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#10 Weekend reads – putting the environment back on top

Another week of COVID madness and it seems us humans aren’t too great at learning the lessons of this time. I don’t know about you, but I can accept the fact we’re in a pandemic and everything that comes with it, my struggle is in the idiocy we’re seeing around the world – which means we’ll all be more impacted for longer. It’s just ridiculous what’s going on.

And when it’s like that, it can be hard to keep your emotions stable. I definitely had a burn out in the last few weeks, which happens when you pay deep attention to the news going on around the world. If you find yourself experiencing this burn out, remember to stop, rest, recharge and come back swinging. We need the fighters in this fight.

As you’ll see, I’ve decided to put the climate back on top. There is some extremely alarming news coming out… well there has been for decades, but it is beyond time we all pay attention. We have a unique opportunity to make great changes right now. We must do it.

Some highlights shared in articles below and in recent sharings of my Weekend Reads:

  • We are on track for 1.5 degrees warming within the next five years – we’re at one now and look at the impact?
  • Ecosystem collapse is expected this decade! If this happens, starvation and misery will follow. Not to mention millions or billions of climate refugees
  • If the temperature gets to two degrees, tropical rainforests can’t survive – directly impacting all of us living in this region
  • Glaciers are melting all over the world and we have pink algae in the alps, which will increase that melting
  • The South Pole is warming up. The artic is heating up, with a town in Siberia recording the highest temperature ever recorded of 38C
  • This means permafrost melting is accelerating, and we’ve underestimated Co2 emissions from melting permafrost by 14 per cent. The methane dragon is awakening
  • We have acidified the entire ocean, and fish stocks all over the world are being impacted. If you like crab or lobster, acidification means they can’t form shells
  • The Amazon, as well as countries like Indonesia, Malaysia and more, are seeing significant increases in deforestation because of the pandemic, which has meant less oversight of these vital forests! One Amazon expert already predicts we’ve passed its tipping point – what will that mean for global weather patterns when it becomes a savannah?
  • And with the climate crisis, I’ve read predictions that we have six months to make significant changes
  • For those who don’t believe in climate crisis? Fine, the petroleum industry is expected to make 50% more plastic by 2050. We’re drowning in plastic already.
  • We’ve seen birds and sea creatures dying with plastic in their bodies
  • And ladies, when we give birth today, our babies already have plastic in their bodies
  • Equality is still a far off dream all over the world – even though the benefits are clear
  • Diversity is also a critical issue, as we’ve seen with the #BlackLivesMatter protests. We know in Asia, it’s a deeper cultural issue here too. Diversity also has significant benefits
  • When equality and diversity is not a priority, everyone is held back – even those not supporting it
  • Here’s a great example of initiatives that will make massive impacts. Let’s roll it out around the world: MEDIA ADVISORY: Nearly 1,000 Gen-Z Girl CEOs From 40 States to Unveil Social Impact Ventures Addressing #Covid, #BLM in Live, Online Graduation

We must stand up and speak out. We need to create a new world. A fairer world.

We need to address climate, economics and social challenges together, and to do this, we need global unity. Please vote out leaders who do not fight for this, and younger people, VOTE like your future depends on it, because it does!!

Let’s speak up and demand a change. We can do it. We can all influence our communities. Together we can reach deeper and further than one of us alone.

Let’s support each other, defend each other, and let’s come together and ensure our children do not face a future of abject misery. That is what we will subject them too if we don’t act now. Let’s make sure it doesn’t happen.

What is social leadership?

I put this little video together to help inspire the good people of the world to raise their voices and become social leaders. Be brave, be bold, speak up.

Do you want to become a tiger protector?

Here’s your chance – protecting tigers and their habitat.

Charity: If you are able, can you donate to the UN Refugee Program and World Food Program? We have millions of people facing famine and the impact of extreme poverty. Let’s help the organizations doing the most to address these challenges. Taking care of our fellow humans is so important.

Friends content

Reflections & Inspirations for our New Extraordinary World– from the fabulous Nathalie Turner

Face to Face Events? Tell ’em They’re Dreaming – and the ideas man, Warwick Merry, totally agree my friend.

Content to read

And here’s the content I’ve been reading this last week. Scan the headlines, read the ones that jump out at you, read or watch them all. Knowledge is power, and global knowledge is even more powerful.

Climate Crisis / 6th Mass Extinction

Jane Goodall on conservation, climate change and COVID-19: “If we carry on with business as usual, we’re going to destroy ourselves”

Guest post: Global warming edges closer to Paris Agreement 1.5C limit

‘Nature doesn’t trust us any more’: Arctic heatwave stokes permafrost thaw

How Rainforests are Formed, and How They are Being Destroyed

Despite the warnings, we’re heading into a climate catastrophe utterly ill-prepared. Remind you of anything?

Global trends in climate change litigation: 2020 snapshot

‘Human failing’: UN warns of rise in animal-to-human diseases

Climate-change denial and the coronavirus “hoax” are the same conspiracy theory

Global Agribusiness is Devouring the World’s Last Forests. We Need Local Food Systems, Now.

How to Buy Tech That Lasts and Lasts tks Joanne Flinn – this doesn’t mention climate benefits, but it’s definitely something we must consider, considering the massive growth of e-waste!  

Climate economics Nobel may do more harm than good

Coronavirus weakens defences against Indonesian forest fires as severe haze risk deemed ‘moderate’

The Newest Threat to a Warming Alaskan Arctic: Beavers

If carbon dioxide hits a new high every year, why isn’t every year hotter than the last?

Fish more vulnerable to warming water than first thought

How COVID-19 has helped Thailand’s wildlife tks Vicky Coburn

CO2 in Earth’s atmosphere nearing levels of 15m years ago

The End of Meat Is Here tks Denise Chai

Agriculture’s Resilience Has Been Tested by COVID, Making Fighting Climate Change Even More Vital Than Ever

Venice test brings up floodgates for first time

Furloughed Indonesian tourism workers hired to clean beaches

U.S. court orders Dakota Access oil pipeline to be shut, emptied tks Adrienne Kane

Algae turn Italian Alps pink, prompting concerns over melting

Dakota Access Oil Line to Be Shut by Court in Blow for Trump

Climate change: ‘Rising chance’ of exceeding 1.5C global target

Mercury dips to 22.9 deg C in Singapore on Cooling-off Day

Farmers and animal rights activists are coming together to fight big factory farms

Guest post: Global warming edges closer to Paris Agreement 1.5C limit


From Meghalaya to Patna: A visual journey across three state borders amid a pandemic tks Anu Kumar – this is beautiful

Experts Worry Latest Covid-19 Surge Will Shift From Healthier to At-Risk People

‘The price of denial’: Teenager died after attending church party as Florida reopened tks Barry Graubart

Neuroscientist: Covid Brain Is Real. Here’s How to Deal With It – tks John Vincent Gordon

The new viral Hamilton parody about mask-wearing clever, hilarious, spot-freaking-on

Six months of coronavirus: the mysteries scientists are still racing to solve

239 Experts With One Big Claim: The Coronavirus Is Airborne

Coronavirus: The Australian community separated by lockdown

Melbourne has nothing to apologise for – we’ve just been unlucky tks Phillipa Edwards

Coronavirus: How Mexican cartels are taking advantage of pandemic

Florida just reported record-high 120 COVID-19 deaths tks Angela Frechette

Think a ‘mild’ case of Covid-19 doesn’t sound so bad? Think again

In Nick Cordero’s Death, a Reminder of Covid-19’s Unknowns

Coronavirus: Wear masks in crowded public spaces, says science body

World’s e-waste ‘unsustainable’, says UN report citing China, India and U.S

Mexico closes US border in Arizona to stop July 4th visitors, citing COVID-19 fears tks Didier Ache

Florida’s new coronavirus cases break record, nearly tying New York’s peak tks Frank Roberts

Australia to close internal border after Victoria COVID-19 outbreak

Coronavirus pandemic may not have started in China, experts say

Will Nepal open for Climbing in Autumn? Tks David Lim

Melbourne’s public housing towers were locked down with coronavirus. I spent the week testing residents and this is what I saw tka Phillipa Edwards

World Health Organisation chief breaks down in tears as he slams ‘tragedy’ of Donald Trump withdrawal

Global Politics

Stop Saying Joe Biden Is Ahead. He Isn’t. tks Patrice Robinet

Singapore ruling PAP party wins elections, but support falls

Amid the havoc wreaked by coronavirus, there is another danger we’ve forgotten

Maskless Trump Rails Against ‘Left-Wing Mob’ As Coronavirus Crisis Spirals

Eric Trump Deletes Tweet After Getting A Savage Reminder About His Father

Dan Rather: “This Is My Flag, And It Is Yours”

TikTok to exit Hong Kong ‘within days’

Who you vote for is a matter of life or death: Julia Gillard

What 9 GOP Campaign Consultants Really Think About Republicans’ Chances in November

‘Life goes on’: Brazil’s Bolsonaro tests positive for coronavirus

Thanks to the president tks Graham Harvey

Tammy Duckworth: Tucker Carlson Doesn’t Know What Patriotism Is tks Kimi Mc

Business and technology

The New Abnormal – an open letter to business leaders

Fake news is killing us. How can we stop it?

The real cost of Amazon

Will COVID-19 spell the end for exams?

Connected Women Trains Underskilled Women in AI for Free in Partnership with UN Women

How to Buy Tech That Lasts and Lasts tks Joanne Flinn

‘Weaponized’ Facebook fails to protect civil rights, audit says

Social issues (#BlackLivesMatter) and humanity

Black Lives Matter May Be the Largest Movement in U.S. History

American Indian Protesters Told to “Go Home” by Trump Supporters at Mount Rushmore

From ice queen to hothead: how Cate Blanchett negotiated stardom on her own terms

The King of Germany Will Accept Your Bank Deposits Now

‘My Behavior In The Video Is Appalling’; Tech CEO Michael Lofthouse Captured In Video Berating Asian Family

JK Rowling joins 150 public figures warning over free speech

Supreme Court says eastern Oklahoma remains Native American territory tks Frank Roberts

Passion, humour, history

In a first discovery of its kind, researchers have uncovered an ancient Aboriginal archaeological site preserved on the seabed

John Howard releases glowing character reference for Ghislaine Maxwell tks Shaun McEwan

America’s New Religions

The Soul of an Octopus: How One of Earth’s Most Alien Creatures Illuminates the Wonders of Consciousness

How the pandemic will shape the near future | Bill Gates

Let me know if anything jumped out at you? It’d be great to know if this weekly compilation is useful?



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