Month: March 2016

9 Reasons Content Marketing Isn’t Succeeding in Asia

Content Marketing Asia

For 18 months I’ve been working exclusively with brands to launch content marketing strategies and campaigns across Asia. It’s been an exciting time, but a challenging one too. The challenges are varied and have been learnt the hard way. So if you want to skip a little bit of pain, I encourage you to take…

Twitter is cool and I’m going to tell you why


Twitter has been going through a tough time as a business. It’s had leadership issues. Some of its new ideas haven’t worked. Apparently it lacks vision. The early adopters are not as excited by the platform as they used to be. Newbies are intimidated by how much love it needs before they see results. There’s a…

Where are all the Social CEOs? Not in the Fortune 500

Social CEO

Every year I look forward to receiving the #socialceo report, because it gives me statistical fodder to back up my personal branding argument. With that said, this year I was a little disappointed. The growth is so slow and yet the world is moving so fast… it appears the message isn’t getting though. So…