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World Environment Day 2021

#57 Weekend reads – when will the media get on board?

As it’s World Environment Day 2021, let’s look at a huge challenge – the media. One great publication which put its hat-in-the-ring early in the climate crisis, is The Guardian. It was one of the first to go all-in and they have done a fantastic job, which is why I subscribe to them – my way of supporting them for their bravery.

This article – The media is still mostly failing to convey the urgency of the climate crisis – is absolutely spot on! In fact, the damage the media is doing around many issues, but in particular the urgency of facing up to the climate crisis, is nothing short of criminal. Especially when you look at Murdoch-owned media. Heck, they’ve been a nightmare when it comes to Covid19 too.

The media’s on-going support of climate denial impacts our ability to deal with it more than anything. They have made it political and are all about backing big businesses committing ecocide towards the environment – even when these businesses know exactly what will happen as a result.

The climate crisis is not a political issue. It’s a survivability issue and we need all of the world’s media to start putting this urgency on the front pages and in every story published. We also need them to help the world’s population understand this crisis, because until we all get the common enemy we face, we have no chance overcoming it!

We cannot risk democratic voters electing leaders who step back on climate issues, because uninformed voters are voting for that. We need a globally informed population, who understand the issues AND the sacrifices necessary, and then we can pull together and do the urgent work needed.

Equally, the talk of war, division, separation, and more is out of alignment with the real crisis facing us right now. Did you know the United States’ Military is the largest institutional emitter of greenhouse gasses in the world? Read this report if you’re interested in more.

Back to the media. Here’s a classic example of what I’m talking about with an article that has a very real environment story, but it’s not even mentioned – Space Plane Start-up Promises One-Hour Rides to Anywhere on Earth. One can take a guess and presume that these new space planes would have supersonic emissions, but alas, not a single reference to that fact in ANY of the articles covering this story. Not one. Hello Bloomberg! Hey, I like the idea of getting anywhere in the world within an hour, but at what cost to the planet?

We are at the point where degrowth will be critical for our very survival. Everything made in the world today must be made in alignment with earth health, and our ability to survive on this planet.

Disentangling ourselves from the fossil fuel industry will be extremely complicated – even though #TheyKnew since the 50s – but recent court cases may push this forward faster. They’ll fight ‘til the death it seems, but it’s all of our deaths on the line. The economic impact of moving away from fossil fuels will be HUGE, and if only they started earlier, we wouldn’t be where we are today. No more excuses. Emissions must come down now! We have no time to lose.

However, there is another whole layer of businesses creating unsustainable crap, the sort of crap which breaks within moments of purchase. Let’s strip them out of the business landscape and please, don’t buy it, and don’t accept crappy freebies either. We, the consumers, must make different purchasing decisions, but businesses have to lead this. It’s not easy or cheap to be green. That has to stop.

So on this World Environment Day 2021, let’s face up to the truth and then get to work on solving the problems. We can do it. We can.

Friend’s Content

Dealing with Bad News – Self-leadership Strategies huge applause for my friend Andrew Bryant, who not only got great news that he doesn’t have cancer, he decided to write his learnings while still in hospital recovering. I’m just so happy for Andrew and Andrea, as well as their kids. Big love my friends.

Donation time

And time to donate if you haven’t this month. Times are desperate around the world, so please dig deep if you can. World Food Program., UN Refugee Program, PowerOf ,, Soi Dog Foundation. If you are interested in feeding those without food in Phuket, we have a #OnePhuket WeBoon account. We’d appreciate any support you can provide. 

Here’s a wonderful opportunity to support Soi Dog Foundation. Doing amazing work – John’s June Walking Challenge For The Dogs.

If you can afford to be generous, now is the time to help your fellow human.

Content to read

And here’s the content I’ve been reading this last week. Scan the headlines, read the ones that jump out at you, read or watch them all. Knowledge is power, and global knowledge is even more powerful.

Climate Crisis / 6th Mass Extinction

United Nations Report Shows That Climate Change Is Accelerating

Climate tipping points could topple like dominoes, warn scientists

The media is still mostly failing to convey the urgency of the climate crisis

Climate Point: Did fire kill 10% of world’s giant sequoias? And Hoover Dam at record low

Shocking study finds 10% of world’s giant sequoias killed by Castle Fire

Largest Eagles in the World Are So Big That Their Talons Are Bigger Than Bear Claws

Authorities on alert as elephants’ 500km trek nears Chinese city

17-foot great white shark’s mysterious disappearance takes odd turn in mid-Atlantic

Landmark ruling: All companies must act against climate change – Friends of the Earth Netherlands versus Royal Dutch Shell

Sri Lanka ship fire finally extinguished; S’pore shipping firm to be sued for marine pollution

The 2050 Climate Pledge Cop-Out

Fears of environmental disaster as oil-laden ship sinks off Sri Lanka

Alaska: Biden to suspend Trump Arctic drilling leases

The Time Has Come to Rein In the Global Scourge of Palm Oil

Nasdaq acquires majority stake in carbon removal startup

Climate Change Effect – Plant Not Seen For 60 Million Years Revived

Taiwan Prays for Rain and Scrambles to Save Water

A climate-wrecking partnership: Marsh McLennan and Adani coal tks Susanna Hasenoehrl

Natural disasters occurring three times more often than 50 years ago: new FAO report

Climate change will cost a young Australian up to $245,000 over their lifetime, court case reveals

Trees Fell Faster in the Years Since Companies and Governments Promised to Stop Cutting Them Down

Pacific Northwest’s ‘forest gardens’ were deliberately planted by Indigenous people

Why ramping up renewable hydrogen is key to solving the climate crisis tks Tony Blackie

Simple atmospheric dynamics foretell dangerously hot future for the tropics

Potentially Fatal Combinations of Humidity and Heat Are Emerging Across the Globe

Traditional farming techniques could help end global hunger, says the UN. Here’s how

Johan Rockström: ‘We need bankers as well as activists… we have 10 years to cut emissions by half’

Big Setbacks Propel Oil Giants Toward a ‘Tipping Point’

Working together to accelerate ocean innovation

Global Warming 1900-2100 by Country


A Return to Normal? Not for Countries With Covid Surges and Few Vaccines.

Why has Victoria had to endure so much psychopathic commentary during the pandemic? tks Phillipa Edwards

Phuket Reopens to Vaccinated Tourists in July — and the Hotel Rooms May Be As Low As $1 a Night

Covid Victoria: State extends lockdown to curb outbreak

Covid: Peru more than doubles death toll after review

Coronavirus: The Indian children orphaned by Covid-19

Coronavirus: few vaccines prevent infection – here’s why that’s not a problem

As Covid Rampages Across Nepal, Workers Pay the Price

Vietnam detects hybrid of Indian and UK COVID-19 variants tks Kevin Cottam

I got out of Australia to be with my dying mother. But thousands remain in limbo

Global Politics

G7: Rich nations back deal to tax multinationals

G7: Rich nations confident on reaching tech tax deal

Brazil: Protesters blame Bolsonaro for Covid crisis

Cardinal George Pell: Australian media fined A$1.1m over trial reports

Could phone footage put Myanmar’s leaders in jail?

Xi Jinping calls for more ‘loveable’ image for China in bid to make friends

Trump SHUTS DOWN his website From The Desk of Donald Trump after just 29 days because he ‘didn’t like it being mocked and having so few readers’

Bird flu: China sees first human case of rare H10N3 strain

Why are people talking about Dr Anthony Fauci’s emails?    

Former VP Mike Pence: Trump and I may never ‘see eye to eye’ on Jan. 6 Capitol attack

More Than 100 Scholars Issue Warning That American Democracy Is In Danger, Call For Federal Reforms

India-China border: Blogger jailed for ‘slandering’ soldiers who died in clash

Death of QAnon Follower at Capitol Leaves a Wake of Pain

China allows three children in major policy shift

Hundreds more Afghans and their families to be allowed to settle in UK

Boris Johnson marries Carrie Symonds at Westminster Cathedral

Don’t take on China alone, says ex-Australia PM Kevin Rudd

North Korea says orphan children volunteering on mines and farms

Business and Technology

The Book of Why: Exploring the missing piece of artificial intelligence tks Shalaka Verma

Space Plane Startup Promises One-Hour Rides to Anywhere on Earth

JBS: Cyber-attack hits world’s largest meat supplier

What executives are saying about the future of hybrid work tks Sue Pulendran

Agency worker’s LinkedIn rant about ‘picky’ staff leads to job offers

Over 60% Of Nestlé’s Products Are ‘Unhealthy’ & The Food Giant Knows It, According To Leaked Documents tks Susanna Hasenoehrl

Studies likely to be wrong have 153 more citations

Social issues (#BlackLivesMatter) and humanity

Malala Yousafzai’s Interview In ‘British Vogue’ Sparks Anger In Her Native Pakistan

‘Cruella’ Designer Snubbed Over Licensing, Costume Designers Guild Decries ‘Unfair Practices’ (EXCLUSIVE)

Both dads hope their birth video helps normalize gay parenting for the better

Brittany Higgins: Australia rape accuser in hospital amid ‘pressure’

Kate Winslet shows there’s more to middle age than a saggy belly tks Aysen Yilmaz

Venus Williams ‘Drops The Mic’ With Fiercely Honest Take On Naomi Osaka Situation

Podcast The Michelle Obama Podcast with Barrack Obama

Dallas High School Valedictorian Scraps Approved Speech to Speak Out Against State’s Extreme Anti-Choice Law tks Gina Giachetti

Rhode Island teen buys contents of storage units at auction to return to owners

Naomi Osaka withdraws from French Open & reveals ’bouts of depression’

Hollywood Loses $10 Billion A Year Over Lack Of Black Representation tks Arishta Khanna

‘So damn impressive’: Celebrities stand with Naomi Osaka after French Open exit

The Elements of Value

Podcast 206 – Narcissism You Are Not So Smart Podcast

The 7 types of rest that every person needs

‘He was a predator’: Julianna Margulies on her troubling encounter with Steven Seagal

Spain’s postal service introduces skin-tone stamps to fight racism — and makes the whitest one the most valuable

The Benjamin Franklin Effect: The Surprising Psychology of How to Handle Haters

Who Decides Where Home Is? After 17 Years, A Long Time Immigrant Reflects on Leaving Singapore tks Wayne Chan

When the Narcissist is the Parent.

Passion, humour, history

New dark matter map reveals cosmic mystery

Friends reunion: the one where China censors its guest stars

Scientists unearth Africa’s oldest burial: a small child, laid to rest 78,000 years ago

Designer uses AI to bring 54 Roman emperors to life

Send in the Bugs. The Michelangelos Need Cleaning.

Man saves two lobsters from the pot after ‘one in a billion’ sighting at market

Mysterious Mound in Syria May Be Oldest War Memorial in the World, Archaeologists Say

Weird dreams train us for the unexpected, says new theory

Menopause Rhapsody – Bohemian Rhapsody Parody Song for every Queen

So what did you enjoy reading or watching this week?



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