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#153 Weekend reads – the heat will kill you first

I haven’t been able to get my hands on a copy of Jeff Goodell’s The Heat Will Kill You First, but I will, because the heat is here and it’s going to get hotter, especially as El Niño grows in intensity over the next 6-9 months – right when the Global South moves into its hot season.

This new reality is causing me so much alarm, especially in the Southern Hemisphere, because we are watching what is going on up north, and there is very little discussion or action to prepare for the fact WE ARE NEXT.

After I published my little video earlier this week (see below), and after writing two blogs on preparing for wet bulb temperatures, as well as doing a podcast on it, I’m doing all I can to raise awareness, and I ask for your help to raise the alarm too. My biggest concern is always for the poorest people in the world, because honestly, when the hot seasons strikes across the equator from next February, I am expecting millions of people will die if we aren’t ready.

All around where I live in Thailand, people live in tin shacks – which is a reality across the Southern Hemisphere. There are also slums, massive refugee camps, and the majority of people in this part of the world can not afford air conditioners or solar panels, so the risks they face are HUGE. Governments have got to get on top of this and protect all people NOW.

The good news is Australia is FINALLY talking about people needing to prepare for fire and heat. Perhaps it was the early arrival of fire in August that’s been the wake-up call needed? But boy, they need to move now.

The heat is coming and it’s going to be harsh, so even if you don’t want to face up to climate change, at least face up to what you and your family need to do to get ready for its impact.

We all need to be in serious adaptation mode now, preparing our homes and communities for all the risks we face depending on where we live, but getting ready for heat has to be the number one priority for all of us right now.

And once we are ready, if we have wealth, we must then help those who are not able to afford it. We also need to push our governments and the media to speak up about what is necessary and put big budgets behind helping people get what they need, as well as making sure the infrastructure in in place before the temperatures go into wet bulb territory. I’m talking medical infrastructure, emergency services preparation, grid reliability and risks, cooling centres open 24×7, school preparedness, and on I could go. Is it happening where you are?

I was speaking to my sister in Melbourne the other day and she told me landlords have no obligation to provide air-conditioning. Heating yes, but not air-conditioning. Don’t you think it’s nuts that a law hasn’t been ratified making it mandatory at this stage in the climate change game? I was gobsmacked.

Because it is the poor who will suffer here and most poor people rent, because they cannot afford to buy homes. My sister teaches at a school in a deprived area of Melbourne, and she told me heartbreaking stories about what her students went through during the pandemic. I asked Phillipa: who is helping these families get ready for the heat? No one is. They will be left to cook.

Our world needs to massively change. I am so sicking of watching those who contributed the least to our global crisis suffer the impacts. We need a new society, with love, compassion, dignity and respect for all life on earth at the centre of our priorities.

Onto the reads.

Friend’s content and mine

As I said above, after I published this little video, I was relieved to see, at last, some Australian media speaking about the coming heat and fire crisis. Everyone in the Southern Hemisphere should be getting ready now. Have you seen the heat records in South America, in the winter? Don’t delay.

Sharing my blog again on what you can do to prepare for the heat 34 actions to prepare for a heat index that hits unliveable territory – The Digital Conversationalist (

Donation time

If everyone gave #just10percent of their time, talent, money or voice, we’ll change the world. Can you donate? Why not make a regular donation to the World Food Programme. Or donate to the UN Refugee Program, Medicine Sans Frontier, PowerOf,, Red Cross, and so many more, including urgent fundraising and those supporting animals, like the Soi Dog Foundation. A fabulous organisation I support is B1G1 – check it out and set up an account. It’s a time for giving and taking care of each other.

Content to read

And here’s the content I’ve been reading, listening to or watching. Scan the headlines, read the ones that jump out at you, read, listen to or watch them all. It’s time to pay attention to the information that matters.

Climate crisis

Spend some time watching this, very powerful insights!

Fossil Fuel Subsidies Surged to Record $7 Trillion (

Saudi Aramco Targeted in UN Human Rights Probe Tied to Climate Change – Bloomberg

The sobering reality of glacier tourism in Chilean Patagonia (

Risk of heat-related deaths has ‘increased rapidly’ over past 20 years – Carbon Brief

Anger found to be the primary driver of climate activism (

Growing number of countries consider making ecocide a crime | Environment | The Guardian

Scientific journal retracts article that claimed no evidence of climate crisis | Climate crisis | The Guardian

Texas Cancels School Over Concerns Extreme Heat Not Safe Environment For Shootings (

Merryville evaucation: Wildfires force southwestern Louisiana town to evacuate amid extreme drought | CNN

“We are killing this ecosystem”: the scientists tracking the Amazon’s fading health (

The world is burning. Who can convince the comfortable classes of the radical sacrifices needed? | Justine Toh | The Guardian

Climate change could bring year-round heat waves: UN researcher (

Emperor penguins are failing to breed | Popular Science (

Top scientists warn of ‘ghastly future of mass extinction’ and climate disruption | Environment | The Guardian

Humpback whale spotted off coast of Phuket (

China’s Addiction to Coal Deepens in the Heat – The New York Times (

Chinook Salmon released in Spokane River as part of conservation |

Heatwave descends on the Midwest, generating extreme temperatures (

Eels have vanished from critical parts of Somerset Levels, DNA tests show | Endangered species | The Guardian

Opinion | I Lived Through Canada’s Summer Wildfire Smoke – The New York Times (

Climate change: Parts of tropical rainforests could get too hot for photosynthesis, study suggests | CNN

We Are Witnessing the First Stages of Civilization’s Collapse | The Nation

Scientists unearth warning about climate change, extinction (

Australia braces for ‘harsh summer’ as ocean temperature warms – ABC News

Culture Wars Are a Symptom of Earth System Crisis (

Australians urged to prepare for most significant bushfire season since black summer | Bushfires | The Guardian

How Heat-Shattering Ocean Temperatures Impact Fisheries – Mother Jones

What the climate saboteurs at the Business Council want (

Cutting methane emissions is key to slowing down climate change: EDF president Fred Krupp | News | Eco-Business | Asia Pacific

Oil industry sees a vibe shift on climate tech – POLITICO

Italy reports 11 extreme weather events per day in the third-hottest year since 1800 | Euronews

Harold: Second US tropical storm in a week drenches Texas – BBC News

Rethinking tactics to fight wildfires and save lives – DW – 08/25/2023

Record-setting U.S. heat dome places 126 million under alerts (

Greece wildfires: Eighteen bodies found in Greek forest – BBC News

The Climate Crisis Is Here Now, Experts Warn, as Death Tolls From Summer Disasters Mount – Inside Climate News

Europe is heading into another heatwave. Here are all the areas affected | Euronews

I’ve spent 40 years studying Antarctica. The frozen continent has never needed our help more (

Heat is associated with short-term increases in household food insecurity in 150 countries and this is mediated by income | Nature Human Behaviour

IAG boss Nick Hawkins explains why your insurance bill is only going one way: Chanticleer (

Extreme heat, rain, and drought across the country is climate change “in all of its forms.” (

Fukushima: wastewater from ruined nuclear plant to be released from Thursday, Japan says | Fukushima | The Guardian

‘Urgent warning’ in Australia as unusually high temperatures spark early start to snake season | CNN

Ecuadorians vote to halt oil drilling in biodiverse Amazonian national park | Ecuador | The Guardian

Hydropolitics of the Helmand River: Iran-Afghanistan water-sharing dispute could imperil regional security and ecology | South Asia Monitor

NSW fire crews work through weekend to contain more than 70 blazes across the state – ABC News

We’re Not in This Together | Ajay Singh Chaudhary (

Swiss Alps: Meteorologists climb record 5,298 metres before finding zero degrees during heatwave | Euronews

The US and China must unite to fight the climate crisis, not each other | Bernie Sanders | The Guardian

Rich countries ‘trap’ poor nations into relying on fossil fuels | Global development | The Guardian

Paris When It Sizzles: The City of Light Aims to Get Smart on Heat – Yale E360

The Daily: How a Paradise Became a Death Trap on Apple Podcasts

I’m a climate scientist. Here’s how I’m handling climate grief (

Weather tracker: tropical storm makes landfall in California for first time in 84 years | Extreme weather | The Guardian

Hundreds of migrants killed by Saudi border guards – report – BBC News

Shifting to EVs is not enough. The deeper problem is our car dependence | CBC News

Scientists sound alarm over ‘unheard of’ ocean conditions: ‘We could see mass mortality’

China’s Abandoned Electric Cars Pile Up After EV Boom Fueled by Subsidies (

Climate change puts Australia credit rating at risk (

Antarctica is missing an Argentina-sized amount of sea ice — and scientists are scrambling to figure out why | CNN

In Arctic Dreams. A vivid account of a climate and oceans…| Medium

A Long Way to Venus – resilience

Storm Hilary hits California after lashing Mexico – BBC News

Leading scientist’s climate call-out – ABC listen

There are Too Many Damn Cars! (

Devastating floods in Slovenia – DW – 08/17/2023

No more billionaire free-rides! Tax private jets (

Gulf Coast officials are scrambling to prepare for a hurricane and extreme heat | CNN

Study shows how the meat and dairy sector resists competition from alternative animal products (

The climate appeasers are leading us towards catastrophe (

California’s first Tropical Storm Watch on record as Hurricane Hilary heads for Baja » Yale Climate Connections

Global politics

Brics summit: Is a new bloc emerging to rival US leadership? – BBC News

Arevalo wins Guatemala presidency in landslide amid hopes for change | Elections News | Al Jazeera

Thaksin Shinawatra: Former Thailand PM jailed after return from exile – BBC News

Thailand ex-PM Thaksin Shinawatra moved to hospital on first night in jail | Thaksin Shinawatra | The Guardian

Pheu Thai struggles to exclude military as political vacuum hits 3 months – Nikkei Asia

Wagner defied Putin and now its leader Prigozhin may be dead – BBC News

Putin takes his revenge against Prigozhin – The Atlantic

Russian general who ran Ukraine war fired – report – BBC News

Mar-a-Lago IT manager implicates Trump in classified files case – BBC News

Combative Vivek Ramaswamy emerges as surprise focal point of GOP debate | Republicans | The Guardian

The GOP’s Dispiriting Display – The Atlantic

Trump’s Mug Shot Gives His Haters Nothing – The Atlantic

Rudy Giuliani and other Trump co-defendants surrender in Georgia election case – BBC News

Business and technology

The media’s failure on Elon Musk – by Paris Marx (

Microsoft’s AI momentum shows how Satya Nadella restored its swagger (

How Musk, Thiel, Zuckerberg, and Andreessen—Four Billionaire Techno-Oligarchs—Are Creating an Alternate, Autocratic Reality | Vanity Fair

Elon Musk admits X ‘may fail’ after glitch deletes Twitter photos | X (formerly known as Twitter) | The Guardian

Blocking feature to be removed from former Twitter platform X, says Musk | X (formerly known as Twitter) | The Guardian

Twitter rebranding to X: Jack Dorsey urges calm | Fortune

Social issues

What People Misunderstand About Rape – The New York Times (

Jenni Hermoso ‘did not consent’ to be kissed by Rubiales | Spain women’s football team | The Guardian

Are your hormones unbalanced—and what does that even mean? (

‘We have brothers, sons, lovers – but they can’t live here!’ The happy home shared by 26 women | Life and style | The Guardian

Will the New COVID-19 Vaccine Work Against BA.2.86 Variant? | Time

Hollywood studio Lionsgate brings back mask mandate amid Covid spike | Film | The Guardian

The Rise of Cannabis Tourism: Destinations and Experiences for Cannabis Enthusiasts | by Ganja Laboratory | Medium

The key to depression, obesity, alcoholism – and more? Why the vagus nerve is so exciting to scientists | Health | The Guardian

Store Owner Is Fatally Shot by Man Who Confronted Her About Pride Flag – The New York Times (

Coles posts $1.1bn profit amid grocery price surge and cost of living crisis | Coles | The Guardian

Pakistan cable car: How horror story came to a dramatic end – BBC News

‘Evil’ nurse: Life in prison for Britain’s most prolific serial killer who preyed on babies | Euronews

Energy bills: 13m British homes ‘did not turn on heating when cold last winter’ | Energy bills | The Guardian

You Are Not So Smart: 267 – Do Your Own Research – Sedona Chinn on Apple Podcasts

Yes to Life, in Spite of Everything: Viktor Frankl’s Lost Lectures on Moving Beyond Optimism and Pessimism to Find the Deepest Source of Meaning – The Marginalian

How to Strengthen Your Friendships | Time

Opinion | A Ruth Bader Ginsburg honoree calls for a rule of justice – The Washington Post

A Kiss After Spain’s World Cup Win Prompts Many to Cry Foul – The New York Times (

Olga Carmona told after Women’s World Cup final that father has died – BBC Sport

Europeans make love but not babies, says demography expert (

Passion, humour, history

Who wrote the Dead Sea scrolls? Science may have the answer. (

The evolution of Steve Albini: ‘If the dumbest person is on your side, you’re on the wrong side’ | Steve Albini | The Guardian

India successfully lands Chandrayaan-3 near the moon’s south pole | AP News

Opinion | Why the Indigo Girls Are So Popular Right Now – The New York Times (

What really caused the collapse of the Mayan civilization? (

Netflix’s ‘Dark’ Is The Most Mentally Exhausting Show I’ve Ever Seen, But One Of Sci-Fi’s Best (

So, what did you read? What jumped out at you? Or share with me what you’re reading? I love that!



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