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A Change of Direction

I’ve been quiet due to some rather significant changes in recent weeks – I’ve taken on the lead analyst relations role for Microsoft across Asia Pacific. It’s been a big decision, but as I plan to continue my communications blog, I wanted to tell you about the changes, as transparency is really important to me.

It may come as no surprise if you’ve been reading my blogs, but I decided a change in direction was needed late last year and started putting out word I was looking for a permanent position. Fortunately, a fantastic opportunity came up on the Microsoft Asia Communications team and I started on Valentine’s Day.

Microsoft logoMicrosoft is a company I’ve worked with throughout my professional life, and I have always been impressed with the passion and intelligence of its employees. I can definitely say it’s always been a professional goal to work for Microsoft one-day, so I’m pleased to say that time has come.

It’s an exciting opportunity, especially getting back into analyst relations (AR) – something I’ve done throughout my career. I think the best part of AR is you must know the entire business and industry to excel at it – something that excites me, because the IT industry is amazing right now – so much great change is going on.

Having completed the first few weeks, I love being part of an inspired team again and it’s providing me with huge scope to learn and grow. The bit I’m most looking forward too, however, is getting to know the Microsoft story on a really deep level from the inside-out. That was the piece I was missing sitting “outside” with SAJE.

I will continue blogging – it’s part of my DNA – and the focus will remain on communication and content marketing for Asia Pacific. However I will reposition the site, with a new Web address, title and so on, because the scope will be broader, especially as I’m hoping to get fellow Asia Pacific communicators posting on the blog as well. Any volunteers?

SAJE doesn’t disappear – it remains a commercial entity for my business partner – and while I will always be an ‘Ideas Person,’ I’m now going to utilize those ideas on a much bigger scale. If you’re wondering where “Ideas Person” came from in our tagline and feel like a giggle, do check out this scene from the Australian movie ‘The Castle’ – yep, that’s our inspiration, but it also encapsulates the sort of people we are – great with ideas.


There you go, big changes for me and it’s still a bit frantic getting it all together, but it feels great being around smart, driven people again, and I’m excited to learn and grow with Microsoft at this amazing time of evolution for the entire ICT industry.



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