Month: October 2014

An Accidental Content Marketing Audit on LinkedIn

I’ve had an incredibly frantic last week at Microsoft – today is my last day – but before I change my stars I wanted to share some interesting insights I’ve gained in the last month or so. Part of the craziness of my impending departure was an opportunity to work with a terrific team of people who all bought into the vision to launch a pure-play content marketing site – – to support an executive leadership event, arranged by Microsoft, with significant partner support. The content on this site is all thought leadership. The sort that helps IT...

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Content Marketing and Emotional Intelligence, a Perfect Match?

Two years ago, when looking to move back into corporate life after several years as an entrepreneur, one thing was very clear – my passion for content marketing was not an opportunity in Asia Pacific. It wasn’t on any business radars then and when I spoke about it, it was either unknown or perceived as a “nice to have.” It’s no longer the same. Today, if you do a job search on LinkedIn – using the words content marketing – more than 160 opportunities pop up. A search for “content” finds 300+ roles. The world has changed and Asia...

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