Month: April 2015

Content Marketing and Personal Branding are Inextricably Linked

Simon Cholmeley and I were thrilled to be invited to speak at the Microsoft Platinum Partner Summit 2015 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, last week. A wonderful opportunity to share our learnings on the content marketing landscape in Asia with Microsoft’s partners, we also took the opportunity to link the message to something absolutely critical for brands to succeed – personal branding. Convinced the two topics have never appeared on the same platform before (anyone know different?), we have a very clear philosophy – for content marketing to succeed and become the core of business today, personal branding...

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What’s Holding Asia’s Businesses Back from Content Marketing?

I’ve had the great privilege to do a few speaking spots recently, and it’s given me an opportunity to really hone my thinking around how I present about content marketing, as well as to hear perspectives from other professionals in the field. Content marketing is actually a massive topic, with lots of different angles to consider – personal branding, social selling, storytelling, the brand editor, etc are all part of it – so it’s not a simple discussion and the deeper you go, the more complex it appears. However, the good news is we’re having the discussion in Asia...

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