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#138 Weekend reads – it seems things are boiling over everywhere

On The Know Show this week, we discussed the boiling points that are exploding everywhere, all over the world – from pension reforms to judicial reforms, political activism, to Ukrainian wheat flooding markets and hurting farmers, along with a rise in commentary from the intellectual left, urging communities that the time has come to get onto the streets and fight for a better future.

One of the phrases you will start to hear more and more is the “climate economy,” and this is about how extreme weather events, ecosystem loss, overshoot, and more, will increasingly and negatively impact the global economy. The very simple truth is, our extractive, growth-based economy has hit its tipping point, and guess what? It’s time to pay up.

How much we pay, depends on how we act and when, but practically no country on earth is ready for what is now on our doorstep – see those crazy tornadoes in the US this week? We need to accept that the years and decades ahead will be extremely challenging, so working on our own personal resilience is critical right now, as is fighting for our governments to do the right thing by its citizens, but also for the millions and millions of people living in countries without the money to get ready.

We always see so much push back from wealthy countries on its obligations towards less wealthy countries. However, the very simple reality is, if we can help people stay where they are (which they WANT to do) perhaps the millions or billions of climate migrants won’t be on our doorstep anytime soon, and we won’t see the societal collapse that will come with huge and chaotic mass movement. Let’s also remember, we still don’t know where the climate migrants will come from – it could be you. It all depends on the order the tipping points fall.

We are now at the point where it is time for us all to get ready. We need to plan 50 years out, aligning with the climate scientists’ predictions, and we need to prepare for what is to come, otherwise, we will be completely overwhelmed, and that time is already knocking on our doors.

Because of the abysmal state most countries are in with regards to adaptation measures, we can (and should) expect more protests in more places. We should also expect more craziness and chaos, but please, let’s focus on getting as many as we can aligned on a vision of how we want to walk into this future, together. If we don’t, it will be miserable for everyone, not just the global south.

Here’s the clip from The Know Show where we discussed this wide-ranging topic.

I also really want to encourage everyone to read this article: America’s Terrifying Cycle of Extremist Violence.

One quote I pulled from it: The sociologist Norbert Elias, who left Germany for France and then Britain as the Nazi regime took hold, famously described what he called the civilizing process as “a long sequence of spurts and counter-spurts,” warning that you cannot fix a violent society simply by eliminating the factors that made it deteriorate in the first place. Violence and the forces that underlie it have the potential to take us from the democratic backsliding we already know to a condition known as decivilization. In periods of decivilization, ordinary people fail to find common ground with one another and lose faith in institutions and elected leaders. Shared knowledge erodes, and bonds fray across society. Some people inevitably decide to act with violence. As violence increases, so does distrust in institutions and leaders, and around and around it goes. The process is not inevitable—it can be held in check—but if a period of bloodshed is sustained for long enough, there is no shortcut back to normal. And signs of decivilization are visible now.

This is not the right path for us – agreed? Well let’s make sure it doesn’t happen.

Right, onto the reads.

Friend’s content and mine

What I learned from Motivational Speaking in Helsinki, Finland – visiting the happiest country in the world, Andrew Bryant shared his insights. Lots of inspiration there.

Uncommon Courage gave me the courage to speak up – Bavani Periasamy – super grateful to Bavani for this heartfelt, authentic and vulnerable review of my book, Uncommon Courage.

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Content to read

And here’s the content I’ve been reading or watching this last week. Scan the headlines, read the ones that jump out at you, read or watch them all. Knowledge is power, and global knowledge is even more powerful.

Climate crisis

Extinction Rebellion Founder Speaks Out | Aaron Bastani meets Roger Hallam

IPCC’s conservative nature masks true scale of action needed to avert catastrophic climate change

Over 400 mn Indians to suffer because of climate-triggered calamities: Experts

India’s heat action plans exclude the most vulnerable: Report

The Greenland Ice Sheet is Close To A Melting Point Of No Return

‘Unimaginable heat’: Will this year’s El Nino cause a global warming surge?

‘Terrified for my future’: climate crisis takes heavy toll on young people’s mental health

The Planetary Emergency is a Crisis of Spirituality

Letter: Adaptation policies on global warming flash red

The UK has almost no credible plans to adapt to climate change

National contributions to climate change due to historical emissions of carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide since 1850

Deadly Tornadoes Cut Paths Through Midwest and South

Arkansas ‘catastrophic’ tornado moves through Little Rock area; Tennessee, Iowa, Illinois impacted by twisters

Map: track where tornadoes have been reported across the Midwest

What caused Earth’s biggest mass extinction?

There’s no greater feminist cause than the climate fight – and saving each other

UN Water Conference: the entrepreneurs on a mission World Economic Forum Podcast

Damage caused by deep-seabed mining would be extensive and irreversible, reveals new Fauna & Flora report

Giant meatball from extinct mammoth DNA unveiled by food firm

What is degrowth?

Ecuador landslide: Rescuers dig through mud for survivors

World ‘population bomb’ may never go off as feared, finds study

Disaster Politics: Surviving End Times

Trophic rewilding can expand natural climate solutions

Microalgae Could Help Sustain Our Growing Population Better Than Current Agricultural Systems

We should regulate SUVs out of existence

We are coming back to life and this changes everything

Temporal trends in sperm count: a systematic review and meta-regression analysis of samples collected globally in the 20th and 21st centuries

Food waste makes up ‘half’ of global food system emissions

‘Very precarious’: The European countries facing another year of drought

Climate Grief Hurts Because It’s Supposed To

Immediate action is needed to ensure ‘a livable future for all,’ UN report says

Climate change: The biggest health threat to humanity

Experts: Climate change is destabilizing insurance industry

Why Climate Change Is Going to Wreck Our Financial System

Just how good were Exxon’s climate projections?

New plastic formations in the Anthropocene

Mississippi: Rescue efforts begin after tornado destruction Published

Mississippi tornado: Why was it so destructive?

More storms feared after Mississippi tornado

London last summer was the trailer for a climate disaster movie. Here’s how to stop that coming true tks Oliver Gill

All UK honey tested in EU fraud investigation fails authenticity test

Methane from fossil fuels is elephant in room in Safeguard Mechanism

Nature is out of sync—and that’s reshaping everything, everywhere

Creating the Leaders We Need | Owen Sheers Planet: Critical Podcast

The Paris Agreement doesn’t mention fossil fuels.  The COP27 outcome didn’t mention oil and gas.  It’s time for a Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty.

Poole harbour: major incident declared over leak from oilfield

The billionaire amateur racing driver who runs the Poole oil leak pipeline

Finally, Lolita may go free: Historic deal clears way to move killer whale from Miami Tank

20 Surging Climate Tech Startups (2023)

Cargo ships powered by wind could help tackle climate crisis

Mercedes set to invest billions in e-vehicles plants

Boom cycle means 82 pct renewables target is doable, says regulator

Richard Muller: I Was wrong on Climate Change

Energy from green hydrogen will be expensive, even in 2050

Microplastic pollution impairs seabird gut health tks Mary Pulaski

Want to cut global emissions by 10%? Stop fossil-fuel subsidies

Over a dozen people dead after heavy rains trigger flash floods in Somalia

Climate scientist Michael Mann makes a home at Penn

The Greenland Ice Sheet is close to a melting point of no return, says new study

A 1988 Climate Warning Was Mostly Right

Octopus Farming Is Deeply Disturbing. A Professor Explains Why.

Thousands of pounds of “forever chemicals” have been injected into Texas oil and gas wells, study finds

Italy wages war on lab-grown food in drive to protect tradition

Why California’s floods are jacking up food prices

Property firms ‘alarmingly slow’ to respond to climate emergency

America’s Fossil Fuel Economy is Heading for Collapse – It Signals the End of the Oil Age

Alexander Skarsgård Explains the Answer to Everything. (It Involves Doing Some Math.)

The Guardian view on Plymouth’s lost trees: an act of vandalism

The Greatest Threat to Life on Earth | George Monbiot

UK scientists urge Rishi Sunak to halt new oil and gas developments

The UK has almost no credible plans to adapt to climate change

Swiss court case ties human rights to climate change

Plastics cause wide-ranging health issues from cancer to birth defects, landmark study finds

Climate change: England not ready for impact

The links between pollution and miscarriage: ‘This is the stuff nightmares are made of’

Thawing permafrost poses environmental threat to thousands of sites with legacy industrial contamination

Saul Griffith’s electrifying rallying call looks beyond Labor’s loophole-ridden emissions policy

“What if we imagine the abundance of doing right the things we’ve done wrong?” An interview with Rebecca Solnit

Abyssal ocean overturning slowdown and warming driven by Antarctic meltwater

Mass food fraud and safety scandal engulfs sector

US puts Italy-sized chunk of Gulf of Mexico up for auction for oil drilling

‘Making history’: UN adopts landmark resolution on climate justice

Wildfire engulfs a Thai mountain

Antarctic ocean currents heading for collapse

Rows over Asian carbon credits overlook project benefits

Singing to trees and Indigenous wisdom: the UK festival aiming to prevent ecological collapse tks Kevin Cottam

Want to sequester carbon? Save wild animals

A critique of the WaPo article : Why climate ‘doomers’ are replacing climate ‘deniers’

£3.5m of Tory donations linked to pollution and climate denial, says report

Why We Can’t Just Do It: The Truth about Our Failure to Curb Carbon Emissions

Thailand’s extreme air pollution: ‘I feel sorry for my daughter’

We Don’t Need Nuclear, We Need Renewables, Investment And Consistency From Government

Fruit in crisis: Florida’s orange groves buffeted by hurricane, disease

Climate Change Is Destabilizing Insurance Industry

Explore Time-Lapse Views of Our Changing Planet

Scientists discover regions of the UK with greatest potential to use heat from deep thermal waters

It’s Time For A Youth Climate Corps

‘Dire’ climate warning as experts say ‘window is shrinking’ to limit global warming to 1.5C

‘Half-baked, half-hearted’: critics deride UK’s long-awaited climate strategy

How Cuba Survived Peak Oil

Global politics

Russia’s Bakhmut offensive stalls due to ‘extreme attrition’ of forces in battle

EU threatens more sanctions if Russia moves nukes to Belarus

Dmitry Muratov: Nuclear warning from Russia’s Nobel-winning journalist

China uses Putin’s weakness to increase its leverage over Russia, says Ursula von der Leyen

State Department urges US citizens to leave Russia immediately     

China spent US$240 billion bailing out ‘Belt & Road’ countries: Study tks David Lim

Xi Jinping Says He Is Preparing China for War

A failed revolt and an ‘embarrassing’ display: the week that saw Boris Johnson’s downfall

UK is poorer as a country, says Michael Gove

The world still needs a policeman. Let’s hope the US doesn’t quit the job

How the Right Turned Radical and the Left Became Depressed

Donald Trump indictment: Ex-US president to be charged over hush money Published

Trump Sings a Song of Sedition

Trump will believe an indictment can help him become president again. Can it?

‘God, guns and Trump’: Thousands turn out for Texas rally Published

America faces a type of extremist violence it does not know how to stop.

Rep. Andy Ogles, who represents the Nashville district involved in deadly school shooting, posted a gun-toting family photo for Christmas

What Many Americans Misunderstand About Israel’s Unrest

Israelis are reminding us that protests can work – but they’re not a cure-all

Police water cannon strike down protesters in Israel

Police fire tear gas as fresh protests erupt in Kenya despite

India’s parliament adjourned after protests over Gandhi expulsion

Here’s the story behind the trending hashtag #MacronOrdure (#MacronGarbage)

Macron: ‘I have no regrets pushing for this necessary reform’

Business and technology

A CEO shares the 5 toxic personality types he sees ‘over and over’ again—’I stay far away’

Thailand records 5.57mn tourist arrivals in first quarter

Liquidation Lethargy: The Local Filmmakers HOOQ Abandoned In Debt

Mariana Mazzucato: ‘The McKinseys and the Deloittes have no expertise in the areas that they’re advising in’

Into all problem-solving, a little dissent must fall

Introducing the AI Mirror Test, which very smart people keep failing

AI could replace equivalent of 300 million jobs

Pausing AI Developments Isn’t Enough. We Need to Shut it All Down

Why Elon Musk joined a call to stop A.I. development

Interview with ChatGPT

‘We are super, super fucked’: Meet the man trying to stop an AI apocalypse tks Charles Reed Anderson

Sparks of Artificial General Intelligence: Early experiments with GPT-4

Social issues

The French Are KICKING OFF: Why Aren’t We?

Vatican rejects ‘Doctrine of Discovery’ justifying colonialism

Vatican Repudiates ‘Doctrine of Discovery,’ Used as Justification for Colonization

Brian Stelter thinks the news has a reliability problem The Gray Area with Sean Illing Podcast

Ukraine Grain Influx Triggers Protests In Poland, Bulgaria

WHO: New Omicron Subvariant XBB.1.16 Is ‘One to Watch’

Blood tests may spare cancer patients chemo

Technology has become the double-edged sword of Asia’s protests

‘Live free and die?’ The sad state of U.S. life expectancy

Online trolls are taking a toll in China tks Steve Johnson

Kevin Kelly, editor, author, and futurist

Reporter Has Emotional Reunion With Son Live on Fox News While Covering Shooting at His School tks Evelyn Lee

3 kids, 3 adults killed in shooting at Nashville private elementary school

Amsterdam launches stay away ad campaign targeting young British men

Nine in 10 toddler foods fail international nutrition recommendations: new study tks Debora McInnes

Ruth Perry: Ofsted urged to pause inspections after teacher death

‘Disgusting’: Pauline Hanson slams Latham’s homophobic comments

Foreigners arrested, property seized in child sex trafficking raids

Italian art experts astonished by David statue uproar in Florida

Passion, humour, history

Ren – Hi Ren

This mysterious graveyard of shipwrecks was found far from sea

What Archaeology Is Telling Us About the Real Jesus

BBC releases first-look images for major new drama series Ten Pound Poms tks Leah Hannan

High school seniors solve an ‘impossible’ 2000-year-old mathematical problem

Protests erupt in NYC — not for Trump but for ‘The Joker’

The Game Of Thrones Theme Song | Fender Custom Shop tks Lex Johnson

Let me know what jumped out at you? Or share with me what you’re reading? I love that!



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