Month: May 2011

Will you take the SAJE Speakers’ Challenge?

I attended an event last week; it was a great event, all except one speaker. He was speaking on behalf of the platinum sponsor AND essentially, he did a product pitch. It was just awful and long before the end of his presentation, I wanted him to stop. It was so bad; the entire audience was squirming in their seats from the boredom and tedium of it all. I am constantly baffled that executives do not understand how to present in an exciting and engaging manner, and I’ve heard a lot of presentations. What did he do wrong? He...

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Content Marketing Research Highlights Challenges and Opportunities

I gained early access to the “B2B Content Marketing Trends 2011” research report this week, because I partook in the research, and it makes for an interesting read. We all know that content is king as we move into the future of marketing right? Therefore if we believe that, content marketing is a key strategic asset for any company seeking to grow and influence buying behaviour by delivering top notch content that helps guide prospects throughout the total buying cycle. But it’s not easy. As I read through the report, I broke it down into three areas:  The Good...

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Part Two – If Your Company was a Person, What Sort of Person Would it be?

In the first blog on messaging I asked if your company was a person, what sort of a person would it be? Have you been able to answer that? Is your company the sort of person you think it is? Now we’re going to delve more deeply into how to effectively tackle your company’s messaging, and the one thing that is required is commitment. It’s not a lot, but commitment is definitely needed and it’s needed from the top. To undertake a messaging revamp, you’ve got to dedicate a day or two of executive time to get this right....

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7 Insights to Great Analyst Relations

A chat with Dane Anderson, CEO and Executive Vice President, Springboard Research I had the pleasure of working with Dane Anderson when we were both at IDC. Dane is a terrific person and I have tremendous respect for him as an analyst, as well as his deep knowledge of the ITC industry, especially in Asia Pacific. On another level, I have also found it extremely encouraging  watching Springboard Research grow into one of the most influential analyst firms in Asia Pacific in a very short time – not just because they deliver great research, but because they are motivated by...

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