Month: February 2016

Did Amanda Palmer Write the Business Book of 2015?

Amanda Palmer

I think she did and I’m going to explain why. While most business books don’t start off with an exchange between women in a public toilet, I believe that if you only read this book through the eyes of the entertainment industry, you’ll miss some incredibly powerful learnings. Particularly her obsessive focus on her fans…

A Storytelling Masterclass with Microsoft

The three CEOs of Microsoft

I think everyone who attended the BritCham Singapore event – Storytelling – The 5 Secrets To Telling Simple Stories That Make People Act – are feeling pretty happy we scrambled out of bed in the dark to get there on time. It was really compelling stuff and thank you Steve Clayton for taking the time…

Do You Want Your Content Shared? Then Heed These Tips

Content Curation

I personally curate about 100 pieces of content every week. I do this for myself, my company, Novus Asia and its various social channels. I do it for the Asia Content Marketing Association Twitter handle @AcmaAsia, and I do it for some big global companies. Collectively, the content I curate gives creators exposure to hundreds…