Month: April 2011

Want to Start Blogging? Here’s What I’ve Learnt…

Something very strange has been happening to me recently. People have been asking for my advice on blogging, like I’m some sort of expert! The first time I wondered why are they asking me? However, as time has gone on, I’ve realised that having 12 months blogging experience seems to really count as something these days – especially in Asia Pacific. It’s all been a bit baffling, but quite motivating as well. And then last week I had a meeting with a serious digital marketing professional – 15+ years of experience – and told him what had been happening...

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If Your Company was a Person, What Sort of Person Would it be?

Would it be young and trendy, mature and sophisticated, elegant and chic, or fun and sporty? It’s an interesting question to ask and you’ll often find the company you’d like to be is nothing like the company you are. Don’t worry, many companies are in the same boat, but you can become the company you want to be, it just takes focus and a little effort. Consider some of the global brands. Virgin is a messaging machine – definitely a young and trendy person, or perhaps adventurous and dynamic? Or out of the box and doesn’t follow the norm?...

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CEOs Wake up and Smell the Social Media Coffee

I was chatting with a great friend of mine, probably one of the IT industry analysts I respect the most in Asia Pacific, and we got onto social media. I won’t mention his name, l’est I get him in trouble, but he told me he wanted to launch a professional blog in his name, discussing issues around business value and IT. He has great knowledge in this area, is often advising IT companies to be more value focused on a daily basis, and he understands business because he’s been in that world too. His all round knowledge and vision...

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How Not to do Business

A few years ago I attended a MICE event in Singapore. It was a fabulous event, fully supported by the Singapore Government, as growing this business is seen as a big priority for future growth in Singapore. As such, the casinos were approved, featuring extensive conference and exhibition space. In fact, the owners of Marina Bay Sands recently applied to the Government for more land to build more conference and exhibition facilities – so it’s obviously working. Therefore imagine my surprise these last couple of weeks when practically all encounters with five star venues have resulted in nothing but...

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