Month: December 2011

Are Corporate Values Important?

I took my sons to Ben & Jerry’s for an ice-cream treat at the end of school term. I think it’s a phenomenal business, really standing by what it represents and I’m sure it’s one of the rare corporations actively supporting “Occupy Wall Street.” It’s a company that constantly promotes what it stands for in every way, and you cannot be in a Ben & Jerry’s store without knowing the company’s vision and mission, as well as how it’s interpreted into action. It’s impressive. While waiting in line for our turn, I looked down and saw the company’s corporate...

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SAJE Officially Launches “The Writers Shop”

We’ve never shared any SAJE news on our blog, but today we’re so excited about what we’re doing, we figured it was worth sharing. We’ve been building this concept and community for months now, and today, we launch The Writers Shop – an innovative collaboration between some of Asia’s brightest business communication and writing professionals, primarily to address the growing regional need for quality marketing and social content. I’ve copied the press release below, and if you want more information, there’s a PPT on SlideShare that goes in to more detail. At some point soon, we’ll include a Web...

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