Month: January 2014

Scoot Off Message?

I’ve been part of a very interesting discussion about newsjacking on LinkedIn today – see links for an explanation of Newsjacking. Essentially, on the back of disgraced Briton’s (Anton Casey) horrible social media comments that went viral world-wide last week, Scoot thought it would be a good idea to offer a flight deal to Perth – “Escape Plan: Fly to Perth Cheap Cheap, Poor or Not” and then it features a cartoon of a “family” – which is obviously the Caseys. Anton Casey said some terrible things, and the fact he lost his job is quite right. We do not...

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Jo Malone London and Coach. Two Brands, One Winner

I have a very sweet and thoughtful husband. He makes me work really hard at birthdays and Christmas to ensure I – at least – equal his thoughtfulness in the gift-giving department. I’m a lucky gal. For Christmas, he designed my very own perfume at Jo Malone London and he got an absolute winner. It is the perfect fragrance and I wear it every day. Steve told me (after I opened it) that he had an absolutely fabulous experience at Jo Malone London and is keen to take me there so I can experience it as well. A good endorsement for a...

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