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#163 Weekend reads – what future are we offering our children, really?

It’s my first-born son’s 17th birthday tomorrow. His name is Lex and right now he’s partying with his friends, and we’re not allowed to go to the party, because we might embarrass him/them. Ha! Enjoy the party boys, you deserve it.

And yes, for those who know us, Lex is 17!!!! Unbelievable.

Anyhoo, I never take ANYTHING for granted and focus on making sure the important moments are celebrated, because if you look at the planetary crisis section below, we are pushing ourselves off the edge of a cliff. We don’t seem capable of understanding that every single one of us needs to stop, shrink our lives significantly, and we need to do it across the 3.8 billion middle class population now, right now.

But we’re not even considering it? Everything that is bad for planetary balance is going up, and everything good and necessary is going down. The only natural planetary events going up are destruction – fires, floods, heat, drought, glacial melt, and on it goes.

If we don’t stop what we’re doing, what future are we offering our children? And why isn’t every parent on the planet up in arms and on the street saying enough? What more proof do we need that our kids are facing a dire future? Not to mention, what we’re witnessing today will soon feel like nothing in comparison to what the climate scientists are telling us is coming…

My boys believe that I am fighting for their future and that I will be successful. They are reassured, which means they can get on and enjoy life – because mum is sorting it out. My fear is as they’re getting older, the light will soon go on that I am not even making a dent in this fight, and then what? Will they hate me? Think I was lying to them?

Please, if you’re reading this, or anything else I’m sharing, join me. We need to recruit one billion imperfect people, who are willing to massively shrink their impact on the planet, and then we need that one billion people to recruit 3-4 more people each, who will join us and embrace a gentler life on our planet, and maybe, just maybe, we have a chance.

We can’t stop what’s coming, but maybe we can reduce the speed of change and the scale of destruction? If we come together and try our hardest, we might not succeed, but at least we’ll go down together, fighting to secure a future for our children. We owe them that, don’t you think?

Anyhoo onto the reads and Happy Happy Birthday Lex! Love you buds.

Friend’s content and mine

Great short speech by the wonderful Kerrie Phipps – Unlock the Power of Better Conversations. Have a listen and be inspired.

Praveen Gupta’s comments on The Girl Child really struck a chord with me. Do we want to continue living in a world where the human girl child remains the most vulnerable of us?

Donation time

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Content to read

And here’s the content I’ve been reading, listening to or watching. Scan the headlines, read the ones that jump out at you, read, listen to or watch them all. It’s time to pay attention to the information that matters.

Planetary emergency

Climate fatigue isn’t a sign that Europeans are in denial – it’s a sign of their fear | Francesco Grillo | The Guardian

Scientists map loss of groundwater storage around the world (

The continued rise in CO2 is unacceptable. This insanity cannot continue | Euronews

Plastic Pollution Treaty | WWF (

More people not having children due to climate breakdown fears, finds research | Climate crisis | The Guardian (

How We Know that Global Warming is Accelerating and that the Goal of the Paris Agreement is Dead

Iceland declares state of emergency over volcanic eruption threat | Iceland | The Guardian

El Niño expected to last at least until April 2024 | World Meteorological Organization (

Pakistan’s Lahore is the latest megacity to shut down as pollution chokes swathes of South Asia | CNN

Political blame game begins as ‘pollution season’ shrouds Delhi | India | The Guardian

Food, soil, water: how the extinction of insects would transform our planet | Environment | The Guardian

James Hansen is back with another dire climate warning – E&E News by POLITICO (

Greenland’s northern glaciers are in trouble, threatening ‘dramatic’ sea level rise, study shows | CNN

Feeling safe to speak your truth | LinkedIn

Long-lost mammal rediscovered in remote Indonesia mountains | Reuters

Scorching October puts 2023 on track to be hottest year in 125,000 years | Climate Crisis News | Al Jazeera

Rainforest loss in South-East Asia could extend El Niño and La Niña | New Scientist

Human-induced climate change compounded by socio-economic water stressors increased severity of drought in Syria, Iraq and Iran – World Weather Attribution

Rich buyers running from the climate crisis to the Alps | Fortune (

The world is doubling down on fossil fuels even as global demand peaks | Grist

Toxic foam coats sacred river near New Delhi as Indian capital battles hazardous pollution | CNN

Massive line of storms marches across eastern NSW (

‘The water’s getting hotter, the storms are getting more severe’—but retirees continue to flock to places where climate risk is high | Morningstar

Kenya announces public holiday for nationwide tree planting in reforestation drive | CNN

Carl Sagan’s words reverberate today – The Brilliant

Delhi extends school closures due to severe pollution concerns | TOI Original – Times of India Videos

Plant City: Matthew Kenney to Bring His Vegan Food Halls to China (

This year ‘virtually certain’ to be warmest in 125,000 years, EU scientists say – CNA (

Indonesia: New “catastrophic” footage shows uncontacted tribe near nickel mine (

S. Korea retracts bans on disposable cups at cafes, restaurants (

How global warming shakes the Earth: Seismic data show ocean waves gaining strength as the planet warms (

‘Insanity’: petrostates planning huge expansion of fossil fuels, says UN report | Fossil fuels | The Guardian

Global wine production falls to 62-year low in 2023 – BBC News

News — climate science breakthrough

This year ‘virtually certain’ to be warmest in 125,000 years, EU scientists say | Reuters

As a climate scientist, I know that Sunak’s King’s Speech decisions will cost many lives (

Global heat: Extreme autumn sets up 2023 to break records – BBC News

Five graphics that show some of the biggest threats facing the natural world | CNN

A Major Alarm Is Flashing Under Greenland’s Ice | WIRED

Scientists call ‘Code Blue emergency’ for Aussie oceans, as off-the-scale marine heat looms | Climate Council

‘Everything is parched’: Amazon struggles with drought amid deforestation | Brazil | The Guardian

Where Should I Move to Avoid Climate Change? | by Climate Survivor | Medium

How to Prepare to Lose Your Home in a Climate Disaster | by Climate Survivor | Nov, 2023 | Medium

A harmful climate debate (

2023 ozone hole ranks 16th largest, NASA and NOAA researchers find (

Skin cancer: Why are Australia melanoma rates increasing? (

Scientists warn Earth warming faster than expected — due to reduction in ship pollution | CBC News

Researchers report mass bleaching of coral reefs in warming Florida oceans: ‘Like a forest without trees’ (

Climate Science Denial Rife at Launch of Jordan Peterson’s ARC Project – DeSmog

Wars are closing down the window for climate action (

Exceptional Asia heat demolishes national records for November (

NYT Opinion: I study climate change. The data is telling us something new. – Berkeley Earth

Cruise ships polluting UK coast as they ignore greener power options | Shipping emissions | The Guardian

Women are missing from most national climate plans (

Why Can’t We Just Quit Cows? (

Antarctic ice is disappearing, threatening massive sea level rise : NPR

Hansen Vs. Mann – Is Global Warming Linear Or Exponential? – CleanTechnica

modern-slavery-report.pdf (

These haunting underwater photos portray climate change in a new way (

Global politics

Macron calls on Israel to stop killing Gaza’s women and babies – BBC News

Jadaliyya – Turmoil at the BBC: “Gravest Possible Concerns” at Its Gaza Coverage

‘We walked into a wasteland’ – BBC’s Jeremy Bowen in Gaza with Israeli forces – BBC News

Israel to take ‘security responsibility’ for Gaza, Hamas attack anniversary, Blinken urges G7 unity | Euronews

More than 10,000 Palestinians killed since 7 October, say health officials | Euronews

‘No Hamas rule, no blockade.’ Von der Leyen proposes five principles for Gaza’s future | Euronews

Maps: Tracking the Attacks in Israel and Gaza – The New York Times (

A turning point in Myanmar as army suffers big losses – BBC News

Anthony Albanese offers Tuvalu residents the right to resettle in Australia, as climate change ‘threatens its existence’ – ABC News (

Is Biden taking climate change seriously? Here’s why some experts want him to declare an emergency |

Joe Manchin: West Virginia Democrat says he will not seek re-election – BBC News

Young Voters to Biden: Ceasefire on Gaza — or Lose in 2024 (

House censures only Palestinian member over call for Palestinian freedom – Mondoweiss

Rashida Tlaib’s claims of genocide in Gaza draw bipartisan criticism – BBC News

Third Republican debate: Four takeaways from the Miami event – BBC News

Independent voters reach record numbers, prioritize climate change heading into 2024 – NBC10 Philadelphia

Ohio Issue 1: Voters approve adding abortion rights to state constitution – BBC News

Trump Plots Against His Enemies – The Atlantic

Trump 2.0: The climate cannot survive another Trump term | The Hill (

What a Donald Trump second term would look like – BBC News

Ivanka Trump testimony: Why ‘I don’t recall’ is a common legal strategy – BBC News

Covid inquiry: Ex-minister challenged on plan for disabled people – BBC News

Business and technology

Bullshit Jobs – by Matt Orsagh – Degrowth is the Answer (

Self-service: Booths supermarket puts staff back behind its tills – BBC News

Phuket has become a luxurious new playground for rich Russians fleeing Vladimir Putin’s war, but some locals aren’t happy – ABC News

Phuket’s massive Bang Tao property surge set to reset destination (

How Phil Knight, Charles Koch And Other Aging Billionaires Are Making Sure Their Money Doesn’t Go To Uncle Sam (

Cindy Gallop Slams Misogynistic Start-Up Boss – B&T (

McKinsey & Company pushes fossil fuel interests as advisor to UN climate talks, whistleblowers say (

Global fashion factories in Bangladesh resigned to slimmer margins ahead of wage hike | Reuters

Optus outage: Millions affected by Australian network failure – BBC News

Elon Musk and Other AI Doomers Cause Meltdown (

Fortnite’s OG season fuels ‘biggest day in game’s history’ – BBC News

Elon Musk, meet the Twitter resistance – Tech Industry (

Biggest global threat since 1930s looms and every CEO talking about it

Social issues

First-ever cancer vaccine simultaneously kills and prevents brain cancer (

Vatican steps closer to allowing transgender people to be baptized as Catholics | AP News

The Mediterranean diet has stood the test of time for a reason: It works (

An aspirin a day may do more harm than good (

‘I remember the silence between the falling shells’: the terror of living under siege as a child | Afghanistan | The Guardian

Nepal earthquake: More than 150 killed in remote western Nepal – BBC News


We thought we knew the secrets of Europe’s bog bodies. We didn’t. (

Ghostbusters Battle Climate-Changing Ghouls in ‘Frozen Empire’ Trailer (

‘Inestimable importance’: 500-year-old cache of pressed flowers reveals new secrets | Wild flowers | The Guardian

Boat tour spots whale off Phuket (

The Nature Conservancy photo contest 2023: Winners announced | CNN

‘I always wanted to be David Attenborough’: Björk on protecting salmon, going on strike and magical mushrooms | Björk | The Guardian

So, what did you read? What jumped out at you? Or share with me what you’re reading? I love that!



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