Month: July 2011

Aligning Content Strategy with the Sales Cycle

In a recent blog I talked about using the customers’ “language” as a key component in succeeding with your content strategy, and the next step – planning your content strategy around every stage of the sales cycle. We are all aware that prospects are relying on a broader array of information sources in the research stage than ever before. We are also aware that customers are more likely to seek advice and information within their trusted peer communities long before speaking to a sales person – one of the big changes. And finally, we know that the way to...

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Internal Communication is a Fine Art

I had the great pleasure of interviewing David Cook, the Communications Director for Cisco, Asia Pacific, Japan and Greater China, this week. Responsible for communications across a very complex and diverse region, David had some terrific insight toward internal communications as a skill in its own right, and he talked about how authenticity, honesty, and sincerity are vital for success within this core business function. Having faced some changes in the last few months, including a geographical reorganisation and a widely documented business re-focus, I thought Cisco could offer a valuable perspective on this area. David spoke honestly about...

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Delivering Great Customer Service isn’t Hard, is it?

We’ve recently had the opportunity to do 15 customer audits on behalf of two separate companies. It’s something we’ve been doing over the years and we have a well-proven process that always delivers results – some unexpected it has to be said… The audit process itself is a really powerful tool for both customer retention and business development, as it demonstrates a willingness to adapt to an ever-changing landscape, gain insight on what challenges customers are facing today and expecting tomorrow, but most importantly, a chance for accurate feedback to an independent consultant – hence people tend to be brutally honest. Sometimes this process uncovers simple things like a clash of personalities, rumours circulating, as well as situations where customers haven’t communicated problems and so bad feelings have festered to the point of no return. In the auditing process, added benefits always occur, such as a chance to get in and see a tough prospect “on the back of the audit findings.” This provides a chance to start a relationship all over again, or reinvigorate an ailing one. The targets are usually always open to such a process, and in our recent audits, there was only one flat-out refusal from amongst the 15 targets. Both of our current clients are in completely different fields, with one playing internationally and the other locally. In both cases, they asked us to...

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