address climate

Simple. We need to understand it. We ALL need to […]

voice in your head

The number one challenge I deal with every time I […]

But first, explanations on what these acronyms mean, because not […]

I’m absolutely thrilled to share the success story of how […]

From the beginning I embraced social media with love in […]

We all appreciate that our world is shaky right now and the bells of disruption continue to toll. Professionally, social leadership is how we stay in control of our career, moving it in the direction we want. Creating the future we want for ourselves.

When someone’s personal brand speaks to me, it has integrity, focus, is relevant to what I’m interested in and enhances my life in some way – usually educationally. To me, this is the core of creating a successful personal brand focus and relevance to a specific target audience – big or small.

Since #MeToo became viral, following the Harvey Weinstein allegations and […]

I’ve spoken to thousands of people in the last couple […]

I am delighted to be the chairman of the Asia […]