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Sales tips for professionals working in marketing and communication agencies

360 Video is a massive content opportunity for business

360 video

I recently caught up with my friend, Andrew Psarianos, CEO of Picture Perfect Productions, and he showed me a 360 video example that made my jaw drop. Until that point, I’d seen 360 examples, but I hadn’t seen a business case. Now I had. It was of Singapore’s stunning Marina Bay and rather than just…

Sales Training – Four Focus Areas for Success

Ask any sales person during their annual review what they need from the company to hit their figures next fiscal year, and usually “training” comes out top of the list. Ask them what sort of training or coaching they need within this broad area and the response is usually a spattering of different fields including…

Delivering Great Customer Service isn’t Hard, is it?

We’ve recently had the opportunity to do 15 customer audits on behalf of two separate companies. It’s something we’ve been doing over the years and we have a well-proven process that always delivers results – some unexpected it has to be said… The audit process itself is a really powerful tool for both customer retention…

Sell Value NOT Services

Selling value not product

A message for people working in marketing agencies, selling value is what is required to succeed. Make your sales pitch relevant and you do that by communicating value as opposed to the services you offer.