Month: October 2012

Blokes I Know on Pinterest

Pinterest is considered a social media phenomenon with women, and much of what is written about it is focused on this fact. However, I know a few lads who are giving it a go and thought I’d ask them what they thought and if it’s relevant to them? Originally I planned to post this on my personal blog – which is much less formal – because I was expecting some witty responses, alas the answers were so professional, I figured it was worth sharing here. The guys have provided some great ideas, as well as why it isn’t so...

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Facebook Corporate Values

I’ve been undertaking extensive research on corporate values across companies all over the world – large and small. This is for an ebook I’m putting together on messaging, and while I have no idea where I’ll publish it just yet, it’s been a really interesting process contrasting and comparing the biggest brands in the world on such a massive scale, across multiple sectors. Some companies have awesome, deeply meaningful corporate values (with tech/digital companies standing out), but many companies remain very weak in this area, some with no values at all. Facebook is definitely an awesome example, and when...

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