Month: July 2016

Content marketing is fundamentally about business transformation

If there is one thing I’m sure of, it’s this – we are having the wrong conversation about content marketing. Right now the conversation is too tactical. It’s too execution focused. It’s about content but it’s not about content marketing. Content marketing is about business transformation. It’s about putting the customer at the very heart of your business. It’s about solving their challenges and giving them hope. It’s about getting your entire business focused on your customer, and it’s about aligning your entire business to do it together. This is not just the marketing team’s responsibility. Everyone needs to...

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Why content marketing must own social media

A friend recently asked me if they should move social media ownership under the banner of content marketing at their company, and I said yes, absolutely! Why? Because the team that is always thinking in terms of the customer (or audience) are your best talent to position information within the context of customer interest. This is micro-blogging, and it’s a unique talent in its own right. If you can’t grab attention in 140 characters, or a short LinkedIn/Facebook paragraph, you can’t win at content marketing. How often have you seen a great piece of content get lost because it...

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You, me and 440 million+ others are responsible for LinkedIn

We’ve all read updates of people complaining that members of LinkedIn are posting Facebook-like posts on the professional platform. We’ve all seen attractive females posting alluring pictures with thousands of comments – a mix of “inappropriate” or “you’re so pretty.” Naturally the guys who get drawn into the latter really have no idea how bad it makes them look, let alone the girls who think it’s ok to post these pics – if they are real people of course. (If you’re interested, this post Dear Women: We’re Doing it Wrong. Show Skin–Not Skills handles that hot potato beautifully.) Or...

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How HR leaders can drive content marketing and employee advocacy

I had a wonderful opportunity to speak at HRO Today Forum in Singapore recently. Thank you to my friend Wendy Tan for putting me forward. Very much appreciated. This is the first time I’ve talked about content marketing, social leadership and employee advocacy specifically to HR professionals, so it was a great exercise to hone the message for the change agents of business – HR. So for any HR leaders not in that room, I thought it might be valuable to summarize the key points from the presentation. The most direct impact of the digital revolution on business today...

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