Month: April 2016

Asia Definitely Moved Beyond Why of Content Marketing to How

I enjoyed a great couple of days attending Content360 in Singapore last week, with ACMA as the Association Partner for the event. The 180-strong audience enjoyed case-study rich presentations from some of the world’s greatest brands, and I definitely agree with the general sentiment that Singapore (and Asia) has moved beyond the why of content marketing into the how. While the event was predominantly focused on B2C and video content, the overarching message I took from all of the presentations and discussions is this: don’t get confused by the processes, because it’s easy to get distracted (and stalled) by...

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Heart of content marketing success

My greatest concern in 2016 is businesses becoming cynical about content marketing because it does not work. As was referenced in this article ‘Content Marketing – It’s Going to Get Weird’ by Joe Pulitzzi (the benevolent father of content marketing), the nay-sayers are definitely starting to rise, and yet, content marketing is the greatest opportunity of our time – if you get it right! So how do you achieve that? The first and most important part of succeeding is defining your content marketing strategy, and it starts and ends with the customer. Get your executives, marketing, sales, business development, customer...

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Birth of a Blogger Pt 2: Why Are You Blogging?

The second edition, with Dan and Jade. Enjoy and thanks for the great support on part one. Answer this key question, and you unlock the potential for your blog to lead you to your dream life. Novus Asia’s Andrea Edwards, Daniel Seifert and Jade Alphonsine Tuan discuss the concept that finding your core reason for blogging can help you achieve your dream life. Recently we kicked off a discussion between Jade Alphonsine Tuan, a Novus Asia client services manager, and Andrea Edwards, our director of content marketing and training. (Check it out here — and get ready to mediate for...

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The Digital Conversationalist due to be born

Well that’s it. My last day at Novus Asia and what a wonderful opportunity it’s been to work with the team here. Fabulous people. Talented. Smart. Brilliant. And funny. It’s also definitely not goodbye as we plan to become partners moving forward, with Novus Asia doing what it’s brilliant at, and me doing my bit as The Digital Conversationalist. So not goodbye, although it is with a heavy heart I step away from this amazing team. But I’m ready to fly solo again. It’s who I am. It’s how I need to live my life. If you’ve been following...

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Birth of a Blogger Part 1: Finding Your Voice

I loved doing this blog with Jade Alphonsine Tuan and Dan Seifert – enjoy! Hungry to start blogging but not sure where to begin? Our expert, Novus Asia’s director of content marketing and training, Andrea Edwards, walks assistant editor Daniel Seifert and client services manager Jade Alphonsine Tuan through the process in this first chapter of a two-part series. They used to say that everyone has one book in them. Nowadays we’re more likely to say, “You should start a blog.” Easier said than done. Jade Alphonsine Tuan, a Novus Asia client services manager, has long wanted to blog...

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