Month: October 2016

Why hashtags are even more important today – get on it

We had some great news recently – well I thought so. LinkedIn is now officially integrating hashtags into the platform – hallelujah! I’ve been predicting this for a long time, which is why I’ve always used them on LinkedIn, even if it wasn’t the done thing. But I don’t care. I’m not a follower and I know hashtags go deep into the internet, beyond the platform I’m using and to boost SEO. I’m definitely not a techy, but I know this to be true. So my friends, time to get on the hashtag bandwagon and use them in all...

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Understanding the millennial mindset – what’s important to young professionals?

If you’re like me, the ideas and opinions around our millennial work-colleagues has started to become tedious and, quite frankly, patronizing. I’ve had the pleasure of working with thousands of young, nubile minds, and the broad-brush statements across a whole generation has never sat well with me. Besides, I’ve always felt I’m a millennial in a Gen X body, so I celebrate this generation and hope they collectively change the world for the better. We need them too. But there is a difference about this generation – a quality that exudes from every millennial I meet. It’s a desire...

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7 things I’ve learnt from writing 687 blog posts

I just added up the number of blog posts I’ve written and it stands at 687… well 688 if you include this one. That’s a lot of blogs – and it’s definitely been quite a journey. This journey kicked off in 2006, but got serious in 2009 when I started to build three separate blogs, with two I continue to be serious about. Blogging is like breathing for me. There have been many times my husband has taken our kids out on the weekends to give me time to write. Because I have to do it. It helps me...

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Want to be successful? Be a person of your word and take action

I get asked for career advice a lot, and while most of the time I don’t think I can teach anyone anything – I’m still trying to work this life-stuff out myself – there are a couple of observations I’ve made in my 20+ year career that are consistent and (I believe) debilitating if you really want to be successful. First and foremost – Be A Person Of Your Word! And I really mean this. Your word is everything. It defines you and your reputation in everything you do. If you are consistently unreliable, forgetful or uninterested, then it...

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