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Not building your personal brand? Then you’re not in control


We’ve all been reading intense headlines these last few months. Economies and confidence starting to flounder, the doom merchants are speaking up, and with the US election results, who knows where that will lead us? But people are being laid off too. Good people. Friends. These friends are people I’ve spoken to about building their personal…

7 things I’ve learnt from writing 687 blog posts

Andrea Edwards

I just added up the number of blog posts I’ve written and it stands at 687… well 688 if you include this one. That’s a lot of blogs – and it’s definitely been quite a journey. This journey kicked off in 2006, but got serious in 2009 when I started to build three separate blogs,…

Where are all the Social CEOs? Not in the Fortune 500

Social CEO

Every year I look forward to receiving the CEO.com #socialceo report, because it gives me statistical fodder to back up my personal branding argument. With that said, this year I was a little disappointed. The growth is so slow and yet the world is moving so fast… it appears the message isn’t getting though. So…