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The state of our planet 2020 – a few highlights so far

If you’d prefer to read, here’s the script

The COVID19 pandemic is not the only crisis we face

The last decade was earth’s hottest on record

Since 1970, we have lost 68% of the population size of mammals, birds, fish, amphibians and reptiles

We are on track for 1.5°C warming within the next five years

We’re at 1°C now and look at the impact?

An ecosystem collapse is expected this decade too!

Which ecosystem will go?

Will it be the ecosystem with sharks at the top?

Or the bees? Let’s hope it’s not the bees

Any ecosystem collapse will result in starvation and misery

And millions, possibly billions, of climate refugees

Look at how well we’re coping with refugees right now?

Climate refugees ARE coming and we’re not ready!

How did your government cope with COVID19? Can we trust them to be ready for this?

Because if global warming gets higher than 2°C

Tropical rainforests can’t survive – directly impacting ALL life in this region of the world

The impact will be far worse For those at the bottom of society, much worse

Glaciers are melting all over the world

We are holding funerals for dead glaciers!

And today we have pink algae in the Alps

Which is increasing melting as it absorbs more heat

The South Pole is warming up, the Arctic too

With a town in Siberia recording its highest ever temperature of 38°C in 2020

Well over 20 degrees above normal!

A hotter arctic means the permafrost melts

We’ve underestimated CO2 emissions from melting permafrost by 14%

The methane dragon is awakening

Methane is approximately 30 times more potent as a heat-trapping gas than CO2

Just that should send a shiver down every spine

And let’s not forget, the scientists are predicting the complete loss of Arctic sea ice by 2035

Yes 2035, not 2100

We’ve seen out-of-control wildfires in the Arctic circle this year

Which released more CO2 in two months than the whole of 2019!

We have acidified the entire ocean

And fish stocks are plummeting all over the world

We’ve seen locust plagues across Sub-Saharan Africa

And flooding of biblical proportions across India, Pakistan and Sudan

In Indonesia, Malaysia and the Amazon deforestation increased during the pandemic

With an Amazon expert already predicting we’ve passed the tipping point for this important treasure

What does that mean for global weather patterns when the Amazon becomes a savannah?

And in 2020 the Amazon is experiencing the largest number of fires in 10 years

The majority started by man to clear land for agriculture, of course!

Another milestone for 2020 happened in Death Valley

It logged in the hottest temperature ever recorded on earth at 54.4°C

We’ve had apocalyptic fires in the Amazon, California, Australia and Siberia in the last 12 months

And in the US fire tornadoes are now a “thing” – YIKES!

Is the Age of Megafires the wake-up call we’ll heed?

Or have we already hit one too many climate tipping points?

You don’t believe in the climate crisis?

Surely you can see the rubbish choking our rivers, oceans and air?

With the petroleum industry expected to triple its plastic production by 2040 – triple!!

We’re drowning in plastic

We’ve all stood witness to birds and sea creatures dying with plastic in their stomachs

Microplastics have been found in human organs for the first time too

And ladies, when we give birth today, our babies are born with plastic already in their bodies!

We are destroying the foundation of all life, including our own. Will we wake up?

The time is now. This pandemic has stopped us in our tracks

This IS the chance to rebuild our societies, in balance with ALL life on earth

A great economic catastrophe was always a certainty with the climate crisis

Because we were never going to turn the economic engine off voluntarily

No way, things were too good

So here we are, with a unique chance to avert the dire crisis facing us all

A golden opportunity, and if we miss it, we’re insane

Vote, read the research, lobby your politicians, transform your business, educate your community – let’s go!

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