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Global warming weekend Reads Andrea T Edwards

#144 Weekend reads – we’re going to experience 1.5C warming by 2027

News broke this week (and got front page coverage – amazing) that we are going to experience 1.5C of warming by 2027. Now there’s two key things about this news I want to highlight. The word experience is important, because 1.5C of warming won’t be embedded – as in, it won’t be a permanent rise… yet. The second is, based on all I’m reading and listening to, I believe we will see this within the next 12 months. Come and yell at me in May 2024 if I’m wrong, but I don’t think I will be.

Because, based on the heat increases we’ve seen in the environment – before El Nino and because of termination shock (also referred to as climate shock) due to a clean-up of shipping industry pollution – it means we’re already at 1.3C warming, so a further .2 of warming is definitely likely, but I think it will be higher. Just check out the record ocean temperatures and you’ll know we’re in unchartered territory. I won’t dig into what termination shock means today (I encourage you to look it up, although there is not much to be found on this topic), because it’s not in the news this week.

My greatest concern with all the escalation we are now seeing is, we are not ready – anywhere. No country is doing enough to prepare for the extreme weather events. Some thought they were ready, however, as the climate scientists keep saying – we weren’t expecting this yet. Therefore, the countries who have prepared are now forced to play catch up due to rapid escalations, but for most countries, they haven’t even started. This means we are all in the firing line of what is to come, with no preparation made to protect us, especially the most vulnerable.

As we saw in Italy this week, there were many elderly and disabled people who had to be rescued in the night, because they were unable to leave their homes. How can regions like this better understand and prepare for these events? How can we make sure the most vulnerable are not at such risk? At this stage in the game, every country should understand the threats it faces, and so what are the governments doing to ensure we don’t experience mass suffering and destruction?

There is another side to this conversation that needs a lot more attention. Humans must come together and work out how to adapt to these extreme events as communities. In the Asia Pacific region, Canada, Spain and beyond, un-liveable temperatures are already on our doorstep, and we are not ready to cope with this. Soon I will release a comprehensive list of actions we can take – both cheap and expensive solutions, because we need both, and we need to prioritize taking action now. Stay tuned, but I want to make sure it’s right before I release it.

However, when it comes to extreme heat, one other area we need to address is the risk to our wildlife. What can we do for the birds, insects, mammals, amphibians and more? In India in 2022 it was already experiencing Wet Bulb Temperatures, and birds dropped out of the sky, dead, because of the un-liveable temperatures. What scale of death will we see with our wildlife in the months and years ahead when we hit or pass 1.5C warming, even for a short while? And will it cause ecosystem collapse? And if so, what does that mean for us?

This is where we are now. I know it’s not pretty, but we must face this, adapt to cope with what is coming, stop emissions, transform how we live on this planet by shrinking our impact in every way we can, and we must get ready for harder times ahead.

It is so important that we recognise a very important truth – it is not going to get better, in fact it will get very much worse, and while people don’t like to hear this, until we accept the reality, we are not going to act in accordance and prepare for the threats we face. We must get ready now. Adaptation should be the word on everyone’s lips.

The environment section below is big this week, because while I didn’t do a Weekend Reads last week, I did save the environment information I was reading and watching. That means there’s lots to catch up on. Get stuck in.

But first, watch this. Dolly is right, the world is on fire.

Dolly Parton – World On Fire (From The 58th ACM Awards)

Friend’s content and mine

Big shout out to Cathy Johnson, Neerja Singh and Lindsay Adams OAM for joining me on Climate Courage this week. The topic was “The role of Boomers” and this is a challenging theme because it could be seen as an attack on an entire generation. However, we must look the challenges we face in the eye, and with the Boomer generation, there is much the older community could be doing right now to help us all move forward. Have a listen. And thank you all for being open to such a big, open-hearted conversation on a difficult topic.

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Content to read

And here’s the content I’ve been reading or watching this last week. Scan the headlines, read the ones that jump out at you, read or watch them all. Knowledge is power, and global knowledge is even more powerful.

Climate crisis

Record flooding in Italy kills at least 8, cancels Formula One Grand Prix

This Is Our Civilization at 1.5 Degrees

Global warming set to break key 1.5C limit for first time

Global Warming in the Pipeline

Climate change is bad for everyone. But this is where it’s expected to be worst in the US.

El Niño Threatens Unparalleled Heatwaves

Analysis: How well have climate models projected global warming?

The Ocean Heat Bomb Ignites

A credible future beyond growth has to be feminist

Persistent effect of El Niño on global economic growth

Wildfire smoke linked to Arctic melting

Developing country voices will be excluded at UN plastic talks, say NGOs

Climate change will abruptly push species over their tipping points

Corporate climate promises are growing, but company emissions are not falling: study

Are you preparing for degrowth? And if not, why not?

New York City is sinking due to weight of its skyscrapers, new research finds

An open manifesto for a post-growth world #BeyondGrowth #PostGrowth #LimitsToGrowth

Tempers flare as France sizzles in drought

Climate Change Is Rolling Back American Progress on Air Pollution

Scientists warn an El Niño is likely coming that could bring scorching heat to Earth tks Steve Johnson

Thousands forced to evacuate as wildfires ravage western Canada

Drought parches America’s breadbasket

We’re All Going To Die

April Mediterranean heatwave ‘almost impossible’ without climate crisis

Unprecedented 21st century heat across the Pacific Northwest of North America

Logging the Last Giants

Drought prompts French ban on garden swimming pools

Scientists Are Alarmed as Sea Surface Temperatures Hit Uncharted Territory

Climate scientists first laughed at a ‘bizarre’ campaign against the BoM – then came the harassment

El Nino 2023 could be a monster!

Is BlackRock’s Larry Fink blowing it for the climate?

Climate change: Vietnam records highest-ever temperature of 44.1C

Alan Kohler: Reduce emissions? Fine, but we need to do much, much more than that

Extreme April heat in Spain, Portugal, Morocco & Algeria almost impossible without climate change

‘Paper can’t be a solution to plastic waste’: Canadian environmentalists warn about the rise in single-use paper products

First observational evidence of Beaufort Gyre stabilization, which could be precursor to huge freshwater release

Air pollution from oil and gas production responsible for $77 billion in annual US health damages, study finds

Greenland Ice Sheet melting faster than previously thought, scientists say

‘Mind-boggling’ methane emissions from Turkmenistan revealed

If Climate Policy Isn’t Social, It Fails

Up to a foot of snow forecast in parts of Southern California days after record heat wave tks Steve Johnson

New Ice Discovery Means Glaciers Could Melt Way Faster Than Predicted

McDonald’s Leads Lobbying Offensive Against Laws to Reduce Packaging Waste in Europe

A frightening virus is killing a massive number of wild birds

Extreme heat, well into triple digits, smashes records in Asia

Auckland floods: Homeowners abandon properties in western suburbs and fear the next weather forecast

10 Reasons Our Civilization Will Soon Collapse

The ocean is hotter than ever: what happens next?

Too HOT and HUMID to Live: Extreme Wet Bulb Events Are on the Rise

HEATWAVES 25 April 2023 16:01 Unprecedented heat extremes ‘could occur in any region globally’

“We Are Going To Run Out Of Food” – 7 Reasons There’s Going To Be A Global Famine

Biden rule tells power plants to cut climate pollution by 90 percent — or shut down

Despairing about climate change? These 4 charts on the unstoppable growth of solar may change your mind

ABC News ABC News This is how long the heat wave is expected to last on the West Coast tks Steve Johnson

‘What Really Keeps Me Up at Night’: A Climate Scientist’s Call to Action

Powerful Cyclone Mocha strikes Myanmar, Bangladesh

Why We’re Sleepwalking Into the Age of Extinction

As Ocean Oxygen Levels Dip, Fish Face an Uncertain Future

Greenland glacier discovery shows sea level projections are too low

How Big Oil is manipulating the way you think about climate change

Unusually early heat wave in Pacific Northwest could break records

Sentosa hotels, attractions, F&B outlets to do away with plastic bottled water by end-2023 tks Guan Tay

Oceans have been absorbing the world’s extra heat. But there’s a huge payback

Cyclone Mocha: Deadly storm hits Myanmar and Bangladesh coasts

The world’s richest countries, are literally eating their way to the extinction

All the things I could do: financing green home upgrades

Wet Bulb Calculator

Why you need to worry about the ‘wet-bulb temperature’

Wet-Bulb Temperature Calculator from Relative Humidity and Air Temperature

Vietnam and Laos record hottest temperatures ever as heat wave grips Southeast Asia

Record Ocean Heating Spike May Herald Acceleration of Global Warming

Climate Change Forces a Rethinking of Mammoth Everglades Restoration Plan

Europe’s funding of EU-banned pesticides

Cyclone Mocha kills dozens in Myanmar

To avoid 2022 crisis, Indian Railways ferries more coal for electricity

What El Niño Will do to Earth in 2024

2023 Issues, Predictions & Trend Forecast For Food: Climate Change

Soil as an extended composite phenotype of the microbial metagenome

Oceans have been absorbing the world’s extra heat. But there’s a huge payback

Murujuga’s rock art is at risk – where is the outrage?       

Stop salmon producers killing seals tks Gavin Warring

Fires Threaten Oil Sands; ConocoPhillips Briefly Pulls Staff

Extreme humid heat in South Asia in April 2023, largely driven by climate change, detrimental to vulnerable and disadvantaged communities

A significant heat wave from California to the Arctic Circle is set to shatter records.

A Billion New Air Conditioners Will Save Lives But Cook the Planet tks Evelyn Lee

The guilt I feel being a mum in the midst of a changing climate

Death toll mounts in Italy’s worst flooding for 100 years

Why growing rice is a problem and what we can do about it

Heat Waves: A Growing Threat to Society and the Environment

Extreme Heat in the Oceans Is Out of Control

Canadian forest fires are the latest costly climate disaster that public accounts fail to capture

CACOR: The Big Picture: Beyond Hope and Fear – Michael Dowd

Global politics

America’s Lowest Standard

We’re Living in Post-Shame America

Rudy Giuliani hit with bombshell rape lawsuit; ex-staffer says he demanded oral sex while he took calls from Trump

Here’s Why Biden Calling White Supremacy America’s ‘Most Dangerous Terrorist Threat’ Is Important

Bill Barr warns of ‘horror show’ and ‘chaos’ if Trump wins in 2024

Latest Development May Mean the End of Disney World In Florida

Japan’s pacifism hangs in balance as China and North Korea threats loom

Turkey’s President Fights for Political Survival

Turkey faces runoff election with Erdogan leading

Erdogan leads as Turkey heads for election run-off

AI content is meddling in Turkey’s election. Experts warn it’s just the beginning

Russia loses four aircraft in separate suspected ‘friendly fire’ incidents over Ukraine

Ukraine war: Ukraine claims Bakhmut breakthrough, grain deal extension, Zaporizhzhia under fire

Russian State TV Issues Stark Warning Over Threat of Defeat

Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko absent at ceremony, raising questions over health

The UK has a PR plan masquerading as an industrial strategy

Jacob Rees-Mogg Admits Tory Voter ID Law Was ‘Gerrymandering’

‘You can’t simply wish things to happen’: PM’s message for progressives

Business and technology

Full interview: “Godfather of artificial intelligence” talks impact and potential of AI

Vice and Motherboard owner files for bankruptcy

Sam Altman: CEO of OpenAI calls for US to regulate artificial intelligence

Richard Boyle faces life behind bars while those in the PwC scandal are protected by the corporate world

When the Culture Wars Came for NASA The Daily Podcast

Social issues

What’s Really Driving Global Problems in the World Today?

For years I’ve been a media target for racism and paid a heavy price. For now, I want no part of it – I’m stepping away

Decorated police officer charged with tipping off Proud Boys leader

Bud Light Outrage Spreads to Miller Lite’s New Ad Campaign

A new study finds highly toxic chemicals in shampoos and 30 household products that could cause cancer

Changing continent: The EU’s population is declining, new figures reveal

‘Credulous’ Fox anchor Maria Bartiromo roasted for falling for more conspiracy theories

COVID-19 could put us at a greater risk of neurodegenerative diseases and stroke

Scientists find bat protein that can slow aging and even fight Covid, heart disease and arthritis

Is coronavirus a disease of the blood vessels?

Skepticism: Why critical thinking makes you smarter

Magnitude 7.7 quake in Pacific triggers tsunami alert islands east of Australia

Passion, humour, history

Kate Winslet accepts the Leading Actress award with her “just in case” speech | BAFTA TV Awards 2023

Dolly Parton Debuts New Rock Song ‘World on Fire’ at 2023 ACM Awards tks Gina Romero

‘Ted Lasso’ Stars Reveal How The Apple TV+ Series Has Changed Their Lives

Titanic: First ever full-sized scans reveal wreck as never seen before

Prince Harry and Meghan say New York City car chase was relentless

What Johnny Depp Has Become

Peter Cook & Barry Humphries interview – The Late Clive James (1987)

Let me know what jumped out at you? Or share with me what you’re reading? I love that!



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