Month: June 2016

4 focus areas to ensure your LinkedIn company page isn’t a shambles

It’s been a big week for LinkedIn, and I am looking forward to greater things from this valuable platform following its acquisition by Microsoft. In the meantime, while I expect it to remain business as usual for the foreseeable future, I’d like to discuss a serious weakness I see every day that needs to be sorted out. And that is the shambles of most LinkedIn company pages. Even if you are not responsible for your company page, or don’t even know who is, play along with me for a minute? This is the professional window of your company to...

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What is the line you won’t cross with your personal brand?

I had the pleasure of speaking on a social media panel at the recent Asia Professional Speakers Singapore Annual Convention (pic above from the talented Berry Happy Photography). The conversation was spirited, but one topic that came up is: what are you willing (or not willing) to do as an influencer on social media? For me personally, clearly sitting in the B2B space, I am very straight on this. I don’t blog or share information on social media to receive financial gain to endorse any brand or service. I am happy to write about companies I like and use...

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