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#126 Weekend reads – well wasn’t 2022 one hell of a year?

We did the last Know Show of the year, reflecting on all that happened in 2022, and I encourage everyone to do this, because it really adds some context to the news that consumes us. Reflecting back is the opposite of the rapid news cycle that blows by us every day, inciting immediate responses and reactions, very little reflection, and a constant state of overwhelm.

From the celebrity shenanigans, including Djokovic, Will Smith, Johnny Depp, Amber Heard and of course Ye – all of which get far too much attention in a world facing so many challenges! To famous deaths, notably Queen Elizabeth II, tWitch, Christine McVie, Angela Lansbury, Irene Cara, Ray Liotta, Sidney Poitier, William Hurt and many more.

If you think back to this time 12 months ago, we were starting to understand that the new Omicron variant was potentially less lethal than prior variants, which gave us all a little bit of hope moving into 2023. But then, of course, Covid isn’t over and while it’s out of the news, it’s not out of our societies. China is expecting one million deaths now it has opened up.  

Although, the moment that really set the world back in 2022, is when Putin decided to invade the Ukraine. As the world’s mental health was already battered, this sent many over the edge – the threat of nuclear war didn’t help matters much. Such a senseless war and the last thing the world needs right now.

From an environment perspective, it’s been a VERY intense year and one wonders if it’s enough for us to finally get the message? Businesses seem to be moving faster in 2022, but governments…. Not in alignment with the emergency at all. What both businesses and governments are doing right now would have mattered 30 years ago, today, it’s nowhere near the scale of action required.

Here’s a flavour of some of the big environment events in 2022

  • We passed the 5th of nine planetary boundaries in January, and then we passed the 6th of the nine planetary boundaries in April
  • The Arctic and Antarctica hit 30 and 40 degrees above average on the same day at the same time
  • Two IPCC Reports were released, which received very limited media coverage, even though the research should have focused all of our attention. Instead, the focus was on Putin/Ukraine
  • Extreme flooding in Australia and we’ve seen it all over the world
  • Mega droughts in Europe, US, Africa, China
  • Rain bombs have become a common thing
  • We are facing the potential of global famine, and famine has already started, with the Horn of Africa and Somalia devastated
  • Eco-anxiety is on the rise and people are screaming their fear on social media everywhere
  • Macron stated it is the end of abundance and he is correct
  • Although Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Singles Day were all blockbuster events – yeah, we’re really not getting the message
  • Pakistan saw the greatest body of water ever released on earth when a glacial lake burst. There are 33 other glacial lakes at risk of busting, just in Pakistan
  • Adaptation preparations all over the world are not even remotely ready, and very few countries are geared up for the extreme weather events that are coming, and they will continue to get worse
  • New projections expect we will experience 1.5 by 2024/25 when El Nino returns. It won’t be embedded permanently then, but we’ll sure know what it feels like. Research also indicates that Australia is royally screwed
  • Right now, we’re seeing crazy floods in Spain and the Congo, while there is an Arctic freeze in Europe and North America, which is connecting with a heatwave in Spain and North Africa – all perfectly normal ☹
  • We had two COPS and very little progress – fossil fuel lobbyists were out in huge numbers
  • Environmental protestors around the world are being jailed longer than rapists and murderers – you know, they’re living with existential dread, let’s go hard on them!
  • The fossil fuel industry keeps growing and growing and growing, and a new report this week states that we are not facing 2.4-2.8 global warming, it’s looking more like 4C – 10C! Remember even the cockroaches die at 8C.

Add to that, a record number of journalists were killed this year, a jump of 45% to 119, and detentions of journalists rose too, by 13.8%, to 535 cases, which broke last year’s record and has now reached the highest number ever recorded. As a side note, three journalists have died mysteriously in Qatar.

From crypto, to the mayhem in the global economy, to the chaos of global politics, thankfully we have seen some good news in the mix. Labour was elected in Australia (even though Murdoch worked hard to stop it) and Lula is back in Brazil. Let’s hope he can get the environmental destruction under control. Probably the hardest job in the world right now.

A controversial World Cup has consumed our attention these past few months, so has Elon Musk, and Iran is now in a challenging position. If the protestors fail, the crackdown will be harsh. If they win, due to the fact there is no opposition, Iran could become a failed state. Either way, challenging times ahead.

As I look ahead to 2023, for the first time in my life, I know I won’t feel the hope I’ve always felt at the start of a New Year. As a global community, we have enormous challenges to overcome, and we need to design a new world, in alignment with all life on earth.

I know many think we are a hopeless case (and I have my moments of doom, believe me), but seriously, if enough of us get the message that urgent action is required right now, that the only way to ensure we don’t head into terrible misery and an unbearable future is by working together as a global community, and that we must vote for the leaders the world needs at this time, then we have a chance. It’s not easy, but we CAN DO IT! We’ve got to keep the hope alive, we must.

Let’s get to work in 2023 and do this, yes? Our kids deserve all our best efforts now. We can’t let them down.

Let me know if you value this?

If you enjoy or value my Weekend Reads, please drop me a note wherever I’ve shared it and tell me? I’d love to know the articles you read as you scan through the headlines, because I just want to be sure I’m doing something that’s valued.

The Weekend Reads is a labour of love and it’s my way of helping my community navigate the constant news shocks we face every single day, but it’s hard to know if this is worth it, as I’m getting very little interaction when I share this every week. I’d love to know it’s something you do value.

I’m going to have a break from the reads until the New Year. If you’ve been following and supporting my work, thank you, I appreciate it. I wish you a very happy, safe and sustainable festive season, and let’s get focused in 2023 on the work we need to do to ensure a liveable future for ourselves and future generations.

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We are in a devastating waste crisis; don’t we all think it’s time to act? We must get a handle on this. It is getting worse and worse and worse!!

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Content to read

And here’s the content I’ve been reading or watching this last week. Scan the headlines, read the ones that jump out at you, read or watch them all. Knowledge is power, and global knowledge is even more powerful.

Climate crisis

Hurricane Ian left bees starving in Florida. Here’s why they need us tks Vicky Coburn

Global Warming in the Pipeline

Billions projected to suffer nearly unlivable heat in 2070

Climate Change Could Force 1.2 Billion to Move by 2050. Is the World Even Remotely Ready?

Nation’s largest water supplier declares drought emergency

Cop15 half-time report: China prompts fears of new ‘Copenhagen moment’

Interactive: Who wants what at the COP15 biodiversity summit

Canada signs onto global forest restoration challenge at COP15

‘This case has made legal history’: young Australians just won a human rights case against an enormous coal mine

COP15’s message to the world: Invest $250 billion in nature or risk the consequences

Study explains surprise surge in methane during pandemic lockdown

Bogong’s back: La Niña rains help moth numbers recover from near extinction

Bangladeshi climate expert Prof Saleemul Huq listed among Nature’s 10 scientists

Dismantling Sellafield: the epic task of shutting down a nuclear site

Why scientists are worried about falling numbers of insects being splattered on car number plates

‘Firmageddon’: Researchers find 1.1 million acres of dead trees in Oregon

HSBC announces it will no longer finance new oil and gas fields

Weather tracker: Heatwave sweeps South America as Argentina hits 43C

First sea turtle nest found on Phuket beach

UK weather: Flights delayed and cancelled due to cold snap

Scientists Achieve Nuclear Fusion Energy Breakthrough in the US

Degrowth can work — here’s how science can help

New discoveries in Antarctica shed light on climate change’s impact

Revealed: Brazil goldminers carve illegal ‘Road to Chaos’ out of Amazon reserve

MONBIOSIS with George Monbiot: Ep13 – Don’t Look Up!

What causes mass extinctions? – Understanding Evolution

(PDF) Glyphosate: Destructor of Human Health and Global Biodiversity

Aviation may account for 20% of global emissions by 2050 without action

“Burning fossil fuels is causing irreversible harm“ Peter Kalmus #ClimateCrisis demand #ClimateAction #SDG13 #TellTheTruth #BeingtheChange #auspol

John Kerry says green energy transition isn’t happening fast enough: ‘Everything has to accelerate’

Climate Scientist Answers Earth Questions From Twitter

Semafor hired a climate writer. Then Chevron ran ads on his stories.

Single-use plastic items to be banned in England

They Fought the Lawn. And the Lawn’s Done

Museletter #356: The Final Doubling – Richard Heinberg

Watered down: why negotiators at Cop15 are barely mentioning the ocean

Today’s Contemplation: Collapse Cometh LXXXIV

Abrupt global ocean circulation collapse. Time to start prepping?

Global politics

What a stupid year tks Phillipa Edwards

Iran’s moment of truth: what will it take for the people to topple the regime?

Putin suggests possibility of settlement to end war in Ukraine

Ukraine war: The Russians locked up for refusing to fight

Jacinda Ardern caught on hot mic calling minor opposition party leader an ‘arrogant prick’

A Royal Commission into Scott Morrison? He sold off the farm, in secret

‎The Political Scene | The New Yorker: Could Kyrsten Sinema’s Party Switch Be Good for Democracy?

‘Losing the plot’: Trump mocked after announcing superhero card collection

Business and technology

Attacks on Pacific north-west power stations raise fears for US electric grid

The viral AI avatar app Lensa undressed me—without my consent  tks Barry Graubart

The rise and fall of peer review – by Adam Mastroianni

Elon Musk Had His Most Absurd, Disturbing 24 Hours at Twitter Yet

Twitter suspends journalists who have been covering Elon Musk and the company

Twitter suspends accounts of several journalists who had reported on Elon Musk tks Sue Adams

Elon Musk Had His Most Absurd, Disturbing 24 Hours at Twitter Yet

Elon Musk Booed by Crowd at Dave Chappelle’s Comedy Show

Elon Musk Sent an Email to Employees. It’s a Master Class in How Not to Motivate Your Team

The Childish Drama of Elon Musk – The Atlantic

Social Media Is for Strangers Now

The Gray Area with Sean Illing: The power of attention in a world of distraction on Apple Podcasts

The secret lives of MI6’s top female spies

Social issues

Stephen Fry: “Lost, alone and I wanted to take my life” 

How Stanford Profits Off Addiction

The Nobel Peace Prize 2022

The Gray Area with Sean Illing: Men and boys are struggling. Should we care? on Apple Podcasts

Study: China Covid deaths could reach 1 million

Number of journalists killed in 2022 jumps by 45% to 119, says press group

Rising number of journalists killed, detained in 2022

World Cup: Three journalists have died mysteriously in Qatar

Macron announces free condoms for 18- to 25-year-olds in France

Longtermism: The Future Is Vast—What Does This Mean for Our Own Life?

Pandemic write-up Thread by @brownecfm on Thread Reader App tks Phillipa Edwards

The Economist Podcasts: Babbage: What causes long covid? on Apple Podcasts

Base editing: Revolutionary therapy clears girl’s incurable cancer

NASA Scientists Suggest The Reason We Haven’t Found Aliens Is They All Killed Themselves

Meghan and Harry’s documentary has hit the raw nerve of tabloid prejudice

Harry and Meghan: Strip Duke and Duchess of Sussex of titles, say Tory MPs

Meghan and Harry’s documentary has hit the raw nerve of tabloid prejudice

A widening gender rage gap? No wonder: women have a lot to feel angry about

Billionaire Charlie Munger: World is ‘driven by envy,’ not ‘greed’

Queensland shooting: Two police officers, and member of public, killed at remote property

BBC News presenter in tears reporting news of Solihull lake deaths

Passion, humour, history

Selena Gomez Pops Up As Steve Martin, Martin Short Shred Each Other

Saudi Arabia stone camels: older than Pyramids, Stonehenge

How “The Daily Show” Squandered the Opportunity That Was Trevor Noah

Want funny animal pictures? Look at the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards.

Henry Cavill not returning as Superman after meeting with new DC Studios chiefs James Gunn and Peter Safran

Berlin’s giant AquaDom hotel aquarium containing 1,500 fish explodes

Greta Gerwig ‘Barbie’ Trailer Shows Margot Robbie as First-Ever Barbie

Let me know what jumped out at you? Or share with me what you’re reading? I love that!



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