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Jo Malone London and Coach. Two Brands, One Winner

Jo Malone

I have a very sweet and thoughtful husband. He makes me work really hard at birthdays and Christmas to ensure I – at least – equal his thoughtfulness in the gift-giving department. I’m a lucky gal. For Christmas, he designed my very own perfume at Jo Malone London and he got an absolute winner. It is…

52 Tips on Content and Community From the Top New Media Experts

52 Tips on Content and Community from the Top New Media Experts

If you are in a marketing, communications, digital media, or any other role within the marketing mix, I can recommend downloading this eBook entitled “The New Media Rat Pack – 52 Tips on Content & Community From the Top New Media Experts.” Launched by Top Rank Marketing in advance of NMX 2013 (formerly BlogWorld) –…

Your Personal Professional Profile is Vital

Professional social media profile

In today’s social world, one thing I’m not seeing enough of in Asia Pacific is people investing in their own personal professional profile in social media-land. I certainly have some connections that do a fantastic job at this – consistently focused on building their profile as experts in whatever field they are in – and…

If Your Company was a Person, What Sort of Person Would it be?

What is the image of your company?

Would it be young and trendy, mature and sophisticated, elegant and chic, or fun and sporty? It’s an interesting question to ask and you’ll often find the company you’d like to be is nothing like the company you are. Don’t worry, many companies are in the same boat, but you can become the company you…


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