Month: September 2012

How Many Characters for Social Media Business Pages?

I’ve just spent a great deal of time researching the number of characters allowed on the business pages for the significant social media sites. I have been looking for content limits for the “About” section, and while this is not the only opportunity to tell your story on a profile page – with headings and banners requiring attention and creativity to maximize potential – it was not easy to find answers to this question. Actually, in most cases, I found the number of characters by physically going to each site and passing the limit, rather than finding the answers online. To...

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Anyone Know Someone who Works at Apple?

A quick blog today – phew huh? I’m wondering if someone can make an introduction, just because I want to be 100 percent sure I’m sharing the right information? You see, the majority of searches that land on my site are interested in understanding things like the difference between a vision and mission statement, so I’ve done a few blogs on this topic to help those interested. However, one specific search that has landed on my blog around 1,600 times and growing (that’s a lot for my site), is a specific search for Apple’s Mission Statement. It’s one of...

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How a Different Approach to Blogging can set Asian Subsidiaries Free

I’ve recently had two discussions with friends working within subsidiaries of global IT companies – and both have been pretty interesting. The one thing that was top of mind? They are frustrated by their lack of ability to influence the global discussion taking place online, because the content is being completely controlled by US headquarters. This means they are not able to influence how their company interacts with regional customers – and this is obviously not good in the ‘social age.’ Everyone needs their piece of this pie – the ability to pull customers to them so they can...

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Slogans or Taglines – How to Create a Great One

I recently concluded a complete messaging revamp for an exciting company in the Cloud strategic advisory space. As part of any messaging overhaul, the tagline (or company slogan) must also be reviewed for relevance, because these three (or four or five) little words say so much about a company, encapsulating what you do with the minimal amount of words – words that appear everywhere. I think it’s very important to do a great job here, because more than anything, this is your opportunity to create a first impression. Interestingly, when researching company slogans (see below) I noticed that the...

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