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#5 Weekend reads – another intense week in the news

The news has been overwhelming these last few months especially, and then this week happened!! My oh my, it’s intense in the world right now, but if there is one thing that gives me hope, it’s humanity standing together and fighting for real change, because change is overdue.

I too, will always fight for a world where all people – regardless of race, religion, culture, sexuality, or anything else that makes them different – have the right to dignity, equality and opportunity. That is a world I want to see forming out the other end of this crisis.

Shall we do it together? Will you speak up and demand we do better as a species – for all of humanity and for all life on planet earth?

As always, I’m sharing a selection of articles and videos I’ve been reading/watching, in the hope it helps you navigate this Infodemic. Here it is, without opinion. Scan through and select one or read them all! Sometimes just reading the headlines can give you the context of this time.

Friends content

Nazi gold, identity and the need to believe — it’s time for blockchain to fix fraud Gilbert Hill

Fight, Flight or Innovate? Natalie Turner

One Day This Will All Be History | 360° Video, Singapore – Andrew Psarianos

In no particular order

Extinction crisis ‘poses existential threat to civilisation’

Of Course There Are Protests. The State Is Failing Black People.

The pandemic is still gathering pace in most of the world

Arctic Circle oil spill prompts Putin to declare state of emergency

The Endangered Asian Century

COVID-19 Can Last for Several Months

We’ve Now Entered the Final Phase of the Trump Era

Following the science

Blackout Tuesday posts are drowning out vital information shared under the BLM hashtag note don’t use the hashtags!! Tks Tori Allen

The Top Doctor Who Aced the Coronavirus Test

Man behind Sweden’s controversial coronavirus strategy admits mistakes

People Can Only Bear So Much Injustice Before Lashing Out – tks Patrice Robinet

Spend fossil-fuel subsidies on pandemic relief and the poor

Four More Years of Donald Trump Could Delay Global Emissions Cuts by 10 Years

Trump Campaign Looks at Electoral Map and Doesn’t Like What It Sees

Kenya’s renewable sector and women in the industry: Elizabeth Rogo AEC President East Africa

How Egoicism Is Making the Pandemic Worse

Renewables surpass coal in US energy generation for first time in 130 years – tks Joanne Flinn

One Out of Three Americans Used Bleach ‘in Non Recommended High-Risk Practices’ to Battle Coronavirus: CDC Report – this got a WOW!

Is the United States on the Brink of Another Civil War?

James Mattis Denounces President Trump, Describes Him as a Threat to the Constitution

How Western media would cover Minneapolis if it happened in another country

Jane Goodall: humanity is finished if it fails to adapt after Covid-19

I’m a Black American Vet and a Former Police Officer. I Decided to Speak Up With My Camera

Thanks for this share Claudine Nagiah

New Zealand to provide free sanitary products in schools to fight period poverty – tks Lisa Larson Lee

That ocean breeze may be full of tiny bits of plastic

‘He is a destroyer’: how the George Floyd protests left Donald Trump exposed

Esper catches White House off guard with opposition to military use, photo op

Police Erupt in Violence Nationwide

A museum let a group of penguins wander its empty rooms, and they couldn’t take their eyes off the paintings – tks Vicky Coburn

OPINION: Is The Fashion Industry As We Know It Obsolete?

Mining firm Rio Tinto sorry for destroying Aboriginal caves

Global warming now pushing heat into territory humans cannot tolerate

George Floyd death: Trump’s church visit shocks religious leaders

There is no escaping from climate change, even in the deep sea

7 Ways Protestors Showed Up for Black Lives – tks Lisa Larson Lee

The public do not understand logarithmic graphs used to portray COVID-19

White nationalist group posing as antifa called for violence on Twitter

Climate change: older trees loss continue around the world

Antarctic Ocean Reveals New Signs of Rapid Melt of Ancient Ice, Clues About Future Sea Level Rise

Cheap virgin plastic is being sold as recycled plastic—it’s time for better recycling certification

The American Nightmare

Fire, pestilence and a country at war with itself: the Trump presidency is over – tks Andrew Psarianos

Make Covid-19 recovery green, say business leaders

Op-Ed: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: Don’t understand the protests? What you’re seeing is people pushed to the edge

As cities burned, Trump stayed silent — other than tweeting fuel on the fire

Troll farms from North Macedonia and the Philippines pushed coronavirus disinformation on Facebook

NASA’s ICESat-2 Measures Arctic Ocean’s Sea Ice Thickness, Snow Cover

Viral photo shows line of white people between police, black protesters at Thursday rally

Singapore in discussions with S. Korea, Australia, to establish ‘green lanes’ for travel

Climate change: How a green new deal really could go global

How Vietnam managed to keep its coronavirus death toll at zero – tks Andrew Psarianos

Coronavirus: WHO advises to wear masks in public areas

Powell: Not sure Trump can be a moral leader

Hope you found something of value in this list – definitely a busy news week. See you next week!



PS: sharing this again – a tip for dealing with an Infodemic

One tip I want to give everyone to deal with the enormous amount of information circulating. Read/watch with the lens of history over the top of what you’re consuming. I know it all can feel incredibly overwhelming, but putting this lens on top of it, helps to determine what really matters.

Therefore, anything you take on board, ask yourself – will this be part of the story when we reflect back on this time in the future? Sometimes just doing this helps to identify the information that really matters. The day-to-day news is not all going to make it into the cut of our future reflections.

This approach helps you to not get so caught up in every piece of information doing the rounds. We need to focus on what is most important, because, there is a LOT of distraction from the core truth today. I hope this tip is useful.

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