Month: January 2012

What Makes A Good Blog Great?

Imagine you live in a city where residents must choose between electricity or public sanitation. Which would you vote for? Not so easy, is it? (Mine would be for working sanitation.) Since starting my first blog over four years ago, I’m finding that b2b blogs present a similar dilemma. For example, should I plumb my RSS feed reader only for blogs dealing with important but mundane issues many of us would rather not think about? Or should my limited time and attention be restricted to sensationalized industry news and controversy? No Blog is A Digital Island Of course, the Interwebs allow anyone to find a publicly available blog. And therein lies a problem. You can’t hope to please even some of these people some of the time. Why? Because online readers are not only rushed but often crushed by the need to be entertained, informed, provoked, and so on. However, perhaps what might help bloggers is to borrow from other presentation methods. And then adapt as appropriate. Take a look at this short video clip, Every Presentation Ever: Communication Fail, by the fine folks behind ‘Habitudes for Communicators‘. If you’ve ever had to make a presentation then I’m sure you probably squirmed at some of the scenes shown. I certainly did. I used to be an IT networking instructor, and the memories remain! What that video also got me thinking...

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Scoot is on Message

In April 2012, Singaporean travellers will have the option of a new low cost airline within the competitive mix – Scoot. I recently heard the CEO, Campbell Wilson interviewed on radio, and I have to say, I was pretty impressed. This is a company that has thought very deeply about what Scoot means and how it wants to be perceived in the market, something that will differentiate it in Asia. The CEO was brilliant in getting across all of the key messages that reflect Scoot’s image – even if its messaging is not complete. It’s a great example of...

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