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Learn more about Andrea’s transformational social leadership training and mentoring, which achieves undeniable results with the world’s biggest companies.

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If you want to inspire your employees to own their voice, own their future, all while transforming your business through the voice of your people, check it out.

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Nishan Weerasinghe, CMO, IBM Systems for Cloud

“Andrea is the best Personal Branding and Content Marketing mentor I’ve had the fortune to work with. Wherever she goes, she empowers.”



Kylie Barry, APAC Recruitment Manager, RBS

“I have watched people’s lives completely change from Andrea’s training, as they come out inspired, impassioned and ready to take ownership of their future through the amazing tools we have available to us today on social media.”



David Cook, Global Communications Director, GE

“Andrea understands content and what to do with it better than anyone and her strategic, common sense and realistic approach on all things ‘social’ is a breath of fresh air.”

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