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#109 Weekend reads – community is where real change starts, come together

Today, I’m attending the first sustainability event in Phuket, and tonight it’s time for some of the great musical talent to come together and rock the night. All funds raised will go to local charities and foundations, doing amazing work in and around Phuket. Today has been brilliant. Amazing. Soul enriching.

This is all brought together by our community One Phuket, which we established at the start of 2021 – first to raise money to feed people who were struggling during the economic fall-out of the pandemic, and now, we are focused on sustainability.

With both areas of focus, we recognized multiple groups, all working hard and doing incredible work, but separately, isn’t the most effective way of succeeding. So we all agreed it was time to come together and combine forces.

It is incredibly powerful too. It not only means we get a bigger view of the challenges we face, but we also get the creative ideas of everyone, can achieve more, and we can be bolder. We also give each other energy, because it is very challenging to do this sort of work, and you need the extra energy shots!

We are incredibly bold in the ambitions we have set for ourselves too. Hugely bold, but boldness is the only way. Read the environment section below. Times are getting more challenging all around the world.

Over the coming year, we are documenting everything we are doing and will share it far and wide, especially with other tropical Island paradises around the world – hoping it’s a template for wider action. However, we hope it’s a roadmap for any community in the world.

The key epiphany for me is really simple. Come together with your community and get to work. Find the people who are passionate and with great ideas and get them on board. Find the artists, the activists, the workers, the wranglers, the fun people, find them all and start making changes in your community right now. People with strong egos, probs best leave out. It’s not an ego game.

We can ALL do this and truly, if we want to see the change needed in the world, this is where it starts. Governments are not going to do it for us. I mean, just read this article: Bonn talks end in acrimony over compensation. I’ll address this in another post, because it’s a big wide topic, but until we get the message, our elected representatives will not. We need to get it first.

When we get it, we’ll vote for it. When we vote for it and support the leaders to do the hard work necessary, then we have a chance of seeing great change. Let’s do it, but start with your community. You’ll make amazing new friendships too.

Friend’s content and mine

Post-covid trauma: what can be done? By the incredible Sha En Yeo. This is SUCH an important issue and we need to face it.

Grit and ability to innovate go hand in hand – GREAT piece by Natalie Turner. Could not agree more.

Connect With Confidence – with Kerrie Phipps: Leadership Without Mind Games with Frank Hagenow on Apple Podcasts – Kerrie Phipps and Dr Frank Hagenow, two awesome people and a wonderful conversation.

I have relaunched a new edition of 18 Steps to an All Star LinkedIn Profile (2022 edition) – if you are a newbie on LinkedIn, this book is for you.

Uncommon Courage #28 The one minute meditation – Uncommon Courage – An Invitation – this is the meditation that can help you drill down into your focus. A chapter from my book, Uncommon Courage: an invitation. Do this if you’re struggling on what you want to do or what you want to be known for.

10 EASY ways to reduce our water consumption

Donation time

If everyone gave #just10percent of their time, talent, money or voice, we’ll change the world. Can you donate? Make it a regular donation to the World Food Programme. Or donate to the UN Refugee Program, PowerOf , , Soi Dog Foundation.  It’s a time for giving and taking care of each other.

If you want to support Ukraine Red Cross Ukraine, Medicine Sans Frontier, Defend Ukraine, as well as World Food Programme and UN Refugee Program.

Content to read

And here’s the content I’ve been reading or watching this last week. Scan the headlines, read the ones that jump out at you, read or watch them all. Knowledge is power, and global knowledge is even more powerful.

Climate crisis

REGENESIS: George Monbiot calls for the end of (almost all) animal farming  

Pollen and Heat: A Looming Challenge for Global Agriculture

Subverting Climate Science in the Classroom

Nepal to move Everest base camp from melting glacier

Climate change is coming for your ketchup

Could Google’s Carbon Emissions Have Effectively Doubled Overnight? tks Robert Kirubi

Climate change: Rising sea levels threaten 200,000 England properties

A Hotter, Poorer, and Less Free America

The Ukraine Crisis Shows How Fragile Our Food Systems Are

Fink Says BlackRock Doesn’t Want to Be ‘Environmental Police’

Eight million Australians urged to turn off lights

6 Big Findings from the IPCC 2022 Report on Climate Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability

The World Faces a Decade of Global Hunger that Could ‘Irreversibly Degrade Humanity’s Prospects’ tks Damian Corbet

Bolsonaro blamed as UN, activists denounce Amazon murders

Dom Phillips and Bruno Pereira: Suspect leads police to human remains

Rwanda asylum flight cancelled after legal action

Bolsonaro says ‘something wicked’ done to Dom Phillips and Bruno Pereira

No bodies found in hunt for British journalist, Brazil police say

How your spiking energy bills are making foreign investors rich

Energy executives at transition conference still lean on fossil fuels

Maasai leaders ​arrested in protests over​ ​Tanzanian game reserve


Going Under: 200,000 homes and businesses at risk of rising sea levels

Sustainable Investing App – Ethical Investing

IUU Fishing in the Indian Ocean: A Security Threat

The 1977 White House climate memo that should have changed the world

How The Gambia’s oyster farmers are being hit by climate change

Images of Change – Climate Change: Vital Signs of the Planet

Sea Level | Vital Signs – Climate Change: Vital Signs of the Planet

Rare Yellowstone closure from historic floods spells hardship for ‘gateway’ towns

Unprecedented flooding conditions force Yellowstone park to close all entrances and leave locals trapped

Food waste the key to McCain Foods getting off the grid in Victoria

Did You Know 50% of the Great Barrier Reef Is Dead?

Ukraine set to receive green hydrogen from Canada

Why ‘Super Worms’ Might Be The Answer To Our Plastic Waste  tks  Philip Merry

A powerful heatwave heads into western Europe this week, with low 40s forecast in France and close to +45 °C in Spain

Weather tracker: heatwaves could add to energy problems across Europe

Climate change: New fossil fuel funding is ‘delusional’ says UN chief

Most people don’t know which animals are going extinct: poll

How to turn your garden into a carbon sink  tks Avi Liran

Thirty years of climate summits: where have they got us?

Historical emissions caused the climate crisis. But it’s what we do today that will make or break it, study shows

Sustainably Yours: The Phuket Swapshop

Singapore to reduce reliance on hydrofluorocarbons under climate treaty

Nearly all of Portugal faces ‘severe drought’ after hottest May in 92 years

Ocean viruses: Huge survey finds thousands of previously undescribed microbes

Why bankers close their ears to the ‘climate nut jobs’ talking about the end of the world tks Susanna Hasenoehrl

A Global Food Crisis: Shortage Amidst Plenty)

Climate crisis is ‘battering our economy’ and driving inflation, new book says

Something starting to do the rounds on social media, is this Tweet. Yes, the scientists are telling us they were not expecting what is happening in the environment to happen until 2050. It’s happening now. No time to lose. Thanks for sharing Phillipa Edwards.

Global politics

‘Negligent in the extreme’: Labor inherits crises across portfolios tks Phillipa Edwards

The war in Ukraine  tks Francine Varner

Russia’s economy in for a bumpy ride as sanctions bite

Biden Weighs Tariff Rollback to Ease Inflation, Even a Little Bit  

Australia’s mainstream media is stumbling from crisis to crisis  tks Phillipa Edwards

Russia Is ‘Hemorrhaging Millionaires’ After Ukraine Invasion: Report

Vox Conversations: The fight for Ukraine — and democracy Podcast

Ukraine war: Every bridge leading to key city Severodonetsk destroyed

NI Protocol: UK reveals plans to ditch parts of EU Brexit deal  

US gun control: Cross-party group of senators agree limited safety measures

Check My Ads aims to defund Fox after going after right-wing websites

Ukraine war: Former British soldier Jordan Gatley killed in fighting

Anthony Albanese shows he’s a big-picture empath – more like Hawke than Rudd or Gillard  tks Phillipa Edwards

Business and technology

Japan gets ready to welcome foreign tourists

Why Did Revlon File for Bankruptcy?

Is It Time to Consider Co-CEOs?

The C-Suite Skills That Matter Most

Bill Gates says he’s ‘not involved’ in crypto, sees it as ‘greater fool’ investment

New Tools and Resources for Parents and Teens in VR and on Instagram

A quick guide to the most important AI law you’ve never heard of tks Shalaka Verma

Meta hit with 8 lawsuits for ‘exploiting young people for profit’

Facebook Made This 29-Year-Old Rich; War Made Him A Billionaire

Russian-Owned Successor Of McDonald’s Opens In Moscow

How to Follow Up with Someone Who’s Not Getting Back to You

US Firms Secure 19 Deals to Export Liquified Natural Gas, Driven in Part by the War in Ukraine

NSW budget 2022: Government to introduce an extra year of education

20 Most Expensive Cities in the World for Expats 2022: Hong Kong Tops the List

Social issues and humanity

I’ve lived as a man & a woman — here’s what I learned tks Vicky Coburn

Arron Banks loses libel action against reporter Carole Cadwalladr

Google Engineer On Leave After He Claims AI Program Has Gone Sentient

Mick Jagger ‘feeling much better’ after Covid diagnosis

Sir Mick Jagger tests positive for Covid – BBC News

Rebel starts spreading the news of relationship

Rebel Wilson outing sparks Australia media reckoning

‎The Journal.: Hack Me If You Can, Part 1: The Making of a Russian Hacker Podcast

The Journal.: Hack Me If You Can, Part 2: Counterstrike Podcast

The cure for impostor syndrome is simpler than you think

Neurodevelopmental Outcomes at 1 Year in Infants of Mothers Who Tested Positive for SARS-CoV-2 During Pregnancy

Tanzania: Thousands of Maasai flee into the bush after dozens shot and detained following evictions for trophy hunting and conservation

Fundraiser by Kevin Cottam : Medical Assistance to Ngorongoro Maasai, Tanzania

Rwanda asylum flight cancelled after legal action

Vox Conversations: The war on trans people on Apple Podcasts

COVID reinfections set to spike in U.S. as new variants evade immunity (

“Corporatised” Guide Dogs Victoria: a charity broken  

U.S. drops COVID testing for incoming international air travelers

The Sage on Twitter: “Wow. Just wow. The most accurate video on the state of the USA ever made.

Seven stowaways and a hijacked oil tanker: the strange case of the Nave Andromeda

Passion, humour, history

The Journal: The Saudi Money Splitting Golf on Apple Podcasts

Plague: Ancient teeth reveal where Black Death began, researchers say

China Says It May Have Detected Signals From Aliens

Sinkhole Opens up Near Pantheon Exposing Underground Roman World

Heather Cox Richardson elected to American Academy of Arts and Sciences

BTS announce break to grow and pursue solo projects

Derinkuyu: Strange underground city found in man’s basement

The Merry Little Minuet THE KINGSTON TRIO (with lyrics)

Let me know what jumped out at you? Or share with me what you’re reading? I love that!



Environment education

Three environment resources to help navigate this challenging territory. 1. Knowledge, constantly updating. 2. Individual action and awareness, so we do our part. 3. Resources for those struggling with eco-anxiety. Please share with your community.

Uncommon Courage: an invitation – my latest book

Uncommon Courage is an invitation to be your courageous best self every day. It’s also an antidote to the overwhelm, fear, and rage rolling around the world. But it’s more than a book; it’s an invitation to join an inclusive community that wants to better understand humanities challenges – both global and personal – in order to take courageous action and create a better world for everyone. If Covid19 has given us the time and space to reflect, Uncommon Courage gives us the nudge we need to create lasting change.

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Better yet, order it from your local bookstore, so you can #SupportLocal.

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Come and join the conversation in my new Facebook Group Uncommon Courage.

Uncommon Courage, the podcast – Apple, Spotify and everywhere podcasts are published.

Uncommon Courage by Andrea T Edwards

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