Month: October 2015

Blindly Endorsing Your Company is Bad for Your Career and for Your Personal Brand

Something that is starting to concern me greatly is professionals blindly endorsing the brand they are working for and not understanding the implications on themselves when they do. Equally concerning is brands thinking this is good for them. It’s not. My concern started with this article in Entrepreneur Magazine – Are You Team-Player Enough to Let the Company Post to Your Facebook Page? – and then more recently, looking at the social distribution tools of a few very large companies. When looking at these tools, I saw sites choc-o-bloc full of product and marketing content. Even more concerning is...

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Event Organisers, Speakers… Hashtags & Handles I Beg You, Please

I’ve been attending lots of industry events in recent weeks – social media, content marketing, technology, and even a rugby dinner – and here’s the thing. It’s 2015 and still STILL event organizers and speakers aren’t appreciating the power of social media at events. We’ve got to change that. I’ll give you one example of how this stuff can make a massive impact from a project I was involved with before I left Microsoft last October. We ran an enterprise event in Singapore and 200 high level executives were in attendance. Prior to the event, we defined a content...

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A Content Marketing Discussion with LinkedIn

I had the wonderful opportunity to speak on the content marketing panel at LinkedIn’s TechConnect 2015 with four great people – our host, Edward Bray, Head of Marketing, APAC, Marketing Solutions, LinkedIn, and my fellow panelists: Wynthia Goh, APJ Director of Digital and Social, SAP; Nikolaus Ong, Director, Marketing, EMC; and Catherine Ganapathy, Regional Account Director, PHD Singapore. Great people. Smart. As I do when preparing to speak, I write it up to try and commit it to memory. Of course the discussion never goes as planned, and I missed a few key things I really wanted to get...

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What is Content Marketing?

Six content marketing experts ACMA’s board all answer the question – what is content marketing? If you attend any event focused on content marketing today, there is a very real chance that you will spy this definition peeking out from a PowerPoint deck or two: “Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.” Content Marketing Institute But is that really capturing the essence of what this is all about? We decided to ask members of...

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