Month: August 2012

The Three Significant Challenges for CIOs in Asia Pacific

Last week I posted an article entitled: Feng Shui, Do You Have the Energy for Business Success, which was written for another project that didn’t go ahead. The other article I put together was an interview with Dane Anderson, Vice President, Research Director and Region Manager for Forrester Research. Once again – not strictly communications related – however for marketing and communications professionals working within the ICT industry, Dane’s advice is perfect for helping you target and hone your communication strategies for Asia Pacific based on the very real challenges CIOs are discussing. Dane is at the front line,...

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Feng Shui: Do You Have the Energy for Business Success?

I recently interviewed Feng Shui Master, Edwaard Liu, for an article I hoped to publish on another digital platform. Unfortunately the publishing deal didn’t work out but I still wanted to share the article – because Master Liu had some really great insights, especially for an uninitiated person like me. He is also a terrific person, so keep him in mind if you want some Feng Shui advice, be it professional or personal. Initially I was apprehensive about publishing a Feng Shui article on this blog, but then, having the right environment for business is a core part of...

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Toys “R” Us Asia Pacific – Vision and Mission – Really?

I’ve been struggling with ‘Toys “R” Us’ in Singapore recently. It’s a place I have to visit on a regular basis – not just because I have two young sons, but also because Singapore is one of those places where you are constantly invited to kids’ birthday parties and as such, there are always presents to be bought. It’s great for the kids of course, but not so kind on Mum and Dad’s wallets. My challenge with ‘Toys “R” Us’ is its customer service. I estimate I have been into its various Singapore stores at least 50 times in...

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