Month: June 2011

Eight Tips to Ensure You are Speaking Your Customers’ Language

The key piece of advice continuing to raise its head when defining an effective social media strategy is to speak in the language of your customers. This is good advice, but I wonder how many companies are taking heed? As an example, I’ve worked with IT companies since the mid-90s and one thing that remains unchanged is virtually all of them speak “their own language.” I remember joining Text 100 (a PR agency) in the UK in 1997 and at my first Microsoft team meeting I sat there and thought – what the hell are they talking about? The...

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How Fear of Social Media will Kill Big Business

Keith Timimi Chairman, Qais Consulting We get to meet a lot of great business people, and one of them is Keith Timimi, a Singapore entrepreneur, founder of Qais Consulting and part of the team, and so we sat down this week and discussed various things, but a couple caught my attention. Here are my conclusions of Keith’s unique perspective on building a successful business, with social media, a core part of any effective communication strategy. Yet where are they with social media – nowhere. What had been SIA’s unrelenting focus to deliver the best customer service seems to be...

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Microsoft Senior Executive Shares Communication Wisdom for AP

Everyone knows Microsoft and most people on the planet have used Microsoft products at some point in their lives. Like all companies, Microsoft has to constantly adapt to provide relevant and current products/services in today’s ever changing competitive technological landscape. With the advent of Cloud computing, this is a critical time in Microsoft’s development. For this reason, I thought it poignant and extremely relevant to get into the head of a very senior Microsoft executive. Andrew Pickup is General Manager, Marketing & Business Operations, for Microsoft in Asia Pacific. Responsible for 12 countries across the region, Andrew supports Microsoft’s...

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Please don’t Sell – Share Value

I want to share some great things I’ve learnt about social media with my very small business community – the geosynthetics industry. For the uneducated, geosynthetics are engineered products (usually made from plastics) that are used in civil engineering and infrastructure projects. The interesting thing is the market dynamic of such products – it tends to be a technically / specification driven model. Most in this sector are quite new to the whole social media world, and as we can see, our community remains small but is growing very rapidly – everyone is aware of the need to get social now. Social media provides all of us with a fantastic opportunity, however, let’s do it well so we all win. I suggest we set the industry standard for social media marketing, by defining the “dos” and “don’ts” right now. I am taking a first stab at it here and would appreciate your thoughts and feedback on this blog post. I’m in a unique position in that I straddle both the geosynthetics and social media fields, as I help technically driven companies with effective use of social media. So I hope this blog offers you a valuable insight into one area for being successful in this arena. The first thing I’ve noticed is a small number of people selling their company/services – especially on LinkedIn. I have to say that LinkedIn...

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