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#28 Weekend reads – wasn’t it nice to feel hope?

Happy weekend my friends. Wasn’t it lovely to feel hope in the world this last week? Brilliant, especially after the year we’ve had. Equally, the emotions and love expressed for VP-Elect Kamala Harris was icing on the cake. For all women, but especially women of colour, the impact was glorious to witness. Moments like this matter.

Of course, lots of shenanigans going on following the US election, and I appreciate how concerned people are, but if you read through some of the articles below, and a lot of the social media discussions by experts who get it, it appears to have been the most secure election ever held. And legal cases are starting to collapse.

One thing struck me this last week, and it is all Americans, regardless of political affiliation (excluding the Cult of Trump) take enormous umbrage to anyone delegitimizing the US Election – even Donald Trump. After all the things he’s done, this is the line he crossed that was considered unacceptable. A curious nation the US.

Hey did you see Biden is confirmed for Georgia? That’s 306 for Biden! After I was reading about Georgia, my friend David Lim (who shares awesome information) shared this article – When the Narcissist Fails – and well, it kind of reads like a resume, doesn’t it? An important read if you want to understand and interpret behaviour in the coming weeks and months.

If there is one thing that really stands out for me following US Election 2020, it’s the clear division that exists in society and it will continue to get worse if we don’t get it in hand. We know this isn’t just an American problem, but it is time for us to collectively address it.

There are multiple issues contributing to this

  • The media is too divided – so one ‘side’ trusts a perspective and the other side does not trust it at all
  • Family and community divisions, where people are no longer on speaking terms
  • Lack of transparency, which has exacerbated lack of trust and it’s gotten much worse over the last two decades
  • Demographics – the young are voting so differently to older votes and older voters still dominate in the election cycle, hopefully for the last time. This is not a dig at Boomers, it’s just reality. Different age groups have different priorities, very different

And yet the world keeps ticking on, COVID is off the charts in the Northern Hemisphere, and what can we do? Educate ourselves, be kind, spread love, and all commit to bringing the world back together. Not hard, right?


Do They Know It’s Christmas (2020) – Single by Phuket Academy of Performing Arts (PAPA) – my sons are singing in the chorus, but I’m not sharing it because of that, PAPA have been incredible in the Phuket area to support those in need – and because it’s a global tourist destination, a lot are in need. If you buy a copy of the song, all profits will help to continue this work. An easy way to support people who really need it. Can I count on you?

As the festive season approaches, how about donating to help those in need? My husband and I will be supporting the UN Refugee Program and World Food Program, as well as local activities, join us?

Friends content

The Trust economy will unlock a new world of opportunity. Shared by Gilbert Hill, he is one of the smartest people I know, so when it comes to data and privacy, a must follow!!

3 Presidential Leadership LessonsAndrew Bryant has been busy the last couple of weeks, and he’s sharing lots of insightful self-leadership advice, relevant to the moment.  

Content to read

And here’s the content I’ve been reading this last week. Scan the headlines, read the ones that jump out at you, read or watch them all. Knowledge is power, and global knowledge is even more powerful.

Climate Crisis / 6th Mass Extinction

#Film4Climate 1st Prize Short Film Winner – “Three Seconds” – tks Ali Davies

Extreme weather explained: How climate change makes storms stronger

Climate change causes landfalling hurricanes to stay stronger for longer

Extreme weather highlights Southeast Asia’s vulnerability to climate change

Major floods in Manila as typhoon batters Philippines

The fight against deforestation in Europe

Subscribe to Earth Charter International for insightful and regular content

Biden Promises to Rejoin Paris Agreement On First Day in Office

Global Warming Is Detectable Even at the Ocean Floor

Extreme weather explained: How climate change makes storms stronger

Download the app and take a look: What will your area look like in 2100? New app reveals how climate change with transform the world based on temperature and rainfall predictions

The burning scar: Inside the destruction of Asia’s last rainforests

‘Hypocrites and greenwash’: Greta Thunberg blasts leaders over climate crisis

Ecocide: Should killing nature be a crime?

 Tropical Storm Eta expected to strengthen after hitting Florida

Malcolm Turnbull attacks ‘shocking legacy’ of Murdoch and News Corp on climate crisis – tks Claude Cajella


Preparedness can pay off quickly: Disaster financing and COVID-19

Coronavirus: The married couple behind the successful Pfizer COVID vaccine tks Vicki Kiely Coronavirus: New York imposes measures in ‘last chance’ against new wave

Why is Singapore’s COVID-19 death rate the world’s lowest tks David Lim

Why Nigel Farage’s anti-Covid-lockdown crusade is a cause for grave concern

Covid vaccine: First ‘milestone’ vaccine offers 90% protection

How Covid-19 Is Changing Southeast Asia’s Consumers tks Karen Prager

Covid-19: U.S. Surpasses 10 Million Coronavirus Cases as Global Cases Top 50 Million

Global Politics

The Trump Presidency In Numbers tks Eylard Wurpel

Biden is at 306 electoral votes, according to CNN – Biden secures 50.9%, which is 78,187,479 votes, versus Trump at 47.3% with 72,767,368.

The Biden Era Begins

President-Elect Joe Biden’s German Shepherd Major to Be First Rescue Dog in the White House

US election official: Trump’s misinformation is dangerous and lacks any credibility

Trump defends Texas drivers who surrounded Biden bus, while the president’s supporters block traffic in New York and New Jersey.

Photos: Euphoric New Yorkers Celebrate Biden’s Defeat Of Trump

Palestinians happy with Trump’s election loss

John Bolton Calls Mike Pompeo ‘Delusional’ Over Second Trump Admin Remarks: ‘Eviscerated His Credibility’

US election 2020: Why Donald Trump lost

Van Jones: For a lot of people it’s a good day

Jill Biden will be historic first lady: Just call her ‘Professor FLOTUS’ tks Sophia Henri

Biden wins presidency, Trump denied second term in White House, Fox News projects

Kamala Harris, as first woman elected VP, says she ‘won’t be the last’

CNN’s Van Jones brought to tears as Joe Biden wins US election

Trump Won’t Accept Defeat. Ever. tks David Lim

US election 2020: How the world reacted to a Biden win

US election: Being with Trump the day he lost

With Trump’s Loss, Murdoch’s Fox News Faces Wrath And Tough Choices tks Frank Roberts

Christian Conservatives Respond to Trump’s Loss and Look Ahead

How Donald Trump Lost America

US Election 2020: Trump laywer Rudy Giuliani’s Four Seasons Total Landscaping press conference mistake goes viral

Goodbye Trump, hello Biden: how America is waving goodbye to a shocking, shameful era tks Eylard Wurpel

Scoop: Trump allies brace for 30-day legal war

US election: Justice lawyer quits after attorney general orders ‘vote fraud’ inquiries

Growing Discomfort at Law Firms Representing Trump in Election Lawsuits

Trump fundraiser emails for legal challenges would also pay down campaign debt, fine print says tks Patrice Robinet

Fox News cuts off Kayleigh McEnany for lying about joe Biden victory

Kremlin wants final U.S. election vote count before congratulating anyone

Barr Hands Prosecutors the Authority to Investigate Voter Fraud Claims

Melania follows Trump’s lead by refusing to offer meeting with new First Lady Jill Biden

I saw Donald Trump’s presidency come crashing down at Four Seasons Total Landscaping tks Barry Graubart

US election security officials reject Trump’s fraud claims

Australian parliament to probe Rupert Murdoch’s media dominance

China congratulates Biden after long silence

Business and Technology

Industry analysts predict 5-year recovery

Burberry debuts a mesmerizing, modern take on ‘Singin’ In The Rain’ tks Louisa Lee

Ask these questions to find out if you’re hiring a good human (not just a smart one) tks Jason McBride

Podcast: How to Study Meaning at Scale: AI and Big Data Ethnography, Microcultures and the Future of Innovation w/ Ujwal Arkalgud – this is so good!!

New IBM CEO sent President-elect Biden a letter. Here’s why he wrote it tks Nishan Weerasinghe

Social issues (#BlackLivesMatter) and humanity

The Social Dilemma: A Horror Film in Documentary Clothing Tara Cremin Moody

When the Narcissist Fails – a cautionary examination of how narcissists react to failure. Tks David Lim

Dear White America: You’re Welcome tks Brian Sibley

UAE legal reform sees tougher penalties for family killings of women

Gun-waving St. Louis couple sues news photographer

Magic mushrooms and depression tks Phillipa Edwards

New Yorker fires Jeffrey Toobin for exposing himself on Zoom

Ayahuasca Stimulates Neurogenesis In The Hippocampus, Study Shows tks Nathan Midler

Passion, humour, history

The Indian diver who has saved more than 100 lives – I just love this story

It’s about that fearless spirit and imagination when pushing boundaries

Let me know what jumped out at you?



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