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#143 Weekend reads – we have a new King, it’s not pleasing everyone

I’ve enjoyed a few hours watching the coronation of King Charles III and Queen Camilla with my British husband, Steve. I know many couldn’t care less, while others are enraged by it, but my first job was as a Musician in the Australian Army, so the pomp and ceremony appeals to me, not to mention the history, even the weird stuff.

Overall, I’m ambivalent about the whole thing, to be honest, but one of the biggest stories the media will focus on following this event, is the arrest of peaceful anti-monarchy protesters, who were arrested before it even began today. Twitter went crazy with this news as soon as it happened, so expect more on that.

Events like this are always intense. From people across the Commonwealth speaking up about the abuse, plunder and violence done in the King’s name, to conversations in Commonwealth member countries who are re-energized to push for Republics. Maybe it will happen, maybe it won’t, but we need to always make room for all these conversations – even when it makes us uncomfortable.

The other issue high on many people’s minds is the cost of the Coronation, while so many people across the UK and the world, are suffering from a cost-of-living crisis. One commentator mentioned that the National Lottery in the UK, which funds a lot of the foodbanks across the country, pulled back that funding to pay for the Coronation. As expected, it isn’t going down well.

If you would like to help those struggling to eat, pay their rent or mortgage, pay their energy bills, and more, here is a link to food banks across the UK where you can find out what is needed and donate.

When I listen to a lot of the views, one thought kept coming to the surface. We are at a stage for humanity where we need to question all our institutions, but also the industries we have across the world. When you understand how rapidly the climate emergency is escalating now, it is definitely time to question the right to exist of many of these, especially if we want to stand any chance of securing a live-able future – see the climate section below.

Moving away from the Coronation, I talked about Crocs in Climate Courage yesterday. It was announced this week it will not be able to meet its NetZero targets before 2040, when previously it committed to 2030. My thoughts about Crocs are, does it even have a right to exist in a world awash with plastic waste? Do we really need plastic shoes? There are many other businesses and industries, as well as institutions, that I would put in the same basket.

One part of the story of King Charles III that I value is he is the Climate King. So, if he wants to keep my support, I would love to see him use his position – somehow – to influence world leaders to do what needs to be done to ensure we don’t face an unbearable future for humanity. Obviously, he has no real power, but let’s see if he can make an impact there. I’ll be happy to see him stay in the job if he does.

Onto the reads and just so you know, I’m having a break from the reads next week. I need a break, but I’m also attending an event that is important to me in Singapore, the Asia Professional Speakers Convention 2023. I am so looking forward to reconnecting with this sensational community and to be inspired to do even better work.

See you in a couple of weeks.

Friend’s content and mine

Susannah Jaffer on sustainable fashion, content and community – Chris Edwards and Susannah Jaffer share a really fabulous conversation on how Susannah built her business Zerrin. If you’re an entrepreneur in any field, or in fashion, I highly recommend listening and do subscribe to Chris’s podcast. Both #WomenIAdmire.

My interview with Nagraj Adve: “I have for long held that other species are already worse impacted from climate change than humans are” terrific interview by Praveen Gupta. India is a country that is central in the climate emergency. The whole world needs to focus on helping India succeed. Inspiring interview.

Climate Courage: the lure of doom, the power of hope – huge appreciation to my husband, Steve Johnson, for agreeing to interview me this week for Climate Courage. The time to act is now.

Donation time

If everyone gave #just10percent of their time, talent, money or voice, we’ll change the world. Can you donate? Make it a regular donation to the World Food Programme. Or donate to the UN Refugee Program, Medicine Sans Frontier, PowerOf , , Soi Dog Foundation.  It’s a time for giving and taking care of each other.

Content to read

And here’s the content I’ve been reading or watching this last week. Scan the headlines, read the ones that jump out at you, read or watch them all. Knowledge is power, and global knowledge is even more powerful.

Climate crisis

Norfolk’s Forgotten Chalk Stream – watch until the end. This stupidity must end.

Humanity’s tipping point? How the Queen’s death stole a climate warning’s thunder

Many Europeans want climate action – but less so if it changes their lifestyle, shows poll

The Impact of Ocean Temperatures Hitting 40 Year High

Private jet sales likely to reach highest ever level this year, report says

In hot water: here’s why ocean temperatures are the hottest on record

World should prepare for El Nino, new record temperatures: UN

We Can’t Fight Climate Change Without Fighting for Gender Equity

Faster, higher, hotter: What we learned about the climate system in 2022

An Ominous Heating Event Is Unfolding in the Oceans

Fungal attacks threaten global food supply, say experts

The ‘Don’t Look Up’ Thinking That Could Doom Us With AI

Extinction Rebellion founder posts furious 391-word 11-point Twitter tirade after hospital staff served him with boiled carrots for dinner

Crocs pushes net-zero target back from 2030 to 2040

Big investors call on companies to slash use of plastics

Two trillion tonnes of greenhouse gases, 25 billion nukes of heat: are we pushing Earth out of the Goldilocks zone?

Scientists Horrified As Sea Surface Temperatures Spike Off The Charts

Animals Are Dying in Droves. What Are They Telling Us?

Inside big beef’s climate messaging machine: confuse, defend and downplay tks Rebecca Kynaston

What will El Niño mean for 2024?

Earth for All – A Survival Guide for Humanity

This is what the world will look like in 100 years if we do nothing to stop climate change

Ethiopia used chemicals to kill locusts. Billions of honeybees disappeared

Thousands forced to evacuate as wildfires ravage western Canada

India amends power policy draft to halt new coal-fired capacity

Europe suffers severe drought as temperatures reach record highs                                                                                                              

Climate change: Spain breaks record temperature for April

Panama Canal: Drought threatens one of the world’s most important shipping routes

We need to act now to avert catastrophe

Is Your Electric Car Worth the Extinction of a Species?

Spain pleads for aid from EU after historic drought devastates its farmers

Meet the trollhunters who got 600 climate change deniers banned from Twitter

‘No Mow May’: UK gardeners urged to let wildflowers and grass grow

‘Statistically impossible’ heat extremes are here – we identified the regions most at risk

Time to kick the oil addiction before climate change overwhelms us

Much of the US Will Be an ‘Extreme Heat Belt’ by the 2050s

Philosophy, Ideas, Critical Thinking, Ethics & Morality · The Creative Process: Philosophers, Writers, Educators, Creative T: Special Earth Day Stories – Environmentalists, Artists, Students & Teachers share their Love for the Planet – Part 1 Podcast

Philosophy, Ideas, Critical Thinking, Ethics & Morality · The Creative Process: Philosophers, Writers, Educators, Creative T: Earth Month Stories – Part 2 – Environmentalists, Artists, Students & Teachers Speak Out & Share How We Can Save the Planet Podcast

New Research Sparks Concerns That Ocean Circulation Will Collapse

Climate change: How it’s endangering Australian wine tks Steve Johnson

EU Ban on Microplastics In Cosmetics: Too Slow And Too Limited

Three Big Questions We Face in the Age of Extinction

Why Right-Wingers Are So Afraid of Men Eating Vegetables

More than 50,000 wild birds in UK killed by avian flu – double previous estimates

The thinking error that makes people susceptible to climate change denial

Mass timber “definitely not the right way to go” says Benjamin Kromoser

Google Promised to Defund Climate Lies, but the Ads Keep Coming

Climate should be considered in ‘all economic planning’, says expert

Nonstop rain causes severe flooding, partial wall collapse in NYC

Restoring abundant tuna populations benefits people and nature

I back saboteurs who have acted with courage and coherence, but I won’t blow up a pipeline. Here’s why

Australia being unable to afford greater environmental protection is a government myth that refuses to die

Historic drought sees Spaniards pray for rain

What makes a good parent? Is acting on climate change as important as love and bedtime stories?

The IPCC’s calls for emissions cuts have gone unheeded for too long – should it change the way it reports on climate change?

UN rights experts denounce planned Saudi executions of megacity opponents

“It’s just mind boggling.” More than 19,000 undersea volcanoes discovered

EF-3 Tornado Hits Virginia Beach, Virginia

Global politics

President condemns ‘obsession’ with economic growth

Sinn Féin is most popular with every age group but older voters

Sudan fighting: BBC reporter’s perilous journey to leave Khartoum

Ukraine war: Russia scales back Victory Day celebrations

Kremlin drone: Zelensky denies Ukraine attacked Putin or Moscow

Kremlin drone: Zelensky denies Ukraine attacked Putin or Moscow

Anthony Seldon on Boris Johnson: ‘At his heart, he is extraordinarily empty’

Sunak under pressure after dire Tory losses and leadership gripes

Alito thinks he knows who Dobbs leaker is — and says it’s not a conservative

As Biden Runs Again, Black Voters’ Frustration Bubbles

He blew the whistle on Trump’s Truth Social. Now he works at Starbucks.

Jack Smith appears poised to nail Trump with ‘a series of wire fraud charges’: former prosecutor

NC Republicans launch ‘most egregious’ attack in the country on UNC. Why?

Biden betrays our generation by greenlighting the Willow Project

Donald Trump Confirmed as a Russian Asset for 40 Years

Why Trump Won’t Let Go of His Dream of Domination

Biden pick Ajay Banga gets top World Bank job Published

‘The rate is too low’: pressure builds within Labor ranks to raise jobseeker

Business and technology

The Daily: How Streaming Hurt Hollywood Writers Podcast

Adidas sued by investors over Kanye West deal

Jamie Dimon says ‘this part of the crisis is over’ after JPMorgan Chase buys First Republic

We’re Watching the End of a Digital Media Age. It All Started With Jezebel

Andreessen Horowitz saw the future — but did the future leave it behind?

Tucker Carlson’s Fox News Time Slot Goes To Trump White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany, At Least For Next Week

Social issues

Head of UK’s leading anti-monarchy group arrested at coronation protest

‘The Godfather of A.I.’ just quit Google and says he regrets his life’s work because it can be hard to stop ‘bad actors from using it for bad things’

WTF Happened In 1971?

Was austerity worth it? We put the question to two economic heavyweights

What it feels like to get divorced—and possibly remarried—at TED 2023

Texas man allegedly shot and killed a man who scammed him of $40 in parking fees. Then he resumed his date

5 dead in Texas ‘execution-style’ shooting, suspect armed with AR-15 is on the loose

Our Societies Are Being Ensnared by a Vicious Cycle of Hate

New report warns long COVID could be “mass disabling event”

Long COVID Is Being Erased—Again

COVID will eventually evade one of the few treatments for those infected and could cause deaths to ‘easily double,’ former White House advisor Deborah Birx says

Covid global health emergency is over, WHO says

Overdose deaths in San Francisco hit 200 in three months: ‘A crying shame’

Belgrade shooting: Teen made ‘kill list’ for Serbia school attack

Carlson’s Text That Alarmed Fox Leaders: ‘It’s Not How White Men Fight’

If you care about press freedom, make some noise about Julian Assange

This Change In IQ Predicts Increased Depression Risk

How Streaming Hurt Hollywood Writers

New York failed Jordan Neely, homeless advocates say

Passion, humour, history

A Trip Through New York City in 1911

Late Night Hosts Sneak Into James Corden’s Bedroom In ‘Late Late Show’ Farewell

CBS could no longer afford to produce ‘The Late Late Show With James Corden’ as it raked in less than $45 million but cost up to $65 million to make, LA Magazine reports

This Persian marvel was lost for millennia

Jock Zonfrillo: MasterChef Australia host dies suddenly, aged 46

Tori Bowie: American three-time Olympic medallist and ex-world champion dies aged 32

Chilly willy: photo of phallic iceberg off Canadian coast prompts merriment

Let me know what jumped out at you? Or share with me what you’re reading? I love that!



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