Month: September 2011

Appetite for Content

I was forwarded this Infographic and it speaks for itself. Based on UK research prepared by Base One in the Buyersphere Report from May 2011, it describes how B2B buyers are getting hungrier for information, and how the content “fillings” are changing. If you click through to the link (click on the graphic) and then double click on the image, you can read the content in this inforgraphic more effectively. It is hard to read as it is, but a lovely representation of the information don’t you think? But if you haven’t got time, I’ve done it breifly below. It...

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IDG Connect Survey – Local Vs Global Content in Asia Pacific

I’ve been meaning to make a few notes about IDG Connect’s recent survey on global content trends, specifically in relation to Asia Pacific. One thing I have noticed is that many global and local companies in this region are struggling to justify increased content spend, and when available, rely on global content. The good news – compared to other regions, Asia Pacific IT decision makers are appreciative of global content, BUT the need for local content is strong and cannot be ignored. According to this survey: 74 percent of professionals interviewed want local content 79 percent are unable to find it...

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IBM is a Social Business

A couple of weeks ago, I interviewed John Kerr, director for Edelman Digital in APAC. In the interview, we briefly touched on Edelman’s definition of Social Business and the belief in this strategy as the way forward. It seems this concept of social business is ramping up, as you can see in this Fast Company story on IBM. For companies in AP, I think this is a great reference point on how to move forward at this stage, especially if you are already lagging behind in the social realm. IBM classifies social business as collaboration, sharing and lead generation within...

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A Simple Guide to Getting Your Message Across

We rarely share other blogs on this site, but this was a short and simple reminder of what is most important in defining a communication strategy. When you are defining any message for going to market, to what ever audience – what, why, how, when and who – are the questions to answer. It really is that simple. Click here for the blog post by Dr. Ada of Effective Business Communication for more insight. If you can focus on these five words and the ideas they’ve suggested when defining any messaging, you really can’t fail! Cheers The SAJE team...

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The Difference Between a Vision and a Mission Statement?

One question I am asked regularly is – what is the difference between a vision and a mission statement? Now by putting this opinion out there, many may disagree and say it’s the other way around, but this is what I believe is the difference, and what I follow when working with customers to define vision and mission statements. All you need to do is look at the words – vision and mission – to know in your heart that that this explanation makes sense right? I will let the global brand leaders speak on my behalf with the...

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