Why content marketing must own social media

Andrea Edwards, The Digital Conversationalist

A friend recently asked me if they should move social media ownership under the banner of content marketing at their company, and I said yes, absolutely! Why? Because the team that is always thinking in terms of the customer (or audience) are your best talent to position information within the context of customer interest. This…

You, me and 440 million+ others are responsible for LinkedIn

Personal branding

We’ve all read updates of people complaining that members of LinkedIn are posting Facebook-like posts on the professional platform. We’ve all seen attractive females posting alluring pictures with thousands of comments – a mix of “inappropriate” or “you’re so pretty.” Naturally the guys who get drawn into the latter really have no idea how bad…

How HR leaders can drive content marketing and employee advocacy

The Digital Conversationalist

I had a wonderful opportunity to speak at HRO Today Forum in Singapore recently. Thank you to my friend Wendy Tan for putting me forward. Very much appreciated. This is the first time I’ve talked about content marketing, social leadership and employee advocacy specifically to HR professionals, so it was a great exercise to hone…

What is the line you won’t cross with your personal brand?


I had the pleasure of speaking on a social media panel at the recent Asia Professional Speakers Singapore Annual Convention (pic above from the talented Berry Happy Photography). The conversation was spirited, but one topic that came up is: what are you willing (or not willing) to do as an influencer on social media? For…

Are you ignoring your greatest content creation resource today?

Employee advocacy

Every time I meet with a new company to talk about ramping up their content marketing efforts, the biggest challenge identified is being able to create enough content. So I ask about employees contributing content and if there is a process in place to welcome (and even reward) that? In 99 percent of cases, the…

TTAM – turn off automation on social

The Digital Conversationalist

Welcome to a new series I’ll write when inspired. TTAM = Things That Annoy Me and under this acronym I’ll be sharing ideas about what I believe you should not do on social media. Of course, you can completely ignore me if it doesn’t sit well with you, but this is what I believe. The…

I’ve lost my job, help me with my LinkedIn profile?

The Digital Conversationalist

I’m at the point where I could pay cash for a luxury dream holiday, anywhere in the world, if I was paid every time I got asked this question. Let’s talk straight. If you’ve lost your job and are only now thinking about your LinkedIn profile, you are completely missing the whole point of the…

Self-belief is the biggest inhibitor to building a personal brand

The Digital Conversationalist

I need to talk about this because it comes up every time I run a training session with business professionals, or in 1-2-1 conversations with senior executives. When discussing the core success strategies behind building a great personal brand, every time this sentiment is expressed… Why would anyone care what I have to say? I…

Asia Definitely Moved Beyond Why of Content Marketing to How


I enjoyed a great couple of days attending Content360 in Singapore last week, with ACMA as the Association Partner for the event. The 180-strong audience enjoyed case-study rich presentations from some of the world’s greatest brands, and I definitely agree with the general sentiment that Singapore (and Asia) has moved beyond the why of content…


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