Month: August 2016

Microblogging is a perfect way to start building your personal brand

TTAM = things that annoy me, and this is my second TTAM post. Here is my first – turn off automation on social  – and please do this, it gets you no benefit. In fact, the first interaction people have with you is negative, as they immediately delete your automated message. Today’s blog is about people sharing content on any social platform and not writing why they are sharing it. Worse, they cut and paste the title of the article as their comment. The problem is, we can already see the title in the drop-down window, so why double...

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360 Video is a massive content opportunity for business

I recently caught up with my friend, Andrew Psarianos, CEO of Picture Perfect Productions, and he showed me a 360 video example that made my jaw drop. Until that point, I’d seen 360 examples, but I hadn’t seen a business case. Now I had. It was of Singapore’s stunning Marina Bay and rather than just moving around on my mobile to see the Bay’s beauty in 360, there were map markers on key buildings – Marina Bay Sands, the Merlion, the Esplanade Theater, Hotels, and more. When you clicked on the markers, an information window dropped down to explain...

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Personal branding requires grit, determination and never ever giving up

I had a great discussion with a fellow professional on personal branding yesterday and he said something magical to my ears – I’ve got a five-year window I’m working on towards building my personal brand to get where I want to be. And I thought finally. Finally, someone understands this. Personal branding is not a short term thing you do when looking for your next job, it’s something you’re always doing. Something you’re always nurturing. And probably the most important thing – it’s something you’re always building with your eyes firmly on long term goals. Sure it’s not going...

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Make your employees the stars of your show

I was thrilled to have the opportunity to speak at the recent Hootsuite executive breakfast in Singapore – “Advocacy & The Bottom Line – How to Make it Work” with Nishan Weerasinghe from IBM, Roger Graham from Hootsuite, and Roger Pua from LinkedIn. A lot of great content was covered by my fellow speakers, and my goal was to really hone in on the opportunity for employee advocacy. I absolutely know that one of the greatest opportunities businesses have is to harness employees – the reason your customers do business with you – as genuine advocates for your brand....

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