tks Jane Franklin

Potentially toxic levels of pharmaceutical drugs found in rivers across the world tks Teressa Bayes

Impacts of poverty alleviation on national and global carbon emissions

Experts sound the alarm on oil sector’s blue hydrogen push tks Sussana Hasenoehrl

Petrópolis: Deadly landslides wreak havoc in Brazilian city

Plastics Treaty Now!

Scientists warn Antarctica’s ‘Doomsday Glacier’ could reach tipping point

The ‘Doomsday’ glacier may soon trigger a dramatic sea-level rise

Canadian researcher on why you should care about the Thwaites Glacier

Ex-Woodside insider rejects gas industry’s ‘clean fuel’, ‘net zero’ claims tks Susanna Hasenoehrl

Deep freeze, heat wave roil Western Hemisphere distillate markets

Big banks fund new oil and gas despite net zero pledges tks Sussana Hasenoehrl

Zoo battles to save dozens of species from extinction by cryogenically freezing genetic samples tks Teressa Bayes

Shift From U.S. Dollar As World Reserve Currency Underway – What Will This Mean for America?

Yuval Noah Harari argues that what’s at stake in Ukraine is the direction of human history

Thanks to Amazon, warehouse rents have never been higher

How do we step out of the social media rage? Here’s six tips 

Last refuges for coral reefs to disappear above 1.5C of global warming, study finds

Two thirds of life in the seabed is unknown to science

Satellites have detected massive gas leaks : NPR

Can a fusion dislocation be good for us?

Divesting works: Study finds ditching fossil stocks lowers corporate footprints

Net-zero claims of world’s 25 biggest corporations lack integrity: study

Corporate Climate Responsibility Monitor 2022

Koalas: Australia lists marsupial as endangered species

TikTokers List Red Flags That Show This $35 Target Crochet Sweater Is Horrifyingly Unethical

Is the corporate race to net zero just hot air?

Neil Young Tells Spotify Workers to Quit Their Jobs

Ambani’s 75 Billion Plan Aims to Make India a Hydrogen Hub tks Laura Ashton

Sniffing out the best palm oil free locally made products – for you and the planet.

A day in the life of a K’gari (Fraser Island) dingo

‘Big Oil’ board members face hot seat over climate ‘deception’

Recycled bulletproof vests may boost the range of electric cars 5-fold, and extend battery life to 10 years

Every S’pore household to get a free recycling bin, distribution starts in 2nd half of 2022 tks Evelyn Lee

To Be Serious About Climate Change, the Pentagon Must Reduce Its Contribution

Lawmakers Ask Biden To Make Sure DOD Follows Climate Rules

Why Ikea Is Suddenly 3D-Printing Meatballs

The death of the department store

The family that froze to death a world away from home

Jeff Bezos’ superyacht will see historic bridge dismantled

Look beyond popular areas for green innovations: investors

Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon’s Pay Rockets to $35 Million

How to prepare for a sustainable future along the value chain

Over a Million Flee as Afghanistan’s Economy Collapses

‘A deranged pyroscape’: how fires across the world have grown weirder

Climate change: Mount Everest ice which took 2,000 years to form has melted in just 25, scientists say tks Teressa Bayes

If you’re not thinking about the climate impacts of thawing permafrost, (here’s why) you should be

‘Carbon footprint gap’ between rich and poor expanding, study finds

In the climate fight, your wallet is more powerful than your vote

No McKinsey, it will not cost $9 trillion per year to solve climate change tks Sussana Hasenoehrl

Massive wolf kill disrupts long-running study of Yellowstone park packs

E.U labels natural gas and nuclear energy ‘green’ prompting charges of ‘green washing;

Court Revokes Oil and Gas Leases, Citing Climate Change tks Joanne Flinn

Typhoon Rai leaves trail of plastic trash for residents of Philippine sinking island

10 Principles of Life Centered Design tks Sussana Hasenoehrl

How Leaders Can Move Beyond Greenwashing Toward Real Change

Global warming will cause massive declines in tree growth

China’s New 5-Year Plan is a Blueprint for the Future of Meat

UK Ethical Consumer Markets Report

Climate change and population growth could drive a 26% rise in US flood risk by 2050 – disproportionately impacting black and low-income groups – new research finds. tks Sussana Hasenoehrl

Despite COP26 forest vow, one third of commodity firms have no plans to halt deforestation

Winter Snow Storm Slams New England

Storm Ana: Deadly Africa storm shows climate crisis reality – UN            

US East Coast blanketed by ‘bombogenesis’ snowstorm

Turning Article 6 into Reality (Sponsored content, by JapanGov)

US Military Pollution: The World’s Biggest Climate Change Enabler

The U.S. Military Emits More Carbon Dioxide Into the Atmosphere Than Entire Countries Like Denmark or Portugal

How the world’s militaries hide their huge carbon emissions

Our Tribalism Will Be the Death of Us

Australia Day address by Mid Coast Christian College captains Isabella Coleman and Indianna Day tks Willie Wahlin

Boeing invests $450 mln in flying taxi developer Wisk

Antimicrobial resistance now a leading cause of death worldwide, study finds tks Shalaka Verma

Google hires first head of Tech and Society

Secretary-General’s remarks to the General Assembly on his Priorities for 2022

Andrea T Edwards

The Utility of White-Hot Rage

Chemical pollution has passed safe limit for humanity, say scientists

New paper shows: ‘A win on climate is a win for health’ tks Susanna Hasenoehrl

Storm Ana kills dozens in Malawi, Madagascar and Mozambique

What Happens to Norway Without Oil Income? tks David Lim

Court Revokes Oil and Gas Leases, Citing Climate Change

‘Word salad of nonsense’: scientists denounce Jordan Peterson’s comments on climate models

New UNFCCC Digital Resource on the Ocean

Bee bricks become planning requirement for new buildings in Brighton

The happiest number I’ve heard in ages

In Africa, temperatures rise, but adaptation lags on West’s funding failure

Shell’s Massive Carbon Capture Plant Is Emitting More Than It’s Capturing

What’s Next for Sustainable Business? 2022 Trends Report

How a Tongan volcano shocked the world tks Lynn Guo

Hundreds displaced after floods hit Madagascar’s capital

The Inevitable Surprise of Abrupt Climate Change

Major investor will target bosses at firms failing on climate tks Susanna Hasenoehrl

 Interview “Climate change obstacles are all political, not technological”

‘The treeline is out of control’: how the climate crisis is turning the Arctic green

Small brands are setting goalposts for sustainable fashion tks Susannah Jaffer

Vinegar Is The Secret To Soft Towels, Whiter Whites, And More Laundry Solutions

20 things that shit us, must we really endure? – loved doing this podcast with Phillipa Edwards, John Vincent Gordon and Steve Johnson. This is the stuff we rarely put words too and yet, why don’t we?

I also published this blog – Let’s make 2022 the year we get single use items out of our lives – this is something everyone of us can work towards. It feels awesome too.

SAP appoints Susanna Hasenoehrl as its inaugural Head of Sustainability, APJ – absolutely delighted for Susanna Hasenoehrl, following the announcement on her new role this week. What an opportunity to create great change!

The chemical pollution planetary boundary is the 5th of nine that scientists say have been crossed. The others are global heating, the destruction of wild habitats, loss of biodiversity and excessive nitrogen and phosphorus pollution.

The nine boundaries, according to this reference, are:

  1. Climate change
  2. Change in biosphere integrity (biodiversity loss and species extinction)
  3. Stratospheric ozone depletion
  4. Ocean acidification
  5. Biogeochemical flows (phosphorus and nitrogen cycles)
  6. Land-system change (for example deforestation)
  7. Freshwater use
  8. Atmospheric aerosol loading (microscopic particles in the atmosphere that affect climate and living organisms)
  9. Introduction of novel entities

Here is another reference.

My Gentle, Intelligent Brother Is Now A Conspiracy Theorist And His Beliefs Are Shocking

India mourns loss of ‘Supermom’ tigress, bids emotional farewell

Look around you. The way we live explains why we are increasingly polarized tks Sue Adams

2022 Edelman Trust Barometer

MacKenzie Scott has given away more money in 2 years than ex-husband Jeff Bezos has in his lifetime

World Bank chief takes swipe at Microsoft’s $69 bln gaming deal as poor countries struggle

Last Year’s Overall Climate Was Shaped by Warming-Driven Heat Extremes Around the Globe

World’s poorest bear brunt of climate crisis: 10 underreported emergencies

Filipinos count cost of climate crisis as typhoons get ever more destructive

World’s billionaires doubled their wealth during COVID-19 pandemic, Oxfam says

Inger Ashing: Are we failing to protect vulnerable children? Al Jazeera

Sustainable investing is mostly marketing and PR, says former BlackRock exec

LARRY FINK’S 2022 LETTER TO CEOS: The Power of Capitalism

It’s Not ‘Woke’ for Businesses to Think Beyond Profit, BlackRock Chief Says

Indigenous feminism flows through the fight for water rights on the Rio Grande

Scientists target PR and ad firms they accuse of spreading disinformation

Chemical pollution has passed safe limit for humanity, say scientists

Dirty greenwashing: watchdog targets fashion brands over misleading claims

Australia set to be hit by ‘significant multistate rain and storm event’ tks Willie Wahlin

Scores of baby black swans rescued from drying Perth wetland ahead of punishing heatwave tks Tabatha Tee

Your old Timberland boots can now become your new Timberland boots

What the U.S. Can Do to Stop Extinction

Andrea T Edwards

Stop the Use of Wildlife-killing ‘Cyanide Bombs’

Six Andaman national parks on Unesco World Heritage Centre’s ‘tentative list’

I study crowds – that’s why I know the police and crime bill will make us less safe

Leo DiCaprio Was Responsible For Don’t Look Up’s Devastating Last Line

Making climate change fashionable with eco- conscious choices – congratulations on the media coverage Raye Padit, well deserved.

Global spread of autoimmune disease blamed on western diet

Spaceship-Like Electric Aircraft ‘Alice’ Prepares For Its First Flight In These Awesome Images

Healthy humans drive the economy: we’re now witnessing one of the worst public policy failures in Australia’s history tks Willie Wahlin

Right-wing politics is cancerous to democracy, society, and human life tks Phillipa Edwards

Andrea T Edwards

Tongans flee for their lives as powerful tsunami smashes island nation after massive underwater volcano eruption in the South Pacific sends debris and ash 20km into the sky tks Teressa Bayes

How the speed of climate change is unbalancing the insect world

We’re suing the UK government over its net zero strategy

Climate Tops 2022 WEF Global Risks Report

Living life to the greenest: the sustainability trends that will dominate in 2022

Shifting sands: Are consumers still embracing sustainability? Changes and key findings in sustainability and consumer behaviour in 2021

Climate Code Red – Saving Singapore’s Shores – tks Wendy Tan

Australia soars to 50 degrees for first time this century

What economists get wrong about climate change

Podcast Parag Khanna – World Economic Forum  

How bad is my gas stove? (Part Two)

Climate change overtakes pandemics as greatest worry for global experts tks Samantha Gayfer

Ketchup sachet ban to help squeeze out single-use plastics

Maersk speeds up decarbonisation target by a decade

Antarctica: World’s biggest nesting icefish colony discovered


Natural disasters cost world US$280 billion in 2021 — a third more than in 2020

Podcast Climate Rising Harvard Business School Business & Environment Initiative

Don’t Look Up’s Credits Scene Delivers On Its Best Real Life Character Gag

Rushing headlong into electrification, the West is replacing one energy master with another

Climate change induced heat wave raises ‘major concerns’ after hundreds of penguins die tks Sophia Henri

52 Places for a Changed World

We Need a Second Cut of ‘Don’t Look Up’

IEEFA: Accepting gas is unsustainable will bolster China’s position on green energy finance

Volvo’s heavy-duty electric truck is put to the test: excels in both range and energy efficiency

Customers shun red meat after carbon footprint added to weekly shop receipts

U.S. can get to 100% clean energy with wind, water, solar and zero nuclear, Stanford professor says tks Susanna Hasenoehrl

Air pollution: Delhi’s smog problem is rooted in India’s water crisis

Government invites oil companies to help write rulebook on whether new fossil fuel drilling is green

Get rid of the “use it or lose it” rule that forces airlines to operate empty flights to maintain airport slots tks Susanna Hasenoehrl

Don’t Look Up: four climate experts on the polarising disaster film

Pakistan snow: Deadly weather traps hundreds of drivers

The Definitive Guide to Fixing Fossil Fuels a new connection and doing amazing work – Dr. David Ko. Check it out. A possible solution to a very complex problem.

The Unsu$tainable Truth – is this the answer for the fossil fuel industry? Thrilled to do this podcast with Dr. David Ko and Richard Busellato. We have complex problems to solve and I’m excited by the possibility of this idea in helping to solve both how we reduce fossil fuels, while focusing on solving the challenges for those on the front line of the climate emergency. This is an investment bankers perspective, which makes it an even more exciting possibility. Have a listen and if it resonates, buy the book – The Unsu$tainable Truth – co-authored by David and Richard.

WWF warns of impending mass extinction that may be largest since dinosaur age

Not too big to fail

Brazil Goes Vegan

Speak Up to Save 1,000-Year-Old Redwoods

French ban on plastic packaging for fruit and vegetables begins

Watching Don’t Look Up made me see my whole life of campaigning flash before me

23 Hilariously Relatable Fan Reactions To “Don’t Look Up”

“Don’t Look Up” (part 1) – climate movie is kryptonite to the super villains

German environment minister warns of ‘species crisis’

Rebecca Henderson: Can Capitalism Address Climate Change – Climate Rising Podcast

7 trends that will shape sustainability in 2022

11 sustainability buzzwords of 2021

Looming mass extinction could be biggest ‘since the dinosaurs,’ says WWF

Column: As far as political satire goes, ‘Don’t Look Up’ fails in more ways than one

Biden ‘Over-Promised and Under-Delivered’ on Climate. Now, Trouble Looms in 2022.

Greenland permanently bans all oil and gas exploration

Zero-emission cruise ships for UNESCO world heritage sites

Here Are the World’s 10 Worst Plastic Polluters

Carbon Capture and Storage

‘Very Serious’: Colorado Mayor speaks out after devastating forest fires

Denmark to make domestic flights fossil fuel free by 2030

Ed Sheeran reveals plans to ‘rewild as much of the UK’ as he can

Top climate scientists are sceptical that nations will rein in global warming

UK weather: warmest start to new year on record

Kew scientists name new tree after Leonardo DiCaprio tks  Teressa Bayes

On the 1st of January it was my birthday. I decided it was a great day to talk about my mission for 2022, because this is the year we must achieve maximum momentum in driving global change to address the climate emergency. Have a listen. My mission for 2022, join me?



World Economic Forum

World Wildlife Foundation

Prevent Year Zero

Ecological economics

End Plastic Waste  


Earth Charter International

Green is the New Black

Best Universities for Research

Paris Reinforce

Let’s do it!



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