Month: November 2016

Content marketing is not a tactic, it’s a core belief system all must embrace

I can’t tell you how many times I’m asked: is content marketing just another word for advertising? No. Advertising isn’t content marketing, it’s advertising – which still has a place in the world, although a changed place. Can an advert be considered content marketing? Well yes, a great ad that makes us feel, cry, laugh or think can be considered content marketing, it’s just delivered by the medium called advertising and is typically part of a much bigger brand focus. Alternatively, a terrible advert that just wants to interrupt us to sell us something we don’t need, well it’s...

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Not building your personal brand? Then you’re not in control

We’ve all been reading intense headlines these last few months. Economies and confidence starting to flounder, the doom merchants are speaking up, and with the US election results, who knows where that will lead us? But people are being laid off too. Good people. Friends. These friends are people I’ve spoken to about building their personal brand years ago, and when we catch up to discuss next steps, they look at me guiltily, feeling stupid. They feel stupid because they didn’t listen and get started, instead giving everything to their employer. That hurts when you’ve been laid off. Loyalty from...

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19 practical tips for the new blogger

I recently published a blog – 7 things I’ve learnt from writing 687 blog posts – and I wanted to follow up with some practical tips. If you’re thinking of launching a blog (and you should) I really hope this helps. I warn you, this is a longy, but there’s a lot of information here and it’s written for professionals who are committed to embracing the cornerstone of a personal brand – a blog. So here goes… 1. Platform – where you blog It’s very important to have your own blogging platform, even if your content is featured on...

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