Month: April 2011

Want to Start Blogging? Here’s What I’ve Learnt…

What I've learnt about blogging

Something very strange has been happening to me recently. People have been asking for my advice on blogging, like I’m some sort of expert! The first time I wondered why are they asking me? However, as time has gone on, I’ve realised that having 12 months blogging experience seems to really count as something these…

If Your Company was a Person, What Sort of Person Would it be?

What is the image of your company?

Would it be young and trendy, mature and sophisticated, elegant and chic, or fun and sporty? It’s an interesting question to ask and you’ll often find the company you’d like to be is nothing like the company you are. Don’t worry, many companies are in the same boat, but you can become the company you…

CEOs Wake up and Smell the Social Media Coffee

Social media awareness Asia Pacific

I was chatting with a great friend of mine, probably one of the IT industry analysts I respect the most in Asia Pacific, and we got onto social media. I won’t mention his name, l’est I get him in trouble, but he told me he wanted to launch a professional blog in his name, discussing…

How Not to do Business

Customer service event venues

A few years ago I attended a MICE event in Singapore. It was a fabulous event, fully supported by the Singapore Government, as growing this business is seen as a big priority for future growth in Singapore. As such, the casinos were approved, featuring extensive conference and exhibition space. In fact, the owners of Marina…

Sell Value NOT Services

Selling value not product

A message for people working in marketing agencies, selling value is what is required to succeed. Make your sales pitch relevant and you do that by communicating value as opposed to the services you offer.

Lenovo – from Pretty Terrible to Getting Close


When Lenovo first acquired IBM’s PC division, its global message to market was a shambles. It’s improved a lot, and while not there yet, it’s close and just needs a further level of refinement. The message is all there, it’s just too much!

Lorna Jane – a Core Message and Fantastic Product

I’d never heard of Lorna Jane and then, about 18 months ago, it started entering into the peripheries of my awareness. It happened simply enough when, on a couple of occasions, I found myself complimenting people’s outfits, asking where they got them from. I was told “oh this is Lorna Jane.” Mmmmm what is Lorna…

“Practise Goodism”

Nudie smoothie

There is a cool brand of juices in Australia called “Nudie.” Nudie are awesome because they’ve developed juices with absolutely no preservatives, additives or any other crap in them. We loved them. _ The reason I highlight Nudie on this blog is because it’s a brand that not only became very successful in Australia against…

Who’s Best to Speak?

Best speaker

I’ve attended thousands of events, whether I’ve organised them, participated in them, or just been there to listen, and there is one thing that happens far too many times. The speakers are mind numbingly boring; to the point you’d rather put red hot pins in your eyes than sit and listen for another second. Thankfully,…