Month: May 2016

Are you ignoring your greatest content creation resource today?

Every time I meet with a new company to talk about ramping up their content marketing efforts, the biggest challenge identified is being able to create enough content. So I ask about employees contributing content and if there is a process in place to welcome (and even reward) that? In 99 percent of cases, the answer is no (beyond the senior executives), we do not do that. And I say, why not? There are typically two responses, and they are linked to time or trust. “Everyone is so busy; we can’t add this on top of their already packed...

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TTAM – turn off automation on social

Welcome to a new series I’ll write when inspired. TTAM = Things That Annoy Me and under this acronym I’ll be sharing ideas about what I believe you should not do on social media. Of course, you can completely ignore me if it doesn’t sit well with you, but this is what I believe. The first thing is turn off social media automation. Turn it off. If you want to respond to someone, respond to them, but don’t automate. Why, because it’s meaningless and unless you’re already famous, it doesn’t work. No one gets an automated response and goes...

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I’ve lost my job, help me with my LinkedIn profile?

I’m at the point where I could pay cash for a luxury dream holiday, anywhere in the world, if I was paid every time I got asked this question. Let’s talk straight. If you’ve lost your job and are only now thinking about your LinkedIn profile, you are completely missing the whole point of the socially connected world we live in today. Not to mention, taking care of your personal brand at a time when recession talk is starting to rumble, job security decreasing (especially for the over 40s), and more, shouldn’t it all seem like a no-brainer? Because...

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Self-belief is the biggest inhibitor to building a personal brand

I need to talk about this because it comes up every time I run a training session with business professionals, or in 1-2-1 conversations with senior executives. When discussing the core success strategies behind building a great personal brand, every time this sentiment is expressed… Why would anyone care what I have to say? I mean it’s all been said before, so why is my perspective any different and therefore, valuable? My first reaction is always good! You’re appreciating that to build a strong brand, it has to be valuable to your audience. This is a great place to...

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