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#150 Weekend reads – it’s time for a break from the news

The world is on fire, in more ways than one, but if you’d been paying attention to the multiple crises’ facing the world over recent decades, you appreciate that what is happening now is exactly what was predicted.

When it comes to the social unrest, what can we do about it? Allow it to spill over into civil wars all over the world? Or step back and say, we need to take control here, and we need a different approach, with new types of leaders. What we have now isn’t working, so I’m for the latter for sure.

Most of us appreciate that we are living through a time where we need to completely transform everything – our economy, how we live and work, and to live in a way that is compatible with all life on earth, which means using significantly less energy and consumption in all its forms. We can do it, but we need to get started now.

Anyhoo it’s my 150th week of Weekend Reads and it’s time to take a break. I will keep paying attention to what’s going on around the world, of course, but will be taking it easier for a while. I don’t get as stressed by all the bad news like most others seem to do, but I am exhausted that nothing I do seems to be making a difference. I keep going regardless because it’s too important not too.

I’ve learnt to take care of my energy more, after I had my first energy crash this time last year. That took me by surprise, because I’ve been devoted to this work for a very long time, but now I feel I need to switch off every six months or so, because everything has become a lot more intense and we’re still not doing anything about it!  

I do these reads to help my community navigate the crazy world we live in. I figure if the news doesn’t overwhelm me, I can help those it does, but if it’s not being read, then I’m wasting my time. So, I need to hear from you whether I should keep going? If you’re reading this today and you value my Weekend Reads, drop me a comment – either directly below, or on the social media platform where you found it.

Is it of value to you? Do you check in sometimes and scan through the headlines, going deeper on the ones that jump out to you? Do you scan it every week? Or just occasionally? Should I keep going?

Please do let me know. I would very much appreciate hearing from anyone who values this and if it gets stone cold silence, well I suppose I’ll get my answer. Will it mean I stop? Not necessarily, because we must pay attention to the information that matters and in a world rammed by bullshit and shiny things, I am attempting to shine a light on what really is important.

We’re heading off on a road trip through Thailand this year, staying closer to home. I can’t fly unnecessarily anymore, because I know it’s impact, so looking forward to exploring a new part of Thailand we haven’t visited yet and, of course, spending quality time with my three lads. If this is your summer vacation time – be happy and safe, and remember, pay attention to those heat warnings. A lot of people are dying from extreme heat right now.

Onto the reads and if I do come back in August, I found a new template, so it will be more visual. Peace my friends, peace.

Friend’s content and mine

Want to save an elephant from a life of despair? Please donate what you can and help Vicki Kiely and the team at Unchained Elephants save this might boy. You can find more details here: An XRP NFT Project With A Cause (

I met Jana Stansfield in Singapore a few years ago and so admire the work she is doing, with both Together We Can Change the World and this celebration of the Refugee Film School for SEEDS of hope. Take inspiration, because we can all make a difference in the world and action is always the pathway out of despair and hopelessness. How beautiful are these four ladies?

I published this blog this weekCan you give me advice on HOW to talk about the multiple planetary crises’? – if you have any ideas on how I can communicate this crisis differently, I would love to hear your thoughts. I’ve been wracking my brain for years trying to work out the answer to this, and I’m still failing. So, your thoughts are welcome.  

Donation time

If everyone gave #just10percent of their time, talent, money or voice, we’ll change the world. Can you donate? Make it a regular donation to the World Food Programme. Or donate to the UN Refugee Program, Medicine Sans Frontier, PowerOf , , Soi Dog Foundation.  It’s a time for giving and taking care of each other.

Content to read

And here’s the content I’ve been reading or watching this last week. Scan the headlines, read the ones that jump out at you, read or watch them all. Knowledge is power, and global knowledge is even more powerful.

Climate crisis

How to Enjoy the End of the World – four years ago, but timeless

How long before climate change claims the Thwaites Glacier?

Ecological doom-loops: Why ecosystem collapses may occur much sooner than expected

Ecosystems will collapse within a human lifespan, warns a new study.

‘It’s absolutely guaranteed’: the best and worst case scenarios for sea level rise

El Niño Returns ‘Off the charts’: Earth’s vital signs are going haywire

‘We can’t avoid 1.5C’ – Climate scientist warns we’ll miss key target

Loss of fossil fuel assets would not impoverish general public, study finds

Idiotnomics and the Age of Extinction

What is a global polycrisis? And how is it different from a systemic risk?

How I Went from Climate Skeptic to Climate Doomer

Antarctic Sea Ice Reaches a “Record-Smashing Low”

Book Review: ‘The Heat Will Kill You First,’ by Jeff Goodell

We should have listened to Jim Hansen

Grasshoppers threaten to devour Alberta crops following extreme heat

Beijing heatwave: China capital records hottest June day in 60 years

About 6m across US at risk of extreme weather as over 700,000 without power

Survival of The Richest? Not So Much, It Turns Out

NASA Warns of Impending ‘Internet Apocalypse’ That Could Leave People Without Connection for Months

The Evolution of Bamboo: A Paradigm Shift for the Construction Industry


Polycrisis, Unraveling, Simplification, or Collapse: Coming Soon to a Planet Near You?

‘Going abroad cost me my health’: Nepal’s migrant workers coming home with chronic kidney disease

A convenient distraction: the ‘overpopulation’ myth needs a sense of perspective

The Profound Loneliness of Being Collapse Aware

Record-breaking Texas heatwave enters third week as thousands lose power

Climate, environmental change puts 90% of world’s marine food at risk, study says

Global Sulfur Dioxide Emissions and the Driving Forces

Indonesia to cut tuna harvest in bid for more sustainable fishery

Climate crisis linked to rising domestic violence in south Asia, study finds

Chemical industry used big tobacco’s tactics to conceal evidence of PFAS risks

Deep Sea Mining: The Next Climate Disaster No One’s Talking About | Vasser Seydel | TEDxBoston

Doubt mongers, it is time to stop taking the pi$$

Radical Design For A World In Crisis

Heat ‘dome of doom’ hovers over Texas and Mexico

Why markets fail on fossil fuel pollution, heralding an era of climate disruption

When it comes to rich countries taking the environment seriously, I say: vive la France

Sewage hotspots across UK mapped as Brits warned to avoid certain beaches and rivers

UK government looks at nationalising Thames Water as crisis deepens

How does your Tim Hortons cup turn into paper in India?

“It is not acceptable for designers to be unaware of the carbon impact of their creations”


Montana rail bridge collapse causes derailment, chemical spill in river

Poor air quality in Montreal from Quebec wildfires forces event cancellations tks Kevin Cottam

Texas Cities Set Temperature Records in Unremitting Heat Wave

Sherry calls for precautions as pre-monsoon rains expected in Pakistan

‘One day it will just go off’: are Naples’ volcanic craters about to blow?

Misting fans and cooling canal swims: China’s north bakes in record heatwave – in pictures

Climate change: Deforestation surges despite pledges

UK missing climate targets on nearly every front, say government’s advisers

The Secret Movement Bringing Back Europe’s Wildlife

Sustainable Fashion Communication Playbook

The Sustainable Fashion Communication Playbook

Down the drain: how billions of pounds are sucked out of England’s water system

France badly hit by climate change and ill-prepared

Spotlight on: solar flare risks

Can rooftop solar alone solve climate change? Here’s the answer

Greenland and Antarctica Cracking

The Uninhabitable Earth

Steve Bull and Erik Michaels: Post Doom with Michael Dowd

Global politics

France police shooting: violence erupts for a third consecutive night

The UN must step up to avoid a nuclear catastrophe in Ukraine

FT News Briefing: Wagner’s 24-hour coup Podcast

Wagner leader Prigozhin breaks his silence, issuing first audio statement since mutiny

Putin ally Lukashenko ‘flees Belarus’ as Wagner launches coup threatening Moscow

Prigozhin: The day Wagner chief went rogue in 96 seconds

Wagner chief’s 24 hours of chaos in Russia

Ukraine’s CV90 Fighting Vehicles Have Guns Like Chainsaws. And They Just Reached the Woods Of Eastern Ukraine.

What will Putin do next? And other key questions

Human Life Has No Value There“: Baltic Counterintelligence Officers Speak Candidly About Russian Cruelty

Wagner forces return to base after aborted mutiny humiliates Putin

Garry Kasparov -The Fall of Putin is Inevitable

Wagner mutiny: Prigozhin’s soldiers rage while others cry conspiracy

Audio Undercuts Trump’s Assertion He Did Not Have Classified Document

U.S. government debunks COVID lab-leak conspiracy theory, enraging conspiracy theorists

Supreme Court rules against giving state legislatures unchecked control over federal elections

Why Are We Letting the Red State Welfare Oligarchs Mooch Off Blue States?

Affirmative action: US Supreme Court overturns race-based college admissions

The Trouble With Reparations for Redlining

Judicial Reform and Israel’s Anti-Majoritarian Majority

Union fury as figures show pay rises among top earners driving inflation+

Nigel Farage claims his bank accounts have been closed ‘without explanation’

Business and technology

LinkedIn Changed Its Algorithms — Here’s How Your Posts Will Get More Attention Now tks Miguel Bernas

National Geographic magazine has laid off the last of its staff writers

Kate Raworth: “The Superorganism V. The Doughnut”

Social issues

The Limits to Podcasting About Limits

Super-rich warned of ‘pitchforks and torches’ unless they tackle inequality

Honduras brings in curfews after night of violence

If You Suffer from Urgent Normal Syndrome, Ask for Help

Water bills ‘set to go up 40 per cent as companies cover sewage spill costs’

Osmanabad: The tortured Indian labourers who were kept as slaves

“Don’t Talk About the Tragedy” Is The American Mantra

An Inheritance of Pride

Provisional Mortality Statistics

Chinese woman saved after falling unconscious on Mount Everest refuses to pay Sherpa guide US$10,000 rescue fee, angering mainland public tks David Lim

WHO’s cancer research agency to say aspartame sweetener a possible carcinogen -sources

I Asked AI What The Typical Person From Each State Looks Like, And Here’s What It Came Up With

Fox host says he ‘hasn’t washed hands in 10 years’

How science solved the mystery of feet washing ashore in the Pacific Northwest

“Sapiens” Author on Oppressive AI, WWIII & Genetic Engineering

Passion, humour, history

TikTok’s Grimace shake trend turns the McDonald’s mascot into a murderer

A team of archaeologists and computer scientists have created an AI program that can translate ancient cuneiform tablets instantly using neural machine learning translations. tks Ken Craig-Saunders

Julian Sands: British actor confirmed dead after remains identified

Madonna rushed to hospital with ‘serious bacterial infection’

Simone Biles: American four-time Olympic champion set to return to competitive gymnastics

Just Can’t Stop

Let me know what jumped out at you? Or share with me what you’re reading? I love that!



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