Month: August 2011

Are PR Agencies a Strategic Fit for Social Businesses?

An argument has been doing the rounds in social media-land, and I haven’t been sure where I stand. The argument is what type of agency delivering a marketing discipline is the best partner for social media – and where do PR agencies fit into the debate, if at all? As an ex PR person, I was curious, so I decided to weigh in on the debate by interviewing an old colleague, and someone who is very experienced in the transition PR companies have made with the advent of a social world. Meet John Kerr, a director for Edelman, who...

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Is Social Media Marketing an Effective B2B Tool?

I’ve just read a blog that was featured on on August 10, written by David Lavenda. It essentially asks the question – is social media marketing effective in a B2B environment, as much as it’s proven to be in a B2C environment? Mu understanding of David’s opinion is the key issue that continues to raise its head is this – until tangible ROI sales metrics can be generated, many B2Bs are struggling to justify the spend required to really make an impact. In the blog, David mentioned that most Twitter success stories tend to be B2C and that...

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Five Strategies for Event Success

A few months ago I met Kavita Jhunjhunwala and was immediately impressed, as she is such a dynamic and creative professional. Having just relocated to Singapore to give her businesses a more Asia Pacific focus, Kavita is the co-founder of two companies, Pi Social Media which delivers back-end social media solutions; and what we’re going to talk about today, the ClickAsia Summit, which runs events focused on digital media marketing in Asia Pacific. But that’s not all Kavita is involved in. Other projects include Digital Gutterspaceand “Paige from Pi, the Social Media Agony Aunt”– check “her” out on Facebook....

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