Month: March 2012

Why Blog?

I recently wrote a blog on blogging – I Know I Should be Blogging But, definitely very topical as a strategic social tool in Asia right now. It also seemed to attract a lot of interest, including an acknowledgement on Michael Brenners’ B2B Marketing Insider Blog “The Top 5 Reasons People Don’t do Social,” which was very much appreciated. Thanks to my fellow writer Mark McClure for bringing it to Michael’s attention. Since writing that blog, I’ve been thinking about the specific reasons professionals should blog and have included them here today, because the reality is, if you’re great at...

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Linked In, Blinked Out

How much of  ‘corporate social media’  amounts to ‘wasting time on the company’s dime?’ The big difficulty for many managers is in demonstrating a positive ROI (‘Return on Involvement’) from their social media projects – a collection of sundry activities loosely billed by the now ubiquitous social media consultants as “connecting, communicating and collaborating.” I sympathize with those managers’ concerns. Fearful of being left behind by competitors, they’re also buffeted by the risks of enabling staff to engage with ‘digital dogs’ the world over. (See the cartoon by Peter Steiner, first published in the ‘New Yorker’ magazine almost 19 years ago.) However, despite worries about the misuse of Facebook, Twitter and others during company hours, there’s one social media network that’s had an easier ride to acceptance within ‘cubicle land’ – and that’s LinkedIn. Source: Well before its recent IPO, LinkedIn was something my colleagues and I used to digitally park our resumes (CVs) and contacts. Other than that, most people I knew rarely logged in. There was no reason to, unless in the early stages of looking for a job. LinkedIn’s Social Media Footprint With the ‘increasing popularity’ of social media among groups such as employers (HR, in particular), recruitment consultants, savvy and self-employed business professionals, and ambitious employees, what exactly is LinkedIn’s social media footprint? One very visible element is that of ‘social proof’ in the...

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I Know I Should be Blogging, But…

I don’t have time. I can’t write. I hate writing. I don’t have anything to write about. I have nothing to say. It’s not worth the effort. It’s something teenagers do in dark bedrooms isn’t it? And then there are the unspoken reasons: I’m too scared. What if people think I’m an idiot? Will it look good internally? Will it make my boss happy? Is it good for my career? I don’t want to stick my neck too far over the parapet…. In Asia Pacific, blogging has not hit the heady heights seen in the rest of the world,...

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