Month: August 2015

Content Must Sit at the Heart of Business

I was very fortunate to be invited by LinkedIn to do a keynote speech at its first ever social selling summit, INtro: Elevating Sales, held in Singapore on 18 June, 2015. To say I was anxious about delivering this to such a senior sales audience is an understatement, however the main reason for my anxiety was because I just didn’t know how the message would resonate. I put hearts and lots of lovey stuff in my deck… but for good reason. Please Don't Cold Call me on Social Media from The Digital Conversationalist Working as part of a content...

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Capture Professional Moments to Bolster Personal Brand

When I sit down with senior executives to work on professional social profiles, especially LinkedIn, the question always comes up – do you have great photos from your professional history? Luckily, most senior executives do. It’s everyone else who has to scramble. These sorts of photos include team building shots, speaking onstage or in a panel session, attending an event, and meetings with famous people (or even the infamous). They can also include everyday discussions with peers, and fun moments in the office. Why do this? Because it’s a critical branding tool now. Not only does this visual content...

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8 Tips to Build a Twitter Presence From Scratch

As a marketer I strongly believe that if you’re in business, you have to be on Twitter: especially if you want to be part of a global conversation. There are other social sites you must be on too (LinkedIn), but it’s about being where your customers are, and Twitter should be viewed as a cornerstone communication channel for corporate and personal brands alike. At Novus Asia, the ‘conversations’ we are part of include: content marketing, storytelling, the brand editor and design. So it is critical that we are part of the game wherever those conversations are happening. To put it simply, whatever the...

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Six Tips for Identifying Your Perfect B2B Content Partner

I’ve been in the content marketing game since 2003, when I launched IDC’s Marketing Services business into Asia. It wasn’t called ‘content marketing’ back then, and I didn’t actually identify myself as a content marketer until 2009, when I was running my own business. Of course, for the dynamic region of Asia, it’s only in the last 12 months that the term has really taken off. We all know about it now. Throughout this period, the most important lesson I’ve learnt is that a successful partnership between a content agency and client requires a deep level of intimacy between the...

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