Month: February 2017

What is the value of paid online views? Is it all BS?

I recently put some money down to promote my latest video on YouTube. I put money behind everything I do. It’s the only way to ensure it gets seen. Anyhoo, here it is… Incidentally, any chance you can follow my channel? It’s new, is way out of my comfort zone, and I’d just really appreciate the support. I spent $150 on Facebook/Instagram boosting this, which is more than I usually spend. The results so far? Facebook tells me I have reached 18,000+ people, 5,800+ have engaged with the post, and close to 200 have clicked on the link (a...

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New LinkedIn banner dimensions for 2017

Hi everyone, just a quickie. If you haven’t been upgraded to the new LinkedIn layout, it will happen soon. With the upgrade (which I’m still trying to navigate) one thing that’s changed is banner dimensions. For all LinkedIn changes, the best place to go for current information is LinkedIn Help (, and here’s the link to the page discussing new banner dimensions. However, I discovered an intriguing blogger when searching for the answer to this question – the Mafia Hairdresser. Not only a hairdresser, he seems to be a social media expert for his industry as well. I like...

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Your content competes with Donald Trump today

Love him or hate him, during the past two weeks, our social feeds are even more chock-a-block than usual with the latest antics, tweets and executive orders from Donald Trump and his administration. Not just that, there is content to cover every action; content on how to cope emotionally with the action; and content to make us laugh too. It’s a veritable avalanche of content! My content preference is always the funny or heart-warming stuff – it keeps me sane – but right now, this avalanche is keeping me completely distracted from the business information I read every day....

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