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What can I do to act on climate & social change? First job is knowledge (2023 edition)

Welcome to year four of everything I’m reading, watching and listening to in regard to the multiple planetary crises’ we face (the polycrisis), as well as articles on important social issues, because how societies function is fundamental if we want to have a stable environment for human flourishing.

All information is presented without opinion, even the stuff I completely disagree with, because we MUST be open to looking at all angles if we want to understand these vastly complex issues.

As always, this is a labour of love, but it aligns with an important message I share all the time – it is time to pay attention to the information that matters, and what is going on in our world matters.

The shiny stuff (political scandals, celebrity nonsense, and more) in the long run, does not matter. We must turn away from the distractions, but it’s hard when those who “design” the distractions are very VERY good at it.

The challenge with facing up to the multiple crises’ is it’s impossible not to sink into eco-anxiety or despair. Please do check out my blog Multiple resources for eco-anxiety from institutions to books to videos and pass it on to anyone you know who is suffering. I will continue to update it as I find more information.

This blog is updated every week (or so) with the information I am reading, watching and listening to. If you need a place for reference material, check back regularly. If you need information to fight arguments, check back regularly. I don’t read or watch everything, of course, but this is what I do ingest and it’s comprehensive.

If you’re interested in older news (and six months is old when it comes to the climate, because it’s all escalating so quickly now), here is the full year for 2022, the full year for 2021, and the full year for 2020. If you want to keep up to date on the broader news, you can check my Weekend Reads, which I publish every Saturday.

Join the fight, we need you! It’s time for #OneBillion people imperfectly changing and radically reducing our impact on earth.



Here it is

Before you dig deeper, if there is one video to watch, I recommend this. Understanding our shared history and our minds, is one of the greatest challenges we have on our hands, as well as the greatest opportunity. Communicating with clarity on these issues is vital. I know no one wants to spend any time on anything these days, but this is three and a half hours that will make you think, reflect, and hopefully, arm you with you really incredibly useful ideas too.  

What’s in store for 2024? Read our experts’ predictions, from Trump 2.0 to a super el Niño | World news | The Guardian

Brexit has completely failed for UK, say clear majority of Britons – poll | Brexit | The Guardian

Sahara migrant smuggling: Double-edged sword of overturning Niger’s ban – BBC News

Conflict in Israel and Gaza, in Photos – The New York Times (

Heat: The silent killer stalking Australia’s summer – BBC News

The human behavioural crisis: A critical intervention point for ecological overshoot — Sage Perspectives Blog (

Stop Planting Trees, Says Guy Who Inspired World to Plant a Trillion Trees | WIRED

The Emperor’s New Climate Scenarios Limitations and assumptions of commonly used climate-change scenarios in financial services

The Climate Change We’ve Already Created Will Last 50,000 Years, Scientists Warn : ScienceAlert

Earth wraps up hottest year on record, and may break record next year (

Red alert in Antarctica: the year rapid, dramatic change hit climate scientists like a ‘punch in the guts’ | Antarctica | The Guardian (

EOSDIS Worldview (

Mount Everest Is on Thin Ice – WSJ

IUCN reports 44,000 species threatened with extinction on Earth | NationofChange

Surfers take on giant waves as storm hits California – BBC News

Could Harold Macmillan solve today’s housing crisis? (

Biggest aerial barrage of Ukraine war kills 30 civilians, says Kyiv | Euronews

Why 2023 was an uncomfortable year for the West – BBC News

Eight people taken to hospital as waves up to 30ft high pound California coast | California | The Guardian

From ashes of failure. In science, failure is not failing at… | by Julia Steinberger | Dec, 2023 | Medium

World will look back at 2023 as year humanity exposed its inability to tackle climate crisis, scientists say | Climate crisis | The Guardian

‘Grief is a rational response’: the 21 US species declared extinct this year | Endangered species | The Guardian

Northwest Australia searing under extreme heatwave conditions (

The Great Malaise: The Search For Meaning During Times of Indifference – The Intellectualist

We can’t save the world with electric cars | Euronews

Weather maps warn of blanket of snow as ‘Sudden Stratospheric Warming’ to trigger polar blast (

The Gray Area with Sean Illing: Seeing ourselves through the darkness on Apple Podcasts

The zeitgeist is changing. A strange, romantic backlash to the tech era looms | Ross Barkan | The Guardian

Degrowth can work — here’s how science can help (

Climate change: Seasonal shifts causing ‘chaos’ for UK nature – BBC News

Global Climate Change Impact on Crops Expected Within 10 Years, NASA Study Finds – Climate Change: Vital Signs of the Planet

The year the Australian Dream died – BBC News

Photos: Top species discoveries from 2023 (

Climate fairytales. How Russia built its climate strategy on wishful thinking rather than scientific fact — Novaya Gazeta Europe

Ten ‘you must be kidding’ weather and climate facts of 2023 » Yale Climate Connections

Communities urged to work together in the face of wild weather | SBS News

What happened to winter? – Vox

Why is the GOP joining Putin, Xi, & MBS to Destroy Democracy? (

Physicists Warn Earth Could Feasibly Descend Into Chaos : ScienceAlert

‘Elephant in the room’: The US military’s devastating carbon footprint | Climate Crisis News | Al Jazeera

Wildfire threat is rising in the eastern United States •

New breed of climate protesters vows to take fight to ‘cowards’ of US politics | Climate crisis | The Guardian (

Time for Australia to admit it’s a petrostate – Pearls and Irritations (

Five cautionary tales of business leadership in 2023 – BBC Worklife

Scientist issues ‘aggressive’ warning about looming crisis threatening mankind: ‘We have a small window’ (

By Mike Roberts: Humans are a species – un-Denial

Climate Crisis Forces the IOC to Rethink Winter Olympics –

‘We can’t afford to wait’: a Cornish town faces climate threat head on | Climate crisis | The Guardian

COP28 a “tragedy for the planet” as Stockholm Syndrome took hold – Pearls and Irritations (

Northeast storm: Deadly storm causes widespread power outages and dangerous flooding | CNN

A corporate sustainability dilemma – POLITICO

Climate Lens (

A scientist reckons with climate grief (

Days of Rage – George Monbiot

Now We Know How Hitler Did It – by Thom Hartmann (

The Endangered Species Act can work, but it’s still struggling to protect animals from the threat of extinction – Vox

Clearing Skies: Opening a New Path on Climate and the Future – Yale E360

Exoplanets’ climate: It takes nothing to switch from habitable to hell, say researchers (

The photographs that defined 2023 – and the stories behind them | Photography | The Guardian

Wild east coast weather: two people killed by falling trees, more than 100,000 Queensland homes without power | Australia weather | The Guardian

How America’s Diet Is Feeding the Groundwater Crisis – The New York Times (

As World’s Gaze Shifts to Gaza, Israel’s Psyche Remains Defined by Oct. 7 Attack – The New York Times (

Amazon drought: ‘We’ve never seen anything like this’ – BBC News

Beijing shivers through coldest December on record – BBC News

When the world burns, China will drive the fire engine (

Thousands join huge migrant caravan in Mexico ahead of Blinken visit – BBC News

Canada’s Trudeau says a second Trump presidency could harm climate goals | The Hill (

Winners of the 2023 International Landscape Photographer of the Year – The Atlantic

‘Zombie deer disease’ epidemic spreads in Yellowstone as scientists raise fears it may jump to humans | Wildlife | The Guardian

Large parts of Australia endure heatwave, lifting bushfire risk (

End the glaring inequity in international science collaborations (

A haunted Australia stares down bushfire disaster again – BBC News

‘Historic day’: EU strikes major deal to reform migration policy after years of bitter debates | Euronews

Detailed NASA analysis finds Earth and Amazon in deep climate trouble (

Why AI is a disaster for the climate | John Naughton | The Guardian

They Lied to Us About the Future. It was supposed to be cool. All our… | by Climate Survivor | Dec, 2023 | Medium

Requiem for Humanity (

Is your best friend your dog? Really? | by Albert Bates | Dec, 2023 | Medium

Megatrends: The Collapse of Global Democracy (

Deep in the Wilderness, the World’s Largest Beaver Dam Endures – Yale E360

Landais Alzheimer – the village where everyone has dementia – BBC News

Scientists study emotional reactions to 2023 being the hottest year ever recorded : NPR

2050 neutrality is a false prophet, there’s a time bomb waiting for us in the oceans –

Canadian scientists are still being muzzled, and that risks undermining climate policy (

2023 was the year governments looked at the climate crisis – and decided to persecute the activists | Owen Jones | The Guardian

Researchers surprised at levels of toxicity in standard plastic products (

Genomic evidence for West Antarctic Ice Sheet collapse during the Last Interglacial | Science

Biden pardons marijuana possession convictions; federal, D.C. crimes (

Global Water Loss Happens Almost Entirely in the Southern Hemisphere – Eos

Changing climate casts a shadow over the future of the Panama Canal – and global trade | Environment | The Guardian

Sales of electric vehicles surge as fast-charging sites double across Australia in a year | Electric vehicles | The Guardian

Antarctic octopus DNA reveals ice sheet collapse closer than thought (

Teachers reveal reality of life on the breadline for children in Britain (

Germany: Meat Consumption Drops to Record Low, Plant-Based Sales at Record High – vegconomist – the vegan business magazine

America’s spam-call scourge – The Atlantic

3 Antarctic glaciers show rapidly accelerated ice loss from ocean warming (

Pakistan uses artificial rain in attempt to cut pollution levels | Air pollution | The Guardian

‘Horrified’: Devon village in shock at felling of 100 ancient beech trees | Trees and forests | The Guardian

Power company money flows to media attacking critics in Florida, Alabama : NPR

French city of Montpellier makes public transport free for all residents | France | The Guardian

Inequality and growth impacts of climate change—insights from South Africa – IOPscience

Fast upper-level jet stream winds get faster under climate change | Nature Climate Change

A Symphony of Billion Voices on Climate Change: Jamaica and Pakistani Style (

Supreme Court Hands Donald Trump a Lifeline (

How pro-Russian ‘yacht’ propaganda influenced US debate over Ukraine aid – BBC News

Scientists uncover link between ocean weather and global climate, using mechanical rather than statistical analysis (

Clarence Thomas’ Money Complaints Sparked Resignation Fears — ProPublica

Surge in extreme forest fires fuels global emissions (

Traces of sunscreen agents found in the snow at the North Pole (

Flowers ‘giving up’ on scarce insects and evolving to self-pollinate, say scientists | Wild flowers | The Guardian (

The era of watching on in horror – The Shot

S’pore Catholic church clarifies Vatican’s stance on non-ritualised blessings of ‘same-sex unions’, says view on marriage hasn’t changed – Mothership.SG – News from Singapore, Asia and around the world

Drought leaves Karnataka farmers in distress; 456 end lives this year

Real vs. Fake—Which Christmas Tree Is Better for the Environment? (

Illegal cocoa farming threatens a Nigerian rainforest | AP News

My Daughter’s Earth – by Rachel Donald (

Should We Tell People It’s Too Late To Save Civilization? (

Opinion: I’m a climate scientist. This is why I’m laughing | CNN (

British Museum’s BP sponsorship deal ‘astonishingly out of touch’ | British Museum | The Guardian

Scotland’s climate ‘changing faster than expected’ – BBC News

Manchin opens new front in war on Biden EV policies – E&E News by POLITICO (

My interview with Prof. Rupert Read: “To keep the world insurable, the climate crisis needs to be rapidly slowed”. | The Diversity Blog

COP Out: Wrapping Up a Useless Climate Summit That Should Fool Nobody | Opinion (

Queensland floods: Towns isolated as supplies dwindle and rain eases – BBC News

Joe Biden plans to ban logging in US old-growth forests in 2025 | Joe Biden | The Guardian (

Collapse Through Infertility – by Matt Orsagh (

Gansu earthquake: Over 120 killed in China’s deadliest quake in years – BBC News

Biologists Unveil the First Living Yeast Cells With Over 50% Synthetic DNA

Can democracy survive the climate crisis? (

Iceland volcano: Pollution warning for capital after eruption – BBC News

Climate summits are too big and key voices are being crowded out – here’s a better solution (

EU takes action against Elon Musk’s X over disinformation – BBC News

Over 3.2 Million Americans Have Left High Flood Risk Neighborhoods Creating “Climate Abandonment Areas (

Trump says immigrants are ‘poisoning the blood of our country.’ Biden campaign likens comments to Hitler. (

Mongolia’s nomadic herders have lived off the land for centuries, but are now enduring the worst of climate change – ABC News

BP pauses all Red Sea shipments after rebel attacks – BBC News

Nine breakthroughs for climate and nature in 2023 you may have missed – BBC Future

Queensland floods: Airport submerged and crocodiles seen after record rain – BBC News

‘Floods have washed away entire villages’: Kenya’s rains made twice as intense by climate change | Euronews

There’s no Christmas in Bethlehem this year. With war in Gaza, festivities are off – OPB

Cairns cut off by floodwaters, towns evacuated and drinking water at risk as former Cyclone Jasper continues to devastate – ABC News

Brazil’s “End-of-the-World” auction for oil and gas drilling (commentary)

US begins review that could spell trouble for PVC (

A new Suez crisis threatens the world economy (

Inside Mark Zuckerberg’s Top-Secret Hawaii Compound | WIRED

COP out: apocalypse next – Pearls and Irritations (

News – The Dairy Industry Is Scared, and Queen Latifah Is Here to Make It OK2Milk | Drilled

Coral islands in Australia at risk of disappearing – BBC News

Petronas, Pertamina among national oil companies at highest risk of not generating public returns in net-zero world | News | Eco-Business | Asia Pacific

Turbulence Ahead: Climate Threats Impacting the Aviation Industry – Safe Landing (

If you didn’t have an opportunity to watch it live, I recommend the last Climate Courage of the year, with Dr. David Ko, Richard Busellato and SirCollins Manyasi. There is so much knowledge and insight here, which is so valuable for all of us to understand. If we can grasp the scale of the challenges we face, we can work out how to overcome.

Beautiful work from my friend Andrew Psarianos of Picture Perfect Productions. There are so many amazing people in this world, who need their stories told! Can you tell stories about the amazing people changing our world?

Meet Irum Fawad, a true power-woman, who is relentless in driving changes in Pakistan, for women, for young people, and for broader society. She is a lady with swagger, and I love a lady with swagger.

Cop28 failure

Timothy Ndgewa is the African representative of Rethinking Choices, and he’s working relentlessly to contribute to change across the continent.

SirCollins Manyasi is working to support grassroots women’s organisations in Kenya – very inspiring.

Representation matters, and when it comes to the fight for our future, women and minority groups must have a seat at every table where decisions are being made. If we miss the wisdom of more than half of humanity, we will not get our next steps right!

Opec rails against fossil fuel phase-out at Cop28 in leaked letters | Cop28 | The Guardian

Visualised: how all of G20 is missing climate goals — but some nations are closer than others | Greenhouse gas emissions | The Guardian

The science is clear: we need net zero carbon dioxide emissions by 2050 – Club of Rome

COP28: Controversy hangs over climate talks as countries weigh whether to ditch fossil fuels | CNN

Planet: Critical: Mongabay: Climate loss & damage fund ‘the furthest thing imaginable from a success’ on Apple Podcasts

Jubilation for COP28 loss and damage deal but World Bank’s role as interim funder still a concern | News | Eco-Business | Asia Pacific

Gore rails against COP28 president: Don’t “try to mansplain” climate activist Robinson (

Andrew Forrest calls for fossil fuel bosses’ ‘heads on spikes’ in extraordinary outburst on sidelines of UN COP28 climate conference – ABC News

Record number of fossil fuel lobbyists get access to Cop28 climate talks | Cop28 | The Guardian

How oil firms talk about climate change — and how to decode it : NPR

The Man In Charge uses words as a planet-wrecking weapon – Ketan Joshi

COP28 Climate Summit Begins Against Backdrop of War and Record Heat – The New York Times (

WTF is the ‘Global Stocktake’? We explain the ‘heart’ of COP28 – POLITICO

Cop28 president forced into defence of fossil fuel phase-out claims | Cop28 | The Guardian

Only 15 out of the 140 speakers at COP28 are women (

Draft text at COP28 shows negotiators considering fossil fuel ‘phase out’ | Reuters

Cop28 president says there is ‘no science’ behind demands for phase-out of fossil fuels | Cop28 | The Guardian

Young people can help solve the climate crisis. Let’s give them a seat at the table | Cop28 | The Guardian

COP28: Vow to phase out fossil fuels could be ‘totally’ doomed to fail, warns David Miliband | Climate News | Sky News

Most sponsors of Cop28 have not signed up to UN-backed net zero targets | Cop28 | The Guardian

Sadaf Khalid is the global coordinator for the virtual Cop 28 on behalf of Rethinking Choices. She is a power woman, who believes in taking action and getting involved.

Too much stuff: can we solve our addiction to consumerism? | Waste | The Guardian

The World’s Top Thinkers 2024: ideas for a world on the brink (

2024: First chance of 1.5 °C year – Met Office

Heatwaves and catastrophic fire conditions are happening across the country. Here’s who is on alert – ABC News

Ancient climate analysis suggests CO2 causes more warming than thought | New Scientist

Half-asleep bears are wandering around Siberia because it’s too hot to hibernate | Live Science

2023 likely warmest year in more than 10,000 years (

Climate tipping points are nearer than you think – our new report warns of catastrophic risk (

Two Philippine coal plants selected for early phase-out under Singapore central bank’s test of new ‘transition credits’ | News | Eco-Business | Asia Pacific

India’s growing informal coal workforce complicates energy transition | News | Eco-Business | Asia Pacific

‘I’m not buying new stuff any more’: the young people getting into ‘degrowth’ | Environment | The Guardian

Study: Climate Is a Top Priority for Many Elderly Swing State Voters – Mother Jones

Marree in South Australia recorded as the hottest place on Earth on Wednesday | 7NEWS

WTF is going on with the climate? – by Andrew Dessler (

The Engineer – Tipping Points Report shows humanity on ‘disastrous trajectory’

Transition Plan for a Thrivable Civilization | EARTHwise Stories (

Earth on verge of five catastrophic climate tipping points, scientists warn | Environment | The Guardian

Freecycle: Front Door

A major Atlantic current is at a critical transition point | NOVA | PBS

How long will Earth exist? | Live Science

‘So Much More Efficient’: David Attenborough Promotes Plant-Based Diets (

Weather Australia: NSW issued heatwave warning, cyclone threatening Qld | — Australia’s leading news site

Australia’s weather: Heatwave and possible cyclone kicks off summer | — Australia’s leading news site

The Global Climate 2011-2020: A decade of acceleration (

Q&A: ‘We need to act very fast,’ says sustainability researcher (

Humanity declares war on its children – Pearls and Irritations (

Weather predicted for year 2100 ‘could be here in 2050’ – here’s what that means (

William Nordhaus Owes Us An Apology – by Rachel Donald (

Oil and gas industry needs to let go of carbon capture as solution to climate change, IEA says (

Over 1,000 Academics Sign Our Letter — Scientist Rebellion

Ancient methane escaping from melting glaciers could potentially warm the planet even more – CBS News

NASA SVS | Earth’s Radiation Balance, 2000-2023

Climate TRACE – check this out, very cool!

Half of world’s population suffered under climate crisis-fuelled extreme heat this year, research says | The Independent

US announces rule to slash powerful planet-warming gas by nearly 80% from fossil fuels | CNN

Are you creative? Then you will love this conversation with Sveinung Nygaard – a composer, musician, artist, and a member of the Bards of Climate.

Israel says ‘killed two Palestinians for every Hamas fighter’, calls ratio ‘tremendously positive’ | Mint (

UN chief uses rare power to warn of impending humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza (

Israel Gaza: Hamas raped and mutilated women on 7 October, BBC hears – BBC News

Interest in EU elections on the rise as polls project unprecedented shift to the right | EuronewsThe Nuclear Shadows of the Russia-Ukraine War: A Chinese Perspective – The Diplomat

UN: Russia intensifies attacks on Ukraine’s energy facilities, worsening humanitarian conditions (

UK’s ‘most dangerous’ nuclear site ‘hacked by groups tied to Russia and China’ in major security breach | The Sun

🗳️“Not Them” – On Winning The Next Elections (

France’s Emmanuel Macron buffeted from all sides in row over secularism – BBC NewsElizabeth Magill: UPenn loses $100m donation after House antisemitism testimony – BBC News

America’s undying empire: why the decline of US power has been greatly exaggerated | US foreign policy | The Guardian

Meet Kaaka Issac, a member of the Masai Tribe in Kenya and he is an unstoppable force, driving change at scale for his community and the entire African continent.

China’s Economy Is Shifting. The World Isn’t Ready For It. (

India to become third largest economy in the world by 2030, GDP to grow 7%: S&P Global | Mint (

Pakistan is one of the 10 most vulnerable countries to climate change risk & it’s time to come together and act, especially to help the developing countries in the Global South, who have done little to contribute

Person of the Year 2023: Taylor Swift | TIME

TIME Person of the Year 2023: How We Chose | TIME

Taylor Swift and the era of the girl – The Atlantic

All the Words of the Year 2023, from ‘rizz’ to ‘authentic’ (

A Bizarrely Online Word of the Year – The Atlantic

Watch: Video shows moment of huge explosion in Seychelles – BBC News

Anxiety Rises in China Over Speculated Return of COVID Controls | TIME

No new pathogens in respiratory disease surge, China tells WHO | South China Morning Post (

Congratulations to Dr. David Ko and Richard Busellato for a successful launch of #Its4U – have a listen to understand what it’s all about.

It’s been a privilege to meet Inger-Mette Stenseth, co-founder of the World Climate School, and we discuss the importance of education and creativity.

If you haven’t checked in on Climate Courage, do have a listen to Elizabeth Ward-Sing, as she shares her passion for the ocean and sharks, and we went really wide in this conversation, because it’s all linked!

Leader’s Declaration on Food System a milestone moment in climate action, but global commitment must translate to local action | WWF (

The Climate Summit Is a Sick Joke. You Should Be Angry and Afraid | Opinion (

Loss and damage fund approved at UN’s COP28 climate summit in Dubai | Climate News | Al Jazeera (

Nations Launch Loss and Damage Fund on First Day of COP28 | TIME

Eye-catching climate donations put spotlight on China at COP climate talks – POLITICO

Cop28: King Charles warns of ‘vast, frightening experiment’ on natural world | Cop28 | The Guardian

COP28: United Nations Calls 2023 Hottest Year Ever – Bloomberg

Southeast Asia’s voices of COP28 | News | Eco-Business | Asia Pacific

Here’s a question Cop28 won’t address: why are billionaires blocking action to save the planet? | George Monbiot | The Guardian

Australia set to face heat at COP28 climate summit (

Plans to present meat as ‘sustainable nutrition’ at Cop28 revealed | Meat industry | The Guardian

Cop28 beckons: A hellish future is predicted, yet the world continues to take baby steps on climate crisis – The Irish Times

Everything you need to know about the COP28 climate change meeting : NPR

UAE planned to use COP28 climate talks to make oil deals – BBC News

Joe Biden will not attend the Cop28 climate meeting in Dubai, US official says | Joe Biden | The Guardian

ChatGPT – ClimatePal by Palau (

4 in 5 people around the world support ‘whatever it takes’ to limit climate change | Grist

New York’s Near Zombie Apocalypse – WSJ

Our Global Economy Won’t Survive | Sandy Trust (

EPA Announces Mandate to Replace All Lead Pipes Within 10 Years – Earthjustice

When to Give Up on Climate – by Kimberly Nicholas (

The climate crisis explained in 10 charts | Climate crisis | The Guardian

Carbon dioxide becomes more potent as climate changes, study finds (

Provisional State of the Global Climate in 2023 (

A Taste of an Approaching Dystopia: The Death of the Amazon River Dolphin – DER SPIEGEL

A habitable Earth can no longer afford the rich – and that could mean me and you – Climate Uncensored

‘A biodiversity catastrophe’: how the world could look in 2050 – unless we act now | Environment | The Guardian (

What the U.S. will look like if the world heats up beyond 1.5 degrees : NPR

China launches three-year plan for promoting bamboo as an eco-friendly substitute for plastics, according to the National Forestry and Grassland Administration – Global Times

Major snowstorm spawns travel chaos in US – BBC News

New documentary ‘Wasted’ explores Asia’s mounting waste crisis — and how to tackle it | Videos | Eco-Business | Asia Pacific

The Climate Contradiction That Will Sink Us – The Atlantic

The Weirdest Reason the Poles Are Warming So Fast? Invisible Clouds | WIRED

We Traced the Forever Chemicals Getting Into Ocean Ecosystems | Scientific American

New research shows world’s most climate vulnerable countries could lose over 100% of GDP in 2024 from disasters that are insurable | Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL)

Scientists ‘Surprised’ by Antarctic Glacier Suddenly Doubling Its Speed (

‘They Will Die’: Tesla-Linked Mining Project Is Devastating One of the World’s Uncontacted Peoples (

Two Billion People Are Prepared to Lose Their Homes (

The cost of climate policies: Hard-pressed consumers are pushing back | CNN Business

No easy way to communicate the impacts of climate change, says study (

Opinion | The Aral Sea’s Demise Is a Parable of Our Environmental Hubris – The New York Times (

Climate change is happening. Why do we still act like it’s not? (

Extreme rainfall increases exponentially with global warming: Study (

Opinion: We should listen to a renowned scientist’s warning on climate change – The Globe and Mail (

Extinction Rebellion-linked Group’s Legal Battle Against Telegraph Over Climate Crisis ‘Denial’  – Byline Times

How did humans get to the brink of crashing climate? A long push for progress and energy to fuel it (

The libertarian developer looming over West Maui’s water conflict | Grist

NOAA report says declining snowpack means worldwide food disruptions –

Climate crisis and energy costs fuel £600 rise in UK household food bill, analysis finds | Inflation | The Guardian

Too little, too late: the desperate search for cod babies | Fishing | The Guardian (

A climate of trauma – Prof Jem Bendell

‘We have to work urgently’: Mexican ecologists start campaign to save axolotl | Mexico | The Guardian

Fire Season in Australia Starts Early – The New York Times (

Opinion | Climate change: water scarcity is fuelling new crises across Asia | South China Morning Post (

Hit by floods and drought, quarter of Somali people at risk of ‘crisis-level’ hunger, WFP says | Reuters

Extreme poverty rendering Madagascar highly vulnerable to underreported extreme heat that would not have occurred without human-induced climate change – World Weather Attribution

Incredible images that show the true impact of climate change |

High-ranking Climate Scientists Rebel against the IPPC (

Deadly floods throughout history |

Worst impacts of sea level rise will hit earlier than expected – AGU Newsroom

Suffolk holiday park evacuated after road collapse at beach | Suffolk | The Guardian

Americans think the American dream is dying (

The “Keeling Curve” for the Earth Energy Imbalance – Watching the World Go Bye (

Untreated diseases could kill more than bombings in Gaza, WHO warns – BBC News

The Netanyahu doctrine: how Israel’s longest-serving leader reshaped the country in his image | Benjamin Netanyahu | The Guardian

Russia’s ominous warning about ‘next victim in war’ (

Argentina election: Javier Milei’s radical proposals face test of reality – BBC News

‘They feel they are being neglected’: why voters turned to ‘Dutch Trump’ Geert Wilders | Netherlands | The Guardian (

In a Shaky Oil Market, OPEC Has Bitter Decisions to Make – The New York Times ( filming highlights Saudi plan to artificially raise oil demand – Channel 4 News

The Daily: Ending Roe Was Supposed to Reduce Abortions. It Didn’t. on Apple Podcasts

Trump’s second term would be a climate change disaster (

My 1994 warning about Trumpism, and the crap I got from the White House for it (

Gen Z Sparks Viral Movement To Re-Elect President Biden and Vice President Harris – MeidasTouch Network

Rachel Maddow Reveals A Secret Nazi Campaign In America In ‘Prequel’ (

The Natural History Museum and Bloomberg Team Up to Make the Museum’s Biodiversity

Nearly 40% of conventional baby food contains toxic pesticides, US study finds | Pesticides | The Guardian

What is fast fashion, and why is it so controversial? | CNN

The Mega Trends That Will Shape Our Future World (

‘Brutal’ cold virus that ‘lasts for weeks’ sweeps across UK and is ‘worse than winter bug’ – Mirror Online

Don’t press ‘pandemic panic button’ scientists caution on China pneumonia report | Reuters

Opinion | A Battle Over China’s Reproductive Future Is Underway – The New York Times (

Do not ignore the suffering of Sudanese women | Women’s Rights | Al Jazeera

Precarious finances: 38% of Europeans no longer eat three meals a day | Euronews

The last of their kind: The unique life of Pakistan’s Wakhi shepherdesses – BBC News

Populists seek dividends from a climate change backlash (

France warns people off Black Friday clothes deals – BBC News

World facing ‘hellish’ 3C of climate heating, UN warns before Cop28 | Climate crisis | The Guardian

WA firefighters on edge as severe weather warning forecasts gusty winds for bushfire zone – ABC News

Heaviest ever SUVs massively undermine climate benefits of other vehicle improvements, says new GFEI report (

Amazon region hit by trio of droughts in grim snapshot of the century to come (

World’s biggest iceberg is on the move | CNN

CO2 readings from Mauna Loa show failure to combat climate change | Environment | The Guardian

Revealed: the huge climate impact of the middle classes | Greenhouse gas emissions | The Guardian (

Amazon region hit by trio of droughts in grim snapshot of the century to come (

Gripped by drought, this French island is running out of drinking water | CNN (

Global warming on course for 2.9°C, UN report warns | News | Eco-Business | Asia Pacific

Ethiopia drought: Fifty die of hunger in Tigray and Amhara amid aid freeze – BBC News

‘I thought climate change was a hoax. Now I’ve changed my mind’ – BBC News

A glimpse of optimism on climate change  | The Hill

Who are the polluter elite and how can we tackle carbon inequality? | Greenhouse gas emissions | The Guardian

Concerns raised as Zika warning issued (

MEPs call for militaries to be more transparent in reporting emissions | Euronews

For Climate, Protecting Forests Is Way Better Than Planting Trees – Mother Jones

Perth poised to shatter records after first extremely severe heatwave warning issued in history | — Australia’s leading news site

EPA offers $2 billion to clean up pollution, develop clean energy in poor communities (

More Than Half Of Europeans Are Cutting Down Meat, Study Finds (

Climate conspiracy theories flourish ahead of COP28 (

Fossilized corals in the Seychelles may predict future sea level rise as climate warms – Washington Post

The Fossil Fuel Industry Has Been Infiltrating U.N. Climate Talks for Decades | The New Republic

Science Weekly: Superyachts and private jets: the carbon impact of the ‘polluter elite’ on Apple Podcasts

2023’s extreme weather raised olive oil, beef, and blueberry prices – Vox

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A must watch and very nuanced – critical messages in the mix we must learn!

A huge thank you to Andrew Buoy, Vice President of Group Sustainability for SingTel and Optus, who really shared from the heart, inspired me with the action the telecom industry collectively is taking, and shared how we are ALL in climate jobs today.

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In 2023 we’ve seen climate destruction in real time, yet rich countries are poised to do little at Cop28 | Saleemul Huq and Farhana Sultana | The Guardian

Image credit Berkley Earth.

The planet is heating up faster than predicted, says scientist who sounded climate alarm in the 1980s | CNN

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This year’s potato harvest ‘worst in living memory’, says IFA (

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Climate crisis: carbon emissions budget is now tiny, scientists say | Climate crisis | The Guardian

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CoreLogic pegs Hurricane Otis insurable loss at $10bn to $15bn – Reinsurance News

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The ferocity of Hurricane Otis stunned hurricane experts and defied forecast models. Here’s why. – CBS News

Hurricane Otis: Dozens killed in Mexico’s Guerrero state – BBC News

Food waste in US landfills produces emissions equal to 12 million cars | New Scientist

Israel says it has completed the encirclement of Gaza City | Euronews

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Vladimir Putin signs Russia’s withdrawal from the treaty banning nuclear tests | Euronews

House Speaker Mike Johnson Widens Partisan Climate Change Divide – Bloomberg

Adobe is selling fake AI images of war in Israel-Palestine (

Elon Musk’s net worth drops $41 billion on Tesla earnings amid EV souring | Fortune

Elon Musk’s X Is Now Worth $19B—a Cool $25B Less Than He Paid for It: Report (

Big Tech Is Inflating Fears About AI’s Risk to Humanity: Google Brain Cofounder (

‘Hamas has created additional demand’: Wall Street eyes big profits from war | Arms trade | The Guardian

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Shore principal John Collier says Lilie James accused killer was ‘not a monster’ (

Psilocybin and LSD: What I learnt after experiencing ‘psychedelic flashbacks’ – BBC Future

China’s Male Leaders Push to Get Women to Stay Home for Family – The New York Times (

King Charles’s ‘deep regret’ for colonial atrocities was a ‘miss’, Kenyans say | Global development | The Guardian

Cognitive decline in older adults in the UK during and after the COVID-19 pandemic: a longitudinal analysis of PROTECT study data – The Lancet Healthy Longevity


Scientists seriously believe we could live forever by the 2030s (

More Chinese Migrants Are Journeying to the U.S. Border to Seek Asylum | TIME

When you go sober for even a month, your body will change. Here’s how. (

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The tragedy of the Israel-Palestine conflict is this: underneath all the horror is a clash of two just causes | Israel-Hamas war | The Guardian (

Gaza before and after: Satellite images show destruction – BBC News

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US asks Qatar to ‘turn down the volume’ of Al Jazeera news coverage | Al Jazeera | The Guardian (

US must curb Israel’s revenge instinct, end Palestinian suffering by wielding its power for peace | South China Morning Post (

Gaza death toll tops 5,000, nearly half of them children: Officials | Israel-Palestine conflict News | Al Jazeera

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High steaks society: who are the 12% of people consuming half of all beef in the US? | Beef | The Guardian

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International Committee of the Red Cross confirms two women held hostage in Gaza released by Hamas | Euronews

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Commercial Shellfish Landings Decline Likely Linked to Environmental Factors, Not Overfishing | NOAA Fisheries

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2023 state of the climate report: Entering uncharted territory | BioScience | Oxford Academic (

Earth’s ‘vital signs’ worse than at any time in human history, scientists warn | Climate crisis | The Guardian

West Antarctic Ice Sheet collapse may be unavoidable, study finds (

China discovers its first 110-billion-m³ deep coalbed methane field (

Gagged and grief-stricken, but not without hope – ABC News

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Sustainable tourism: This Nordic nation is introducing tourist tax to protect its ‘unspoilt nature’ | Euronews BTW it shouldn’t be a tourist tax, but a tourist cap! We’ve got to slow it all down.

Renowned climate scientist Michael E. Mann on what ‘doomers’ get wrong » Yale Climate Connections

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Health-care systems’ resource footprints and their access and quality in 49 regions between 1995 and 2015: an input–output analysis – The Lancet Planetary Health

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US surgeons are killing themselves at an alarming rate. One decided to speak out | US healthcare | The Guardian (

Lego ditches oil-free brick in sustainability setback

Natural Antibiotics That Actually Work (

Calls to shut down right-wing UK news channel engulfed by misogyny scandal | Euronews

A QAnon ‘queen’ and the Canada town that wants her gone – BBC News

Long Covid Is Real. Now the Evidence Is Piling Up. – Bloomberg

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Why massive shoes are the trend of the year – BBC Culture

Gymnastics Ireland issues unreserved apology to black girl not given medal at event ceremony – BBC Sport

Groundbreaking Elephant Rescue: Unchained Elephants’ Historic Effort Saves One-Eyed Bull Elephant  

34 ขั้นตอนในการเตรียมตัวเพื่อสภาวะอุณหภูมิสูงถึงระดับที่ไม่สามารถอยู่ได้ – The Digital Conversationalist (

Doomsday author’s analysis: We have destroyed our ecosystem – now we await the collapse of civilization | WRAL TechWire

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Brazil Could Break All-Time High Temp Record in Waning Days of Winter – The Messenger

American Climate Corps | The White House

Deadly humid heatwaves to spread rapidly as climate warms – study | Climate crisis | The Guardian

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UN chief denounces ‘foot-dragging’ and ‘naked greed’ for lack of climate action | Financial Times (

“Biological annihilation”: Trajectory of evolution is being altered by wide-scale extinctions (

Severe plankton bloom off Thailand creates marine ‘dead zone’ | Thailand | The Guardian

UN Climate Summit: UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres says Humanity has opened the gates to hell |

Libya flood: Derna mayor’s house burnt down in protests – BBC News

Arizona’s new solution to cool boiling schools – BBC News

Climate Driver Update (

Potential El Niño inching closer, but the Bureau of Meteorology is not ready to declare it yet – ABC News

‘Worst risk since black summer’: NSW south coast fire danger upgraded to ‘catastrophic’ | Bushfires | The Guardian

Study: conditions on earth may be moving outside “safe operating space” for humanity | CNN

Billionaires Are the Real Existential Risk (

Study finds human-driven mass extinction is eliminating entire branches of the tree of life (

Samkong streets flood, again (

Furore over Chalong garbage dump (

London facing 45C days ‘in foreseeable future’, mayor Sadiq Khan warns | London | The Guardian

Sydney Marathon runners hospitalized as Australia swelters in unusual spring heat wave | CNN

Study finds significant chemical exposures in women with cancer (

NSW schools closed today: September temperature records fall as fire danger rating hits ‘catastrophic’ level (

Some easy (or mostly easy) life changes that have a big impact on the world’s oceans | CNN

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Norway’s $1.4 Trillion Wealth Fund Tells Portfolio Companies Not to Count Carbon Credit Towards Interim Climate Goals – ESG Today

March to End Fossil Fuels: Youth Activists Need Parents, Families to Join the Movement | Teen Vogue

Water firm bosses pocket £3.4 million in salaries amid sewage spill claims – Mirror Online

The Invisible Doctrine: by Eat the Moon Films — Kickstarter

Tallaganda State Forest logging spells ‘carnage’ for glider habitat (

Global El Niño forecasts predict a Very Strong event for 2023/24 (

Four Reasons Civilization Won’t Decline: It Will Collapse – resilience

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Liberia Might Sign Away 10% Of Its Land Mass To UAE Firm In Carbon Offset Deal – Tech Labari

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Global climate protests demand phase out of fossil fuels | Reuters Video

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150 dead as ‘catastrophic’ storm floods hit east Libya (


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Morocco quake survivors pack donkeys with supplies to reach cut-off villages | The Straits Times

Frustration mounts with Morocco earthquake aid yet to reach some survivors; death toll tops 2,900 – TODAY (

Morocco quake leaves half of village’s population dead or missing – BBC News

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Their names appeared on letters urging fracking Ohio’s state parks. They don’t know how. –

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Bangladesh’s worst ever dengue outbreak a ‘canary in the coal mine’ for climate crisis, WHO expert warns | CNN

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Experts Warn of ‘Denialism Comeback’ Ahead of November’s Global Climate Talks – Inside Climate News

Nick Brandt | Home

B.C. wildfires: Crisis was forecast, but arrived sooner than expected | CTV News

Climate change: Planet-warming pollution made summer heat twice as likely for nearly all of humanity | CNN

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‘Reactive’ hiring for ESG roles plagues a nascent green fintech industry in Asia: experts | News | Eco-Business | Asia Pacific

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वह क्षेत्र जो रहने लायक नहीं रहे, उन पर पड़ने वाले ताप सूचकांक की तैयारी के लिए 34 कार्रवाइयां: – The Digital Conversationalist (

Powerful earthquake causes damage across Morocco – BBC News

El Nino weather pattern could mean extreme heat and fires for Australia in 2023 | — Australia’s leading news site

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Boy, 12, dies after being forced to run in 36C heat during gym class without water – Mirror Online

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Indonesia awards biggest Indigenous forest claim yet to Bornean Dayaks

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NASA-funded Study: Half of Glaciers Vanish with 1.5 Degrees of Warming | NASA

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Jordan Peterson Generates Millions of YouTube Hits for Climate Crisis Deniers – DeSmog

California coast witnesses rash of dolphin and sea lion deaths amid toxic algae outbreak (

US ‘university’ spreads climate lies and receives millions from rightwing donors | US news | The Guardian

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Can Shrinking Be Good for Japan? A Marxist Best Seller Makes the Case. – The New York Times (

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Bioregions 2023 | One Earth

“They will not stop until our ancestral lands are one infertile wasteland” – Indigenous leader calls for communities to abandon “corrupt” UN (

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Canada’s mega-fires: 13.7 million hectares of forest have burned, twice as much as the 1989 record (

Seven dead as severe storms trigger flooding in Greece, Turkey and Bulgaria | Climate crisis | The Guardian

Asian hornet likely to have become established in UK, say experts | Invasive species | The Guardian

Betting against worst-case climate scenarios is risky business – Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists (

Greece floods kill at least one as country grapples with ‘totally extreme weather phenomenon’ | CNN

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Burning Man festival road reopens, allowing thousands to escape muddy trap | Reuters

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El Nino weather pattern could mean extreme heat and fires for Australia in 2023 | — Australia’s leading news site

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Woman accused of faking symptoms of debilitating illness dies aged 33 | The Independent

Mexico decriminalizes abortion, extending Latin American trend of widening access to procedure | AP News

Cancer cases in under-50s worldwide up nearly 80% in three decades, study finds | Cancer | The Guardian

New cancer cases in under-50s have risen by 79% in 30 years (

Alabama can prosecute those who help women travel for abortion, attorney general says –

Luis Rubiales: Spain’s men’s team call behaviour of federation president ‘unacceptable’ – BBC Sport

Jorge Vilda: Spanish federation sacks World Cup-winning coach amid Luis Rubiales kiss row – BBC Sport

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Virtually all children infected with COVID-19 show signs of blood vessel damage, study shows (

Transformational Ownership – point by point | LinkedIn

The summer ahead: The climate disasters unfolding in the northern hemisphere are a sign of what’s in store here, as governments fail to act on the unfolding emergency | The Monthly

‘The burns can cook them’: searing sidewalks cause horrific injuries in US | US news | The Guardian this is horrific!!

India will be losing groundwater three times faster in 2041-2080, finds study (

Plan for 55,000-acre utopia dreamed by Silicon Valley elites unveiled | Silicon Valley | The Guardian

Women working in Antarctica say they were left to fend for themselves against sexual harassers | AP News

A Cooler Future Means a World With Less Pavement | The Nation

The planet is too important to be left to activists: The guiding philosophy of the Climate Majority Project – ABC Religion & Ethics

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Baby emperor penguins drown in thousands after Antarctica sea ice melts – ABC News

Australia’s greenhouse emissions are a national disgrace that are destroying the planet and costing households | Greg Jericho | The Guardian

Using evidence from last Ice Age, scientists predict effects of rising seas on coastal habitats | ScienceDaily

Researchers find Antarctic ice shelves thinner than previously thought (

Heat records topple across sweltering Asia (

Hawaii wildfires: Oprah and The Rock pledge direct payments to victims in Maui – BBC News

Pope Francis to lay bare ‘terrible world war’ on nature in papal letter | Pope Francis | The Guardian

In New Scramble for Africa, an Arab Sheikh Is Taking the Lead – Yale E360

Idalia: Florida assesses storm damage amid sense of relief – BBC News

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The 7 climate tipping points that could change the world forever – Grist | Grist

Microplastics infiltrate all systems of body, cause behavioral changes | ScienceDaily

Why did tourists keep coming as Rhodes and Maui burned? It’s about far more than denial | Moya Lothian-McLean | The Guardian

Chinese people are living two years longer thanks to ‘war on pollution,’ report says | CNN

Idalia to hit Florida as ‘extremely dangerous’ hurricane, forecasters say | Florida | The Guardian

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This Brutal Summer in 10 Alarming Maps and Graphs | WIRED

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Prehistoric bird once thought extinct returns to New Zealand wild | Birds | The Guardian

Crops significantly deteriorate during scorching week – Iowa Capital Dispatch

Leeds Festival clear-up volunteer’s dismay at ‘littering on the grandest scale’ | ITV News Calendar

China continues coal spree despite climate goals | China | The Guardian

Greece wildfire declared largest ever recorded in EU | Greece | The Guardian

Rainforest study: Scientists now know the temperature at which photosynthesis stops | Grist

Climate activists target jets, yachts and golf in a string of global protests against luxury | AP News

6.0 magnitude quake felt in Aussie city (

Hurricane Idalia: Floridians evacuate as storm hurtles towards coast – BBC News

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Climate crisis to create ‘acute’ challenges for Australia’s economy, incoming RBA governor says | Australia news | The Guardian

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‘Off-the-charts records’: has humanity finally broken the climate? | Climate crisis | The Guardian (

FEMA announces $3 billion for climate resiliency as time runs low for Congress to replenish its disaster fund | CNN Politics

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‘No civilisation without agriculture’: David Pocock says gas fields show environmental laws are broken | Environment | The Guardian

Environmental crisis looms as Murray cod virtually disappear from NSW Lower Darling | Australia news | The Guardian

11 years ago…

Planet: Critical: Mainstreaming Behaviour Change | Bill Ryerson on Apple Podcasts

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Modi-linked Adani family secretly invested in own shares, documents suggest | India | The Guardian

Meta closes nearly 9,000 Facebook and Instagram accounts linked to Chinese ‘Spamouflage’ foreign influence campaign | Meta | The Guardian

Johannesburg fire: ‘Others jumped too, but they didn’t make it’ – BBC News

At least 73 killed as fire engulfs five-storey building in Johannesburg | South Africa | The Guardian

Johannesburg fire ‘wake-up call’, President Ramaphosa says – BBC News

FBI finds 200 sex trafficking victims, 59 missing children in two-week sweep (

Andrew Tate: Chats in ‘War Room’ suggest dozens of women groomed – BBC News

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Sharing my blog again on what you can do to prepare for the heat 34 actions to prepare for a heat index that hits unliveable territory – The Digital Conversationalist (

Spend some time watching this, very powerful insights!

Fossil Fuel Subsidies Surged to Record $7 Trillion (

Saudi Aramco Targeted in UN Human Rights Probe Tied to Climate Change – Bloomberg

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Risk of heat-related deaths has ‘increased rapidly’ over past 20 years – Carbon Brief

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Growing number of countries consider making ecocide a crime | Environment | The Guardian

Scientific journal retracts article that claimed no evidence of climate crisis | Climate crisis | The Guardian

Texas Cancels School Over Concerns Extreme Heat Not Safe Environment For Shootings (

Merryville evaucation: Wildfires force southwestern Louisiana town to evacuate amid extreme drought | CNN

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Top scientists warn of ‘ghastly future of mass extinction’ and climate disruption | Environment | The Guardian

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China’s Addiction to Coal Deepens in the Heat – The New York Times (

Chinook Salmon released in Spokane River as part of conservation |

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Eels have vanished from critical parts of Somerset Levels, DNA tests show | Endangered species | The Guardian

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Cutting methane emissions is key to slowing down climate change: EDF president Fred Krupp | News | Eco-Business | Asia Pacific

Oil industry sees a vibe shift on climate tech – POLITICO

Italy reports 11 extreme weather events per day in the third-hottest year since 1800 | Euronews

Harold: Second US tropical storm in a week drenches Texas – BBC News

Rethinking tactics to fight wildfires and save lives – DW – 08/25/2023

Record-setting U.S. heat dome places 126 million under alerts (

Greece wildfires: Eighteen bodies found in Greek forest – BBC News

The Climate Crisis Is Here Now, Experts Warn, as Death Tolls From Summer Disasters Mount – Inside Climate News

Europe is heading into another heatwave. Here are all the areas affected | Euronews

I’ve spent 40 years studying Antarctica. The frozen continent has never needed our help more (

Heat is associated with short-term increases in household food insecurity in 150 countries and this is mediated by income | Nature Human Behaviour

IAG boss Nick Hawkins explains why your insurance bill is only going one way: Chanticleer (

Extreme heat, rain, and drought across the country is climate change “in all of its forms.” (

Fukushima: wastewater from ruined nuclear plant to be released from Thursday, Japan says | Fukushima | The Guardian

‘Urgent warning’ in Australia as unusually high temperatures spark early start to snake season | CNN

Ecuadorians vote to halt oil drilling in biodiverse Amazonian national park | Ecuador | The Guardian

Hydropolitics of the Helmand River: Iran-Afghanistan water-sharing dispute could imperil regional security and ecology | South Asia Monitor

NSW fire crews work through weekend to contain more than 70 blazes across the state – ABC News

We’re Not in This Together | Ajay Singh Chaudhary (

Swiss Alps: Meteorologists climb record 5,298 metres before finding zero degrees during heatwave | Euronews

The US and China must unite to fight the climate crisis, not each other | Bernie Sanders | The Guardian

Rich countries ‘trap’ poor nations into relying on fossil fuels | Global development | The Guardian

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Three Lessons We Should Be Learning About the 21st Century — But Aren’t

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Plantation disaster capitalism!

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Palm oil plantations absorb more carbon than tropical forests, claims Indonesian palm lobbyist | News | Eco-Business | Asia Pacific

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Don’t overstate 1.5 degrees C threat, new IPCC head says

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Doom busters: why some things aren’t (quite) as bad as we think

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U.S. heat waves prompt surge in use of natural gas, a fossil fuel – The Washington Post

Earth’s Energy Imbalance and Climate Response Time

Climate Viz of the Month

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Extraordinary photos of July’s extreme weather – BBC News

‘I realise how serious it is’: voters in England support action on climate crisis | Climate crisis | The Guardian

Millions of pensions at risk because investment consultants overlook threat of climate tipping points – Carbon Tracker Initiative

Climate lawsuits are rising around the world, a UN report shows – Vox

“100% coral mortality” found in coral reef restoration site off Florida as ocean temperatures soar – CBS News

Ancient pathogens released from melting ice could wreak havoc on the world, new analysis reveals (

Victoria to ban gas connections in new homes

July set to be Earth’s hottest month on record as extreme heat, wildfires, ravage northern hemisphere – ABC News

Europe As A Laboratory For Planetary Universalism (

False claims that heatwave is bogus spread online

Biodiversity, better forest management key to combat wildfire: experts | Edmonton Journal

The U.S. climate movement may be in trouble. Here’s why (

‘A Burning World Shows Net Zero is Not Enough’ – Byline Times

Jetting off to the sun? The adverts are selling you a ticket to climate disaster

Heatwave and drought leave Tunisia farmers struggling to survive | Al Jazeera

IMF increasingly worried about ‘material’ impact of climate change on economies

Extreme heat threatens Texas’ crops and cattle | The Texas Tribune

Farmers reeling after widespread flooding in Northeast US devastates crops

Cereal crops decimated by Europe’s heatwave | News | The Grocer

Flooded paddy fields in Punjab, Haryana to depress crop yields | Mint

Climate and violence hobble Nigeria’s push to rely on its own wheat after the hit from Russia’s war – ABC News

How Illinois farms are adapting to drought, climate change | WBEZ Chicago

‘Scary situation’ in Alberta’s drought-stricken fields raises questions about farming’s future | CBC News

China food security: critical grain harvest sees first summer drop in 5 years, autumn dip may follow

Climate change takes its toll in Serbia as crops suffer after extreme heat follows flooding | Euronews

Global warming threatens collapse of Atlantic currents this century, new study finds

Kahnawà:ke’s bay restoration hailed as an example of Indigenous-led conservation | CBC News

‘Era of global boiling has arrived,’ says UN chief as July set to be hottest month on record

Colorado family members die trying to live ‘off the grid’

Biden looks to provide relief from extreme heat as record high temperatures persist across the US

Nearly 100 Whales Strand Themselves On Australian Beach

Climate Scientists Horrified That Their Predictions Were Correct

Seawilding: the Scottish community reviving a loch

Climate change: July set to be world’s warmest month on record

‘Project 2025’: plan to dismantle US climate policy for next Republican president

Saguaro cacti can’t survive Arizona’s record-breaking heat

Heat Waves and the Sweep of History

Climate change threatens to cause the next economic mega-shock

Florida ocean temperatures top 100 degrees as coral bleaching is found

We can’t afford to be climate doomers

Deborah Meaden warns time running out to act on climate

What frightens me about the climate crisis is we don’t know how bad things really are

It’s so hot in Arizona, doctors are treating a spike of patients who were burned by falling on the ground

Earth is at risk of catastrophic climate collapse ‘as early as 2025’

Polar Vortex And Polar Jet Stream Are Facing An Earth-Changing Upset

Antarctica’s Low-Ice Winter Should Only Happen Once Every 13 Billion Years

Storms kill two in northern Italy, government readies state of emergency

Atlantic Ocean currents system could collapse this century from climate change: study

Rhodes fires: View from the airport

Climate researcher: ‘We are witnessing the sixth great extinction’

The Summer the Planet Started Burning | by umair haque

Gulf Stream could collapse as early as 2025, study suggests

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Where do deep-sea creatures live? Where they won’t dissolve

It could just be that a global catastrophe matters more than a pause in sport

‘No one wants to be right about this’: climate scientists’ horror and exasperation as global predictions play out

Global Food Supply At Risk As Climate Change Triggers Havoc Worldwide, India’s Rice Export Ban Leads To Panic Buying Of White Rice By Indians In The US

Americans are moving to places besieged by extreme heat

James G Dyke | Climate Majority Project Launch | London | June 29th 2023

British tourists tell of ‘living nightmare’ as 19,000 evacuated in Rhodes fires

Look out! Here come The Elders

Antarctic sea ice levels dive in ‘five-sigma event’, as experts flag worsening consequences for planet


Climate change is threatening our ability to walk outdoors

Big Oil’s decades-long gaslighting campaign

Heat-struck Mediterranean is climate change ‘hot spot’

There’s a heatwave in the sea and scientists are worried

Greece fires: Warning Rhodes fires could worsen as thousands flee homes and hotels

Modern ‘Sixth Mass Extinction’ Event Will Be Worse Than First Predicted: Report

Coca-Cola, McDonald’s and PepsiCo named UK’s biggest packaging polluters


What is biodiversity and why does it matter to us?

Around 2,000 penguins wash up dead on Uruguay coast

Tipping points can be triggered unexpectedly by dangerous rates of change

Heat can kill on the job, and these workers are dying

‘Disturbing’: 25 types of toxic flame retardant found in US breast milk

What’s causing the extremely warm temperatures in the North Atlantic?

Factbox: Why Indian rice export ban is so important to global trade

Vegan diet massively cuts environmental damage, study shows

Rampant heatwaves threaten food security of entire planet, scientists warn

Air conditioners fuel the climate crisis. Can nature help?

Nearly two years after Texas’ six-week abortion ban, more babies are dying

Why We Cannot Prevent Collapse | how to save the world

I used to ride private planes. Now I’d rather get arrested protesting them

The Earth Is Dancing Too Close to a Temperature Tipping Point

Manipur: India outrage after women paraded naked in violence-hit state

Computer Scientist Has to Extend Y-Axis on Chart to Show How Hot the Atlantic Ocean Has Become

Flying in Europe up to 30 times cheaper than train, says Greenpeace

To understand the right’s climate backlash, look no further than its monstering of Natural England

You Don’t Need Hope. You Need Courage, and You Might Already Have It

What next for the Climate Movements? | Gail Bradbrook | Extinction Rebellion UK

‘We are damned fools’: scientist who sounded climate alarm in 80s warns of worse to come

This heatwave is a climate omen. But it’s not too late to change course

Read an Excerpt from Jeff Goodell’s book The Heat Will Kill You First

What Is Making This Year So Damn Hot?

Consider the heatwave and floods: can we still save the planet for our children? I think we can

People know time’s up for a safe climate. What’s next?

Media reaction: Extreme weather hits world’s seven continents in July 2023

Europe should cap ‘luxury’ energy use to meet emissions targets, study says

US heatwave sees hospitals use body-bag ice treatment

Country music star Jason Aldean suffers heat exhaustion mid-performance

I Drove Around California For A Month. It Was A Disaster.

U.S. air quality alerts, smoke returns as Canadian wildfires continue

What countries will heat up the most in a 2°-warmer world?

Vanishing whale’s decline appears worse than previously thought, federal regulators say

Uncommon Courage: Saving elephants, one bull at a time, can you help?

Leaked UK government plan to protect against climate heat ‘very weak’

Good planets are hard to find: The need for climate action

ABC News’ Alan Kohler delivers alarming message on live TV

Deadly flooding hit several countries at once. Scientists say this will only be more common

Collapse is Not a Dirty Word

Tens of thousands flee as Typhoon Talim lashes China, Vietnam

The Snow Crab Vanishes

Analyzing Carbon Emissions on a Cruise

A Shipping Rule Backfires, Diverting Sulfur Emissions From the Air to the Ocean

Longer heatwaves driven by ‘turbo-charged’ climate change, say scientists

How hot will it get in southern Europe heatwave today?

Climate change and the uninsurable future

Extreme heat intensifies across south-west US

Photos from ‘Anthropocene Project’ show how humans change Earth’s landscape : Goats and Soda

‘We are in uncharted territory’: Earth logs hottest week on record

Big Heat and Big Oil

Saudi Arabia buying up farmland in US Southwest

Saudi farming company can’t use their country’s water for crops — so they’re taking it from Arizona

Dangerous grassfire season warning as La Niña fuel load dries to ‘powder keg’: Climate Council

White men are the super spreaders of climate denialism

World experiences hottest week ever recorded and more is forecast to come

Back To You, Huw!

Southern Europe braces for second heat storm in a week

China can’t just keep building the world’s biggest dam in secret

What’s Happening in the Ocean, and Why It Matters to You and Me

South Korea floods: Dozens die in flooded tunnel and landslides

With our food systems on the verge of collapse, it’s the plutocrats v life on Earth

European heatwave: red alerts issued for 16 cities in Italy

Excessive heat: Why this summer has been so hot

US heatwave: ‘Dangerous’ temperatures could set new records

Climate: Kerry rules out US paying reparations to low-income nations

China’s second wave of COVID infections, deaths, Long COVID, and government lies: Conclusion

‘Hell on earth’: Phoenix’s extreme heatwave tests the limits of survival

The Greenland shark’s slow swim through deep time — and into possible extinction

Citizen science surveys reveal massive marine bird deaths in North America

Guess What Has Decoupled from Economic Growth?

Al Gore has turned the corner

US Republicans oppose climate funding as millions suffer in extreme weather

France reports 910 dolphins washed up on Atlantic coast

Enhanced radiative cooling paint with broken glass bubbles

Why a power outage amid this Phoenix heat wave would be so deadly

Cerberus heatwave latest news: UK travellers warned as Italy, Spain and Greece fight to control wildfires

Heat Tracker: Dangerous Temperatures Expected Across Texas and the South

River Wye: Farmers lobbied government to weaken anti-pollution laws

Cerberus heatwave: Hot weather sweeps across southern Europe

Climate scientist Maisa Rojas: ‘I have a mandate to be part of Chile’s first ecological, feminist government’

Rumbling within the world’s largest climate consultant after FTM publications

Premier warns of challenging days ahead as wildfire evacuation orders and alerts surge in B.C.

Price of tomatoes soars 400% in India as heatwaves and flooding hit crops

Antarctic sea ice hits another record low: Natural fluctuation or sign of climate change?

FEMA Stretched Beyond Climate Response as Disasters Balloon

Oil companies are laughing while the world burns

To Ease Global Warming, the Whitest of Paints

Climate truth is a challenge to power – even that of senior experts – Professor Jem Bendell

French to get bonus to make do and mend clothes

Unprecedented ocean temperatures “much higher than anything the models predicted,” climate experts warn

(PDF) Climate Disruption Caused by a Decline in Marine Biodiversity and Pollution

How climate change intensifies the water cycle, fueling extreme rainfall and flooding – the Northeast deluge was just the latest

Bernie Is Right: Extreme Wealth Concentration Has Turned America Into an Oligarchy

On Being a “Doomer”

Retired Memphis officer who spoke out about Tyre Nichols’ killing, found dead

Threads: We don’t need a new Twitter, we need a break from social media

Can you change a polluting industry from the inside? Ex aviation, mining and gas employees speak out

PAX – Radar shows record-breaking number of flights in one day

‘Heaviest rain ever’ causes deadly floods and landslides in Japan

EU to drop ban of hazardous chemicals after industry pressure

Emerging Tipping Points in Antarctica

Why are so many climate records all breaking at once?

China Opens Bomb Shelters For People To Escape Heatwave

US swelters as south-west braces for record-breaking heatwave up to 120F

Call Jonathan Pie – Episode 10: The Environment tks Joe Augustin

Chandigarh breaks 23-year record of highest rain in July

Are We Facing the Reality of Civilizational Collapse? | by umair haque

What is Regenerative Community Development, and why should you care?

Cool Privilege | Frankly #36

Rhodesian Snake Oil: Genesis of the Regenerative Ranching Myth

Japan Airlines Will Hire Clothes To Tourists To Let Them Travel Light

State of emergency declared in Siberia over raging wildfires

The heat index explained in…90 seconds

Doom-and-gloom climate news may scare but also encourage audiences

The Best Degrowth Directory

UN says climate change ‘out of control’ after likely hottest week on record

Why fireflies are going extinct and what you can do about it

I thought fossil fuel firms could change. I was wrong

Shrinking Arctic glaciers are unearthing a new source of methane

Arctic permafrost runoff driven by climate change

If you’re not terrified, ‘you’re not paying attention’: Politicians, activist urge action amid record-breaking temperatures

Disinformation researchers under investigation: what’s happening and why

What temperature is too hot to walk a dog? Here’s how to keep your pets safe in a heatwave

Drought menacing Thailand threatens global supply of sugar and rice

World’s 722 biggest companies ‘making $1tn in windfall profits’

July 4 Was Earth’s Hottest Day In Over 100,000 Years—Breaking Record For 2nd Day In A Row

Biden’s 2024 Election Success Depends on How US Middle Class Feels About the Economy

To Save the Planet, Should We Really Be Moving Slower?

World swelters to unofficial hottest day on record on Monday then gets even hotter on Tuesday

‘Double agents’: fossil-fuel lobbyists work for US groups trying to fight climate crisis

Indonesia’s coal burning hits record high — and ‘green’ nickel is largely why

Chris Hedges: Requiem for Our Species

Risks of synchronized low yields are underestimated in climate and crop model projections | Nature Communications

We just had the world’s hottest day on record, initial data shows — and experts say it’s only going to get hotter

Risks of synchronized low yields are underestimated in climate and crop model projections

Researchers: We’ve Underestimated The Risk of Simultaneous Crop Failures Worldwide

Revealed: UK plans to drop flagship £11.6bn climate pledge

June Extremes Suggest Parts of the Climate System Are Reaching Tipping Points

Climate change: World’s hottest day since records began

Canada Offers Lesson in the Economic Toll of Climate Change

‘I Hope To God I Am Wrong’ – Climate Change ‘Going Through The Roof’

Mhairi Black to step down at next general election, blaming ‘toxic’ Commons

Financial models on climate risk ‘implausible’, say actuaries

Extinction Rebellion plugs holes on 10 Spanish golf courses in water protest

HORROR OF TUNA FISHING EXPOSED | Earthrace Conservation | Operation Broomstick | Pete Bethune – tks Vicki Kiely

White House cautiously opens the door to study blocking sun’s rays to slow global warming

Chris Hedges: Requiem for Our Species

From doom-scrolling the latest climate news to doom-sensemaking

Zara, lies and Fashion’s big new row

Millions face a summer of Canadian wildfire smoke unlikely to end soon

Red Sea reef threat after mass sea urchin die-off

Will Texas become too hot for humans?

Scientist Katharine Hayhoe on the effects of climate change at the cottage

Naomi Klein says climate activists need to get comfortable attacking capitalism

Will El Niño on top of global heating create the perfect climate storm?

Bank of England warns lenders of ‘fiendishly unpredictable’ risks from climate change

Barbie’s home ruled a toxic site

‘They weren’t even sweating’: Influencers blasted for Shein factory tour

Climate change threat underestimated by people in fossil fuel reliant countries  

New Zealand bans plastic bags for fresh produce in supermarkets

‘Extreme threat’: Large swathe of southern US at dangerous ‘wet bulb temperature’

‘Out of time’: Temperature records topple around the world

Istanbul water sources in danger as drought hits 3 crucial dams

Green revolution: how I learned to be an eco warrior, one step at a time

When it Comes to Climate, Beware the “Calm Down” Guy

DeSantis’ Gross Anti-Gay Ad Proves He’s Way Worse Than Trump

Record Temperatures in Warming Oceans Causes Chaotic Weather Patterns

The Koch-Funded Group Undermining US Clean Energy Goals

Opinion | Wildfire Smoke Is Damaging Our Children’s Lungs

Kentucky keeps getting hit with unusual, severe weather

Smoke will keep pouring into the US as long as fires are burning in Canada

Opinion | Stopping the ‘Insect Apocalypse’ in the Garden of Capitalism

World hits record land, sea temperatures as climate change fuels 2023 extremes

Ray Dalio: Great Disorder in Next 18 Months

US weather agency warns of deadly heat in the US

Hidden cost of selfies – 22 tonnes of CO2 every year

Exclusive investigation: Court documents claim new Arron Banks links with Russia

Thousands suffer heat stress on hajj pilgrimage as temperatures reach 48C

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Can you give me advice on HOW to talk about the multiple planetary crises’?

Andrea T Edwards

How to Enjoy the End of the World – four years ago, but timeless

How long before climate change claims the Thwaites Glacier?

Ecological doom-loops: Why ecosystem collapses may occur much sooner than expected

Ecosystems will collapse within a human lifespan, warns a new study.

‘It’s absolutely guaranteed’: the best and worst case scenarios for sea level rise

El Niño Returns ‘Off the charts’: Earth’s vital signs are going haywire

‘We can’t avoid 1.5C’ – Climate scientist warns we’ll miss key target

Loss of fossil fuel assets would not impoverish general public, study finds

Idiotnomics and the Age of Extinction

What is a global polycrisis? And how is it different from a systemic risk?

How I Went from Climate Skeptic to Climate Doomer

Antarctic Sea Ice Reaches a “Record-Smashing Low”

Book Review: ‘The Heat Will Kill You First,’ by Jeff Goodell

We should have listened to Jim Hansen

Grasshoppers threaten to devour Alberta crops following extreme heat

Beijing heatwave: China capital records hottest June day in 60 years

About 6m across US at risk of extreme weather as over 700,000 without power

Survival of The Richest? Not So Much, It Turns Out

NASA Warns of Impending ‘Internet Apocalypse’ That Could Leave People Without Connection for Months

The Evolution of Bamboo: A Paradigm Shift for the Construction Industry


Polycrisis, Unraveling, Simplification, or Collapse: Coming Soon to a Planet Near You?

‘Going abroad cost me my health’: Nepal’s migrant workers coming home with chronic kidney disease

A convenient distraction: the ‘overpopulation’ myth needs a sense of perspective

The Profound Loneliness of Being Collapse Aware

Record-breaking Texas heatwave enters third week as thousands lose power

Climate, environmental change puts 90% of world’s marine food at risk, study says

Global Sulfur Dioxide Emissions and the Driving Forces

Indonesia to cut tuna harvest in bid for more sustainable fishery

Climate crisis linked to rising domestic violence in south Asia, study finds

Chemical industry used big tobacco’s tactics to conceal evidence of PFAS risks

Deep Sea Mining: The Next Climate Disaster No One’s Talking About | Vasser Seydel | TEDxBoston

Doubt mongers, it is time to stop taking the pi$$

Radical Design For A World In Crisis

Heat ‘dome of doom’ hovers over Texas and Mexico

Why markets fail on fossil fuel pollution, heralding an era of climate disruption

When it comes to rich countries taking the environment seriously, I say: vive la France

Sewage hotspots across UK mapped as Brits warned to avoid certain beaches and rivers

UK government looks at nationalising Thames Water as crisis deepens

How does your Tim Hortons cup turn into paper in India?

“It is not acceptable for designers to be unaware of the carbon impact of their creations”


Montana rail bridge collapse causes derailment, chemical spill in river

Poor air quality in Montreal from Quebec wildfires forces event cancellations tks Kevin Cottam

Texas Cities Set Temperature Records in Unremitting Heat Wave

Sherry calls for precautions as pre-monsoon rains expected in Pakistan

‘One day it will just go off’: are Naples’ volcanic craters about to blow?

Misting fans and cooling canal swims: China’s north bakes in record heatwave – in pictures

Climate change: Deforestation surges despite pledges

UK missing climate targets on nearly every front, say government’s advisers

The Secret Movement Bringing Back Europe’s Wildlife

Sustainable Fashion Communication Playbook

The Sustainable Fashion Communication Playbook

Down the drain: how billions of pounds are sucked out of England’s water system

France badly hit by climate change and ill-prepared

Spotlight on: solar flare risks

Can rooftop solar alone solve climate change? Here’s the answer

Greenland and Antarctica Cracking

The Uninhabitable Earth

Steve Bull and Erik Michaels: Post Doom with Michael Dowd

France police shooting: violence erupts for a third consecutive night

The UN must step up to avoid a nuclear catastrophe in Ukraine

Human Life Has No Value There“: Baltic Counterintelligence Officers Speak Candidly About Russian Cruelty

U.S. government debunks COVID lab-leak conspiracy theory, enraging conspiracy theorists

Affirmative action: US Supreme Court overturns race-based college admissions

Kate Raworth: “The Superorganism V. The Doughnut”

Super-rich warned of ‘pitchforks and torches’ unless they tackle inequality

Water bills ‘set to go up 40 per cent as companies cover sewage spill costs’

Osmanabad: The tortured Indian labourers who were kept as slaves

“Don’t Talk About the Tragedy” Is The American Mantra

An Inheritance of Pride

WHO’s cancer research agency to say aspartame sweetener a possible carcinogen -sources

The Limits to Podcasting About Limits


Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology released this prediction for El Niño this week!

Weather tracker: extreme rainfall and heat hit China amid Asian heatwave

‘The Fires Here Are Unstoppable’

“Current Climate Path Will Lead to Collapse of Life on Earth”

How ‘tornado alley’ is changing

Mexico bakes under killer heat wave

Maps reveal ‘extreme’ marine heatwave developing off the British coast – after the UK’s warmest start to June in decades

Why 40°C is bearable in a desert but lethal in the tropics

‘Unheard of’ marine heatwave off UK and Irish coasts poses serious threat

In Mexico – Heat Extreme Killing Children, Birds

Triple-digit heat across Texas is forecast to break energy records

Scientists monitoring ‘doomsday’ glacier in Antarctic warn climate change happening faster than ever before

“Insane”, “Astonishing” Jet Stream Leaves Scientists “At a Loss” for Words

Wet Bulb Temperature Soon to Become Leading Cause of Death

Aftonbladet investigation into H&M’s recycling: Airtags in items

Ocean heat is off the charts – here’s what that means for humans and ecosystems around the world

Ecological tipping points could occur much sooner than expected, study finds

This city records highest temperature in 70 years

Himalayan Glacier Loss Speeding Up, New Report Finds

Vanishing Himalayan glaciers threaten a quarter of humanity

India vows to tackle heatwave deaths as temperature soars

India heatwave: 96 people dead reportedly from heat-aggravated conditions

‘We are gambling with the future of our planet for the sake of hamburgers’: Peter Singer on climate change

Flood warnings issued for England as parts of the north are deluged

The Atlantification of the Arctic Ocean Is Underway

June 18 votes: results from across Switzerland

Antarctica’s sea ice growth is at record lows. But it’s more complicated than just climate change

Boeing Sees $8 Trillion Jet Market as Climate Reshapes Travel

Biggest-ever airliner order marks first day of Paris Air Show

“Cooking Them to Death”: The Lethal Toll of Hot Prisons

USPS worker collapses, dies on the job in Dallas

A Family Legacy: Leadership or Broken Promises?

Jesus vs. Big Oil: Church of England divests

Ancient Amazon charcoal seen as next big thing in carbon markets

Bill Ford’s Vision for a World Beyond Cars

World Refugee Day: How will climate change force us to rethink attitudes to mass migration?

Science Says Earth Is Dangerously Close To Total Chaos

Earlier collapse of Anthropocene ecosystems driven by multiple faster and noisier drivers

The River Rhine Is Starting to Dry Up Already — Two Weeks Into Summer

Needed: Either Degrowth or Two Earths

Open letter to Good Morning Britain

The dull way Americans are being forced to care about climate change risk: Insurance

E.coli ‘found in Blackpool sea’ following raw sewage discharge and no swim warnings across coast

Oil Lobby Pushed Pollution Loophole For Wildfire Smoke

Campaigners react as Bonn climate talks are dominated by impasse on agenda

Sea Level Rise Viewer

Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Tagged by Source

Concrete is a huge source of carbon emissions. These researchers are working to make it greener

Paris talks to focus on funding poor countries to tackle climate crisis

Rebuilding the reefs

Swiss approve net-zero climate law

Climate Change Driving Behavior Changes Of 60% Americans, New Study Finds

Rewilding complex ecosystems

Hitting The Wall

Climate change is scarring Europe, and southern countries most of all

Europe is world’s fastest warming continent: climate report

Climate change denial hit its stride in the Bush-Cheney era, precipitating today’s climate disaster

Climate change: why we can’t rely on regrowing coastal habitats to offset carbon emissions

Beyond borders: Why new ‘high seas’ treaty is critical for the world

This New Wildlife Sanctuary will be unlike any other part of the YOU.S. – and it’s 6 times the size of Yosemite National Park

Australian mine sites screened for methane leaks by European group seeking full emissions picture

Catch-22: Scientific communication failures linked to faster-rising seas

Sustainability Development Report 2023

Why we should ration the distance each person can fly every year

Global Temperature Change

Redesign Cities to Manage Extreme Heat, UN Official Urges

Climate Model Summary.


What does the UN high seas treaty mean for protecting the ocean?

UN adopts historic treaty to protect ecosystems in international waters

The scientist who raised dangers of carbon dioxide in 1950s

Farmers are Struggling With Climate Change, but Yields Continue to Rise. What’s Going On?

Just Stop Oil: We are the Real Opposition

Chinese tourists caught handling starfish, corals tks Steve Johnson

Climate Change Will Force a New American Migration

Monday, June 12, 2023! Dr. Greer’s Groundbreaking National Press Club Event!

US convenes nuclear weapons meeting with China, France, Russia, UK

US-China tensions: Biden calls Xi a dictator a day after Beijing talks

US and China pledge to stabilise tense relationship after talks

Apac countries ‘less transparent’ since pandemic

True Democracy Is Incompatible With Capitalism

Complaints about Grab ‘anti-public transport’ ad dismissed by Singapore advertising watchdog

Raising interest rates won’t solve inflation

The 3 Great Untruths Destroying  Our Kids

White Evangelicals, This is Why People Are Through With You

Everybody in the US Is Getting Depressed, CDC Says

Greece boat disaster: BBC investigation casts doubt on coastguard’s claims

The Long War on Black Studies

Deadly measles outbreak hits children in Samoa after anti-vaccine fears

Children raised under UK austerity shorter than European peers, study finds

Climate Courage, propaganda, misinformation, lies

‘The fire equivalent of an ice age’: Humanity enters a new era of fire

Oil Change International responds to UN Secretary General António Guterres speech

World breaks average temperature record for early June

Welcome to the Great Unravelling: Navigating the Polycrisis of Environmental and Social Breakdown

US weather: Texas braces for heatwave after deadly tornado

Bonn climate talks stall over money, ramping up pressure on COP28

‘We know how to kill it’: Irish national park battles slow-motion ecological calamity

Siberia swelters in record-breaking temperatures amid its ‘worst heat wave in history’

Heat Index Temps Near 120° in Texas

Brutal Southeast Asia heat wave shatters all-time records across multiple countries

Mumbai Records Hottest Day In 10 Years in June, No Relief From Heat in Coming Days

Spike in ocean heat has scientists questioning; Have we breached a climate tipping point?

With apocalyptic orange skies come fresh thoughts of the climate crisis. Let’s take a moment to consider a climate-related food system collapse.

Siberia is suffocating with 40°C and records its worst heat wave in its recent history!

Antarctic tipping points: the irreversible changes to come if we fail to keep warming below 2℃

Climate scientists: concept of net zero is a dangerous trap

Unusual Ocean Anomalies are being detected in the North Atlantic, impacting the Atlantic storm systems as we head into the Summer season

Extremely dry spring leaves southern Albertan farmers on the road to ‘zero production’

None of the world’s top industries would be profitable if they paid for the natural capital they use

Never Forget: They Knew

Firefighters battle forest fire in Dumfries and Galloway

ECB flags stark economic risks from biodiversity loss

Coastal biomedical labs are bleeding more horseshoe crabs with little accountability tks David Ko

Montana kids’ climate case set to make history

Why buying locally produced food is better for society

Media blames ‘climate change’ for Canadian wildfires despite arrest of multiple arsonists

The Ocean Is Becoming More Stable, And The Consequences May Be Dire, Scientists Warn

Canada’s Wildfires Expose the Climate Change ‘Spiral of Silence’

Army of fake social media accounts defend UAE presidency of climate summit

Love Letter to the Doomers

Greenhouse gas emissions are at an all-time high and Earth is warming faster than ever

We must set planetary boundaries wisely

Population Decline Will Change the World for the Better

Look out! Here come The Elders…

Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant shuts down last reactor in face of flooding threat

In Blue Colorado, Oil and Gas Companies Try a New Approach to Woo Democrats

Planet of the Narcissists: Orbiting Towards Unconsciousness

More than 60 billion leaf litter invertebrates died in the Black Summer fires. Here’s what that did to ecosystems

Exhausted crews battle Canadian wildfires as experts issue climate warning

The Planet Can’t Sustain Rapid Growth Much Longer

‘Headed off the charts’: world’s ocean surface temperature hits record high

125-degree heat index: Puerto Rico faces ‘dangerous situation’ due to record-breaking conditions

I Spent My Life Saving the Whales. Now They Might Save Us

Physicists predict Earth will become a chaotic world, with dire consequences

Biparjoy: India state on alert over ‘extremely severe’ cyclone

UK heatwave prompts National Grid to fire up coal plant to meet aircon demand

Physicists predict Earth will become a chaotic world, with dire consequences

Queensland budgets $19bn for shift to renewables, in huge push away from coal

WTF is Happening? An Overview

Choking on climate denial

From the oceans to ‘net zero’ targets, we’re in denial about the climate crisis

Salford Quays: Hundreds of fish found dead after hot weather

‘Drought is on the verge of becoming the next pandemic’

Carbon dioxide in our atmosphere hits high not seen for millions of years, threatening accelerated global heating

Abrupt expansion of climate change risks for species globally

Fears of hottest year on record as global temperatures spike

Shell drops target to cut oil production as CEO aims for higher profits

Can We Mine the World’s Deep Ocean Without Destroying It?

Why recent water temperatures in the North Atlantic have scientists buzzing

Cyclone Biparjoy: India, Pakistan evacuate more than 170,000

IEA chief: Fossil fuel investment ‘may not be really profitable’ long term tks David Ko

What Happens If… We Actually Exceed 1.5°C In Global Warming?

‘Not a chance in heaven’ to save Great Barrier Reef, but botanic garden will keep corals

How the Environmental Movement Can Find Its Way Again

Return of the lions: Large protected areas in Africa attract apex predator

Overshoot: Why It’s Already Too Late To Save Civilization

North Korea: Residents tell BBC of neighbours starving to death

The Conservative War on Everything

Trump Didn’t Break America, He Revealed Our Brokenness

The Full Indictment Read by Ali Velshi Prosecuting Donald Trump Podcast

Why millions of usable hard drives are being destroyed tks David Lim

Sharp decline in appetite for news in recent years, Reuters Institute says

Heart and Soul: Swiss Christians and conversion therapy The Documentary Podcast

Nine out of 10 people are biased against women, says ‘alarming’ UN report

Local residents mobilise to help survivors of deadly migrant shipwreck off Greek coast

Greece boat disaster: Capsized boat had 100 children in hold, BBC told

COVID-19 is a leading cause of death in children and young people in the US

Countries must put aside national interests for climate crisis, UN says

BP and Shell bosses among oil execs given £15m for ‘protecting environment’

Too late now to save Arctic summer ice, climate scientists find

Australia issues El Niño warm weather alert

Indonesia preparing ‘very well’ for haze amid possible return of El Nino, says minister

How climate change is causing ‘mega-fires’ and forcing people to migrate in Portugal

El Niño may push heating past 1.5C but urgent action could avert catastrophe

Broken record: Atmospheric carbon dioxide levels jump again

Bangladesh forced to shut biggest coal units in heatwave due to lack of coal

World has lost battle to stop glaciers melting and sea level rising, UN meteorological chief says

Water Crisis Threatens Alcoholic Drinks Supply, Top Distiller Diageo Warns

Japan releases seawater into tunnel built for Fukushima nuclear contaminated water

Qatar Airways CEO says aviation industry will miss 2050 net zero target

Climate Crisis Is on Track to Push One-Third of Humanity Out of Its Most Livable Environment

Countries have not yet agreed to put fossil fuel phase-out on Cop28 agenda

Degrowth and Aotearoa Politics: Notes from Europe

Carbon capture and storage is ‘no free lunch’, warns climate chief

Millions breathing hazardous air as smoke from Canadian wildfires streams south over US

Even As Smoke Engulfs Us, We Can’t Wrap Our Heads Around Climate Change

The uncomfortable reality of life on Earth after we breach 1.5°C

El Niño ALERT activated

“Current Climate Path Will Lead to Collapse of Life on Earth”

Everything is Shrinking Now

To create serious movement on climate change, we must dispel the myth of indifference

“Green” finance bankrolls forest destruction in Indonesia

I spend my days staring at the ocean. Trust me, plastic in our waters is a global crisis

Plastic bottles harm human health at every stage of their life cycle

Microplastics found in every sample of water taken during the Ocean Race

I love electric vehicles – and was an early adopter. But increasingly I feel duped

Regardless of What Mr. Bean Says, EVs Are Much Better for the Environment than Gasoline Vehicles

Fact check: why Rowan Atkinson is wrong about electric vehicles

How climate change is causing housing market chaos

Heavy rain triggers evacuation warnings in Japan

‘Only going to get worse’: Asia’s record-shattering heatwaves raise fears over climate change

The Science We Need to Assess Marine Carbon Dioxide Removal

Singapore coordinating action plans amid higher haze risk tks Kevin Cottam

Why Singapore is the only place in the world selling lab-grown meat

Australia: Watch moment trapped humpback whale is cut free

The Age of the Idiot Versus the Age of Extinction

Carnival Sunshine was battered by rough weather. ‘It was terrifying,’ passenger says

How Collective Climate Anxiety Is Shaping What We Wear

Iraq’s oil boom blamed for worsening water crisis in drought-hit south

3M Heads to Trial in Existential $143 Billion Forever-Chemicals Litigation

Dinosaurs Survived When CO2 Was Extremely High. Why Can’t Humans?

The multinational companies that industrialised the Amazon rainforest

The killer orcas aren’t winning. They could be self-sabotaging

As summer opens gates of hell on cities, heatwaves get deadlier than ever

A Path-breaking Innovation in Climate Journalism

Opinion | The Climate Solution That’s Horrible for the Climate

Is Wisconsin heading toward a drought?

Is a post-car future actually possible? Experts say yes — here’s how we could get there

World Environment Day brings solutions to plastic pollution into focus

Daily 2-meter Air Temperature

UK no longer following EU guides on cutting safe levels of BPA plastic containers

Excessive Heat Watch Is In Effect for the USVI and Puerto Rico This Weekend

Federal data forecasts grim wildfire season this summer

Air quality improves in New York City, Tri-State after smoke from Canada wildfires

Phuket bans small boats from leaving shore until end of week

The earth has Bipolar Disorder: and so do we

Stop Telling Kids They’ll Die From Climate Change

Climate change puts chief heat officers in the hot seat tks Susannah Hasenoehrl

Calls for landlords to face mandatory solar installation for tenants as energy divide widens

An oil state hired the biggest PR firms to buff its climate image. It didn’t help.

Pigs, rabbits and fish are dying from searing temperatures in China

Greenhouse gas emissions at ‘all-time high’ causing unprecedented rate of global warming, warn scientists

El Niño planet-warming weather phase has begun

The Climate Emergency

The Climate Crisis Was Always Real. Now It’s in Your Lungs

Singapore to launch guide on how to live and play in hotter weather tks Susannah Hasenoehrl

The Coming Collapse

Eco-Anxiety and Climate Change by a College Freshman

Poland: Thousands protest over new law

How misinformation feeds authoritarian politics

Video shows Florida Republican begging Latinos not to leave

Florida Republicans Admit They Made a Big Mistake With Anti-Immigrant Law

NATO/Ukraine: Playing Russian Roulette with Complex Life | Frankly #33

Prince Harry Takes a Stand for Us All: ‘If They’re Supposedly Policing Society, Who On Earth is Policing Them?’

The Bill establishing Creative Australia, Music Australia & Creative Workplaces has passed the House

Former Gun Company Executive Explains Roots of America’s Gun Violence Epidemic

Inside the Taliban’s war on drugs – opium poppy crops slashed

How Target went from loud and proud — to silent

John Cleese’s War on Wokeism

Wolverine spotted for the second time ever in California in the last 100 years

A Conversation with Trevor Noah and Melinda French Gates

Adaptation for wet bulb temperatures (the short version) 

I published this Climate courage: get ready for wet bulb temperatures aka when it’s ‘too hot to live’ – essentially a blueprint for how we can get ready for wet bulb temperatures because the urgency is now here. From simple to complex, I’ve attempted to think through it all, but open to feedback on anything I’ve missed, as well as translation partners. I’d love to get this in front of the most vulnerable in the Global South.

Unlocking the Secrets of Dairy: Say Goodbye to Bloating and Discomfort! 

Safe and just Earth system boundaries

Earth’s health failing in seven out of eight key measures, say scientists

How Plants Cool the Planet

More than 800m Amazon trees felled in six years to meet beef demand

New research suggests wheat crops may be threatened by unprecedented heat and drought

Warming climate could turn ocean plankton microbes into carbon emitters – British Ecological Society

Climate change protest: a single radical gets more media coverage than thousands of marchers

Pesticide firms withheld brain toxicity studies from EU regulators, study finds

‘Degrowth’ starts to move in from Europe’s policy fringes

Georgia peach crop decimated by bad weather, warming climate

JOHN DeMONT: The wildfires are my environmental tipping point

Temperature in Oman continues to rise, crosses 46 degrees

Climate paradox: Emission cuts could ‘unmask’ deadly face of climate change, scientists warn

Climate change could increase inflation by 1% a year over the next decade, but it’s your food that’s going to get really expensive

U.N. slams carbon removal as unproven and risky

Earth system justice needed to identify and live within Earth system boundaries

Why Climate Change Is Not an Environmental Issue tks Andy G. Schmidt

Breathing is going to get tougher

What we now know about the 2023 El Niño

‘Don’t F&*! The Planet’: Atlassian issues net zero guide for companies cutting climate impact

Antarctic Sea Ice Is at Record Lows. Is It an Alarming Shift?

‘Isn’t Journalism about Finding New Stories?’: The Climate News the Media Ignores

How Global Rice Farming Is Being Transformed by Climate Change The UN’s low-ambition plastics plan supports industry at humanity’s expense

El Nino costs trillions in lost economic growth, study shows

Rising global temperatures point to future widespread droughts

As Ocean Oxygen Levels Dip, Fish Face an Uncertain Future

Is COP28 destined to be a flop?

Rapidly increasing likelihood of exceeding 50 °C in parts of the Mediterranean and the Middle East due to human influence

Even 50-year-old climate models correctly predicted global warming

James Hansen Warns of a Short-Term Climate Shock Bringing 2 Degrees of Warming by 2050

Record levels of heat worldwide in next five years

Shanghai breaks more than century-old heat record in sweltering May

Prolonged, intense heat expected from June to October, raising risk of haze, fires in south Asean

Climate change can cause a collapse of life on earth, claim scientists

As Asian heatwaves require burning more fossil fuels, fears of a slower transition grow

‘In a hot oven’: India heatwaves take a toll on most vulnerable

Record heat waves push India closer to limit of human survival

Drought fuels water conflict in France, Spain as farmers face fury

‘Unprecedented’ Nova Scotia wildfires expected to worsen, officials warn

California’s epic melting snowpack means cold, deadly torrents ahead of Memorial Day weekend tks Steve Johnson

Your Coming Summer of Blackouts

Aussie tourist left in tears after Thailand ‘monkey show’

Trolled in science: “Hundreds of hateful comments in a single day”

For Your Phone and EV, a Cobalt Supply Chain to a Hell on Earth

Knowledge overconfidence is associated with anti-consensus views on controversial scientific issues

Envisioning environmental equity: climate change, health, and racial justice

Impossible Burger Attacks Moms for Publishing Pesticide Results

The aviation industry has emerged as a significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions.

Insurance giant halts sale of new home policies in California due to wildfires

Tear gas fills the air as TotalEnergies AGM rejects climate activist resolution tks Susanna Hasenoehrl

The Collapse Chronicle

Glaciers, Expeditions, & the Amazing Dr. HeÏdi Sevestre Part 1 South of 2 Degrees – The Science Behind Climate Change Podcast

Glaciers, Expeditions, & the Amazing Dr. HeÏdi Sevestre Part 2 South of 2 Degrees – The Science Behind Climate Change Podcast

Venice canal patch turns fluorescent green

Beyond the poles: How melting ice affects everyone tks Andy G Schmidt

Vietnam To Cut Annual Rice Exports By 44% By 2030

Plants remove cancer-causing toxins from the air 

Mars bars trialling paper wrappers in effort to cut plastic waste

Cop28 president’s team accused of Wikipedia ‘greenwashing’

Amtrak is the climate-friendly option — if extreme weather doesn’t disrupt your trip.

Plastic pollution: Treaty talks get into the nitty-gritty tks Steve Johnson

Rock ‘flour’ from Greenland can capture significant CO2, study shows

Montreal Protocol has slowed loss of Arctic sea ice, say scientists

Get ready for snake season

World should prepare for new heat records – UN

How to Prepare for a Hot Summer

Insurance firms need more climate change information. Scientists say they can help

Fast fashion has spawned a mountain of leftover clothes in the Chilean desert that’s so massive it can now be seen clearly from space

Why Does Earth Have an Atmosphere?

A Breakthrough Model For Solar: Meet The Startup Democratizing The Energy Revolution

Global Warming in the Pipeline

What Happens When You Tax Billionaires at 90 Percent?

The Godfather of A.I. Has Some Regrets The Daily Podcast

2023 NYU Commencement Speaker Sanna Marin, Prime Minister of Finland

America’s Dysfunction Has Two Main Causes tks Claire Kielty

Cancer mystery as cases rise among younger people around the world

There’s another invisible injustice for working women – the gender pension gap

“The poison in Australia’s bloodstream” tks Phillipa Edwards

Scientists discover never-before-seen brain wave after reading octopuses’ minds

‘Sick’ planet: Earth is past almost all of its safe limits for humans, scientists say

Global heating will push billions outside ‘human climate niche’

Denial Doesn’t Change Our Climate Reality: Earth Is Becoming a Sacrifice Zone

From fashion devotee to green warrior: Stephanie Dickson shares ways to make sustainable living enjoyable and impactful

Reflections on ‘Beyond Growth’ | Frankly #31

The Upper Atmosphere Is Cooling, Prompting New Climate Concerns

Recycling can release huge quantities of microplastics, study finds

John Gibbons: Wildlife population decline is more acute than we once thought

California fossil fuel divestment bill – SB 252 – passes Senate with massive momentum

Glaciers, Expeditions, & the Amazing Dr. HeÏdi Sevestre Part 1 South of 2 Degrees – The Science Behind Climate Change Podcast

Climate scientists flee Twitter as hostility surges

France Prepares For 4 °C Rise: “We Can’t Escape The Global Reality” 

+10C warming re-confirmed

UN urged to stop the fossil fuel industry sabotaging new Global Plastic Treaty

India’s RBI chief says inflation moderated, flags El Nino worries tks David Ko

Unusual Ocean Anomalies are being detected in the North Atlantic, impacting the Atlantic storm systems as we head into the Summer season

Plastic waste puts millions of world’s poorest at higher risk from floods

3 million hectares of Colombian Amazon deforested for illegal pasture

With global warming of just 1.2°C, why has the weather gotten so extreme?

Tyre-makers under pressure as too much rubber hits the road

Technology Will Not Restore Our Pre-Climate Crisis Future

Oil companies owe the world trillions in climate reparations. This study calculates the exact cost

El Nino on the way, could wipe out $3 trillion of world economy

One Planet, Two Crises: Tackling Climate Change and Biodiversity in the Fight for Our Future

A ‘Canadian Armageddon’ Sets Parts of Western Canada on Fire

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An open manifesto for a post-growth world #BeyondGrowth #PostGrowth #LimitsToGrowth

Tempers flare as France sizzles in drought

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Scientists warn an El Niño is likely coming that could bring scorching heat to Earth tks Steve Johnson

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We’re All Going To Die

April Mediterranean heatwave ‘almost impossible’ without climate crisis

Unprecedented 21st century heat across the Pacific Northwest of North America

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‘Paper can’t be a solution to plastic waste’: Canadian environmentalists warn about the rise in single-use paper products

First observational evidence of Beaufort Gyre stabilization, which could be precursor to huge freshwater release

Air pollution from oil and gas production responsible for $77 billion in annual US health damages, study finds

Greenland Ice Sheet melting faster than previously thought, scientists say

‘Mind-boggling’ methane emissions from Turkmenistan revealed

If Climate Policy Isn’t Social, It Fails

Up to a foot of snow forecast in parts of Southern California days after record heat wave tks Steve Johnson

New Ice Discovery Means Glaciers Could Melt Way Faster Than Predicted

McDonald’s Leads Lobbying Offensive Against Laws to Reduce Packaging Waste in Europe

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HEATWAVES 25 April 2023 16:01 Unprecedented heat extremes ‘could occur in any region globally’

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Sentosa hotels, attractions, F&B outlets to do away with plastic bottled water by end-2023 tks Guan Tay

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Wet Bulb Calculator

Why you need to worry about the ‘wet-bulb temperature’

Wet-Bulb Temperature Calculator from Relative Humidity and Air Temperature

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Soil as an extended composite phenotype of the microbial metagenome

Oceans have been absorbing the world’s extra heat. But there’s a huge payback

Murujuga’s rock art is at risk – where is the outrage?       

Stop salmon producers killing seals tks Gavin Warring

Fires Threaten Oil Sands; ConocoPhillips Briefly Pulls Staff

Extreme humid heat in South Asia in April 2023, largely driven by climate change, detrimental to vulnerable and disadvantaged communities

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