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#25 Weekend reads – a change really is as good as a holiday

I’ve been doing my weekend reads for nearly six months and it seems people are valuing it, which is awesome. I took a week off this week and for once, I actually did take the time off (well except for reading stuff, of course), because like everyone, this time is grueling.

Living and working from home, I find myself in the office every day – seven days a week. And while I’ve been working beyond traditional working hours for more than a decade, I always had opportunities to get away – on business trips or holidays. The relentlessness of the same thing day after day gets on top of you. So if you find yourself in the same boat, do a staycation if you can, or go further afield if possible. A change of scenery is very powerful.

The other challenge that’s been having an impact on my psyche is the apathy we seem to collectively have towards the biggest crisis’ facing humanity – and it’s not COVID19. These two articles spoke so strongly to how I feel right now. We must address this!

I Am Watching My Planet, My Home, Die

The great unravelling: ‘I never thought I’d live to see the horror of planetary collapse’

Another reason I care so much about the US Election – which is nine days, 17 hours and well, you can get down to the second here if you’re interested – is because of the environment. There are many many reasons I don’t want Trump to win – dignity, decency, humanity, class, etc… – but the number one reason is his impact on the global environment. I’ve been sharing many articles on what another Trump term means from an environmental perspective, and he will set any progress back by at least a decade. We don’t have a decade.

However, it was hopeful reading this article – Oil Industry Expresses Concern, Not Alarm, About Biden Comments – the industry understands what’s coming. They’ve known since the 50s.

No matter what, I am definitely anxious about the results of November 3rd, but I do have faith in the American people – regardless of all that has been done to stop people voting, which I find outrageous. But I also find it outrageous that so many people – especially young people – don’t vote. To the young Americans in my life, please vote and tell your friends to vote too. This is your future on the line. Really.

Here’s my reads and I’ll be back at it next week, but promise me, if the relentlessness is getting to you, a change really is as good as a holiday! We’re in this situation for some time to come. Take care of yourself.


I’ve been sharing this every week because it’s so important to take care of our fellow humans during this time. So many are struggling and we can all do our bit – financially or in raising awareness. Two organizations that need our helps arethe UN Refugee Program and World Food Program? Please donate where you think you can make the most impact.

Friends content

Life, social media, musicals and everything – an interview with Sarah Walker-Smith, CEO of law firm Shakespeare Martineau – this is an inspiring post by Damian Corbet, interviewing Sarah Walker-Smith. She is awesome.

The Real Test of your Communication, is the Response you Receive my pal Lindsay Adams published this article and after doing this test, it’s scarily accurate. Interesting to know your profile so you can work with others!

And I forgot to share this last week. My sister Phillipa Edwards, brother-in-law Jamie Lawson, in collaboration with Danielle Matthews and well, just listen. Beautiful. There is so much amazing beauty coming into the world at this time. Let’s remember to celebrate it.

Zero Gravity. ISO collaboration featuring Danielle Matthews, by Skunkwork Productions

Content to read

And here’s the content I’ve been reading this last week. Scan the headlines, read the ones that jump out at you, read or watch them all. Knowledge is power, and global knowledge is even more powerful.

Climate Crisis / 6th Mass Extinction

Oil Industry Expresses Concern, Not Alarm, About Biden Comments

Investing in sustainability: Greening finance

US election 2020: What the results will mean for climate change

Ending hunger: science must stop neglecting smallholder farmers

I Am Watching My Planet, My Home, Die tks Denise Chai

Since 1995, We’ve Lost More Than 50% of Great Barrier Reef Corals

A Kimchi Disaster Is Brewing After Cabbage Fields Crippled

Acting on climate change can get us out of recession. There are no excuses left

The great unravelling: ‘I never thought I’d live to see the horror of planetary collapse’ tks Aysen Yilmaz


Virus to stay ‘at least until next summer’ – France’s Macron

AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine trial Brazil volunteer dies, trial to continue

Covid-19: The global crisis — in data tks David Lim

Home-Made Covid Vaccine Appeared to Work, but Questions Remained

We deserve this moment. But don’t forget who helped and who hindered. tks Phillipa Edwards

Coronavirus: New Covid-19 cases rising rapidly across US

Trump calls Fauci ‘a disaster’ and says Americans are tired of virus warnings from ‘these idiots.’

Sweden’s Covid Policy Is Still a Moral Cliffhanger tks David Lim

Coronavirus detected in South East Queensland sewage samples tks Fiona Randall Taskis

‘Fauci’s a disaster’: Trump attacks health officials in fiery campaign call

Global Politics

Scientists strongly back Joe Biden for US president in Nature poll

US election 2020: How Trump has changed the world

How Rudy Giuliani Got Caught Red-Handed With Borat’s Daughter tks Frank Roberts

A 19-year-old with a van full of guns and explosives plotted to assassinate Biden, federal officials say tks Barry Graubart

The final Biden-Trump presidential debate: our panelists’ verdict

Murdoch and Morrison – partners in grime tks Phillipa Edwards

Obama: Trump Can’t Even Protect Himself From The Coronavirus tks Philip Merry

Elect Joe Biden. Reject Donald Trump. tks David Lim

‘It’s a last ditch effort to smear me and my family. There is no basis to this.’ Joe Biden breaks silence on Hunter’s laptop calling Rudy Giuliani Trump’s ‘henchman’ – but doesn’t deny emails are genuine

Trump keeps attacking Hunter Biden, but Trump’s kids have been accused of ethics violations tks Bob Hooey

UPDATE: Bangkok protesters mass at the front of Government House, earlier PM addresses nation tks Jade Lama

Supreme Court Rules Against Curbside Voting in Alabama

Threatening emails telling voters to vote for Trump target Brevard County residents tks David Lim

Trump Records Shed New Kight on Chinese Business Pursuit

Trump ‘lock ’em all up’ chant: Gov. Whitmer says it’s inciting terrorism. Lara Trump says it’s just rally ‘fun.’

Biden Will Make America Lead Again

Cornyn says he broke with Trump on deficit, border wall, but kept opposition private tks Barry Graubart

Ex-Watergate Prosecutor Says ‘No Question’ Trump And Ivanka Could Both Face Prison

Nagorno-Karabakh: Armenia-Azerbaijan truce broken minutes after deal

Trump jokes he might leave country if he loses to Joe Biden in Nov. 3 election

Biden campaign manager: Race is ‘far closer’ than experts say

Petition Targeting Murdoch Swamps Australian Parliament’s Website

Demi Lovato – Commander In Chief – tks Tim Hamons

Business and Technology

Rising Fears For US Oil Demand

They built it, but people did not come: the cautionary tale of Quibi

American Airlines Expects to Remain Half Its Pre-Pandemic Size Through Year’s End

Cathay axes record 5,300 Hong Kong jobs and closes regional airline in HK$2.2 billion survival plan

Cathay Dragon’s 35-year run comes to an end as coronavirus claims one more victim – tks Jana Hlavinkova Beydoun

Why empathy must be a priority in the post-COVID future of work

‘World’s Oldest Millennial’ Alan Alda Talks With Chris Wallace About the Importance of Communication and Embracing Social Media

Startups, It’s Time to Think Like Camels — Not Unicorns

Why Facebook Can’t Fix Itself

Social issues (#BlackLivesMatter) and humanity

After the Pandemic, a Revolution in Education and Work Awaits tks Arishta Khanna

No, I Won’t Agree To Disagree About This President. You’re Just Wrong.

The Glamour Boys: gay MPs who gave early warning of Nazi threat tks Simon Kearny

Watching the Outrage Over Cuties as a Survivor of Pedophilia

Pope Francis endorses civil union laws for gay couples in new documentary tks Lisa Larson Lee

Mysterious ‘Robin Hood’ hackers donating stolen money

How this former QAnon believer escaped the virtual cult tks Ferenc Nyiro

The relationship between emotional abilities and right-wing and prejudiced attitudes.

After Isis, Yazidi women forced to leave their children behind tks Simon Kearney

US schedules first federal execution of woman since 1953

Skirts And Heels Are Not Just For Women, This Guy Proves That Perfectly tks Esha Batish

People with lower emotional intelligence are more likely to hold right-wing views, study finds

13 Life-Learnings from 13 Years of Brain Pickings tks Scott Friedman

Passion, humour, history

New Yorker suspends Jeffrey Toobin for allegedly masturbating on Zoom call tks Glenn van Zutphen

Forced to undergo genital exams in colonial India

Ronny Chieng Thinks Amazon Prime Is Too Slow | Netflix Is A Joke

Let me know if anything jumped out at you?




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